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We explore an accountants building in Sheffield with my boys Dan & Bucky! Something rather strange happened!



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I know this is Yomi Java platform I'm gonna do it again yes welcome everyone Walt survived and shaken up this absolutely dying of an accountants place yes absolutely some crazy ography in Britain and Sheffield I'm it's absolutely Kubrick repeats it probably Sheffield is previous fifty percent of its abundant but you can see it's it's trashed like y'all or shits everywhere all the papers and stuff shit over BOTS I'm with or by James it's what I write is it's more my book here as always check the description check the link out voltage drugs the charm sport where this is a some accountants office with [Applause] it happened to me some random stuff this this shit won't petite for this a minute line I call it a new day it should be not an abundant accountants or gets the same more than I will check in place of Isis just written off their info I mean if my face or thesis yeah unfortunately Carly's a 15 year old ginger kid that likes to buy rounds and flashes himself endures child oh fuck keyboards make it adds it but that's gonna be part on ups where better each other but not so slow yeah wait almost like right so you as you just see just coming to this building and happens to compute its own on this really strange place absolutely rundowns and that's all computers turn on just I remember we're we're done bothers this is a lovely stretch this is weird me usual oh yeah yeah yeah usually pretty soon so far no normal the basement over ever yeah see the basement right sorry I had the box though yeah shit it's a risks to this is it really did you don't know you obviously watch it be the thing you know cupboard man come on man it's actual dark as well yeah it's pretty much a cup of me yeah honestly yeah it is a bookie and unpredicted what's going to be in there yeah yeah you can either you can either what be put on there I saw the heating's on shell as well the he's okay there's a little change then yes copy the he's just going on weird I put it on cold one it's been a sucker has I've got a nice yeah in front as a he area is with no way as I've just been saying let's say this works I've got cold hands I'm not gonna call honest it's just it's just so cold let me get going on another one though oh shit please at least oh yeah what work is it Jones appropriate cell phone watching this video should we go chats out first first things in the copier I think mr. Spencer shit on you other suspense road [Applause] [Applause] this way then yeah no way so we got a nice bounty of you going on do you know answer oh my god just one round room yeah it's this one oh no yeah that's something I've got another computer you know was it maybe what is that noise that's what this shit OH joining it's not attractive on top of the Builder extracts from outside the building but I'm sure is yeah yeah my worry they definitely don't moment in time when of is the asshole where won't be put for the system so basically able to chat up the softwar to various Lorne here pretty strange what did you draw yeah surreal when you walk into a building for the cup you shouldn't ban them and for god knows how many years and then there's power on and there's no homeless people in that's what they surprise me more there are homeless people living exactly what we run them well yeah and which people's checks out most of the building up just not a living world but the ones like ice pops is the latest button somewhere don't creeping around there somewhere we don't when I was a kid dinner is toys the Rosa Rosa Rosa buh buh doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo yeah a lot Gospels and the others until it runs yea the giraffe is one yeah sighs the Ross exit instead so it's called a pink targets chasers no way it's the magic yeah Thomas far as it rose was the place The Smiths has replaced it which is you know it's bulls you know we gotta see the light the darkness and all that kind of stuff I don't know I was never doing it for the Congress to put a beyblade a Pokemon versus honestly you do you go with love me I'm a survivor bring that pleasure Rock House was amazing I spent hours she died you know wow that sounds like an absolutely awesome prom yeah and on that bombshell I'll send the video now we've in this place this place was a little bit weird his computers laughter mr. Flores it's a lots of this an export version it's gonna regattas export in system will in a bit strange in that pretty good we did what is known as the center of steel Sheffield make sure you go check out this 25 years it's from a book here this description goes subscribe and support that shaman watch their content like save fuse videos we're gonna be working on what's giving them some new stuff some crazy places part of the men in black video if you're not gonna check out we're not seeing it go check out our ways mentor like some weird stuff to comes down obviously said let's see computer as well weird like comment subscribe and we'll see you guys soon so you survived you

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  1. dont worry the computer is just stuck on its startup routine it is standard issue for computers to start up if power is supplied to them after extended perods of time, I should know I built my computer.

  2. Funny that they leave the power going after all this time. Where im from the power is shut down the second you leave, the power companies keeps close tabs of that kind of thing.

  3. My cop buddy has come across random computers like that and they had some pretty nasty stuff on them…kid stuff, apparently those types use them to keep their identity safe ect so it might be worth reporting just incase man.

  4. That Computer ran propably around windows 95-98 (maybe even 2000) due to the size of the Hard drive. Someone tried to get into the setup but the BIOS is broken, so they couldn't use the computer.

    It's strange, that only this part of the building has power, maybe some left-over energy from 20 years ago?

  5. Mi5 use offices with old computers like this sometimes. I am not sure why. Possibly because you can store and delete data faster and the fact that the computers are not online. So less chance of a hack.

  6. Best paranormal investigation channel, you deserve more subs. All the best from 'Straya!

  7. Guys. We had Toys R Us in US until a few months ago. They’ve closed now…

  8. Its concerning that not only is a computer still on but lots of documentation and personal information is there too

  9. DOS system computers? at least two decades ago, I vaguely remember how antiquated it was.
    Looks like more than the end of a business, more like the end of a life.

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