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Prostitution is illegal in Russia, and while some escorts find a loophole in the law by charging for their time, many sex workers are not afforded the same luxury. Stacey Dooley hits the streets and the brothels to talk to the women who deal with robbery and abuse on a regular basis. For them, it is all part of earning a living.

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  1. American men are flying ✈️ from the USA to this brothel in Moscow Russia to have sex for ten dollars and hopefully find a potential wife? WOW!

  2. staCEY DOOLEY IS A BORTHEL MOTHER WHEN IT COMES TO THAT Ape game she is trading people for sex and blabling she should trade product for product not body for product stacey is in trade too security guard is her job offer as a bullshit talking about sexual and adventures of other people

  3. Watch this video before you get mail order bride from Russia, they might have HIV and other undesirable gifts.

  4. As someone who lives in Texas…um no, it's nothing like Texas, or the "Wild West" lol. Really makes me wonder what some people in other countries think Texas is like in 2019…

  5. B(unch of) B(ullshit) C(orporation)…………….waste of time watching this cock-a-maimee shit. Surely there is a real brothel with Natasha's in St Petersburg, not only this Babushka's are Us joint

  6. What the heaven you did by investigating?? Did you take any legal actions do you did anything to make prostitution illegal did u save those girls u only want money from this documentary

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