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so last week we decided to go check out a big closed down(Abandoned Factory) that I’ve had my eye on for a while now so we headed down to see what was what and managed to get in and look around my apologies for the dark the first building we went in appears to be some sort of doctors(surgery) with offices and all sorts of things then we headed in to the main factory and was really surprised at what a massive interesting cool place it was if you know any more information on this place just late me know thank you enjoy and more vids to come please comment and subscribe thank you .

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  1. The Butterly Company, founded 1790. The company manufactured the ironwork for the St Pancras Station in London in 1863 (I think, these dates are from memory) it finally closed around 2009. I have never stopped and admired the building so its interesting to see inside. the buildings which are standing are listed, many buildings have been demolished including the buildings where the housing estate now is. Below the site is the Butterly tunnel (part of the Cromford canal) and the underground wharf and was once the main transport solution for the company.

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