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86259 (E3137) arriving in to the Down Goods yard Doncaster with the 1Z50 `The North Briton` from London Kings Cross, then the electic came off, and A1 steam locomotive 60163 “Tornado”, replaced it to continue the journey to Carlisle Saturday 20th. July 2019.

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  1. Brilliant footage! Wish I could of saw all the action. But I was on holiday. Keep up the good work. – Tyler

  2. Some quality footage there Dave, even when things got soggy! Both Tornado and the 86 were well turned out. All nicely edited with a lovely bit of wheelslip to finish!

  3. Hi Dave ,excellent video. I live in Doncaster, born and bred and even worked at " The Plant works" for a few years.How do I found out times of steam loco's passing through Doncaster?

  4. Nice one David , she sure still looks one of the best ..even if you got a bit of rain on your lens …Dave

  5. Hi Dave. Amazing footage of  Tornado at Doncaster taking over the reins off  86259 electric, to continue the journey to Carlisle. Just being able to see it up close this awesome loco what a pleasure. Thanks for sharing this footage with us. Regards George….

  6. Lovely filming Dave. Truly a marvel this locomotive is to look at and while models of it may look good, nothing beats the real thing. Big fan of the blood and custard coaches as well. Real bummer about the rain! Regardless tho this was great to watch and thanks for sharing. Clint

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