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The London Citybus 400R is basically an Alexander Dennis Enviro 400 without logos. It is the single-door version of one of the buses from the London DLC, as an apology present for the extensive delays.

The engine is a Cummins ISB, and the player can choose between ZF Ecolife or Voith gearboxes. In this video I drive the Voith version, because ZF is overrated. 🙂
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Rhys McCollin, Chris Nightingale, Road-hog 123


Title: OMSI 2 – The Bus Simulator
Developer: M-R-Software
Publisher: Aerosoft

🖥️ MY PC
Intel Core i5 3470, 16 GB RAM, GTX 960


Logitech DFGT

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  1. Hi
    I downloaded the bus and I am having trouble setting the destination blind it up
    I am route 76 and running number 01
    please help me if possible

  2. ummm i have a steering wheel for Omsi 2 as well but on BoTW i always get this weird wheel effect when in the same spot the wheel spins by itself at high speeds and then the bus breaks as it flips over it's annoying i was just wondering if anyone knew how to fix that and get rid of the wheel stiffness my wheel is a lodgitech g29

  3. Some say London bus drivers are still, to this day, committing mass suicide because they couldn't stand the sound of the indicator any longer…

  4. Not sure if this this message will get back to the developers of this bus. But it would make a nice AI traffic mod for Euro Truck Simulator as would make the UK cities outside London look more realistic and a London version for around London. Just as AI only as we have OMSI2 as a proper bus simulator in my opinion.

  5. Bus works fine thank you, however for some reason mine has a Scania steering wheel not an Alexander Dennis? Any ideas? lol

  6. Hi, I'm having a problem, I have followed all the instructions to install mods but there not showing up in game, how can I get them to show up

  7. bocsi a hülye és sok kérdésemért!
    az omsiworkshop nem válaszol irtam nekik ANGOLUL és MAGYARUL is de nincsen válasz mert az arc 134 es busz nagyon érdekel már és nem kapok választ a megjelenéséről valamit ezügyben tudsz tanácsolni?

  8. Hello Routers! Én adnék tanácsot ha nem baj. 😀 Szerintem csinálj egy King Long busz-t. Amúgy kiemelkedöen jó munkáid vannak grat.

  9. Hey Routered I need some help! Whenever I switch of the engine and the electrical then switch it on again I cant because it says "STOP" on the dashbourd! I am also having trouble with the Enviro 400 and 500! Please help


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