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What’s up guys! In this video I explored an abandoned royal opera theater straight out of the 1920’s. I explored it with my buddy Ryan Garb (A.K.A. @abandoned_newengland), Steve Ronin, and John Yurei. I’ve never seen anything quite like this place. This place is the definition of gilded architecture. Everything in here is just so grand and beautiful. I can’t even think of words that can accurately describe how beautiful this place is.

I hope you guys enjoy the video. If you do, please leave a like and share it with your friends! Thank you for all the support in 2018. This channel grew a lot more than I thought it would in these first couple months. I’ll see you guys in 2019. Thank you for watching!

DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT vandalize the places I explore. I go to abandoned buildings to explore, take pictures, make videos, and document their history because that’s what I love to do. Why? Because to me these places are beautiful.














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yo guys what's going on Sam XF here today tonight actually me and three of my best friends are at an insanely beautiful abandoned theater this is probably the best-looking abandoned theater in the entire world in my opinion I don't want to go too deep with the history and I don't want to do too much talking because of a situation that all of us are in right now but briefly about the history this place was opened and built in 1922 and there are 3600 seats in this theater back when the theater was built at the time it was the biggest theater in the entire state and after a long time doing business the theater eventually closed down in 1975 right after it was actually used as an adult show theater so been closed since 1975 that would mean that this place has been abandoned from almost more than 40 years tonight I'm with Steve Ronan I'm here with John you're a and I'm here with my buddy Ryan aka abandoned women all of their links will be in the description below like I said I'm gonna try and keep the talking to a minimum in this video as enjoyed of the so right off the bat guys when you're walking through the lobby which I will show you later you walk in and you're are you're already met with some incredible looking architecture and useless the row is in rows of seats everywhere it's actually insane how many seats there are there's also a second floor to this theater and I'm gonna show you that after as well what you come down here you know I really like how this one light right here just kind of illuminates this entire little area it's actually really really cool and as you're walking down this aisle you come into the more incredible architecture there's the floor seat boxes over there and then there's four more on this side and as if the architecture on the sides isn't beautiful enough I mean you look up at the stage and it just gets better and better and better and then you look all the way up and just look at that you don't see stuff like that anymore guys this is hands-down the most beautiful theater that I've ever seen abandoned active I love it one of my favorite things about the seat boxes is that all of the tiny details are all still intact it's stuff like that that really really gets me I mean even this right here it's just like just like in that Cathedral video guys just think about how many hours of work it took for an artisan to actually create such a beautiful piece of work end up there those kind of look like organ pipes I'm not sure if that's what it is but that's what it looks like I can't oh look at that up there guys that little that little blue piece right there that's a really nice piece of work right there everything in here is a really nice piece of work I mean look at this place this stage guys is absolutely massive it's insane how big this stage is another thing that I really like about this theater is that every single seat is still intact I mean there might be one with like a chip in it over like some torn cloth but seriously every single chair is intact and I wouldn't doubt it if the ones on there are – imagine being a performer on this stage right you're just you're looking out at this and it's just it's just a sea of people and seats everywhere it's insane 3,600 people can you imagine him performing in front of 3,600 people insane I read that back in the day this theater was known for its gilded architecture in interior and I can totally see why cuz I mean look at this guy's this is like the definition of gilded it's insane so we're coming up to the seat boxes right now guys I just had to come up here and check this out I'm not sure how intact the flooring is it looks good out of a dam so clearly this is where all of the the richer people would sit they have the best seat in the house right here how peaceful you all came off look at that this is like literally holding a piece of history right now guys it's just crazy I can't believe how many seats there are in this place 3600 it's such a crazy number imagine just chill it up here and watching play a movie or whatever chilling with your homie up in the seat boxes you now we're heading from the seat boxes right over here over to a top panel thank you guys look at that dome right there with that big beautiful chandelier right in the middle that might be one of my favorite parts of this entire theater that's so incredible and I just love these seats – all slanted looking down it's incredible how everything is just so tied together so beautifully articulate I'm truly amazed right now by this theater guys I've never seen a theater more beautiful than this I mean look in the carpet it's still intact guys it's crazy that's a really dope hallway guys we are so close to this chandelier it's actually crazy the wide angle doesn't even do it any justice we're like literally literally right there guys it's crazy man I love all the light flares you get in this place – yo check out look at that artwork on the wall so much beautiful artwork here it used to be over there on that wall – but looks like it naturally decayed started to peel off the brick another thing that I love about this little dome right here is once again all the ornate in articulate little carvings and it's just so amazing that the whole thing is completely preserved so I'm shooting with a 16 mil right now and just look at how tiny Steve looks he's actually fat but seriously look at how massive this didn't you know it just doesn't even look massive from here this doesn't know justice whatsoever it's crazy I'm obsessed with that dome right there another thing to you guys this Explorer would not have been possible without the help of my buddy Ryan over here he's a very talented gentleman he's a gentleman and a scholar and he takes amazing photos so make sure you go follow him on instagram the link is gonna be in the description below and make sure you send him a DM telling him that he needs to start making YouTube videos because this is ludicrous it's about time that he puts his talent to work YouTube videos though and he showed me it don't smart me like that don't freaking smart at me like that I run damn this guy Oh No and tada go quickly make a youtube channel that's right listen you need to do it it's actually mad funny because I introduced Ryan to Steve and John and I got them to start harassing him about making YouTube videos it's just so funny because honestly it's wasting his time he doesn't understand how much we need youtubers nowadays and he's just letting his talent go to waste yeah Ryan what are you doing it's your honor he's filming right now go watch Steve's video because I guarantee you 90% of the footage in there Steve didn't even film check this out guys it just falls off so guys I know it's kind of hard to see right now but we're about to head into the lobby in the lobby oh it's the lobby isn't one of my favorite spots in this entire theater it's just so beautiful look at this place it's incredible even the ceiling look at that guy's it's so ornate and so gorgeous the carpet when the stairs are perfect completely untouched railings marble look at it it's actually pretty cool oh that's kind of creepy that little baby stroller that's actually really great Beast this would have been the front door that you would walk in and walk to the theater you know after you came to the candy bar right here and got all your refreshments that's incredible – dude so so men yall already know we're getting that squad picture gotta get it so now we shot boys that's right we shot what do you think about this place guys dude I already know what you think I don't want to hear from you I want to hear from you guys what about you Steve what do you think yeah well you sucks I know you

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  1. Your passion for the architecture and the details is what I love about you!!!
    And your vids are so above anyone else that does Urban exploring because of all the details you appreciate and point out… Thank you bb

  2. Ok let me start by saying that you are awesome when it comes to Urban adventure… The way you explain the background on everything is great please keep doing this.. And I love how you changed the c to an s in sinematic… Pretty cool play on the word..and you said who the dudes are but who is the woman?

  3. And btw please don’t ever whisper like that again. It sounds uhhhhhh…ya know. Lmaooooo

  4. another goodun Seth…….you must spend just ages on editing this video for us, bot oh boy does it show!!!!…..can't wait for the 2019 season

  5. Wow so beautiful so sad it’s not cared for thank you for documenting it for the next generation ❣️🇦🇺😸

  6. Man that's an explorer dream that place 😮 Really nice man I really liked it!! 🙂

  7. This is a beautiful theater. Just wish someone could've save this place from being abandoned

  8. Simply stunning place. Love the video here in Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿👍

  9. Ryan Go film on Youtube. Awesome video. That is such a Beautiful Place. Love the video. 🙂

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