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exploring around glasgow, scotland as well as the coziest, quanitest place in the world: the lake district in england (windermere, ullswater, and more!). we ended our time in england with a night in liverpool, then hopped on a plane to dublin – stay tuned for that!


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the word and here's the room it's just gorgeous we have bathroom this is of you well we have just arrived in Liverpool and we are exhausted we went on a tour of the lake districts this morning which was absolutely beautiful and it made me realize why all fairy tales are written in Europe because it's so freakin beautiful then we took a bunch of trains we had to switch like two or three times or four times yep and a bus now we finally made it and we're walking to Matthew Street right now which is kind of like the bar area of Liverpool and then we're gonna go see some sights and go to bed super early because we have to catch a flight at like 8:00 a.m. tomorrow to Dublin you

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