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Hey Guys Its me joshua thanks for checking out this video be sure to like and subscribe for more videos links to music and reaction videos will be down below also follow me on insta: joshuaj_priv or add me on snapchat: joshua-12345678

huge shoutout to @Scott_benett_27 go check his insta out!!!

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  1. Hey that’s me on megafobia putting my thumbs up on the lift hill when I was talking to you on the fast pass queue saying you were the best you tuber

  2. Please tell me you're doing some onride footage of the glow part of Mega-Glow-Mania…

  3. Ohhhh neilllll
    I really think you should be revising
    I am this is football
    But what about tech and design
    I put that shelf up didn’t I?
    Was that part of your exam??
    Yeh… well 50% of it

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