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Rick Steves’ Europe Travel Guide | In this first of three shows covering travel skills and tips, we’ll visit the Netherlands and Germany to learn about transportation by train and car within Europe, changing money, and settling in upon arrival. How well you’re able to enjoy the delights of Europe depends upon how well you plan and how skillfully you travel.

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  1. I love Rick Steve's travel shows and this includes so much info foreigners need to know as well as seeing some of the interesting places around. Thank you Rick!

  2. Hello Rick Steve, and team, apart from these travel videos,the music you use in these videos are also nice, please keep links of those music.

  3. It would be funny to see an Outtake of Rick trying to get his backpack from the automated storage machine and his train is about to depart in minutes,

  4. The thing about guidebooks is that everyone has them. So everyone goes to the same places. Meaning it can sometimes be crowded.

  5. I'm kind of surprised that someone as informed as Rick would ask anyone in the Netherlands if they spoke English. The only person I ever met with poor English was probably a recent immigrant but at least he knew a little Dutch.

  6. What a pleasure to have found your channel, Sir. I can only dream of becoming as successful as you some day. New subscriber. 💋🌹

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