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A beautiful Antebellum Home, circa 1837, that has withstood the test of time. She once was taken over by Union Troops and served as their headquarters during the Civil War. She endured invasion, destruction, abandonment and fire but still stands proud! Her antique furnishings and accessories have been handed down by seven generations of the current owner of Choctaw Hall. Listen to the whispers of the bygone eras of the generations that have passed thru her hallowed halls. Stand in the rooms where Civil War soldiers once trod. Choctaw Hall welcomes to you enjoy her beautiful Bed & Breakfast and have a personal tour by the homeowners. She is also open during the Natchez Pilgrimage in the Fall & Spring. Come see her and learn about this true Southern American Castle.

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  1. The house is beautiful and holds many historic stories. David however is the gem amongst it all. If he could be bottled he would make a great tonic. Glad to have met you David – you made our visit special with your warmth and welcome and great stories.

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