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Ard-na-said, 5 Priestfield Road, Edinburgh, City of Edinburgh, EH16 5HH, Scotland
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hello and welcome to a-1 tourism com the world's leading hotel directory in this video we are featuring the oddness said in Edinburgh for the very best deals on this accommodation and thousands of others please visit our website at a1 tourism com or click the blue link to the right in the about this video section I wouldna said is a Victorian house which was built in eighteen seventy five it is set in attractive gardens in a quiet residential area yet only one and a half miles to the train station being only 100 metres from an excellent bus service that offers a speedy access to the heart of Edinburgh we are close to arthur's seat and a Holy Rood park where the best views are to be found that was an excerpt from the full brochure on a1 tourism calm for the most current version and our amazing discount rate just follow the flashing arrow and click the blue link underneath where it says about this video we hope you enjoy your stay and remember to use a 1 tourism calm to save money in the future

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