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Our last day in Scotland and we spent it exploring Urquhart and Cawdor Castles and walking the streets of Inverness.

one day they will burn someone here and tell them they were wait dormant waiting in anticipation for the day Raschi tenant that feels a Scotland no one knows where they are but there's some probably eating something because that's what she do [Applause] this is our last day we go home tomorrow we go back to Inverness tonight spend one night and then I think we fly out Inverness at twelve twelve o'clock tomorrow yeah this has been a fun trip really enjoyed Scott I enjoyed it all it's all awesome but Scotland is I've never been in Scotland before and it's really cool how kids spend another week here easy so I could see in the future coming back to Scotland pretty cool place I got the perfect ideal all these places like Machu Picchu and these castles and these beautiful sights that people want to take drone shots up and you can't because there's no drone flying drones here which I can understand a little bit but still people want drone shots is if the people here would produce a video of drone shots that could sell before you know ten pounds or whatever I would buy one that's royalty-free that you can use in your videos yeah you'll buy it I think they should do that everywhere I'd buy one at Machu Picchu sounds like an awesome ideal [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] her cart castle it was awesome London cool perfect awesome the smells are amazing and people know in the rain check out this yellow flowers you just gorgeous where to next I want to drive down a little bit I'm late shrugging a kilt mom no no no kill no guilt so cool inverness castle it's time for more than you then identically where yeah place its GUI Holly's barber I want to get a hat that matches it the wax one we looked at I was wondering from matches eeeh thank you being active no sad make sir it was like 9 pounds for doing paper straws in England and Scotland pretty cool US needs these badly McDonald's and Scotland tastes just like McDonald's in the US and New Zealand look at this the inverness castle per inch 60 views of the city five pounds I think an F for quarters Muffy's but cold come be in inverness the lookout views worth it ten pounds it's cool calm the scarf matches the Hat exactly we planted this is our couples travel gear so where we at photo Council because it's Hodor from Game of Thrones in dark and scary so far this looks very pretty long I'm its Guardian on paper I own it but in reality it earns me my hard-working team and I do our best to look out for those of you who can feed energy you will find the house has a strong beneficial and [Applause] [Applause] this is the maze you can't walk through the maze no more but you can walk around it [Applause] oh this is too cool oh look at these the cool thing is somebody still lives at this castle one of the descendants of the original family lives here the castle is really amazing but the amazing is the grounds I've never seen grounds like this the trees the maze the hedges everything is just so amazing it is really cool I highly recommend seeing his castle it's very awesome [Applause] inverness holiday house our last night we go home tomorrow good tip last May last class 50 last bug house was wonderful yeah shiburin Oh a birthday party no sorry that bites birthday party yeah yeah money man my turn that 700 papers picked margarita it had barbecue on it but I think after re-order I have British chili British chili driving oh it's raining nine minute walk home and it's raining let's give it four five five we're even in the corporate five no but I need this being the carbo five it's a part of the drive then last time too all right anyway guys we had fun on our I know but we have a part of the drive then it was a two mile drive [Applause] [Applause] so we can do another uber and go do something don't know that's what we figure out tonight last morning flying home catch a seven o'clock right to Heathrow in an eight hour layover and then we picked off a lot five o'clock this afternoon to Chicago and in Chicago to DFW long day

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