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yeah what up explores I'm here with Ryan who's taking us to this house but I don't know too much on it this is his location so he's gonna talk to me about it what does he know all right so it's a hoarder house there's stuff from two different decades in there dated like the latest plate the latest date I found was 1996 but it's right above a calendar that says 1986 so on the same fridge so people just didn't get rid of anything I found tax returns in 1990 checks from everything from 1984 to 1995 so 1996 as far as we know last time this place was occupied the woman who owned the house died in it it's incredibly weird layout there's two different kitchens and there's polaroid pictures of her family that you'll probably blow up just out of respect but there's tons of stuff all over the house yeah so it's gonna be it's gonna be super sick and plus it kind of fits the mood it's gonna get dark in like 40 minutes it sucks daylight savings but we're out here it's cloudy it's rainy it's gonna be sick to go film in this house behind us though the whole garage collapse we got two cars back yet what are these cars this is a 1962 Studebaker and that's a 60s early 70s boat it's crazy like maybe though maybe they had no other family to like the cars I get someone I did something when the owner died they just left everything so it's gonna be really cool were gonna go in check it out it's like a time capsule in this bad boy dude this is actually really cool I've never actually been to an abandoned house with the garage collapse on like perfectly new cars like this I mean all right not perfectly but you can seriously tell like these are pretty mint the garage is what caused the damage on these things is what's causing the rush and erosion right now on that but everything's still legit around here you got some flowers right there sick oh you're gonna adventure inside this house it is dark I got my light this ain't my camera by the way the camera I'm using cuz mine is actually getting fixed right now I dropped it again this is the fourth time we're pairing the camera but that is obsessed camera ears also in the link down below I love so I'm also here explore with Danny too dude we're all out here we out here we're going in on this I feel actually safe to just leave my bag out here I yeah alright that's true it is does the way it's gonna rain today I mean I'm sure there's like valuable things in here but it's just under all the junk that hoarders leave and do I mean the horde of even left their trash in here I'm sure that I'm sure the people living here must have been really nice holy crap I get my light on yeah I'm getting my line I'm real quick yeah I didn't expect there to be a bed in the kitchen all dude oh this is actually yeah it is it's a time capsule it's a gem these are super rare to ever come by nowadays a lot of people are getting into abandoned places and people are just literally either catching these places on fire nowadays or they're just ruining it and taking everything so the only people that actually know about this place as Lisa's right now is just actually two explorers and by true explorers I mean people that actually just come here to actually explore not take things document what's left that's what we're doing I so Danny pointed this out again that the cross is just still on the bed so it's kind of crazy cuz like I mean obviously we don't know if she actually died here or upstairs but it's still a bit like creepy to think about maybe even alarm clocks here this is an Electrolux space heater out of the 50s or the 60s pretty much this hot air super retro yeah I like that it looks like like from the Fallout games literally from the 50s deli Cold War style yeah that's cool and look at that jacket still can white this is why I like to see things like this this is definitely a gem now many people know about this place right look at dude honestly they I'm not even trying to be like that that's literally the woman's Walker still here that just freaks me out huh oh the TA you're bringing that up to go what Dex this like a little secret room it's like a little secret room this is the second kitchen now a boy Ryan shoulders to this glasses are still in the case preserved everything's preserved nope no vandalism so far no graffiti wit and right here look at this 1986 the calendar 9000 yeah right yeah and in 1996 and inside here I don't know what to call it like the cupboards but you got mousetraps inside their clothes still hanging up and this ain't even touched by the Explorer is it because there's like really no picture right here this is just legit preserved stuff boots nice everything's on point oh the American Legion veteran Corey what is the American Legion what is that she's a veteran Association so maybe from from the Veterans War was living here – yeah probably one of the someone else that was looking in the house when you don't have two kitchens and a house that isn't rented out in two different parts yeah you can tell it's kind of split in the middle by that bathroom that's true in this fridge this is what blew my mind actually a bit I don't want to touch it well look at that ketchup it's not like the kind of ketchup that we see like the Haynes ketchup or anything like that looks like it's really retro it out it's really dark but it definitely can make that out some of the best stuff about exploring these kind of houses is the fact that yes a time capsule but it's the fact that when you come in here you can see how society and how technology evolved everything here is dated so far back that you know even the ketchup bottles look different you know the brands everything was just made different the radios look different everything's different fat TVs VHS movies is just it's just all here so you can just tell how we're just changing you know if we go to a new house that's abandoned it's not going to be like this this is just one of these rare houses and there's actually a lot of your houses like this but they're really hard to find you gotta hunt them down research is key and now – mmm seems to be a kid's room there's a freaking stuffed animal bunny Wow look at this look at the bed the bed is that uh oh my god that's uh Alice in Wonderland literally it's Alice in Wonderland bedsheets you got the bunny but then look at her that is crazy I've actually I think I've seen these back in the day my families to own um like a cabin in Maine and we had these kind of old style sheets to talk about a freaking blast from the past is that a Green Stamps I don't know if that is oh I love this house and these are like their family that lived here we're gonna blur it out but at least you can get the idea like what's going on crazy there's so many one that died this is her oh yeah sitting on the couch that we just filmed oh my god yeah yeah explores that's the same couch that we were just on but it's just the idea you know overall like how you know crazy that is it's interesting man second floor now dude look at all this stuff like the preserve what is this yo this this has a sticker that says 1926 on it you know but what is all these it's like preservative that some looks like it's like they're trying to make cabbage out of that like lettuce was in there cuz that looks like could've been some sort of well those are beets yeah they're making their own beets and then like right here this is like this is something else yeah I really can't all those are peppers oh that's really cool those were grapes is great for not 1996 and it says grapes and they're really rusted out a lot of explorers are like where's the spot oh this is the best room right here this is really cool for Instagram what is that one faster you're gonna have to blur it but the date due 1940s tax enrollment for 1939 that's so good just look how the paper look too is weird oh damn I don't know who this guy is but if he's still haunting this place man dude there was a war veteran look at this yeah dude this might be one of might this might be my favorite house I mean this other house that are really good but this is a really good house for the u.s. I keep mentioning the US explores but that's literally just because like all the good houses are in like Europe nice cheese so overall upstairs is just everyone's bedroom and just storage literally got the J&B and yeah I think that's pretty much the house tour you know I mean up in here there's just again a storage room Christmas supplies and that's it I even have some of these ornaments my mom keeps like all her Christmas stuff for years and years and just reuses it all on the street which ain't bad but could use an upgrade on the tree dude the sad thing about this place is that everyone that used to lived here is dead like this place is over you know we're talking probably like 1920s this house was actually built it looks like it's like 1920s to be fair and with everything inside that's the thing about you know when we're exploring too it's just you're literally investigating like we're looking through we're documenting but we're also looking and looking through everyone's stuff just seeing like who used to live here and just picturing like how things used to be we know that dis Gro this room was uh you know someone a lady just because her pictures right here and all this is girl stuff you know I mean just put usually just put the puzzle pieces together but it is really fascinating but definitely if you take something from you you're probably gonna get hot my favorite time the shoe is actually when it's foggy and rainy at the same time because it gets that like Silent Hill effect to it we're pretty much about to leave this place now it's already getting dark like we said fogs coming in hot it looks so spooky with the setting though we're gonna end the video literally right here Danny's with me we're looking at the front of this house and you know it's yeah you know it's haunted like yeah it's obviously honey but you can just look at me like damn that looks haunted I mean look at that with the tree it's like the freaking conjuring house broke through right there I'm digging this spot alright guys hope you guys did enjoy says– video check out everyone's links in the description below he's an Instagram or only guy he wants to do YouTube though he says he does but his links in the description below explores now we're just gonna grab our bags and get out of here like I said I hope you guys did enjoy today's video I think this place is super cool because it's like a very mysterious feeling you're in here wondering why did they die how did they die also you're just thinking about like what do they do for a living were they actually in the army we've seen that paper it looked like there could've been in the war now he's a veteran he's in the members club there's a ton of things in clues that just left you wondering you know everything about who used to live here and that's like one of the most amazing parts about exploring is all that now we could figure it out but we would have to probably at some deep research in online about it so I might do that I do have the names I could look up and see what happens but for right now that's the mystery to you all so rise above just go out this floor peace and thanks for watching and follow everyone that's with me today they're linked in the description down below hope you guys did enjoy today's video it's a bit rushed I know this ain't my camera this ain't my setup it's dark we had a film as quick as we can because I don't like filming in the dark but I do like filming some videos like this would have been a good video dark just try not to do that I try to always avoid the dark I want everyone to see everything in here I'm not here to make a ghost video so peace out

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  1. 4:17 not trying to be rude but that was a bryers horse and those are expensive so I’d i was there I would take it

  2. It's so sick that you show respect for not just the building, but the people who lived there too. Awesome video!

  3. That was a vacuum cleaner the guy picked up and said it was a heater. It was missing the hose and attachment to clean the floor with. Just FYI. Absolutely beautiful though!! Thanks for a look in the past again

  4. FYI…..That wasn’t a space heater, it was an Electrolux vacuum cleaner. My grandma had one when I was a child. They were expensive at the time but lasted decades. You hit the jackpot with this!

  5. "Green Stamps"…we would get them when we shopped at the grocery store. That Green Stamp Saver book is where we would stick the stamps. You got enough books full and you got things like a radio, pots and pans, dishes etc. An old Grandma here! 🙂

  6. Thank you for exploring these really cool spaces while remaining respectful of the properties and owners. I love watching you all!

  7. I have to ask, why have 2 calender's 10 years apart, but what happened to the other 9 years, they don't exist, they where taken down. Kinda creepy, but if they where taken down…. why leave 2 calender's there but 10 years apart
    that one from 26 would be EW and manky, look how dark they where, preserved fruit and veges last a long time, but they still go off. Fantastic Video

  8. Bro, you really think cabbage comes from lettuce? Love the vids, about to check the insta now. I hope youre still doing this!

  9. Yo..your friend needs to do a little research in antiques. That is NOT an Electrolux "Space Heater". It's a damn vacuum cleaner! I live 3 mins away from a Electrolux/Aerus factory. Even if I didn't… It's not that hard to look at that vacuum and figure out what it is. Electrolux doesn't even make heaters. Y'all crazy!

  10. seeing a house like this is absolutely heartbreaking on so many levels everything just going to waste. God bless the poor lady


  12. I'd love to document places like that but i have to admit i'd be tempted to take the car..

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