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Join The Legend as he shows you around Busch Gardens Williamsburg and all of its great rides, roller coasters, shows, food, animals, places to explore, water rides and more

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  1. I've been to Busch Gardens Williamsburg 5 times in the past 15 years, I keep going back, you have to spend 2 or 3 days here, and at least one in Colonial Williamsburg and one in NorFolk at the naval museum for sure. Never get tired of it.

  2. Alpengeist is ruff but it’s due to the snappy transitions and it Dosent help that the height causes a lot of speed creating head banging and going through those snappy transitions will bang your head and it’s older so it has a bad rattle but I like it it’s fun and intense

  3. Sooooooo….I’m scared to go on verboten but I been on it last time and wasn’t scared what so ever but I was little so I didn’t really know what was going on??

  4. Best park in the US (better than Disney) and by far waaaay better than Kings Dominion up the road. Beauty, rides, food quality all top notch. Too bad they no longer have the amazing Broadway style shows that Busch was famous for.

  5. I have worked here on and off . My first year I worked here was in 1988. This is the best park in the world. I think it's a lot better than that Mickey mouse organization. LOL. Come and see me ..I sit on the back of a tram and announce. Bush Gardens is not a rip off of anything. The first Busch gardens started in 1910. The Loc Ness started in the 70s.

  6. Busch gardens is and probably always will be one of my favorite parks. Each coaster there is unique offering something a little different than the last. The food is good and the Park is beautiful.

  7. I fucking love how we germans are always depicted as beer drinking bavarish people😂 Its just like germany depicts americans as overweight run and gun machines

  8. Love your videos you should come to Long Island to adventure land in farmingdale and river head aquarium

  9. Is it weird I have rode every single ride here and not lochness monster (I'm riding it Saturday ) 😂

  10. Hey Legend you said in the video your top 3 inverted coasters were Nemesis, Montu, and Alpengeist… Where do you place Banshee on that list? It's my personal favorite but that's because I haven't gotten a chance to ride those 3 yet.

  11. Busch Gardens is my favorite park. But they use to have fantastic stage shows in every hamlet, including a big Broadway style musical in what is now Ireland. They are lacking in stage shows now, but otherwise a unique beautiful theme park.

  12. In the Loop Even though this is my home park, and I've been here a million times (I love it my fav. is Griffon), I've never went to Celtic Fyre, if you've been to it, how would you rate it?

  13. Did you get to see Celtic Fyre? It is the best non-Disney theme park show I've ever seen. I had a blast at food and wine and I can't wait for their craft beer festival

  14. I went during Howl-O-Scream in 2012 and had a blast! Hopefully I can go again, but I live in Wisconsin so it's hard to get down there. I got a Halloween Pumpkin Lanyard and I lost it! So I'm going to try to go back and get that again.

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