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One of my favourite hobbies while living in England is hiking! Join my hike on this sunny afternoon through the English countryside. There’s a reason they call Kent the “Garden of England”

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  1. Would have been great except for the HORRIBLE music. People who hike usually do it for the quiet and serenity.

  2. England has some beautiful countryside and plenty of public footpaths. Kent especially but for more rugged landscape Dartmoor is a must if you live in the south. I don't think there is any county that doesn't have natural beauty and lots of history. Northumberland has some of the finest coastline and has more castles than any other county because it borders with Scotland. It is one of the oldest kingdoms and least populated places in England. I am biased though because I grew up around there and born in Durham. Scotland and Wales are a hikers paradise. Two of my favourite places in the world.

  3. As I’ve said before you’d love Bradgate Park in Leicestershire if you’re ever up this way. There’s deer roaming around, the remains of the old castle (some days you can go inside and there’s tours etc) and a lovely tea room/cafe. 😊

  4. Love walking this area. There is Cobham country park near by with a chestnut plantation. If your wondering how I know. That road at the end is the junction of Cobhambury and warren.

  5. I remember falling into stinging nettles just wearing shorts, got stung on face, torso, arms, legs…. everywhere except my…….???

  6. As you like hiking, go to Hastings, and walk the cliff path to Pett Level (maybe get a bus back, it's a long walk). Amazing scenery. If you're daring you can get down onto the beach, but be careful of the tide coming in. There's also a camp site just outside Hastings on the route if you're into camping.

    And combine it with a visit to Rye. Very quaint olde worlde. It's only about 40 mins drive from West Kent.

  7. Hey Alanna! Is Fox hunting popular in your area? Have you ever seen any hunts in progress? That looks like a beautiful countryside to ride in.

  8. I'm from kent , a small village near meopham . Was this the north downs ? I live in cornwall now , you should def check out cornwall if you can it's quite different to the rest of england and it has lots of history. Also lot sof local food such as cornish pasty and clotted cream for you to try . Btw it's just a "walk" to us not a "hike" :p

  9. You should go to Bewl Water in Lamberhurst if you havn't already been there. There's a massive lake and it's great for hiking/cycling around!

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