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Best Places to Live in Virginia
When it comes to the best places to live in the United States, expect to find Virginia among the top contenders.

The Mother of Presidents is known for its scenic natural landscape, as most states around the mid-Atlantic area, temperate climate, vast cultural diversity and more.

This is one of those all-inclusive states that remain appealing to everyone – the young and old, parents and their kids, millennials and retirees; most of the roads in Virginia lead to satisfaction.

Virginia has the 11th highest per-capita income in America, and it homes four of the 10 wealthiest U.S. counties: Loudoun County, Falls Church City and Fairfax County (scooped first three positions based on survey by Code Black Group), as well as Arlington County (No. 7).

It is full of fun things to do for everyone, Virginia, and its public schools floor those in 42 states, not counting D.C. Healthcare is a big deal in this state, and there is significant opportunity for economic growth, with plenty of jobs for anyone interested in working for the federal government.

There is a reason they say this is a place for lovers. Lovers of life.

But even in the highly livable Old Dominion, there are towns and cities that outshine the rest.

In this list of 10 best places to live in Virginia, we reveal the places where it’s mostly sunshine and rainbows, basing our arguments on the aforementioned factors.

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  1. And a state governed by a man that believes in abortion or getting rid of baby AFTER the baby is born !!! The top three men in government are now up for investigation. For crimes

  2. Had 2 watch this after seeing 10 reasons Not to live in virginia inaccurate list for that video i tell ya!
    This made me feel better tho thank you! (Plus all I did was search up virginia cuz nobody ever talks about us)

  3. Virginia has one of the widest inequality gaps in the country. If you’re fortunate enough to live in the counties and cities surrounding Washington (Northern Virginia/NoVa), Richmond or the Hampton Roads area, you’ll fair well (There’s poor people everywhere in this world, so yes, there are shitty areas in the aforementioned areas; I’m just mentioning the generally nice areas). It’s kinda obvious also that the further away you get from cities, the poorer the people get and the less job opportunities there are. It truly is a state of the haves and the have-nots. Also, most of the counties in this state are Republican but since the cities house mostly Democrats and that’s where most of the people in the state live, it’s gonna be a blue state for the foreseeable future. Personally, I love this state, but that’s because my family has decent money and I live in an area that’s much more well off that the rest of the state outside of cities (New Kent i.e. that place you get off for gas if you’re heading down I-64 towards Hampton Roads). Virginia and Maryland are the main beneficiaries of having Washington bordering them, so basically the Northern part of Virginia is DC Lite, and it benefits from all the industries and companies that work operate in D.C. but have their offices in Virginia. Virginia also heavily benefits from its military presence in Hampton Roads, having the largest naval base in the world, in addition to several bases scattered throughout the state. If you’re any type of government employee or in the military, this state is for you. Otherwise you’ll probably be left out to dry. Also, we have night have the cheapest tobacco products in the nation (Philip Morris/Altria is headquartered in Richmond) so if you’re into that then cool.

  4. I definitely don't agree about northern Virginia. It does NOT represent our state. It might as well not be a part of Virginia.

  5. Stay away. We don't want people to move here. The growth is out of control and the democrat leftists are taking over. You're only wanted if you are a true patriotic Republican.

  6. Wow,Virginia, better known as the communist state,no wonder western virginia left,all the wealth is in the eastern part,funny thing is all the lottery winners are from that part of virginia besides virginia is in DCs pocket anyways,dont tread on me is now just words

  7. Living in Virginia, it’s a beautiful state.. take away the GREED and it’ll be one of the best states I’ve ever lived in.!

  8. Beautiful place but you're taxed to death !!!!! Property taxes on a car , really???? All food &&& clothing is taxed why tax your car too???

  9. These are mostly in north Virginia and Fairfax! I can see why cuz I live in Fairfax County.

  10. All them cities boring as hell except Va Beach and Richmond. If you want to have fun and party come to the 757 aka Hampton Roads aka Tidewater aka 7 cities. Norfolk, Hampton, Newport News, Va Beach, Chesapeake, Portsmouth and Suffolk

  11. Virginia is not the richest state by this point. Marijuana is legal in other states by 2018

  12. Virginia: Nice place to visit but wouldn’t want to live there. Progressives ruined it with high taxation and social engineering.
    Love Mt Vernon and colonial Williamsburg in the fall. National treasures and must see for all patriotic Americans.

  13. Why they lying to people. You move here to Virginia just know you be struggling. Also you will be taxed for everything

  14. That was the WORST video I’ve ever seen trying to describe VIRGINIA. I live here in Harrisonburg and it’s beautiful.

  15. Virginia is DC Lite. Money isnt everything. All money, no brains appears to be in force. Do NOT work for the federal government, it doesnt need to grow any more than it already has. The traffic is horrible even along the western border. The ppl tend to be from elsewhere in the country or world and it shows. Fake smiles all the while calling cops for every petty thing. The natives are not that welcoming and its easy to understand why. Will move out as soon as I can.

  16. What a load of shit. "High incomes" because of all the government/military retirees with their big pensions as well as government employees still working. Try working for a living in this fucking state if you're not one of these categories.
    All these "good places" are expensive as shit to live in..
    Really, this is a joke, can't finish watching this.
    Any little town that has a college is expensive as hell to live in, especially housing, because the students and overpaid professors are catered to. Unless you want to be a "sandwich artist" for fast food, or "fuel attendant", jobs are few and far between. Most are barely minimum wage, no benefits, part time- maybe 32hrs/week.
    Just unicorns and rainbows in Virginia….

  17. Falls church, Arlington??? Really? I'll stop watching now. There's a reason people call this state "The Arm Pit Of The East Coast"

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