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The Ireland Boys attempted the never before done 72 HOUR CHALLENGE! We tried to spend 3 FULL DAYS in Walmart including eating and sleeping in Walmart without getting caught. We also did some challenges in Walmart within the 72 hour overnight challenge Walmart. This was probably the craziest challenge we’ve ever done and definitely the most EPIC overnight challenge ever done by anyone. People have done 24 hour overnight challenges before and spent 24 hours in Walmart but w had to take it to the next level for this overnight challenge!

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I thought he saw me for sure my lake was poking out we got the dares written it is time to send and who's going first none others then welcome back hope y'all are having a truly amazing day and I hope y'all are ready for this because you read the title correctly we're gonna be spending three straight days in Walmart no joke 72 hours may i banette you where you know people aren't doing 24 hour overnight challenges we've done a lot of them but we had to elevate it to the next level and the reason for this is because we just hit three million subscribers thanks to you guys what's the first thing you're gonna do what's the first thing you're gonna do when we hit no no that's the first thing you're gonna do when we hit throw my hat dude the merch I had to there was no other option oh my dude no stop stop bro please stop stop honestly insane a three years ago when we started the channel I had no idea that this many people would laugh or enjoy our content but it's crazy to see how you guys get inspired and want to truly just have fun and live your life because of the content we make and we're truly blessed and we never want to take that for granted so that's why we got to go back to our roots boys 3 24 hour overnight challenges intro bait that's basically all we're doing boys there is the Walmart over there right now we are in the car normally we do the intros just standing right in front of wherever we're spending the night but for this one we are taking no risks at all because we were to complete this challenge in this same Walmart if somebody can expose us we've been caught before then they come why they can explode for this yeah they can expose us they can expose up it's expose you because sometimes we're even caught where we do the intro and we're so loud that a worker hears and before we even go in they say nope and they don't even let us come in we're taking no risk three three days dude we can three days it's a lot of day that's man two days were so long like it doesn't seem like a long time but once you're in there you're in there row and you can't leave so far in the cart you can see we have some goodies we have this wheel we're gonna be using that later this value is full of camera gear and some necessities now we're gonna be needed on these next three days in here you ready dude not really I know right here for the next three no just take a look around this is home this is home one thing we're gonna be doing during this whole challenge we're gonna be keeping that pretty low key because we can't get the one to boot you can't let that happen that's why I'm warning the character later days later days first thing we want to do while we're in here's if you want to find a good good spot like it can't just be any basic spot when we're doing other challenges we're making forts you can get away with a bad spot cuz you're not in there for too long but we're gonna be in here for so long that we need to have a comfortable spot 11 out of 10 spot if it's 10 out of 10 not gonna be good enough it has to be comfortable but it also has to be secluded enough because we're gonna be seen a lot of the same workers man like they're gonna see us over and over and they're gonna be like wait they're gonna be here they're gonna leave their shift come back and they're still gonna see us so they're gonna be a little sketchy if any of them put two and two together and they realize that we've been here for three days instant kick dude dude dude dude what are you doing dude I have to look dude what did that do because I know what what was that for cause I know the good spots that way now it definitely faded but you can still see it's pointing due north follow follow come on man dudu dudu dude what are you following the trailer it depends real that's there cuz you lick the ground and it made a little spill see I don't control my tongue the tongue is controlled by the forces of the fort wherever it leads me I go what is this man talking about dude trust me dude yeah before my tongue is controlled by the for the not afford controlled by me you would dude you gotta trust man toilet paper one of the best options for fort voting except for this one occasion there is a simple problem they're gonna restock they're gonna restock the toilet paper if we're here for three days straight so toilet paper although it is good it doesn't work for this situation you are always good to us but not this time my friends Oh Cho Cho Cho Cho Cho don't disrespect it or so it was like you sorry we love you whoa whoa what do you like it would you sell that dude buddy you looked at me in the weirdest right here on to the next spot this is it this look at this dude someone pretty much pre-made of for at home like this look at the inside pretty much cleared out get a good view all the way down you got this side and you got this side Oh worth the wait cuz we've been in here looking for literally five hours it's almost 12 o clock it's almost tomorrow time is it 11:58 Saturday we're staying till Tuesday but we've already been hidden here for five hours looking for forts that don't matter because we have the golden place this is it's pretty built it's made of diapers so these aren't as frequently restocked as toilet paper because people don't behind very true very true and the location of this is it's kind of in the middle of everything oh is that a bad thing it's kind of bad but but it's not like a popular aisle like true true true that that's what I was trying to say because the toilet paper very popular very popular this one not too many people get dices do you guys think I think this poor isn't meant to be – I know why because look at this right here Swaddlers overnights just erase the Swaddlers boom overnight that's what I win dude look overnight it's meant to be it's meant to be i sending it into one hit he's already in there romans i this place easily looking like one of the better forts we've ever made gotten this whole side completely cleared and this whole section right here and if you want to expand we can go all the way down there to the third section the only problem is right now there's a worker restocking in the aisle right over so i think we're gonna wait to expand and the last one but eventually later in the night we will take just a later look how far it goes down from miles dude I know I think the next move is your boys you're gonna expand everything down there since the worker that was restocking left so we're clear to go make a bunch of noise chill dude dude dude what you have to be quiet I am you're not being quiet okay yes I am dude what I was trying to say is I'm gonna finish expanding all the way down there while you get the decorations and furnishing you know what before I get decorations you know I'm getting I'm getting food for the boys for the boys bro your feet smell so bad so bad look at these shoes right now man these shoes have been everywhere but he doesn't even have laces in a oh my just go get the food get some shoes clean while you got it dude I'm stuck and I get some goodies we haven't eaten all night we forgot to eat dinner before we came super bad ideas so I'm gonna be getting a lot of grub gotta be eating healthy too because if we're gonna be in here three days we can't be getting sick this is what I'm talking about look at all these healthy options oh she's gonna load all these goodies up this is so healthy honestly some lemon tea hmm oh cool some cookies and I know I said I was gonna be getting the food because I didn't want to eat what Ricky would get he'd get some weird stuff but if there's one thing I know Ricky would one he would one a nice eggplant just look at that I'm gonna put that in there for one hit just so he's a little satisfied and I'm gonna put all the cake back cuz I'm actually trying to get some healthy food on these nights three days now I know what you're probably thinking that's what this is for that is right ladies and gentlemen we are copying ourselves a microwave we're living luxury and like I said we're trying to eat healthy so I think we're gonna make some smoothies too and the only way to make smoothies is with a blender and I know you're probably thinking Nick how are you gonna use a blender it's gonna be so loud and to that I say you're probably right and also that's a worker right behind me so I like you kicked out because she sees me falling I know and it's not looking good so I just walk away and act like nothing's ever happened I think that should do it I'm about to check out get all this stuff and bring it back to the fort and meet up with one hit we really just spent $33 on food and accessories for the 72-hour challenge in Walmart oh and if you were wondering what me and Ricky have been wearing this entire video since we hit three million subscribers we had to drop some limited edition three mil March it says Ireland boys right there and then on the back there is a three and then right here it says Mel these are only gonna be available for a limited time we'll put the link in the top of description if you want to get it support the boys for three mil this is gonna be the only time this merch is ever going to be available it's super soft as always you already know when we do March we have to make sure the merch is quality and this is no exception this is quality but kind of meet up with one hit let's show them the food think I got some good food one hey I got I got all the food can you take it in real quick what stinked into it yeah buddy you've been gone for an hour and I had to make sure I got the good food and there were a lot of employees why I had to be quieter and shoes look at this blender broke you got a microwave – yes sir oh yeah you know what else I got though since you didn't get a chance to get the food and I know you'd want some stuff I got something special for you what what what did you get I got a dude I don't know if it can be more special than this thank you can man sorry I should have asked him well you know what I really got me I know I know you love the eggplant dude you didn't have to yeah dude I know you like it know this for you you have it are you I don't even know what eggplant tastes like but I know you like it so I got it for you bro I don't know I've never had this in my life bro forget this I don't want this dude so disrespectful did you hear that bounce yeah but what point you know no no you're gonna you're gonna crack it I'm opening a meeting in Ohio for hit no you go take the food in take everything in so we can set up a home base and then we can eat oh you got for breeze too huh I guess the balls okey man not only is it it's not just normal for breeze check it out I got hanging that might not even be enough you Febreze I might not even get enough for your shirt no way it might be wait stand up stand up real quick heavy-duty Febreze so just just stay in there ass in there look that way look that way Oh what are you doing bro I have to this man's been ripping farts the whole night dude and just to make you happy two squares to full shit that's how you do it – wait dude it needs to be fresh whoa whoa whoa whoa not bad you weren't a hard man I'm glad you went shopping cuz I would not have gotten all this did you empty this stuff down there did you clear it out well I was gone for like two hours gonna be honest no dude you had one job I was taking in that one jobs taking in Africa an app an app at 1:00 a.m. yep we're going to sleep soon bro I know fit in but look at that thing bring that does that even fit first thing I think we're gonna use and also to go with the chips I got Gua no leave once we're done with the appetizer and got the main course for us at this bowl but this ball was from the frozen section so that's why I got to microwave so we can heat it up also got some ingredients for a smoothie we have to find an outlet though let alone finding out though we got a stinking blend and microwave in the middle like if there was an outlet in our fort we could just make it right here it's no problems at all but no outlet in here so kind of venture out look what caught my eye not sure if that's one or not way that's in the perfect spot oh no way dude it is let's go you know you say that or you say that and then all just hand you to stuff and then you can be plating right there hmm got power we got power we got power oh shoot there's a guy hey if he comes back we'll give a free meal opening up little nice little beak oh not too bad not what I was expecting but not that bad it looked a little better on the package that's what the advertised this isn't what you get that's one of the few things that you get what you think you're gonna get is when you get the merch when we say it's not wrong you don't get what you think you're gonna get you get better the real thing you're gonna true when we say it soft its soft man and when we say it's quality its quality I mean look look at this right here look at the print look at this it off the sleeve god stop touching me somehow an employee has not yet come out here and caught us if they do now would be the time but if we walked by what are they gonna see I don't even know what like what would you think I would just let him go because it's – it's like respect you know it's too crazy like no one's doing this here's our one scoop make sure it's not overflowing and two scoops but we're gonna be massive – we're gonna have so really we're doing it we're making a smoothie and Walmart baby let's go what's cool I'm trying to right now I mean I can't wait how good you'd be quiet' you have to make sure you're so quiet so no one can hear you dude okay girl you just bet it on me quiet and you and your eyes I know someone put that down here in the corner in the corner Pro try to snow look right here right here right here you got the carpet two chairs a table and whatever this thing is written in luxury man it's already 3:23 technically Sunday now April 14 about 10 hours into the challenge still got 62 more to go man Nick went back to the fort and I gotta pick out the decoration so what I'm gonna go with I'm gonna keep it simple I'm going for comfort and then I'm gonna get everything that's blue to match the merch not gonna be too crazy I'm not gonna go too fancy because if you get too fancy in there with like all these random lampshades and all that there's possibilities that we're gonna break them and we can't be having that so I'm just gonna go with the softest things I can find Nick got the eggplant for me so what I'm gonna get for him in return nice little pillow right here his favorite characters whenever I walk in his room this is always on the TV so got a surprise in got all the items set up for tonight Ricky said he was going for more of comfort less of a luxury trying to keep it low-key at least for tonight so we don't get the boo we'll probably add some more stuff in the later days but for the first night we got to keep it nice and concise only the necessities one hit you mol show around keep in mind this is not the full IBP Curt story just a little pre IVP Kirk store right over here we got blue pillow blue pillow blue rug blue rug all to match the merch you guys already know this right here my friends is a goat because it's like me it's pretty much me it's go I'm the goat so I got a go for me which is kind of like account of me but okay then it's kind of creepy what is that yeah I don't know I thought that was your favorite role whenever I walk in your room you're always watching oh that's not true all I wash is IVP and then this right here is the dare or dare spin wheel we're gonna be using this tomorrow for a dare or dare and we might invite some special guests so I'm ready for the next two days see you guys in the morning she was literally restocking right above me she could easily seen right through here I don't know how she didn't see this massive pink pillow I thought that was the end I know when we made it somehow so far she just stay low for now stay down longer all right two hours later it's 1008 in a.m. right now woke up because we didn't want to but all of the noise around us there's so many people it's really busy right now so we would go out and do the dare dare now but I think we're gonna wait a little bit chilling here until a little bit less people are out we also gotta wait for a little celebrity appearance Ola you guys will see when he or she comes through it's gonna be a little bit later so right now there's no point and that's going down we're just gonna chilling you know grub on a little something some little snacks until we do the dare or dare it is 643 your boys have been chilling hard in the fort for the past I don't even know how many hours we just been taking we've been taking turns going out we got some more snacks but we just got in word from our celebrity guest that they are gonna be coming soon they're on the way hopefully they're near within the next hour too because I want to just get out of here man my feet are hurting and it's not looking too good but once they come we're gonna be doing that dare or dare got some banger dares lined up for this it's gonna be good and the reason why you've been in here all day is because we don't want to take too many risks the first day which was yesterday we we just wanted to do this setup we were super safe today we're gonna get a little bit riskier we're there or there and then tomorrow day three we're gonna go even harder we have a big time plan which actually involves you guys and then day four is the day we're leaving so we might do something super crazy right when we leave but we got to ramp it up slowly but surely we don't we gotta be cautious but not too cautious we're just like too boring you know the special guests just arrived in Geneva sniping if you guys didn't see the celebrity guests our mason mclamb and the one and only Rohan the choker the hot man the choker he's heading himself this file but roll the clip anyways after all yeah I see you roll it two times because you know yeah because we're not done man it's shorter that's cuz you know we're here we got the dares written it is time to send and who's going first none other than the bud we gotta let the celebrity yes yeah give it a nice big spin I'm fuckin big I'm talking to a job

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  3. This video bugs me. So unprofessional, you guys don't even care if you get caught. You are loud, clumsy, fort is obvious from the outside, way to much gear and food etc. I should watch the rest of the video, but it's clear you failed, half way through the video and you haven't even stayed in the fort yet.

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