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Episode 23 of Ghosts of England, today we check out 12 real ghosts reports from the county of Norfolk.

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thank you for joining me for another episode of Ghost of England today we'll check out 12 a real report from the county of Norfolk number one herds lanten our first report takes us to a marshland in our defend broad known as herds hold a local story dating back to the 1800s of a man that was drown in the marshland as punishment for committing several crimes he spirit however stayed in the area and could be seen on foggy nights Trenton lure people into the marshes by waving a London at them effectively trying to lead them to their death eventually the spirit of the man was trapped inside a glass bottle by free men reading a scripture number two lady in the lake a lake in Barton turf has a story of a spirit that haunts the lake the spirit is that of a beautiful young lady that will bless any person to set eyes upon her but despite how gentle this entity is the back story is rather sad it is believed the young woman was accidentally killed by her father after she announced that she was planning to run away with a knight though the term accidentally killing is slightly questionable number three woman with red hair at the rectory in bottom turf our next report is of a spirit that requires a certain ritual there is a specific chair within the building that when placed by the fireplace the spirit of a red-haired woman can be seen sitting in the chair it is believed that the woman burned to death in a local Abbey fire number four grey figure there is an interesting tale from Beast enrages there is a footpath that runs through the grounds of beeston Priory along the path there once stood two large boulders a grey entity would hide behind the two boulders and jump out at passers-by around the time of sunset a local farmer grew tired of the entity and requested that when he died one of the boulders would be laid upon his grave so that the grey figure would no longer have anywhere to hide the farmer died in the late 1940s and as requested one of the boulders was placed upon his grave and the gray figure has never been seen since number five Sir Thomas Boleyn Sir Thomas Boleyn the father of Anne Boleyn is said to be seen every year on the same date traveling over the Bay Bridge in Bridgton in a horse-drawn carriage the date that his spirit can be seen is the 19th of May the anniversary of his daughter's death though Thomas Boleyn appears to have a very active afterlife as his spirit has also been spotted in many surrounding areas such as breckel dueling with other spirits number 6 Claudia the manor house and Brook is reported to be haunted by the spirit of an extremely beautiful woman known as Claudia it is noted that one of her hands is missing it is said that her husband accidentally cut it off whilst he was strolling with another man Claudia may have tried to have stopped the fight but became a victim of The Closer sword combat number 7 sounds of fighting it is said that if you were to visit the burgh castle on the 27th of April you will hear an ancient battle being replayed by Romans and Saxons as they can be heard clashing swords amongst one another and their screams occurring around the grounds another ghostly event in this area is of a dark figure that can be seen leaping to their death on cold dark nights number 8 phantom coach a phantom coach has been seen on multiple occasions by many witnesses crossing a bridge in the village big st. Peter though as to whom the coach belongs to is a mystery perhaps it belongs to Sir Thomas Berlin as he seems to get about a bit as it is claimed that Sir Thomas Berlin has been seen in a likewise courage in books turn number 9 large black dog in the 1930s there comes a report from a man that states that as he was passing the church in Buxton he came across a rather large but friendly looking black dog he approached the animal to Pat it on the head but as he did so the canine disappeared into thin air the man later discovered that his brother had passed away at the same time they had encountered the animal perhaps it was his brother spirit come to see him one last time number ten headless hound usually you hear the story of the Headless Horseman or the occasional headless woman but to come across a report of a headless dog is very unusual the entity is believed to roam areas of cortisol and is very easily noticed as it's missing its head and I think Jeff it definitely stand out to me far surah number 11 funeral procession since the early 19th century a ghostly funeral procession has been seen on odd occasions the procession would start from addiction which a murdered gamekeeper was found the procession would head down the road in Crookston before turning around and heading back to the ditch the procession seems to be paying respects to the gamekeeper that was clearly treated like nothing when left in the ditch and finally for this episode number 12 White's lady these episodes never seem to be complete without the spirit of a white lady being seen in a wooded area in de cabra the spirit of a lady in white has been seen hanging from a tree the white dress gently blowing in the wind to her left though the report doesn't state whether it was murder or suicide though I think I can safely say it's not a sight most people would like to bear witness that's it for this episode thank you for watching have a good day if you like the video please hit the like button and I will see you next time you

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  1. Ironic how Norfolk is Episode 23 and Sophie is born on the 23rd of March. Due to this 23 is her favourite number and she happens to be from Norfolk.

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