Living on a 4 Season Houseboat – Beautiful Floating Tiny House!

Views:3172826|Rating:4.90|View Time:5:59Minutes|Likes:38478|Dislikes:801In this video, we meet Bonnie from Wakefield, Québec, Canada who is living on a gorgeous tiny house boat that is full of character and charm. The River Den (or La Tannière) has custom-made asymmetrical windows, a classic ship’s wheel, antique fireplace, and hand-built furniture — all of which give the boat a warm […]

Inverness, Wick & Aberdeen connected: UK & Ireland map Transport Fever play through #12

Views:134|Rating:5.00|View Time:46:7Minutes|Likes:6|Dislikes:0Transport Fever play through on the UK & Ireland map. Today we finish our passenger connections in Scotland. —————————————— You can find me at various places. My Twitch Channel (UnknwnPlays) My music (FindTheUnknown) My Instagram (FindYourUnknown) My website welcome back to transport filled me the unknown you join me in dundee and what you're […]

LIVERPOOL – Sydney Australia | LIVERPOOL City – Walking Tour 2019

Views:1939|Rating:4.86|View Time:38:41Minutes|Likes:36|Dislikes:1Walking around Liverpool city centre, Sydney Australia. Liverpool City Centre walking tour 2019. Liverpool is a suburb of Greater Western Sydney, in the state of New South Wales, Australia. It is located 27 kilometres (17 mi) south-west of the Sydney CBD. Liverpool is currently the major city centre in South Western Sydney. The city […]

Chaga Hunting – How to find it and what to look for

Views:66604|Rating:4.80|View Time:12:10Minutes|Likes:1136|Dislikes:48Inonotus obliquus, commonly known as chaga mushroom (a Latinisation of the Russian term ‘чага’), is a fungus in the family Hymenochaetaceae. It is parasitic on birch and other trees. The sterile conk is irregularly formed and has the appearance of burnt charcoal. It is not the fruiting body of the fungus, but a sclerotia […]

Scotland. A Spirit of its own: Year of History, Heritage and Archaeology

Views:9307|Rating:5.00|View Time:31Minutes|Likes:25|Dislikes:0Scotland has a spirit of its own. It’s not something you can put in worlds, but its presence is undeniable. In 2017, our Year of History, Heritage and Archaelogy, come and experience it for yourself – #ScotSpirit #HHA2017 Subscribe: Visit our website: Like our Facebook page: Follow us on Instagram: Say hello on […]


Views:38|Rating:nan|View Time:5:44Minutes|Likes:0|Dislikes:0Powys is a principal area, local-government county and preserved county in Mid Wales. It is named after the successor Kingdom of Powys, which formed after the Romans withdrew from Britain. This video is targeted to blind users. Attribution: Article text available under CC-BY-SA Creative Commons image source in video powers as a principal area […]

Mark Bresland interview, ASPE Chapter 32 Kansas City Estimators

Views:1350|Rating:5.00|View Time:1:20Minutes|Likes:22|Dislikes:0Mark Bresland interview, ASPE Chapter 32 Kansas City Estimators ★ Estimators Training Estimator ★ Questions; Eric Soriano, [email protected], 913-269-1234 Attend ASPE events: Join us to learn about the latest estimating and project management tools and systems to help maximize your firm’s profits on construction projects you win. Surround yourself with construction industry estimators and […]

I went to a Mosque… Look what I saw!

Views:6022906|Rating:4.21|View Time:5:50Minutes|Likes:44041|Dislikes:8216Please subscribe to our channel: Did you know that there are over 2500 mosques in United States? Did you know that anyone including those who are not Muslim, can tour their local mosque anytime! 877-Why-Islam presents a visit to an American mosque. Throughout Islamic history, the mosque was the center of the community and […]

Inside the Largest Virtual Reality Theme Park In The World – VR Star Park China

Views:1562015|Rating:4.69|View Time:18:32Minutes|Likes:23632|Dislikes:1580Today I’m going to tour you through the biggest VR arcade in the world also known as the VR Star Theme Park. It just opened its doors in Nanchang China. They have three floors filled with VR goodness. More than 40 simulators are ready to go featuring a Beat Saber arcade machine, roller coasters, […]

900 Airport Express – TTC 2006 Orion VII 7975 (Pearson Airport [Terminal 3] to Kipling Station)

Views:18344|Rating:4.79|View Time:13:44Minutes|Likes:70|Dislikes:3ORIGINALLY NAMED THE 192 AIRPORT ROCKET. Pearson Airport [Terminal 3] to Kipling Station. If you want to check the list of future YouTube videos, Transit photo’s, etc, visit


Views:210510|Rating:4.79|View Time:6:15Minutes|Likes:1191|Dislikes:52AMAZON TOOL SHOP HERE: ***VISIT OUR SPONSORS*** | | ***WEBSITE*** ***Facebook*** ***Twitter*** How to solder copper pipe in the real world. Not on some vice on the desk but under it. In a hard to reach position. How to use flux and clean pipe, solder and a torch. How to use a heat matt […]

Eye for an Eye 1996 | Sally Field | Kiefer Sutherland | Ed Harris |

Views:3032|Rating:2.50|View Time:1:36:21Minutes|Likes:8|Dislikes:8When the courts fail to keep behind bars the man who raped and murdered her daughter, a woman seeks her own form of justice. Director: John Schlesinger Writers: Erika Holzer (novel), Amanda Silver Stars: Sally Field, Kiefer Sutherland, Ed Harris

Video Game Arcade Tours – Golden Nugget, Circus Circus, Flamingo (Great Yarmouth, UK)

Views:859|Rating:5.00|View Time:3:1Minutes|Likes:6|Dislikes:0All three of these arcades connect on the inside, so really, it’s one big arcade by the same owner. I featured all three in the same video. The arcades have a decent balance of video games and redemption-based machines. They have invested in some more expensive newer games: Cruisin’ Blast while still maintaining some […]

Northern Kingdom (Footage shot with a drone in the Scottish Highlands)

Views:256|Rating:5.00|View Time:9:16Minutes|Likes:17|Dislikes:0Northern Kingdom was shot over a summer in The Scottish Highlands. The film takes you on a journey through the wilderness, from the high peaks to the lush valleys below. Written and Directed by – Douglas MacKay Narrated by – Darry MacKay Locations ————— Chanonry Point, The Black Isle Cullicudden, The Black Isle Plodda […]

Duchess Of Kent Visiting Ghana, 1957 – Film 61649

Views:80|Rating:nan|View Time:1:31Minutes|Likes:|Dislikes:Duchess of Kent on official duties in Ghana 1957. The exterior of the Gold Coast Hospital, Ghana. The staff stand outside. HRH Duchess of Kent visits and shakes hands with a local nurse and receives a posy of flowers. She is cheered as she walks along the corridor in the hospital, which is lined […]

'SOMETHING WAS WATCHING US', Knights Templar, Shropshire

Views:237|Rating:nan|View Time:3:43Minutes|Likes:|Dislikes:Mystery Of Caynton Caves in Shropshire when we explored these caverns after reviewing the photographs from the explore we found that we were not alone. The information of the history of this location is throughout the video, so you get to find out the history, explore and what was caught on the photographs, this […]

Pyaar में जल्दबाजी अच्छी Nahi | Short Film | Kal Aaj Kal | Aurangabad

Views:2879|Rating:4.36|View Time:3:25Minutes|Likes:171|Dislikes:25बड़ी…. जल्दबाजी में इश्क़ हो रहा है तुमसे….. Starring 1 : Syed Uzair 2 : Aakanksha Gaikwad 3 : Mayuri Chilgar #ishq #pyaar #mohabbat #shortfilm #junoon #zackknight #nakhre

Amitabh Bachchan and daughter-in-law Aishwarya Rai visit Leeds charity centre

Views:357|Rating:5.00|View Time:6:3Minutes|Likes:2|Dislikes:0SHOTLIST AP Entertainment LEEDS UK June 8 2007 1. Arrival Amitabh Bachchan at Sense 2. Amitabh Bachchan greets one of the teachers and a resident 3. Arrival Aishwarya Rai 4. WS Amitabh Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai being shown the centre 5. CU Amitabh Bachchan 6. WS Amitabh Bachchan photographed 7. MS Amitabh Bachchan and […]

Aerial Shots of the Humber Bridge

Views:82|Rating:nan|View Time:2:1Minutes|Likes:0|Dislikes:0The Humber Bridge, near Kingston upon Hull, England, is a 2,220-metre single-span suspension bridge, which opened to traffic on 24 June 1981. It was the longest of its type in the world when opened, and is now the eighth-longest.