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Teen accused of cultural appropriation after wearing Chinese-style prom dress.

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  1. India in the global trade market makes blanks for t-shirts (you can put "Fox News and the wonderful Gutfeld" on them), and this is sold to America, does this make us racists for wearing t-shirts made in India?

  2. My sheets are from Kashmir, part of India, and I am not Indian, am I being called racist for making a deal on Amazon?

  3. I think she looks lovely… I hope she had a blast at prom! Asian design found at thrift store maybe it did not have a provenance!

  4. Every non-born U.S. citizen is culturally appropriating our culture by living in the states. From wearing t-shirts to driving a car is cultural appropriation of the American culture.

  5. We need to be aware and alittle more sensitive of unto others as you would want to be treated…BUT….AS LONG AS NO CHARGES WERE BROUGHT AGAINST THIS GIRL..I have no problems with it..BUT IF THIS GIRL FACED CHARGES ..THEN WE ARE GOING TO HAVE A PROBLEM..🙏💋💕🇺🇸💕

  6. This is ridiculous !! she looks beautiful !!!. She can wear any dress that she wants !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Please? That dress is not Chinese it was taken from another culture way back, so technically it is not Chinese because they stole it from somebody else's culture. HELLO!!!!

  8. What? You can't love some other culture now days? Maybe we as humans should hate others for loving others cultures. Yah, that sound like a good concept to one and other togetherness. Wow, what have I been missing all my life? Why wasn't I taught this before now? Have l been living a lie in a make believe world? Let me pray about this. Maybe God will give me wisdom. Because before now I taught I was intelligent. Boy was I stupid.

  9. I will wear anything I want…. fix my hair anyway I choose and if You don't like it
    go find a

  10. ok sjw not allowed to smoke weed. you`re not from native tribe .nor drink scotch if you`re not scotish..can`t use a car if you`re not white !can`t use electicity if you`re not white ! lots of stuff you can`t do according to your stupid ideology..!LOL

  11. when did Kimberly come back glad she did oh and what about the lucky guy that took her to the prom she looked awesome in the dress

  12. When I was a child on Halloween we were poor and couldn’t afford costumes so we dressed like bums and we looked better than any store bought costumes ! And got lots of candy and money to because we went in bars trick or treating ! I also was a shoe shine boy and made loads of money in bars ! I also sold News Papers in bars ! And boxes of candy in bars I would walk up to guys with girls and say , if I was with a girl that Pretty I would You her a box of candy it worked every time !

  13. I thought in America a person was free to dress themselves. When did it start that we had to get permission to were clothes we like?

  14. I had a beautiful Korean girlfriend that used to wear the most amazing Vietnamese dress.

    I'd love to hear what these loons made of that.

    Actually no. I wouldn't.

  15. Is this really a chinese original cultural dress. It seems like long slit on the dress exposing .. which is mostly western only

  16. She should have just said, my body my choice! It’s that there favorite thing to say. It’s not your body so you don’t get a say. My body my choice as to what to do with it.

  17. You see brides in China in white wedding dresses. Queen Victoria stated the tradition of white wedding dresses. Can only English brides have white wedding dresses.

  18. The "prayer gesture" is (and she explained it in different interviews) the PAPA BLESS from H3H3, a Youtube channel hosted by Ethan and Hila Klein. The girls in the photo are doing the Papa Bless and the guys are doing the Vape Nation sign.

  19. Dreadlocks are a natural occurrence to all races. All you have to do is never comb or brush your hair (yes you can still wash it) and the dreads will come naturally.

  20. I thought this was a free country… Can't anybody either like or dislike someone or something? That is the way I live my life. I give myself, as a sovereign individual, the right to like or dislike anything or anyone – it is not for other people to decide.

  21. God, these Tumblr Snowflakes… If there is one thing Fox News is right about, it's calling these dramamongers out.

  22. Yes and of course Yo Yo Ma should not be a cellist because because of his Chinese heritage so that would indeed be cultural appropriation. The Italians should give up spaghetti because noodles were invented by the Chinese. Then there is also gun powder, yep invented by the Chinese also. We could go on and on about who invented or created what and this would just be silly but what the heck!

  23. Who cares…she is breathtaking in that dress…who cares if it’s India, Japanese, Mexican WHO CARES…we used to dress up as Indians and other things when I went to school BEFORE those idiotic SJW clown acted like she was ranting and raving using all kinds of racial slurs…that girl is not only beautiful in it she reminds of a woman who used to work for FOX I just can’t remember her name…she was also breathtakingly beautiful also….she got my vote ….

  24. nothing distasteful here. Stop fucking whining asian people..let's turn this around don't wear western clothing.

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