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Working for the National Trust, Active Image was originally commissioned to produce a short introduction for visitors to this historical property. Following that project, we compiled much more of the extensive footage into a 50 minute documentary for sale in the National Trust gift shop or directly from us (visit for more information).

Through interviews with people who knew William and Walter Straw well, this programme comes closer to an understanding of their personalities with stories and anecdotes revealing the many different facets of their lives. It also provides a close-up view of seldom seen artefacts, and previously unseen family photographs, which make Mr Straw’s House such a unique record of a bygone era.

when I first saw this house I'd been asked to come with a colleague to assess the gift that had come to the National Trust as part of William Strauss will which was the contents of number seven Blythe Grove and so when I first came in I suppose in a slightly disappointed because there weren't a lot of marvelous pieces of furniture or paintings that the National Trust could happily use to furnish its other houses it was only as the afternoon wore on and my colleague and I was shown over the house that the spell of number seven began to descend on us and we both realized actually independently I think we came to the conclusion that it wasn't the individual bits and pieces in mr. straws house that made it special it was the accumulation it was the the whole of the collection in its context which told this marvelous story

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