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at least I got to test my new camera out…?

just like a simple fish colorful [Applause] a tornado prevention really proper script guy he knows what something mr. de would hit thank you Jeremy Corbyn is that focused we are here at RAF upward which is near Peterborough somewhere it's an abandoned Air Force Base I don't know why it was abandoned or when it was abandoned but it's abandoned there's this building here there's that build in there and there's loads of other buildings over there that were going to go walk around and just see what's here because we came here before and but I had my dog with me and if it was dark so thanks Carla so it was a bit difficult to walk around and film a video but today hopefully we're going to do some proper videoing proper camera tog roofing and which is clearly already going right this is pretty with so it kind of looks like um if you have a look in here but there's like a whole farm going on in this building and this is hey and it smells like like farms do you know how far my life for me smell so there's a farm in this building I've worked out because it's full of hay and stuff yeah there's pretty much no questioning this is definitely definitely from the Billups and step temperature [Applause] question-is company that we can't get in this way definitely definitely not so it is fairly oh yeah there's got to be away in somewhere cause there's like graffiti at the top life's a profit it's a it's a cunt hole is that way in it's got to be this looks no not more promising where the hell is a staircase but it's round there and that's not staircase not that where the hell it's got to be down here somewhere but they've lost me I don't know where I'm going I'm looking for the back on with said cunt hole because there is gotcha because I've seen picture this online and look how cool this is pretty crazy right now it doesn't say cut hole on this side but it's it's much cooler you can't do like painting into it dog just come through the hole and I'll give it either Thanks come through a window run the other cycles is quicker let's go hello Carlo just much cooler all right very cool yeah my way now the colonel oh you're on problem is I don't have a light in and I don't have the stability to get this picture because I'm I need more exposure you literally have a tripod right there it is Wednesday my dear Assad inside just so what we're trying to do is get to the top of this here building and this is this is the staircase as far as we can work out Jacob nice it's not safe this lock it hoses it's a fucking on thankful down Mac if you do I'm going to have to put this on you've been framed and I'll win 250 quid what fucking man here you diet well at this stage yeah so we just got get up there and then are so risky do you trust it you better finally found one I've got the camera I didn't have a camera I'm sorry worry about the crusty Cameron it yourself okay guys can we pass that up to you yeah cheese boy so whatever doesn't come all the way up here for not much I guess as a one of them what is what's that cartoon called there's a Dexter bloke and some woman and there's some more stairs actually that'd be cool to take a picture of and more hosepipe as well so yeah pretty good I know as if you didn't know some management there's a camera honestly I'm shot well I have to talk myself trap well done color like a windy day actually clip no proper microphone yet this is the toppling of that tower and it's quite nice we're partners he's probably going to be coming up so you tell them what you doing he's climbing another there you go I totally from a camera lots of me I've got a long one well then where are you I'm not keen on coming back down I don't know we're gonna die hello nice to see if you die then we die yeah yeah this says it if it's on your heart you should do it I knew it this is good because we can see on your heart has gone now Asadi shit ma'am yes George Oslo now I told you there is like stuff going on over there that this is part of the fucking abandoned place that like Laurie never plays over there yeah you can see for miles oh it's pretty crazy what does I don't think it might as if people spots because are they going to care that much really you're driving Laura's around and driving all this around and someone is on top of this building and you're getting paid to what ten pound on our well the art much isn't like me at work let something get stolen pardon like I don't give it the hoping backs through the tower we were trying to get into the other day all the way over there so there's a tank over there wonder what's in the rest of these buildings but there's all there's nothing here we are there's a encounter with them I'm going to clean my bird so that you can basically the data in car and then drive around now why am I so damn shallow and so exciting and I think I go away so find the next time stay behind the tree see if the police can Stoller great escape business we'll just go to the car or Cal campus I guarantee it'll be like right at the entrance the council are we're gonna get shit it's inevitable yeah okay yeah there's a problem number one and there's a half problem – over there – please close filming what must-attend 100 pop it is two police cars yes by those libraries 100 there oh right what just happened was I don't know here from continue talking about our course and coming out like I just did my face all areas make anymore no because I've never even had like own problems with the police in the past say yeah well it's not a problem it's not here and they're they're cool there is nicely local police authority I was looking to I was doing anyway we were in the place and then we went to the top of that tower watching some random old person in a house so all of this you should at the top of that Tower we better ring the police so they get arrested and it didn't happen because police of lovely people should be paid just need to please respect me always like that the way to know that they're doing their jobs I was something people about don't run don't show up shit sorry bro okay yeah but so we were just in that tower and eventually decided I will there we better just get on with it because it they'll be chill anyway and they were killed and we spoke to the one bloke and he was just like yes bit dangerous he helped us find work mate you told him we're going to take more photos happy we weren't really found he said a nappy but I'm a chicken to us or you can get some beautiful pictures about last year maybe not gave me some ideas but there is shit yeah are you a photographer on that the best of it wasn't oh the fact that he said that most people they get going they're going there for an art project but really they're probably just smoking weed or something and which we saw last time hear that yeah I could be a perfect he came up to us is like over your you're much better equipment of a lot like yeah because we fucking spent a lot of money on cameras equipments equipped we talked about our deck deciding bodykit save the line we have to the other like to get right down between why have you got turn it that's a lovely family friendly video right and you just got to turn it on grab the helper I'm not going to because it's funny yeah that's a people

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  1. i walked around for over a hour no one there when i was there bumped into few people motorbikes n shit

  2. On the third time I went back the farmer caught us and locked the gate so we couldn’t get out, when we went to confront him he tried to make us pay a £60 fine for him to open the gate so we called the local security and they came and let us out without giving us any grief

  3. i've been there too, loved the place, the police are there due to the place being dangerous, the pikey farmer is a knob and on councils landowning publications he dont own non of the land, but will chase you off if caught by him.
    Also have 2 films on my channel for the decontamination bunkers

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