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this is CBC here and now I had 18 inches of water in my house at 1:30 in the morning one of the dogs came and woke me up fast rising water forces the evacuation of mutt Lake in Labrador it took eight months and three court dates to fight a $25 parking ticket it just seemed wrong to me on so many levels that it's so difficult to stand up for yourself want to find out where the latest and best icebergs are well there's an app for that nice day for iceberg hunting tomorrow showers build in on Friday some warmer air though along with those showers and then it's weekend time with all kinds of fun in store we'll talk about it coming up it was a harrowing night for people living in mud lake Labrador yeah flooding has forced the evacuation of most of the families that live in the small community now here's what it looked like just hours ago homes or flooded bridges are close to overflowing it happened so quickly that some people had to leave their animals behind the culprit is ice jamming up the Churchill River and acting as a dam now Mud Lake is just southeast of happy valley-goose Bay it's on the other side of the Churchill River normally people get to the community rather by driving up Mud Lake Road and taking boats or snowmobiles cross the river and that's according to the season of course yeah this time of year though with the ice people go to and from the community in chopper so let's now go to hear announce Jacob Barker who is live and happy valley-goose they said Jacob what is the latest well I'm here in the Lower Valley of happy valley-goose Bay where you can see there's flooding here as well a business that we checked in on yesterday was worried that water was going to encroach here and you can see it has quite a lot and there's also been flooding down the street here on Mud Lake Road which is on the happy valley-goose Bay side of things but that's under water as well Mud Lake the community is just across the water here this morning it was a frantic scene there looking down on Mud Lake from the sky you can see just what people needed to get away from already high water levels continue to rise through the night an intense scene unfolded here early in the morning as residents watched the levels rise eventually it was apparent they needed to get out at about 4:30 this morning military helicopters began to evacuate people and some of the pets I'm very tired of like it like I said I had 18 inches of water in my house at 1:30 in the morning one of the dogs came and woke me up just tried to gather my stuff as best I could unfortunately I forgot the leashes it's hard to remember everything at that hour the morning people were making their way to higher ground to get out eventually though the water was so high that that wasn't possible either I have an evil Rozonda motto too deep and the job here to get it in the basket get up before the chopper for this couple over 60 years in Mud Lake have you ever seen anything like this ok never this high before going once at the Goose Bay Airport help was there to greet them after the chaos of the morning came the emotions and the worry about what was left behind husky dog yeah happy Tuesday August recess some stayed behind to keep an eye on the community and take care of the animals it's good but my mine is still home because my family's down under yeah the SPCA tells us there is a plan made to get over 30 dogs off the island what are you feeling very stressed knowing that everything you all never been here for four people now the Red Cross does is assisting here and it says it's bringing over eleven or eleven hundred pounds of cargo and to assist with efforts here the evacuation is continuing at this hour to get the resident and the residents and the pets that are still over there off the island reporting live for here and now in happy valley-goose Bay I'm Jacob Barker well there's a lot more to talk about with this story tonight in 25 minutes a homeowner will describe what it's like to be awakened in the middle of the night and told to get out fast and in about 35 minutes the MHA for the area joins us with the latest Perry trim / just got back from a helicopter tour of the area and will give us the very latest while the provincial government is looking at rehabilitation rather than incarceration as a new way to deal with nonviolent drug addicted offenders the Justice Department is planning a drug treatment court pilot project for st. John's the idea is to reduce the number of crimes committed to feed the drug addictions by offering court monitored substance abuse treatment retired lawyer John Duggan and Justice Minister Andrew Parsons talked about the plan on the st. John's morning show the person getting out of custody is still addictive so the drug treatment court is going to be dealing with the addiction itself and trying to change the person's life so that when they either get out of prison or they're ultimately sentenced and it may not be a prison sentence itself then they have the tools and the skills to be able to deal with the life's challenges that they have we can look at the examples that are being set by other provinces and drug treatment courts or something that have been available all over North America for a number of years now it's a way of trying an alternative method to justice because in many ways what we're doing now it doesn't work well there are two disturbing cases of animal cruelty to tell you about tonight the first from Mount pearl police are investigating a report that a high school student used a hatchet to hurt a seagull it happened on Monday the bird had to be euthanized and in happy valley-goose Bay a dog that was left in the back of a pickup truck yesterday went through a vehicle carwash a man from Glover town has been charged with causing an animal to be in distress and with transporting an animal without securing it fortunately the dog wasn't hurt while there's an investigation tonight into the report of a gun being fired in the East End of st. John's last night the RNC received reports of a gun shot on Watson Street just before midnight the spokesperson confirms that evidence of a gunshot was found at the scene and the window of a home on the street was busted out no injuries were reported it's an all-too-familiar sinking feeling walking back to your parked car to find a ticket tucked into the wiper most people just pay but one woman from Mount Pearl decided to fight her ticket a fight she says exposes serious flaws in the justice system here in aus Meghan McCabe has the details in the CBC investigates story put the credit card in pay for parking that's what Claire Heffernan thought she was doing at a metering downtown st. John's back in October but there was a ticket greeting her when she got back $25 for an expired meter I immediately wondered what was wrong with the meter because I had put my Visa card in twice and got no response Heffernan contested the ticket saying the instructions on the meter were not clear and launching a tedious process that took eight months and three trips to court it was silly in a way to keep pursuing it but it just seemed wrong to me on so many levels that it's so difficult to stand up for yourself and that's not the only reason Heffernan has heard stories about struggles in the justice system cases thrown out because of the Supreme Court of Canada's Jordan decision about the right to a speedy trial when I see that they dropped charges on cases where there are drugs and money and weapons because they can't get time in Supreme Court but yet yet they had time to get me to Supreme Court to get an extension to an appeal for a parking ticket that that strikes me as wrong wrong use of our money as taxpayers she had her day in traffic court last week and one ticket dismissed as for why this took so long to get through the courts the province says it can't comment on specific cases but generally parking tickets don't take up a lot of court time and just how much does fighting a ticket like this cost taxpayers the short answer is we don't know but add up salaries of judges lawyers court staff it's an expensive piece of justice reporting live for here-and-now in st. John's I'm Meghan McCabe the woman who killed Jason Skinner asked his family for forgiveness in a grand falls Windsor courtroom today Pamela Pike stabbed Skinner with a knife in 2013 today for the first time there are details about how Skinner died and about how difficult an ordeal this has been for his family here annouce Chris and Singh has more and a warning there are graphic details in his report I feel that the justice system has failed me that's Jason Skinner's his father melvin speaking publicly for the first time about his son's death whatever his life was it was his deliv about yours to take how did he take his life a break my heart Carmel Giles echoed his pain in court today through tears explaining how the senseless unbearable death of her nephew has left a void in the family that will never be filled Mary Ellen Giles spoke about her nephew from Labrador recalling how she told his grandmother but Skinner was killed I still remember the sobbing as she learned her grandson had been taken from us she said in front of Skinner's family Pamela Pike stood up in court today and apologized for their pain asking them to forgive her for killing Skinner something she admitted to for the first time earlier this month after four years of drawn-out court proceedings this is where Skinner's body was found on April 14 2013 Pike and Wanda Ashe were overdoing opioids and Ritalin with Skinner he left to meet a friend Pike and Ashe created a plan to rob him of his drugs Skinner returned and Pike smashed a glass bottle on his head ash threw an electric can-opener atom and Skinner fought them off Pike grabbed an 8-inch kitchen knife and cut Skinner twice on the skull then stabbed him in the chest he made it back to his bed Pike started to cry Ashe called him a psycho the RCMP arrived following a trail of blood they found Skinner with an empty pill bottle in his hand and a knife sticking out of his chest who did this they asked with his dying words Skinner told them it was pike he was 34 years old just weeks away from a drug rehabilitation program Wanda Ashe has been found guilty by a jury of manslaughter she'll be sentenced next month Pike was taken into custody today the defense and Crown have asked the judge for a seven and a half year sentence – time served Skinner's father said he doesn't want revenge for his son's death he wants something he says he'll never get no one no one deserves to die those two ladies they killed my son they don't even desire deserve to die but did he serve more than they're going to get Pike will be sentenced tomorrow Chris and Singh cbc news Grand Falls Windsor well it'll be a rough start to the May 2 for weekend for this trailer owner fire destroyed this RV in pippi Park this morning the blaze sent clouds of black smoke into the air that could be seen all over Saint John's there was no one in the trailer at the time and there's no official word on the cause of the fire there was some indication initially that it might be propane but causes under investigation and we'll have to wait and see on that matter well as you can see yourself it's a it's it's pretty ugly but there's no last leap so that's that's the main verb two people are in hospital after serious single vehicle accident near Shea Heights earlier today this Corvette was mangled after it rolled over on black head road a 28 year old male passenger was ejected from the vehicle the driver a 22 year old man was found inside the car a hiker saw the accident and contacted police around noon investigators closed the road for a few hours as they search for the cause of the crash rnc sergeant Paul Didem says it's too soon to know whether speed was a factor he says the two men were seriously hurt the nature of their injuries are the seriousness of their injuries right now is unknown but what I did gather from the responding people from st. John's Regional Fire Department and Eastern Health paramedics the injuries are serious but to what extent I don't know if you'll accept right now well it's hurry up and wait for the massive hebron oil platform the 14 billion-dollar structure has been waiting to be towed out to the john dark basin for two weeks but heavy pack ice and trinity bay has put the whole operation on hold and costs are adding up 11 tow vessels are on standby at a cost of forty to seventy thousand dollars a day if you do the math that's over five million dollars a week Exxon Mobil says a tow out could happen over the next couple of weeks and first oil is still on target for the end of this year all 170 kilometers of this subsea cable have now been laid across the Cabot Strait it marks a big milestone for the Muskrat Falls hydroelectric project Newfoundland is now connected to Nova Scotia the 1.7 billion dollar maritime link will deliver power from Muskrat Falls to Nova Scotia it's also the longest subsea lectricity cable in North America installation of the second cable the Labrador Island link is scheduled to begin in June full power is not expected to flow from scrapp Falls until 2020 well PCMH a Steve Kent had to watch question period today from afar after he was booted out of the House of Assembly he refused to withdraw comments he made that were ruled on parliamentary he called the finance minister dishonest and unethical he made the comments last night when he was questioning the Finance Minister over the costs of firing the left tenant governor's private secretary here's the exchange that got him into trouble if the number is three hundred and seventy eight thousand don't be cute and try and say those 111,000 necessary that's not honest matter chair that's not honest a madam chair and I believe I have the floor so the Finance Minister can attempt to order to call me off if she wishes what I do have the floor and that kind of behavior from a minister is unethical its dishonest and it's deceptive the Honourable the government house leader on a point of order the last two minutes the member opposite has made numerous non-parliamentary comments you calling the member unethical hiding the information is absolutely non-parliamentary is absolutely disgraceful and I would suggest at a he should be forced to retract the comment secondly he should be forced to apologies and third as it relates to this process that's happening in the house this is going to end this is not how this process goes if we want to we can do the regular committee and they have ten minutes and ten minutes this is how it's going to go but we're not going to have members sit there and call this government unethical and tell them they're hiding information it's not going to happen that way madam chair this this cannot continue Olympian Jamie core AB is back in the game except this time it's a different race the well-known curler announced he's running for City Council and st. John's upcoming election core AB is best known of course for winning curling gold in at the 2006 Winter Olympics now he says he wants to give back by representing cowan heights in Ward 3 his platform promise making people slow down on the roads things that I find having a young family in st. John's a safety and the traffic calming so speeding is an issue you know I Drive a truck so I basically drive it like my 86 year old grandfather I take my time and I you know it I hate to see when people are speeding down the road especially I want to drop my daughter off at daycare around the school areas where the school zones are thirty and there's people doing well in excessive 50 so that's one area as well safety while wondering what it's like on the East Coast rail before you actually head out to Hika well now you can find that answer on Google Maps to explain after the break and later we'll go back to Labrador to hear more about the rush to get people out of the community of Mud Lake overnight you welcome back to here and now and you can now explore the rugged beauty of the East Coast Trail without even having to take a step a virtual tour is now just a click away this is a section of the Maddox Cove trail that was recorded for Google Street View last summer the Nature Conservancy of Canada sent a hiker wearing a 50-pound Google trekker camera to record this part of the East Coast Trail so now you don't even have to go out you can just sit on your couch and explore the beauty of the East Coast Trail if you love iceberg hunting but hate showing up late now there's an app for that of course brandy gossip babe Roberts has just released an app called iceberg alley' it's a new way to keep track of attractions that are always on the move here in aus a cow Dee has the story where where we go we're gonna turn right here okay brandy Goss is following a treasure app that's leading us to white gold oh wow whoa three of them icebergs just where the app said they would be hosted them Gauss is an app developer and her latest creation is called iceberg alley' the goal is to make it easier for residents and visitors to experience icebergs and whales which are big attractions in the province but of course they're constantly moving so people who are using the iceberg alley' app will be able to help each other find the best locations to see the icebergs and the whales by posting their sightings using the app is as easy as snapping a picture entering a location and a short description then your post is added to the sightings map there's also a newsfeed section where you can quickly see the latest posts Gosse hopes the app can fix one of the big frustrations of iceberg hunting I know like myself when I've gone looking for icebergs I might have heard of an iceberg during the week and then I think I'll go check that out on the weekend by the time I get there it's not there or it's moved too far out and I can't see it anymore iceberg alley' has just been released on Apple's App Store and Google Play so far it has a few hundred downloads many from this province but also from across Canada the US a shoe and other parts of the world the more people post the more accurate the app will be and it's free it seems like everyone has their phone with them it's the easiest way to find things and that kind of thing so I mean having something like this it's kind of like new technology in a in our little province kind of thing zach Gowdy CBC News Britta's this weather update is brought to you by the take-charge business efficiency program over 400 businesses have saved energy and taken charge of their bottom line find out how you can too well things talk about before we get to whether Ryan wanted to say thanks again Peter for stepping in and a Carol always my pleasure Carolyn is off tonight on behalf of the CBC to give out an award at the Atlantic Business Magazine's top 50 CEO Awards Gala that's being held at the convention center that I understands first time it's been held in st. John's I wonder what she gets to eat yes feel something nice yes you have a nice dinner while the rest of us are here delivering the news but yeah she's presenting the Innovation Award so lots of CEOs being recognized tonight mm-hmm now before we get to the weather we're going to throw back to Zach's piece and speaking of those great shots of icebergs in brig as' have a look at this oh nice little kayak trip there to go check out the birds yeah certainly attracting yet more than just the shutter bugs yeah Chris Fitzgerald you'll see they're skillfully paddling between the Berg's on Monday and same day Zach and the CBC crew was out in brig us to shoot that story that we just showed you and again these photos are taken by Chris's dad Jim Fitzgerald he says his son it was a very experienced kayaker who always has safety equipment with them and of course that's important when you are in very very chilly water in near those icebergs mm-hmm well great oh yeah of chilly weather yeah well we are going to see temperatures on the rise the next two days not really coinciding with the weekend unfortunately and it's been 0 to 100 if you're talking to some friends and family in southern Ontario have a look at these temperatures literally they've been dying for temps over 15 and today it hit 30 in southern Ontario current temperatures right now 30 in Toronto 29 in Montreal 21 in Halifax and again the downside of all this heat this quickly is of course the severe weather which has been sparked up one death courtesy of a tornado in Oklahoma yesterday and another death because of a tornado in Wisconsin and again more severe weather breaking out in the central parts of the US thanks to this system this is the same system that's going to be rolling into our neck of the woods for the weekend with rain and yes snow wrapping in on the backside of the system this is the first low that's going to be moving in that will help to bring a little bit of warmer air for your Friday time period but also some of those showers you're seeing draped over the Maritimes as we speak here's how it plays out Future tracker shows this system that's been bringing a few showers to the island today but overall not a bad day that low moves off to the north tonight a bit of a break for Thursday for most of us the exception will be Labrador City Churchill Falls with a few showers a late day risk for happy valley-goose Bay but the island looks pretty nice some clouds in the morning more Sun than not into the afternoon for most of us and then as we roll into the Friday time period we are going to be seeing the clouds thicken up good chance of seeing some showers for most of us especially along the west coast and again things get interesting is this system moves off to the northeast and we see the wrap around cold air temps fall and yes snow mixing in over your updated long weekend forecast coming up cabin more preferable this weekend than tent we'll just put it that way for you I will talk about that again in more detail in a few minutes morning outlook again starting a little cloudier than not I think st. John SEP the northeast coast of gander but a pretty quiet start for most of the island temperatures ranging from 3 to 4 degrees for most little cooler for st. Anthony up through the Straits to Labrador west where we'll see the risk of wet flurry or a shower activity in Labrador city even in the morning Thursday morning again I think the clouds a little bit thicker from time to time and then into the afternoon more Sun than not and actually that CB s temperature should also say 12 degrees I think we will be in and around that 12 to 13 degree range for most of the metro region for tomorrow klaren Bell down towards the Burin Peninsula possibility of some 14 to 15 degree temps away from the sea breeze there Central Newfoundland clouds in the morning will depart into the afternoon and a pretty solid day shaping up there 13 to his warmest 15 even 16 degrees Grand Falls Windsor through Bajor back towards the Humber Valley tomorrow as well that's where I think we'll see the warmest temps on the island tomorrow BER go2 portavoz near 10 Brook and up through grouse more near 12 degrees for the northern peninsula and southeastern parts of Labrador winds will become Southwest into the afternoon a bit of a sea breeze but overall 6 to 7 degrees for most and there are those showers tracking in the Labrador City Churchill Falls a late day sprinkle possible and happy valley-goose Bay but more Sun and cloud into the especially the morning hours chance of a late-day flurry and nain and those showers in the West will talk about that long weekend and beyond with your 7 day coming up Debbie you can imagine the worries and the community of mud lake when the call came in the middle of the night for people to get out fast after the break one of those people will walk us through his experience you as we've seen this evening it is a trying time for the residents of Mud Lake who've had to leave the small community because of the flooding Dave Rayburn is one of the people who had to flee his house in the middle of the night in a loaded down aluminum boat and Dave Rayburn joins us now from happy valley-goose Bay thank you so much for doing this because it is quite a difficult day for you yes Thank You Debbie now I understand you've never seen anything like this in your 14 years of living in Mud Lake what was the river like in the lead up to your escape last night well up until probably midday yesterday it was reasonably normal we get a a rise in water levels this time of the year when when the ice or the snow starts to melt but from midday yesterday up until yesterday evening and the water came in very fast indeed and within hours we were in a totally different situation very dangerous you were I know you must have been nervous at this point wondering when is it going to stop yes we were watching the the river or the water right race around the house that evening and about nine o'clock we said well maybe we're hoping that the ice was going to break and the river would flow out but so we went to bed and around 10 o'clock and 1:30 we got a phone call to say we have to evacuate so looked outside and the water had risen quite a lot got a fall another phone call and fold around make sure everybody was aware and uh then we one of my neighbors came along with a boat and we all got in the boat and headed towards the center of the village to the community center I understand Dave that boat was pretty loaded down how many people and animals are in it yes we there was six adults and four dogs and quite a bit of baggage as well so it was quite well loaded down not very good weather was it and snowing yeah no it was blowing and snowing and raining and it was pretty rough yes did you manage to take anything with you you and your wife the words together we we just well we just grabbed a small bag and threw in our essential for medication that kind of thing everything else has been left in the house we didn't have time to do anything so you you didn't let me open the right maybe you go ahead sorry sorry no I said when we when we opened the door to meet the people coming with the boat the water side running in through the back door Wow so we said well it's time to go yeah and I understand your house was is up like three or four feet so that that's quite a lot of water yes going in and right back you took the helicopter then from the Town Hall did you yes from the community center yes er yeah Canadian military rescue search-and-rescue helicopter came and picked us up and took us up to the airport and from there we we went to the the correct not be about the center where we were supposed to register yeah I'm just wondering the arena yeah the arena and I'm just wondering you you did tell me today that some people have stayed behind you spoke with one man who has he's responsible for like 30 sled dogs what was he telling you yes yes there's a family of three people to birth a father and two sons that have dog teams eat one dog team eats over 30 odd dogs and apparently apparently they are just being evacuated as we speak so just in conclusion Dave I'm just wondering do you have any idea what your house is like at this point and and how are you and your wife coping with it all well I think today we've been looking at photographs from various sources for aerial photographs and people sending in their pictures on Facebook and I'm afraid our house it's probably written off the water level has continued to rise most of the day and so I would say our house is pretty well finished it's a toughie we're we're we're trying yes yes we're we're trying to take it all in we're hey I don't think it's really sunk in yet well Dave Raburn I appreciate so much that you could join us under the circumstances and we'll keep following the story of course okay thank you Debbie bye bye bye boy well there's no doubt people in Mud Lake will be dealing with today's flooding for some time after the break the area's Maj joins us he's just back from a helicopter ride and he'll tell us what the latest is you you the weather update is brought to you by Beltone hearing service st. John's helping the world hear better all right welcome back to hearing now everybody and it's time to talk about the long weekend forecast and again no worries if you're not a fan of the heat I know you folks to be complaining about the 30 to 34 degrees that is off to our south and west none of that coming our way but we are going to be warming up over the next couple of days for those looking for some slightly warmer temperatures that again this is the system that's rolling up through the US right now that will be moving into our neck of the woods with first some rain for some showers for the Friday time period and then yes wrapping into some snow as the colder air wraps in on the backside of the system for the weekend here's how it all plays out – picking things up this evening our first low that's been bringing some scattered shower activity will move off to the Northeast through Thursday morning some clouds lingering across the island but pretty bright nice afternoon for most of us scattered showers for western Labrador will approach happy valley-goose Bay by the end of the day but overall it is pretty quiet and again look at those temperatures a little cooler in the onshore winds but generally we're talking about 10 to 15 degrees for most of the island for tomorrow with that Sun cloud mix and there is the there are the shower chances for western parts of Labrador little cool on the north coast with a late day risk for you folks in named now Thursday afternoon into Friday and here comes our next system and again along the warm front we are going to be seeing some shower chances pretty much everybody from Corner Brook to st. John's on Friday we'll run the risk of seeing some showers and we will be seeing that up into happy valley-goose Bay and southeastern parts of Labrador as well slight risk in the lab West as that system starts to move in in fact likely a little bit of a wet flurry mix with temperatures steady near to Sun and cloud happy valley-goose Bay I think the rain is confined to the southeast parts of Labrador clouds with showers for western parts of newfoundland Central and yes some scattered showers in st. John's and the East as well but a Sun break possible also Saturday morning and into the Saturday afternoon time period this is where things get interesting the low moves off to the northeast snow wrapping in on the backside of the system definitely for the higher elevations of southeastern Labrador the northern peninsula this is where we'll have the best chance of seeing some accumulating snow but also Corner Brook and into the central parts of Newfoundland not ruling out some accumulation here either especially Saturday afternoon into Saturday evening through the overnight and into Sunday temperatures near that to three degree range so elevation is going to be key how close you are to the coast versus inland that will also be a factor so a lot of variables at play here but certainly some accumulation possible central west and especially the northern peninsula southeastern parts of Labrador there your Saturday temps by the way Saturday showers with temperatures falling in st. John's and then the shower flurry mix will arrive in st. John's looks like Saturday night Sunday I think we'll see some flurries in the mix central again west that messy mix continues and into southeastern parts of Labrador as well the Sun builds into lab West first on Sunday then into happy valley-goose Bay and western Newfoundland for Monday could even see some late day clearing but temps near 4 for central parts of Newfoundland and yes more showers and flurries on the menu for Monday here in the East well running through your seven-day trend coming up at the end of the show for now let's throw it over to Peter while here's today's young athlete of the day it's Nathan white who's four years old nathan is from witless Bay and practices martial arts and is even won a gold medal at a recent karate tournament congratulations Nathan you're today's young athlete of the day well people in Labrador are watching the weather tonight and the water levels closely on the Churchill River as we've been telling you throughout the show dozens of people are out of their homes tonight Perry Tremper is the MHA for Lake Melville and he's joining us live from happy valley-goose Bay so I understand you just got back from a helicopter tour so what's the latest in terms of the water level well Peter is really quite something to see I mean what has to be one of the prettiest villages in the entire province is frankly devastated and when you see it from the air and the extent of the flooding and knowing all those beautiful homes and lawns and so on completely underwater and all you see are rooftops it's a dramatic impression of the extent of the problem the water levels do seem to have stabilized somewhat and I I tuned in with Dave Rayburn's comments earlier and I listened to him speak this morning residents spoke about around midnight 1:00 o'clock in the morning almost like a wave of water coming in and I had a chance to look at the hydrographic data from the stations that are along the river there was an amazing increase in water about one meter increase in the water level over one hour last night and that's really what caught everybody amazingly off-guard now at last count there were 11 people who didn't want to leave we heard about 30 dogs what's the latest in the efforts to try and help get them to safety so in the last few hours there's been a good group of emergency responders fire and emergency services are leading the response on behalf of the province and a very tired Mary over theum has been leading the charge he's just organized several of us have been supporting him so we have a two different aircraft going a 212 that's going in now to haul out three rumbles and some thirty-two husky dogs so we just coined the phrase of Skye kennel and they're really the only high and dry place in in Mud Lake is going to serve as a landing spot so the SPCA are involved so the 212 is just with a load of kennels and volunteers to bring the dogs and their they're tired and cold owners back home are back here I should say they're they're leaving their homes and we still have another gentleman and in his pets if I could just add they're in a different part of the community and it's actually inundated with water so we are availing of triple four squadron and DND support to help get this gentleman and these animals out of there they're going to have to use a basket and have to be lower down to him so we've got two separate missions going now before we conclude our day one of the big questions for a lot of people whose homes are now flooded with water is going to be insurance insurance usually doesn't cover flooding what's the province looking at in terms of helping the people who have already know that they've lost so much of this sorry Peter you broke up a little bit but I know you're talking about insurance and I believe what the province can do and I I must say that as the MHA for the area I'll certainly be working with with all of government as we are now in this immediate response but it's certainly over a longer term we we have a wonderful community that has a great proud tradition it's been hit hard by this tragedy and we'll see what we could do to support all of those residents pets and and so on now one thing a lot of people have been wondering about is Muskrat Falls and the impact that this construction upstream may have had on the flooding that a lot of people say they haven't seen in decades and decades are people are concerned about that are you concerned that Muskrat Falls may have influenced the water levels and influenced the flooding here well it's certainly a question on everybody's mind and you know we've everyone's been reaching out to nel cuore and trying to understand if in fact there was any influence but I I only have to go back and I just said to Jacob Parker who's here with me it was just five days ago we were on the goose river a completely separate watershed and we went through the same scenario although not to this extent we've never seen flooding like we had witnessed on the goose river last weekend and we've just witnessed it on this river we've had a very cold spring and the last seven eight days with the exception of today and yesterday frankly have been extremely warm so you had essentially spring almost canceled and then a heatwave and we've had a tremendous runoff and that in combination with the fact that in this situation Lake Melville I just flew over it remains frozen and there is literally kilometers of ice built up down there so we've got a wall of ice and we've got a lot of runoff and that's precipitated in a serious flood event which unfortunately has hit Mud Lake very hard well thank you very much for giving us the latest tonight okay thank you you while we return now today's evacuation of Mud Lake and Labrador here in their own words are some of the stories of residents who quickly fled their homes in the early hours of this morning hey Marshall half of leave your house no one you gonna lose everything are you what are you thinking right now what are you feeling very stressed knowing that everything you own and everything for us we got nothing what is your house look like when you when you were when you were leaving it was only a couple inches away from blowing in a door and our host is six feet off the ground to start with so it's going fast we had to move our husky dogs and lay them down there and everything what are you gonna do now do you know I have no clue we just built a brand new house all that so it's gone we won't know start from scratch our heel when you got three kids so we had to go from powerhouse to her neighbor's house here speed boarding power sunny knob caught us over lake called aboard oh really water it to deke festival okay I have a near ever down D'Amato to deke and the truck we had to get it in a basket to get up aboard the chopper already scary yeah water all around I was in LA our daughter our daughters out allotted right around rooms up to her steps and our craters are come in their basement her death on the high bank I had 18 inches of water in my house at 1:30 in the morning one of the dogs came and woke me up because she had been sleeping on the floor so she came and woke me up so I just tried to gather my stuff as best I could unfortunately I forgot the leashes it's hard to remember everything at that hour of the morning and then we load it into the boat I had the boat tied to the house because the water was already up that high when I went to bed and we paddled down to to the school where the helicopter so basically very very glad very glad that I'm not in my house but you know like you've no idea what's going on what's you know like where you're going to stay how you're going to take care of things when you go back what you're going to find like I said I couldn't bring my chickens I'm sure that they their pen was under water I had tried to build something up for them to sit on but I doubt it's going to be high enough so Brown my goodness nine o'clock ten o'clock we started rising really hard and we just kept looking at we didn't go to bed all night we got my sister mom and nephews and my niece's up to the house because it even started going past my house and we're the highest ground level in mudlick and it's dangerous it's bad down here what do you mean by dangerous well you could lose your host we could drown we could have been sleeping and this could happen we could be dead right now well the white and international news now and we just get to where I'm supposed to begin this story about Donald Trump the pressure on the US president is growing after accusations he tried to have an FBI investigation into a former associate shut down some of Donald Trump's Republican allies warned against what they call a rush to judgment we can't deal with speculation in innuendo and there's clearly a lot of politics being played they do as little as humanly possible just to claim that they're doing something the White House denies that Trump made any improper requests of James Comey but Democrats and some Republicans Republicans are demanding an independent commission of inquiry as for Trump he applauded a class of Coast Guard graduates this morning he offered congratulations and admiration but he did not speak about the current controversy still a note of bitterness slipped into his address when he described himself as the most unfairly treated politician in history find that things happen to you that you do not deserve and that are not always warranted never ever ever give up things will work out just fine look at the way I've been treated lately there's big celebration underway in Montreal the city is celebrating its 370 fifth birthday the Prime Minister and his wife Sophie joined Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre for special Mass earlier today Montreal is across the city are part of the festivities there's a bridge lighting ceremony and a special concert tonight you well looking at the 7-day trial I almost want to do this looks pretty good not so much through the weekend again temperatures falling in the east through Saturday Sunday Monday flurries mixing in in the East and yeah earlier for those flurries for Saturday into central and western parts of Newfoundland and Labrador again Labrador West the best looking long weekend forecast no question about that temperatures building into Monday man you know just like the May 24th weekend the Pitt song says 24 the Maine there's some snow involved and you gotta get away though got to get away wonder what you got to get away and people will have a ball no matter what say tomorrow everyone yeah I don't know good night you

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