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5 most haunted forests & woods in England. In this video we countdown the 5 most haunted forests & woods in England.

England is well known for being home to numerous haunted locations and dwellings. The 5 places in this list are some of the most haunted forests and woods in England.

Number 5 – Derring Woods

Number 4 – Epping Forest

Number 3 – Bisham Woods

Number 2 – Wychwood Forest

Number 1 – Bradley Woods

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England is well known for being home to numerous haunted locations and dwellings the five places in this list of some of the most haunted forests and woods in England the daring woods also known as screaming woods are situated in Kent between the villages of smartin and Buckley they're reputed to be the most haunted woods in Britain and they were given their name because the many reports of people hearing terrifying screams coming from the forest at night or footsteps and whispers during days of fog the forest is said to be haunted by the ghosts of the people who get lost in them in particular the locals mention a suicidal army colonel of the 18th century and a highwayman who was captured by the villagers pinned to a tree ampère headed many from the nearby villages swear to have seen black shadows following them while they were travelling across the forest the witch is also famous for presenting one of the oldest neolithic sites in the world the woodland has been the center of attention for this phenomena for many years on the morning of November the 1st 1948 20 people from the Moulton's area were found dead 11 of whom were children the bodies were forming a massive pool of human flesh and they didn't present any wound many reported seeing strange lights coming from the forest on the night of Halloween when the massacre took place the autopsies couldn't determine the cause of death and after a few weeks the local authorities quickly ended the investigation stating that the cause was carbon monoxide poisoning this behaviour raised questions about a possible involvement of the police in the matter at the time Epping Forest in Essex has a rich history dating back to the iron age there are stories of Roman battles Norman invaders and a tourist highwaymen the haunted history of Epping Forest is notorious ghost haunts also a regular occurrence throughout the year as well as the ghost of Turpin there are numerous other sightings and experiences that occurred at Epping throughout the years and the way comes round about the headless apparition of a biker and a horse-drawn coat has been seen in the dead of night a troubled spirit set to run out in front of vehicles staring the drivers in the ice before disappearing right before then the ghost of a young girl who reportedly drowned near the Kings oak pub has been seen as well as a headless horseman and Heinzman seal there have been reports of an apparition of a man being seen in the wooded area terrifying screams also heard hear it said that if you leave your kind neutral on the hill your car Ward painter or upwards towards the tree where people being hanged as over five hundred years old these woods once made up part of Bishan estate bishop abbey still stands just across the road and is reputed to be haunted by the ghost of lady hobby lady hobby song William was not a quick learner and frustrated by slow pace one day she beat him and locked him in the abbeys tower room before galloping off intubations woods several days later the boy was found dead many say that lady hobbies ghosts can be seen wandering through the abbey desperately trying to rob the bloodstains from her hands the witch wood forest is now an area covering a small part of rural Oxfordshire visitors have experienced the sensation of hands reaching out to touch their shoulders while walking through this creepy woodland but which word is also home to a rather aristocratic ghost known as a mere oxides in life she was married to the Earl of Leicester and after I death her ghostly apparition confronted her husband while he was out hunting in the woods and proclaimed he would join her in the afterlife in ten days time he soon fell ill and died within ten days it's believed anyone who meets a me in the woods will suffer a similar fate the village of Bradley has existed for about a thousand years counting back from the present for many years now has become a common practice for parents in the village of Buddy and surrounding areas to warden scare their children that the black lady will come and get them if they don't go to see Burleigh stories have circulated throughout time of a ghost haunting the woods she is described to be a young and pretty lady of a height of around five or six people have different versions but most of them agree that she is wearing a flowing black cloak however she seems to be harmless instead she does bits for as people can see her peyote stricken veins most people in the village believe it if you go in the woods on Christmas even say black lady black lady of strolling your baby three times that that lady will appear to you many people wondering for the woods have reported seeing the black lady she was seen by cars and passers-by who pass through the woods she is said to be seen standing in the entrance of the woods some are reported that they've seen a lady run in front of their car when they come out to see who they've hit there was no one there if you relate to seeing a lady in the form of a list they tried to follow it they led them to sink or discharge where the lady disappeared through the door some say that they've only seen a strange light appearing on the bend while a couple saw a lady dressed in clothing in the 1800s in different shades of grey one captured the supposed black lady and several others on picture so that was five of England's most haunted forests and woods thanks for watching and don't forget to subscribe for more countdown videos

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  1. The black lady picture that’s a supposed sighting of her is actually from Dering Woods

  2. Caverswall in Staffordshire has an interesting past and ghosts, the village was mentioned in the dooms day book. The castle and c of e church were part of a convent, the nuns were not so religious and had children born out of wedlock, there is sunken grave yard behind the church were these infants are buried, this place has a bad feel. The grave yard is very old dating back to the Saxons and also a Norman knight called Charles de Caverswall, when couples get married in the church they have unwanted guests on their photographs. The hollows is perhaps the most haunted, it’s a scary place. Not so much happens in the castle. However I was in the church yard one mid-summers night at midnight, but thats a story for another time….

  3. I went Epping forest today and my uncle put his car in neutral and it does roll up without my uncle putting his feet on the pedals, and it generally does stop at the tree

  4. It wil be wise to protect ourselves before communicating with the unseen beings. Recite this mantra from Tibet 108 times for its powerful protective energy: OM BENZA WIKI BITANA SOHA. Read more here: bit(dot)ly/DSretreat

  5. Hangman's Hill in Epping forest is a real thing. Your car moves up a hill when in neutral. I lived in the area. Check out the YouTube videos on it! It freaks people out…

  6. This is old but I do biking at Epping forest and there are screams for no reason and multiple hangings every month

  7. I live near Epping forest and when I was a kid there was always smoke coming out of trees and in the forest. when I was a kid my friend HAD to cycle through there

  8. Epping forest is known for all this crazy stuff . I'm from london I have had a lot of people report alot of strange things

  9. I live near epping forest and must say it is bogus. The only bad thing to have happened there is the murders and dead bodies buried. It is not haunted.

  10. Due to my health I cant visit these places, but becouse of you I can see these places, thank you

  11. Live 10 minutes down the road from Pluckley, went to the forest with my friends, we heard 2 people having a convosation from where we had just walked so we went back to investigate but there was no sign of anyone being there

  12. Wychwood Forrest , I fancy a pint of Hobgoblin now , or Wychwood , either will do . Good Video as well …( Should add the Brewry( Wychwood) is based near the area )

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