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There is something about this place that grabs your attention along with the energy that surrounds the whole area of the woods. This is not your ordinary abandoned cave or disused quarry. there is something about this place that is shrouded in mystery. The storys, myths & legends literally go on and on!

We have come to do a quick explore/Pre investigation to get a feel of the place and it was quite apparent that the story’s may possibly be true. Within the first 15 minutes of being here we started to witness unexplained things and a dark feeling of being watched.

Crank Caverns is the common name of the remains of the Rainford Delph Quarry near Crank in St. Helens, Merseyside. It is a network of underground tunnels and caverns, as well as an extensive woodland. Information in the St. Helens local history archives states that sandstone quarrying began here as early as 1730. As the quarry expanded, the cost of purchasing land to open cast mine it increased, so it was decided to opt for a different method. Instead of quarrying out the stone, they would mine it out, following a seam of stone until it ran out. This resulted in the network of caves, tunnels and shafts we see today. Rainford Delph is listed as a Colliery by 1854, under the ownership of Charles Howarth or Yorkshire Charlie as he was known locally by 1880.[2] Mining finally ceased and the woods and caverns were used as a game reserve by the Earl of Derby until 1939, when they became a storage facility for ammunition for the anti-aircraft position at Crank. After the war, the caverns ceased use as a game reserve. Today, Crank Caverns are not officially open to the public[1]and due to their increasing instability, attempts have been made to close access to the caverns and tunnels themselves. Despite this, the site is still physically accessible from a nearby public footpath and is still a draw for generations of curious locals who wish to explore, many having heard the numerous local myths and legends from an early age.

There are numerous myths and legends associated with the caverns. The most well known is that during the Reformation local Catholics being persecuted by King Henry VIII (1491–1547) took shelter in the caverns and conducted secret mass there, but mining on the quarry only began in about 1730. Some stories report the caves running to, amongst other places, Up Holland in Lancashire, Church of St Mary, Lowe House in St. Helens and Moss Bank in St. Helens, another stated that there was in fact a tunnel running some seven miles from St. Helens Town Hall to Crank Caverns in order to conduct ‘secret’ hangings.

“Vicious dwarves” were once rumored to inhabit a labyrinth of caverns in Crank.[3] In the late 18th century four children decided to explore the sandstone caverns and vanished. One child survived and told a terrifying tale about small old men with beards who killed his three friends and chased him. The petrified child stumbled over human bones in the caves and finally managed to scramble through an opening to the surface as a hand was grabbing at his ankle. The authorities were concerned because a number of people had gone missing in the area near the cave entrances. Two heavily armed soldiers descended into the caverns with torches and claimed that they not only found a heap of human bones, they also found the ruins of an ancient church of some unknown denomination. The interior of the church was lit by three large candles and grotesque gargoyles formed part of an altar. Throughout the exploration of the underground, the soldiers said they felt as if they were being watched, and also heard voices speaking in an unknown language. One report said that a child’s head was found in a cave, along with evidence of cannibalism. After a second investigation, the caves either collapsed or gunpowder was used to seal them.



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just realized I was got this place I've actually forgot the key thing boots so its proper sketching you actually to sit stay it up that descent is pretty damn steep and I've got more to go no that's one of the entrances that's what I thought the wrong money so I justified my smoke is it slide in asthma walk with one sniper come to crank cabins this is the first time we've ever explored this or been anywhere around there we're going to try to a bit of a parallel investigation tonight as well as an explorer this is pretty darn miss legends it goes on and on and on literally this has been since I've been a bit dodgy about coming here tonight some of the stories I've heard them I'm like yeah really are we going to go in them caves bought John explained some other and other stuff when Henry the eighth was ruler and they decided they wanted to kill all the Catholic priests for whatever reason so the Catholic priests used to hide in these caverns and whole secret masses and then in the 18th century there was a story that for boys and came investigate in the cabins and only one of them came out and he was terrified and they'd been chased by a little man apparently and what else two soldiers have been down and they reported feeling that they were being watched oh and they found human remains and the remains of a child's head that looked like it had been eaten so yeah hopefully things like that yeah understood that and basically this is a guy called Sir Edmund is it sir and sir Edmund Arrowsmith and basically he was a priest who everybody thought had magical powers healing powers so they've got his hand in a church in Ashton and make a field which I believe is is not a dominant role and and because of the healing powers of that one and the hand is still used today to bless people and very interesting okay did you what I've just seen no no wait a minute hey what no no I've just seen like some weird oh I just see my markers it was a better service better silhouette clover hello I wish you to and do that women subscribe y'all know I thought well actually nobody's silhouette in the corner when you know a new roof that's why I said so you wanna know when I came down there I heard that latch and I absolutely shit myself let's adjust that yeah like to wear your stuff I heard the swishing no it was here it was literally just there so yeah before we got got a rudely interrupted this place is got tons of history and now we're very scared no no a bit what else did not did you not hear that I know a bit out no a bit out no a bit did you have up big like Rumble holy lack of a common for god sake aren't you sweating now proper swerd know what yeah yes like a sketch that is listening to your stories was our first uh finally I should deck man to mention was raided to a crazy exactly basically yeah this is going on now there's another thing about people taking photos and video was not a lot of people have taken any kind of video here when I try researching I've only seen about ten bit bits of pictures air in there and he said to be something to do with I don't know he's probably more folklore and fill out poor living legends and urban legends but wishes look what let's go let's go which way we're going job or this way first I don't know what the main one yeah how about that one first you want to get yourself climbed sighs yeah no great was the coin toss a coin is a no-carb no let's toss a steak breakfast sausage every salsa break I win yeah what reason the legend is all the myth is basically yeah yeah when the the two soldiers try going down to try retrieve the kids bodies or whatever I investigate well you can't when they went there when to return someone had blasted it all down with with explosives and brought down so no one can get to it an opponent that he's where the underground Chapel is yeah so I know it sounds a little better I know it's older this I tried selling some this tried seven eight it's like lowdown cycle I know I told you this it's gonna be fine not typically it's wide enough to go to the breast wait a minute right mm-hmm can I just let everyone know this was Sam's idea this I found information about it I was like oh that sounds interesting she's like John ago you want to go we're here now and this is the main entrance to get into the main cabin system and guess what okay Karl crawlin Hey no my idea I'll be straight beyond you kids proper tear me this you need to film the pathway yeah I need to film everyone going in it no well yeah well if you film is going over you leading the way I'm telling the path lab rather than our boots yeah cuz otherwise you what is this what is this this is another episode as power and all your stuff John I get me to do that from first Oh Cal you've got over eight years experience you go first okay boy your girlfriend I don't think I've never came home he gave it before over anything ky off okay okay okay well there you go and ease up first haha Johnson drops himself in it yeah but you can even the way on you after whatever your film is getting through them no no no what it's not what something fuck you up you know you shouldn't do it I'm get it pinned oh never mind climb in Thompson really goes almost forever oh yeah I'll just walk out it's too much I can't I can't cope with it with the environment thinking about getting out with why oh well I'm won't be doing it's just to let you guys know that I wouldn't be doing this normally I'm gonna do this just do buns just for you guys just for you guys y'all right no yeah I'm Krista farmer as well oh right what hey that's the pot guys I thought they wanted holy shit sign a wet patch it up site it is a site squeeze in it sorry there yeah she was sandal yeah I'll shit remedy I got it I just open up a bit now I believe my doctor are you yeah well I don't think we'll be going very far with no sub site oh yeah oh yeah goes under yeah the super pops there as well sir yeah what's the what you meant by the road day see that one goes down there oh yeah and then you see down there another one there oh yeah the one there what's how big this one it's not so how do you want to grow up here reckon yeah sure I go for a sister so why it opens up Lanza I don't know it does look up is it if you look at it the path the thing goes down that way job a yeah slopes down what was that what me was that you know same what you said you know I know yeah anytime I was open up wait Aska win okay got them waste hours going my ass proper going through different reason awesome yeah ed 1003 another one down that four five six days this place looks like it's location does I know he's wrong to the right on all time threw that up right yeah ha penny Bhushan yeah yeah yeah yeah then I slip back was up that way all right just away so I got this camera shit cuz I recover handle yeah got it fuck got it you got it yeah it's white money on that rock Pinto we know watery Domino was it yeah well hey all right oh shit aah what yeah yeah okay yeah no yeah this yeah it's not it's not a very viable to do an investigation there definitely a bit too small but there's many more opens out further on yeah hey if anything does kick off you ain't getting out fast no you ain't getting out fast yeah when I was looking at the camera screen and go if I'm thinking like wow it's actually realizing all this and really small but anyway it's constantly coming out and if you go get it

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  1. Thought you guys got stuck how embarrassing if you has to call for help you guys becarful I pray for you all

  2. When i was younger i used to do this kind of exploring and even went on school holidays to Ingleborough Ingleton and Edale and loved going in to caves and thats small too. Now i am unable to do this kind of thing anymore due to illness and big ulcers on my leg. I love to watch you do this like you said so we dont have to .. love your channel so much and you have brought so many good memories for me thank you Karl Andy and Sam x

  3. Awesome stuff bro and this is another video that I have just found that I haven't seen yet?

  4. OMG….I had an anxiety attack watching u guys….u both have brass balls!!! Give u guys a lot of credit…good stuff.👌👍👍

  5. You haven’t seen my picture I took when I went there I caught a head staring at me but was was freeky was I was literally lieing down in the area behind the metal fencing

  6. Do frequent investigations as a local, it's alright. Sometimes it can be very active with voices and sounds. Need to be careful tho as used by people seeking shelter or drug using.

  7. After you hear the swush swush, I think you caught eyeshine down the left corridor @:53. 3:23 no eyeshine at same left corridor. That, followed by the roar @2:56, and then the low infrasound rubble/growl, plus of the roar the lady heard while waiting outside, sounds much of what is described of the Bigfoots. You may want to have it all analysed. *SafeSearches*….

  8. Went today, covered in litter and used as a chill spot by the stoners. Heard someone go 'psssst'

  9. Oh balls! Ok, I'm a new sub….(about maybe my 3rd video) and the dynamic of this group….I just ADORE IT. Not only are you ballsy af, but you're hilarious! I didn't realize you were explorers as well as ghost hunters. I ❤️ this channel now.

  10. I just about had a freaking panic attack watchin y'all creep through those very tight openings!😱
    Mad props to you all for bringing us these crazy adventures!👍💯✔
    Texas⭐, U.S.A.🇺🇸

  11. That low rumbling sound at 4:23, I heard that myself as a kid when I went there only it was a lot louder. We just ran back through the woods!

  12. Crank caverns is a disused tin mine from the 1600 and was later used for getting rocks for the east Lancashire road

  13. Me & my Brother are going tomorrow , I'm 49 brothers 47, as a teenager with my first GF went exploring the caverns, my older cousin , sadly deceased now, got stuck down there back in the 70,s ,  Welsh mountain & pot hole team had to rescue them, a day or two down there , torch & candles gone, they just had to sit & wait for rescue, The true entrance as I remember ,The mouse hole was up above away from all the other entrances & gated , My GF would not go in, because of my cousins story, So tomorrow we will be looking for the true entrance, will post if we find it again, if I don't post please get in touch with Welch mountain rescue team ,,lol

  14. As someone who lives in St. Helens I been up to crank many times but it was always gated off…( kids and hacksaws hey) Fab vid well impressed you going in there tip for you get your boots on next time Arrrr kid 🙂 Goodluck with your channel .

  15. best vid I see in a long lime great stuff would love to  help / follow you on a late night investigation  at top end open cave as  a paranormal  investigator my self  yer I also heard people say that they hear stuff in nu know language  a lot of stuff round crank is creepy /// would also like you to see  you try to find the under ground church on video you will be the first to capture this church on vid  but hopefully I see you soon on a may be investigation

  16. Also the fact you looked back again 6 or so seconds later tells me that you thought something was there?

  17. Ive looked at your video and i have found that there was a figure standing in the background when you look back at 19:58 – Its only there for a split second – Take a look and if you cant find it, i will link you to a screenshot i took and it is definitely a figure of a person.

  18. Wow guys I could not of done that cave, I was getting claustrophobic just watching you. But great video all the same . Thak you

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