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Today I’m going to tour you through the biggest VR arcade in the world also known as the VR Star Theme Park. It just opened its doors in Nanchang China.

They have three floors filled with VR goodness. More than 40 simulators are ready to go featuring a Beat Saber arcade machine, roller coasters, flying simulators, bumper cars, high speed racing cars, a slide, a broomstick and much more.

This is heaven for every VR enthusiast looking for the ultimate thrill. The final test to find out if you have developed a pair of strong VR legs.

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  1. Today I’m going to tour you through the biggest VR arcade in the world also known as the VR Star Theme Park! Enjoy

  2. 7:35 Ready player one people only understand this “luckily I was smart enough to hide my password” wow what a guy 😂

  3. 15:20 I think to make it more real they should have had fans that synced to the vr world to simulate high wind when going down and up.

  4. Bruh ur shoes look bad instead of buying those just go into a footlocker champs or eblens and find way better looking stuff there

  5. Hello brother may I have your mobile number? If not please contact me 7873516404 please please

  6. this is how people are gonna live in about 100 yrs, no more going out wake up and put your vr headset on

  7. Ok ok so this guy is wearing a Tesla jacket, air mags and were just not gonna talk about how expensive air mags are.

  8. VR itself is nothing these days but those extra tools make entire experience awesome. It is too bad we can't bring those to our living room 🙁

  9. We have a VR arcade here and it is more like what we would do in our own home nothing like this yet this looks great I am hoping that Half Life VR can boost VR.

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