East India Company

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The East India Company (EIC), originally chartered as the Governor and Company of Merchants of London trading into the East Indies, and more properly called the Honourable East India Company, was an English, and later (from 1707) British joint-stock company, formed to pursue trade with the East Indies but that ended up trading mainly with the Indian subcontinent, Qing Dynasty China, North-West Frontier Province and Balochistan. The company rose to account for half of the world’s trade, particularly trade in basic commodities that included cotton, silk, indigo dye, salt, saltpetre, tea and opium. The company also ruled the beginnings of the British Empire in India.
The company received a Royal Charter from Queen Elizabeth in 1600, making it the oldest among several similarly formed European East India Companies. Wealthy merchants and aristocrats owned the Company’s shares. The government owned no shares and had only indirect control. The company eventually came to rule large areas of India with its own private armies, exercising military power and assuming administrative functions. Company rule in India effectively began in 1757 after the Battle of Plassey and lasted until 1858 when, following the Indian Rebellion of 1857, the Government of India Act 1858 led to the British Crown to assume direct control of India in the new British Raj.

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share C GFEH Sunwing Airlines Canada Boeing 737 8GS 25kft seen Cambridge UK 17aug19 348p NWI 2 MAH

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(HD) East Midlands Days out – 27/9/13 & 1/10/13 featuring a huge variety!

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A big video filmed on two separate days, featuring a massive variety of traction hauling a large variety of trains! Locations include Tamworth, Stafford, East Midlands Parkway, Burton on Trent, Alfreton & Nottingham.


European Travel Skills Part I

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Rick Steves’ Europe Travel Guide | In this first of three shows covering travel skills and tips, we’ll visit the Netherlands and Germany to learn about transportation by train and car within Europe, changing money, and settling in upon arrival. How well you’re able to enjoy the delights of Europe depends upon how well you plan and how skillfully you travel.

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The Ireland Boys attempted the never before done 72 HOUR CHALLENGE! We tried to spend 3 FULL DAYS in Walmart including eating and sleeping in Walmart without getting caught. We also did some challenges in Walmart within the 72 hour overnight challenge Walmart. This was probably the craziest challenge we’ve ever done and definitely the most EPIC overnight challenge ever done by anyone. People have done 24 hour overnight challenges before and spent 24 hours in Walmart but w had to take it to the next level for this overnight challenge!

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I thought he saw me for sure my lake was poking out we got the dares written it is time to send and who's going first none others then welcome back hope y'all are having a truly amazing day and I hope y'all are ready for this because you read the title correctly we're gonna be spending three straight days in Walmart no joke 72 hours may i banette you where you know people aren't doing 24 hour overnight challenges we've done a lot of them but we had to elevate it to the next level and the reason for this is because we just hit three million subscribers thanks to you guys what's the first thing you're gonna do what's the first thing you're gonna do when we hit no no that's the first thing you're gonna do when we hit throw my hat dude the merch I had to there was no other option oh my dude no stop stop bro please stop stop honestly insane a three years ago when we started the channel I had no idea that this many people would laugh or enjoy our content but it's crazy to see how you guys get inspired and want to truly just have fun and live your life because of the content we make and we're truly blessed and we never want to take that for granted so that's why we got to go back to our roots boys 3 24 hour overnight challenges intro bait that's basically all we're doing boys there is the Walmart over there right now we are in the car normally we do the intros just standing right in front of wherever we're spending the night but for this one we are taking no risks at all because we were to complete this challenge in this same Walmart if somebody can expose us we've been caught before then they come why they can explode for this yeah they can expose us they can expose up it's expose you because sometimes we're even caught where we do the intro and we're so loud that a worker hears and before we even go in they say nope and they don't even let us come in we're taking no risk three three days dude we can three days it's a lot of day that's man two days were so long like it doesn't seem like a long time but once you're in there you're in there row and you can't leave so far in the cart you can see we have some goodies we have this wheel we're gonna be using that later this value is full of camera gear and some necessities now we're gonna be needed on these next three days in here you ready dude not really I know right here for the next three no just take a look around this is home this is home one thing we're gonna be doing during this whole challenge we're gonna be keeping that pretty low key because we can't get the one to boot you can't let that happen that's why I'm warning the character later days later days first thing we want to do while we're in here's if you want to find a good good spot like it can't just be any basic spot when we're doing other challenges we're making forts you can get away with a bad spot cuz you're not in there for too long but we're gonna be in here for so long that we need to have a comfortable spot 11 out of 10 spot if it's 10 out of 10 not gonna be good enough it has to be comfortable but it also has to be secluded enough because we're gonna be seen a lot of the same workers man like they're gonna see us over and over and they're gonna be like wait they're gonna be here they're gonna leave their shift come back and they're still gonna see us so they're gonna be a little sketchy if any of them put two and two together and they realize that we've been here for three days instant kick dude dude dude dude what are you doing dude I have to look dude what did that do because I know what what was that for cause I know the good spots that way now it definitely faded but you can still see it's pointing due north follow follow come on man dudu dudu dude what are you following the trailer it depends real that's there cuz you lick the ground and it made a little spill see I don't control my tongue the tongue is controlled by the forces of the fort wherever it leads me I go what is this man talking about dude trust me dude yeah before my tongue is controlled by the for the not afford controlled by me you would dude you gotta trust man toilet paper one of the best options for fort voting except for this one occasion there is a simple problem they're gonna restock they're gonna restock the toilet paper if we're here for three days straight so toilet paper although it is good it doesn't work for this situation you are always good to us but not this time my friends Oh Cho Cho Cho Cho Cho don't disrespect it or so it was like you sorry we love you whoa whoa what do you like it would you sell that dude buddy you looked at me in the weirdest right here on to the next spot this is it this look at this dude someone pretty much pre-made of for at home like this look at the inside pretty much cleared out get a good view all the way down you got this side and you got this side Oh worth the wait cuz we've been in here looking for literally five hours it's almost 12 o clock it's almost tomorrow time is it 11:58 Saturday we're staying till Tuesday but we've already been hidden here for five hours looking for forts that don't matter because we have the golden place this is it's pretty built it's made of diapers so these aren't as frequently restocked as toilet paper because people don't behind very true very true and the location of this is it's kind of in the middle of everything oh is that a bad thing it's kind of bad but but it's not like a popular aisle like true true true that that's what I was trying to say because the toilet paper very popular very popular this one not too many people get dices do you guys think I think this poor isn't meant to be – I know why because look at this right here Swaddlers overnights just erase the Swaddlers boom overnight that's what I win dude look overnight it's meant to be it's meant to be i sending it into one hit he's already in there romans i this place easily looking like one of the better forts we've ever made gotten this whole side completely cleared and this whole section right here and if you want to expand we can go all the way down there to the third section the only problem is right now there's a worker restocking in the aisle right over so i think we're gonna wait to expand and the last one but eventually later in the night we will take just a later look how far it goes down from miles dude I know I think the next move is your boys you're gonna expand everything down there since the worker that was restocking left so we're clear to go make a bunch of noise chill dude dude dude what you have to be quiet I am you're not being quiet okay yes I am dude what I was trying to say is I'm gonna finish expanding all the way down there while you get the decorations and furnishing you know what before I get decorations you know I'm getting I'm getting food for the boys for the boys bro your feet smell so bad so bad look at these shoes right now man these shoes have been everywhere but he doesn't even have laces in a oh my just go get the food get some shoes clean while you got it dude I'm stuck and I get some goodies we haven't eaten all night we forgot to eat dinner before we came super bad ideas so I'm gonna be getting a lot of grub gotta be eating healthy too because if we're gonna be in here three days we can't be getting sick this is what I'm talking about look at all these healthy options oh she's gonna load all these goodies up this is so healthy honestly some lemon tea hmm oh cool some cookies and I know I said I was gonna be getting the food because I didn't want to eat what Ricky would get he'd get some weird stuff but if there's one thing I know Ricky would one he would one a nice eggplant just look at that I'm gonna put that in there for one hit just so he's a little satisfied and I'm gonna put all the cake back cuz I'm actually trying to get some healthy food on these nights three days now I know what you're probably thinking that's what this is for that is right ladies and gentlemen we are copying ourselves a microwave we're living luxury and like I said we're trying to eat healthy so I think we're gonna make some smoothies too and the only way to make smoothies is with a blender and I know you're probably thinking Nick how are you gonna use a blender it's gonna be so loud and to that I say you're probably right and also that's a worker right behind me so I like you kicked out because she sees me falling I know and it's not looking good so I just walk away and act like nothing's ever happened I think that should do it I'm about to check out get all this stuff and bring it back to the fort and meet up with one hit we really just spent $33 on food and accessories for the 72-hour challenge in Walmart oh and if you were wondering what me and Ricky have been wearing this entire video since we hit three million subscribers we had to drop some limited edition three mil March it says Ireland boys right there and then on the back there is a three and then right here it says Mel these are only gonna be available for a limited time we'll put the link in the top of description if you want to get it support the boys for three mil this is gonna be the only time this merch is ever going to be available it's super soft as always you already know when we do March we have to make sure the merch is quality and this is no exception this is quality but kind of meet up with one hit let's show them the food think I got some good food one hey I got I got all the food can you take it in real quick what stinked into it yeah buddy you've been gone for an hour and I had to make sure I got the good food and there were a lot of employees why I had to be quieter and shoes look at this blender broke you got a microwave – yes sir oh yeah you know what else I got though since you didn't get a chance to get the food and I know you'd want some stuff I got something special for you what what what did you get I got a dude I don't know if it can be more special than this thank you can man sorry I should have asked him well you know what I really got me I know I know you love the eggplant dude you didn't have to yeah dude I know you like it know this for you you have it are you I don't even know what eggplant tastes like but I know you like it so I got it for you bro I don't know I've never had this in my life bro forget this I don't want this dude so disrespectful did you hear that bounce yeah but what point you know no no you're gonna you're gonna crack it I'm opening a meeting in Ohio for hit no you go take the food in take everything in so we can set up a home base and then we can eat oh you got for breeze too huh I guess the balls okey man not only is it it's not just normal for breeze check it out I got hanging that might not even be enough you Febreze I might not even get enough for your shirt no way it might be wait stand up stand up real quick heavy-duty Febreze so just just stay in there ass in there look that way look that way Oh what are you doing bro I have to this man's been ripping farts the whole night dude and just to make you happy two squares to full shit that's how you do it – wait dude it needs to be fresh whoa whoa whoa whoa not bad you weren't a hard man I'm glad you went shopping cuz I would not have gotten all this did you empty this stuff down there did you clear it out well I was gone for like two hours gonna be honest no dude you had one job I was taking in that one jobs taking in Africa an app an app at 1:00 a.m. yep we're going to sleep soon bro I know fit in but look at that thing bring that does that even fit first thing I think we're gonna use and also to go with the chips I got Gua no leave once we're done with the appetizer and got the main course for us at this bowl but this ball was from the frozen section so that's why I got to microwave so we can heat it up also got some ingredients for a smoothie we have to find an outlet though let alone finding out though we got a stinking blend and microwave in the middle like if there was an outlet in our fort we could just make it right here it's no problems at all but no outlet in here so kind of venture out look what caught my eye not sure if that's one or not way that's in the perfect spot oh no way dude it is let's go you know you say that or you say that and then all just hand you to stuff and then you can be plating right there hmm got power we got power we got power oh shoot there's a guy hey if he comes back we'll give a free meal opening up little nice little beak oh not too bad not what I was expecting but not that bad it looked a little better on the package that's what the advertised this isn't what you get that's one of the few things that you get what you think you're gonna get is when you get the merch when we say it's not wrong you don't get what you think you're gonna get you get better the real thing you're gonna true when we say it soft its soft man and when we say it's quality its quality I mean look look at this right here look at the print look at this it off the sleeve god stop touching me somehow an employee has not yet come out here and caught us if they do now would be the time but if we walked by what are they gonna see I don't even know what like what would you think I would just let him go because it's – it's like respect you know it's too crazy like no one's doing this here's our one scoop make sure it's not overflowing and two scoops but we're gonna be massive – we're gonna have so really we're doing it we're making a smoothie and Walmart baby let's go what's cool I'm trying to right now I mean I can't wait how good you'd be quiet' you have to make sure you're so quiet so no one can hear you dude okay girl you just bet it on me quiet and you and your eyes I know someone put that down here in the corner in the corner Pro try to snow look right here right here right here you got the carpet two chairs a table and whatever this thing is written in luxury man it's already 3:23 technically Sunday now April 14 about 10 hours into the challenge still got 62 more to go man Nick went back to the fort and I gotta pick out the decoration so what I'm gonna go with I'm gonna keep it simple I'm going for comfort and then I'm gonna get everything that's blue to match the merch not gonna be too crazy I'm not gonna go too fancy because if you get too fancy in there with like all these random lampshades and all that there's possibilities that we're gonna break them and we can't be having that so I'm just gonna go with the softest things I can find Nick got the eggplant for me so what I'm gonna get for him in return nice little pillow right here his favorite characters whenever I walk in his room this is always on the TV so got a surprise in got all the items set up for tonight Ricky said he was going for more of comfort less of a luxury trying to keep it low-key at least for tonight so we don't get the boo we'll probably add some more stuff in the later days but for the first night we got to keep it nice and concise only the necessities one hit you mol show around keep in mind this is not the full IBP Curt story just a little pre IVP Kirk store right over here we got blue pillow blue pillow blue rug blue rug all to match the merch you guys already know this right here my friends is a goat because it's like me it's pretty much me it's go I'm the goat so I got a go for me which is kind of like account of me but okay then it's kind of creepy what is that yeah I don't know I thought that was your favorite role whenever I walk in your room you're always watching oh that's not true all I wash is IVP and then this right here is the dare or dare spin wheel we're gonna be using this tomorrow for a dare or dare and we might invite some special guests so I'm ready for the next two days see you guys in the morning she was literally restocking right above me she could easily seen right through here I don't know how she didn't see this massive pink pillow I thought that was the end I know when we made it somehow so far she just stay low for now stay down longer all right two hours later it's 1008 in a.m. right now woke up because we didn't want to but all of the noise around us there's so many people it's really busy right now so we would go out and do the dare dare now but I think we're gonna wait a little bit chilling here until a little bit less people are out we also gotta wait for a little celebrity appearance Ola you guys will see when he or she comes through it's gonna be a little bit later so right now there's no point and that's going down we're just gonna chilling you know grub on a little something some little snacks until we do the dare or dare it is 643 your boys have been chilling hard in the fort for the past I don't even know how many hours we just been taking we've been taking turns going out we got some more snacks but we just got in word from our celebrity guest that they are gonna be coming soon they're on the way hopefully they're near within the next hour too because I want to just get out of here man my feet are hurting and it's not looking too good but once they come we're gonna be doing that dare or dare got some banger dares lined up for this it's gonna be good and the reason why you've been in here all day is because we don't want to take too many risks the first day which was yesterday we we just wanted to do this setup we were super safe today we're gonna get a little bit riskier we're there or there and then tomorrow day three we're gonna go even harder we have a big time plan which actually involves you guys and then day four is the day we're leaving so we might do something super crazy right when we leave but we got to ramp it up slowly but surely we don't we gotta be cautious but not too cautious we're just like too boring you know the special guests just arrived in Geneva sniping if you guys didn't see the celebrity guests our mason mclamb and the one and only Rohan the choker the hot man the choker he's heading himself this file but roll the clip anyways after all yeah I see you roll it two times because you know yeah because we're not done man it's shorter that's cuz you know we're here we got the dares written it is time to send and who's going first none other than the bud we gotta let the celebrity yes yeah give it a nice big spin I'm fuckin big I'm talking to a job

Celebrating Wildlife | Aberdeen and the north-east coast

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Aberdeen is one of the best places in Europe to see bottlenose dolphins, not to mention a range of other marine and coastal species. RSPB Scotland’s Dolphinwatch project aims to bring people closer to the wildlife on their doorstep, providing an enjoyable experience for all visitors while at the same time inspiring them to support nature. The team provide viewing opportunities and activities at Torry Battery between 11 April and 18 August and will run DolphinFest between 25 and 28 April 2019. The project also provides free primary school visits for local schools.

For more information, visit www.rspb.org.uk/dolphinwatch or www.facebook.com/RSPBNorthEastScotland

Dolphinwatch is a ScottishPower Foundation and National Lottery Heritage funded project, led by RSPB Scotland in partnership with Aberdeen City Council and Whale and Dolphin Conservation (WDC) with telescopes and binoculars supplied by Viking Optics.

Additional thanks to SNH Forvie, Surfers Against Sewage and the Torry Community Council.

The Future of the Liverpool City Region | Steve Rotheram | TEDxLiverpool

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Steve speaks about the Liverpool City Region manifesto to become more ambitious, fair, green, and digitally connected.

Follow Steve on @MetroMayorSteve In May 2017 Steve Rotheram was elected to become the first ever Metro Mayor of the Liverpool City Region.

Steve has already convened Liverpool’s first Digital Summit and we’re excited to learn more about Steve’s vision for the future of Liverpool and progress thus far. Previously, Steve has served Liverpool in many ways: Liverpool City Councillor, Lord Mayor of Liverpool, MP, bricklayer and young entrepreneur. He has studied at both LJMU and Hope University.

Last year, LBC Radio named Steve to its list of “Top 100 Influential Figures on the Left”. In 2011, his speech on the Hillsborough disaster was recognised as “Parliamentary Speech of the Year”. In 2012, Steve was the chief organiser of the Justice Collective single that went on to become the Christmas number one. Steve sang on the single alongside lesser-known artists such as Paul McCartney, Robbie Williams, Holly Johnson and Mel C. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

thanks a lot for those who are visiting for the first time I bet you weren't expecting this where yeah I'm not talking about this room or this venue but what you see outside there cosmopolitan dynamic really animated Liverpool City region for those who haven't been here for a while I bet you can identify the fantastic transformation that we've undergone in the last few years and for those who are sort of in between there not being here before or actually you've spent some time here welcome to the country's cultural capital and I feel so proud to be the first ever elected Metro mayor of the Liverpool City region now I've just walked through Liverpool on the way here and would a week late because at this time last week last Sunday Paul McCartney was walking through the streets getting his photograph taken with James Corden and what a missed opportunity that would have been for a great political photo not kissing babies but kissing the Beatle perhaps but it's honestly it's a it's a real vibrant city now I have asked for those people who were having trouble with my accents on whether there's any subtitles and there aren't bought also this it's like watching a John Bishop concert and you haven't had to pay as much in fact I've been told because I spent seven years in the House of Commons and you know all of that time that I spent down there I'm sure was very well used not but that time down there I was told that I'd lost some of my accents so it's now a slightly mixed up since I'm sure you agree it's sort of ste English with a bit of Jamie Carragher hopefully you'll be able to understand what is them saying anyway I can't stay for the whole event and Mike have just said it is Father's Day and I do have three children one of each and and I've got to go back because I'm desperate to see my socks that have bought me today which he got me last year and the year before might get slippers actually I believe that I'm a really really lucky boy and the reason is that I left school with a few formal qualifications and I wanted to do added to things I wanted to play 44 Liverpool Football Club or hey I know I'm still trying to get over a couple of weeks ago and ended up going there I don't fly neither and so thanks to 15 milligrams of Valium and a bottle of Bailey's I did find my way over there but it was there that's a different story but I do believe I'm a looking book so I wanted to be a footballer phillip hill or a bricklayer and achieve my ambition of course and I've still got the trowel and the level but I ended up as the metro mayor of the local city DS it's the first ever so what the government on earth they've given devolution agreements to certain areas and we were fortunate we signed our devolution agreements that meant we needed a directly elected politician and I stood against seven of the candidates and I was very very fortunate I got nearly 60 percent of the vote and I became the first ever metal mayor and that gave me a great opportunity for to do lots of good things with the Liverpool City region and I was thinking about how I could explain what this was all about so my TEDx contribution has gone through many iterations believe me but what I've decided to do is that concentrates on four things if that's okay a short history of Liverpool and our city region I taught you on democracy in the UK and devolution and the opportunities in the platform that it provides for us and a vision then for what we need to do in the future for the Liverpool City region so just a a quick quick canter through what our city reading is about so unlike Donald Trump I don't believe in empires but we were once second city of Empire and I'm not suggesting that we should go back to two thirds of the map painted in or colored in a rather fetching shade of pink boy we do have opportunities here because of those historic links in 1886 and the London Illustrated news we were identified as being the first willed city and we've got a lot of firsts in this city region so we had the first wet dock and there's still some remnants of it if you want to go through what's called Liverpool one and have a look at those we've got the longest can now we had the first rail system as you know the railway rain Hill trials many of you will be aware of where also we had the first politician killed on the rail way out on those trials and every time I do go to open a new station and we open them quite regularly in this city region I'm always cautious a bit not becoming the latest politician to be killed on a rail system but we have real issues because the genie in that those days nearly two centuries ago was several hours and actually from west to east it still takes you about the same time now as it did when Stephenson's rocket was using those trains so what we need to really start a push ahead with is not just the Liverpool City region but joining with our friends in Manchester in Greater Manchester my mates a fella called Andy Balin which no one will have heard of but we're trying to pull our huge areas together to great northern cities and work right the way across the whole of the North the northern corridor to try and get something called cross rail for the north because another friend of mine has a fella called Sadiq Khan he's trying to get Crossrail tube so the South have already got cross rail the going for Crossrail too and actually what we need to do is connect up the northern corridor through cross rail for the north and I think we can work in complementarity between the the north and the south on this occasion because I do believe that we need to get our fair share the phone them for every pound that we get the South currently get 6 so devolution is our once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to really take and make decisions at a much more local level and as rather have any decisions taken here then an all honestly the West the Westminster and white ole mandarins that I saw during my seven misspent years in Parliament's because we are still the most politically centralized democracy in the Western world and we have the most geographically unbalanced economy in Europe and many people will say that they're mutually exclusive I would argue that they are intrinsically linked so that in itself has led I believe to those left behind communities the disconnect that many feel across certainly northern working-class communities about things being seen through a London centric perspective for far too long far too many of our decisions political decisions far too many of our policies far too many of the things that have happened in our country have been seen through the prism of what's in the best interest of the south and southeast sometimes at the detriment of what's happening here so we're really gonna push on with the evolution you know in my opinion the seeds of breck see were sown is equally in Whitehall and Westminster as they we're in Strasbourg and Brussels and I want to exploit the platform of devolution really to start to knit together our communities so Liverpool because we have the River Mersey we were the Gateway to the first into to a revolution I'm gonna tell you later about some of the things that we have which are going to help us really push forward to be the the the Gateway to the fourth Industrial Revolution and I'm just noticing the time and I think the times running away with me bought I wanted to really touch on two things we have the River maze which are going to exploit for clean green renewable predictable energy I'm going to link that with two things that we have which one's called the Hartree supercomputer so if you're from Cambridge as you just met somebody you haven't got the most sophisticated computer it's here in our city region and that's called the Hartree supercomputer it's based inside second Osby we're gonna link that with the fiber-optic cable that links the UK with America and we're gonna create the digital ring around those two things and that gives us the opportunity to do a number of things one will get ultra fast speeds ultra fast and superfast and two it gives us the opportunity to do big data analytics now unless you Cambridge analytic I will be welcoming people in to come and see how we can use that raw material of data for the Advancement of science we've got a life sciences hope another pill city region and we want to use that really to join those two things together so we all have renewable energy and we can become the renewable energies coast in our city region we have had it in capture we have photovoltaic capacity and we have the largest offshore wind farm just down the road in what's called Babel Bank we want to use all of those bring all those things together really to start exploiting the fourth Industrial Revolution on behalf of our people I mentioned our people they are as most people say certainly most politicians say our most precious resource we can really start to get those high value high paid jobs of the future we can break down a lot of the stet stereotypes that we have about their gender and young girls coming into STEM subjects we can do that all much more locally if our national governments with only work with us and hopefully in the future when you come back you'll see the continued Renaissance of a once great city but what we wants where we can be a game thanks very much [Applause] [Applause]

Nae Pasaran, about the bold East Kilbride factory – STV News report

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When a group of Scottish factory workers refused to repair Chilean military engines in protest at the country’s dictatorship, they didn’t expect a film to be made about their actions. ‘Nae Pasa-ran’ is about the 4-year boycott at the Rolls Royce factory in East Kilbride in the 70s, and will close the upcoming Glasgow Film Festival. Clare McNeill has been speaking to some of the men involved.

now when a group of Scottish factory workers refused to appear Chilean military engines in protest at the country's dictatorship didn't expects a film to be made about their actions may pass Iran is about the four-year boycott at the rolls-royce factory in East Kilbride in the 70s and will close the upcoming Glasgow Film Festival Clare McNeil has been speaking to some of the men involved new pasaran meaning they shall not pass is the documentary about a powerful demonstration of international solidarity I mean I've always said to me when I mentioned where I was going yesterday to an interview that she should oh where you are they rebels in 1973 the world watched the horrors of general finish's dictatorship and fold on the news bombings and Chilean civilians being tortured and killed as the government was overthrown and when the country's military engines returned to East Kilbride for repair the workers took a stand we brought procedure we wrote black on the main components we informed all the photos there was black so at that point no one would work on it and that stopped the Chilean dead they kept the boycott going for almost four years leaving the engines to rust in the yard action that even risked their jobs but one thing was never resolved the mysterious disappearance of the engines in the middle of the night left the men wondering for decades there was a press recent winter for saying that within six weeks engines were back and they were flying already that just didn't make sense them but they've had to kind of live with that kind of fall selling for about four decades they're like we'll be involved if you can find anything new and then bit by bit over for five years you know we found a lot of stuff through the action of not walking to these engines for over three years that the Chilean Air Force couldn't get them involved innocent civilians wotcher kill them so I felt we'd achieved something the Chilean ambassador even restored the man with a prestigious National Honor in 2015 and their story will premiere at Glasgow Film Festival in March clear McNeil STV news

Exploring Urquhart and Cawdor Castles, Day 8 of Kaylee's graduation trip

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Our last day in Scotland and we spent it exploring Urquhart and Cawdor Castles and walking the streets of Inverness.

one day they will burn someone here and tell them they were wait dormant waiting in anticipation for the day Raschi tenant that feels a Scotland no one knows where they are but there's some probably eating something because that's what she do [Applause] this is our last day we go home tomorrow we go back to Inverness tonight spend one night and then I think we fly out Inverness at twelve twelve o'clock tomorrow yeah this has been a fun trip really enjoyed Scott I enjoyed it all it's all awesome but Scotland is I've never been in Scotland before and it's really cool how kids spend another week here easy so I could see in the future coming back to Scotland pretty cool place I got the perfect ideal all these places like Machu Picchu and these castles and these beautiful sights that people want to take drone shots up and you can't because there's no drone flying drones here which I can understand a little bit but still people want drone shots is if the people here would produce a video of drone shots that could sell before you know ten pounds or whatever I would buy one that's royalty-free that you can use in your videos yeah you'll buy it I think they should do that everywhere I'd buy one at Machu Picchu sounds like an awesome ideal [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] her cart castle it was awesome London cool perfect awesome the smells are amazing and people know in the rain check out this yellow flowers you just gorgeous where to next I want to drive down a little bit I'm late shrugging a kilt mom no no no kill no guilt so cool inverness castle it's time for more than you then identically where yeah place its GUI Holly's barber I want to get a hat that matches it the wax one we looked at I was wondering from matches eeeh thank you being active no sad make sir it was like 9 pounds for doing paper straws in England and Scotland pretty cool US needs these badly McDonald's and Scotland tastes just like McDonald's in the US and New Zealand look at this the inverness castle per inch 60 views of the city five pounds I think an F for quarters Muffy's but cold come be in inverness the lookout views worth it ten pounds it's cool calm the scarf matches the Hat exactly we planted this is our couples travel gear so where we at photo Council because it's Hodor from Game of Thrones in dark and scary so far this looks very pretty long I'm its Guardian on paper I own it but in reality it earns me my hard-working team and I do our best to look out for those of you who can feed energy you will find the house has a strong beneficial and [Applause] [Applause] this is the maze you can't walk through the maze no more but you can walk around it [Applause] oh this is too cool oh look at these the cool thing is somebody still lives at this castle one of the descendants of the original family lives here the castle is really amazing but the amazing is the grounds I've never seen grounds like this the trees the maze the hedges everything is just so amazing it is really cool I highly recommend seeing his castle it's very awesome [Applause] inverness holiday house our last night we go home tomorrow good tip last May last class 50 last bug house was wonderful yeah shiburin Oh a birthday party no sorry that bites birthday party yeah yeah money man my turn that 700 papers picked margarita it had barbecue on it but I think after re-order I have British chili British chili driving oh it's raining nine minute walk home and it's raining let's give it four five five we're even in the corporate five no but I need this being the carbo five it's a part of the drive then last time too all right anyway guys we had fun on our I know but we have a part of the drive then it was a two mile drive [Applause] [Applause] so we can do another uber and go do something don't know that's what we figure out tonight last morning flying home catch a seven o'clock right to Heathrow in an eight hour layover and then we picked off a lot five o'clock this afternoon to Chicago and in Chicago to DFW long day

Traquair – 'This city is full of Walking Ghosts' Live @ McChuills 2010

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Traquair (Singer Songwriter) performing the track “This city is full of Walking Ghosts”, taken from his third album “Disposability of an Arrogant Age”, live @ McChuills 2010 (Glasgow)

The Counterfeit Stones – "Carol" – Bexhill 60s Revolution, Bexhill-on-Sea, E.Sussex. 13.07.19.

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The Counterfeit Stones – “Carol” – Bexhill 60s Revolution, Bexhill-on-Sea, E.Sussex. 13.07.19.
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Bexhill 60s Revolution is a huge, town-wide, FREE festival which took place on the Jubilee Lawns and De La Warr Pavilion in Bexhill-on-Sea on 13 July 2019; celebrating the decade that changed history. it featured the fashion, the music, the dances, the vehicles and above all the social history that made the sixties so special.
This is amateur handheld camera footage and does not fully reflect the concert sound or performance and is posted for no financial gain by me. I hope kindred spirits enjoy viewing this,and internet connection and equipment permitting, the video may be viewed in HD. This was filmed using Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ72 or Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ48.
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Scottish Highland Games 2018

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Hello! The Games takes place every year, around the same time, here in Central Florida.

Haggis is Sheep’s heart, liver and lungs minced and stuffed inside of the sheeps stomach
or a sausage casing to cook with onion, oatmeal, suet,and spices.

You can find more information about the Scottish Highland Games here:

Music in video:

Lost Song – Saor Patrol

Berlin – Albannach

In bed with Quincy – Albannach

Want more by these groups? Here is a link to their websites!

Roof blows off Derry post office

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Roof blows off Derry post office

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Devil's Dyke, Lea Valley Walk & Hertfordshire Way to St Alban's (4K)

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An expedition to the Iron Age earthwork Devil’s Dyke at Wheathampstead, the place where it’s claimed that Cassivellaunus made his stand against Cesar in 54BC.
The day starts with a meander along the Lea Valley Walk to Wheathampstead then picks up the Hertfordshire Way to St. Alban’s.

Shot in 4K on a Panasonic GX80 (affiliate link)

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Evening Fall Harp by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

now in Harpenden in Harvard she on a special expedition and what is the hottest of the year really probably bad ideas go out walking in in the afternoon Sun it's 32 degrees so we're gonna go for a looker Devils Dyke Dyke are you going there you might say we're going to devastate it's a really interesting I nature–the work and somebody recently left a comment on my blog and she wasn't reason there's about seven months ago ain't just recently saw her and was dying is one of the possible places where Julius Caesar defeated cassia what's his name I think his name is cassia Burrell anus cassia valannus one of those latinized brittonic named he was a protonic chieftain who organized the resistance during caesar's second invasion of Britain and one of the possible locations through his final stand is here double stake first we're going to take and a walk along a section of the river Lee which is amazing he's a pink bus just and down here we have an old disused railway line some of you may remember the video make a couple of years ago we walked out to well in Garden City and last bed that was along a disused railway line difficult to see it through the trees foot Springs nature as earth which would take us along its the banks of the river Lee it's beautiful bit of meadow here by the we're in the Lee here's the river Lee making its way to London no far from the beginnings of his journey 'she news about close by source of the Leonie grave so there's a we're back there it's absolutely full of kids playing in the river and I stick see this beautiful meadow here rapid Springs Nature Reserve beside the sacred River Lea we're gonna walk along here for a bit and perhaps pick up the disused railway line this is the the furthest I've been up the V Valley we're not a million miles from Luton here back to the source I am planning a walk around lis grave and up to some earthworks there later in the year with their brilliant date bins but four days really special to be out here i / reaches the Lee Valley the ecosystem which runs through the heart of London and how is it and now we're on the disused railway line taking us this close to we can still I believe would it be one of my walks if I even get a bit lost just climbing this here I thought about a check and going the right way I'm going in the opposite direction well not quite as if I should be going that way they're going downhill so I got to turn around and go back up to the river lay into him right suppose it's a bit of this but the dish shoes round with liner runs along the railway bridge there I just passed underneath I was at that mine they said the life will been out here I don't mind again little bit wayward so we just come off a few steps here we go the Lee Valley walk so we're here now he'll pick up his foot path over there I think you can see Devas dike is just very close now having a little sit in the shade is quite our work in this heat 30 degrees carrying too much stuff in my bag she'll never do that really but I will seem to make sense so water's heavy isn't it quite easy to find the public footpath just a year here's a view to make the whole thing worth coming out in the blazing heat I go down past this farm here mr. right for a little track and take a right that leads straight into what your home study and the view from up here is just stunning I suppose best of close to the point where the Lee Valley meets the Chilton's [Laughter] well this is just stunning field of poppies now we go down this little pond there beside the puppy field let's make so peaceful that field of swaying wheat ISM and here we have a failed crop circle cuddly and somewhere again across the next field we have the outskirts and we have a city after my experience is along the river crouch I'm not banking on finding any shops or provisions here obviously it would be a bonus so the Lee Valley walk does take you through the churchyard I was going to have a quick detour into here anyway because apparently this church here is built upon the site of a saxon church they're waving be some of the original saxon church is part of the fabric of it it was restored in the 13th century which shows you how old it must have been i missed the first couple of bells is actually four o'clock sunset today is it twenty past nine see it's interesting cuz the street i walked up to come to the church is called berry green apparently berry is to earth the old english bur be eurgh which means a fortified place or a fortified enclosure and you see that name crop up a lot is often a berry road berry filled berry Lane etc obviously here in case a wee Hampstead we do know there was a four to five place very close by we have said sir charming looking little place 17th century building here tea room now wants a pub well couldn't resist three pound meal deal and the Tesco local or like if you see one of those you gotta make use of it just after half four feel well rested rehydrated Devils Dyke it's just around the corner here and we am stirred conquerors Hill wonder that relates to Caesar I'm gonna take this footpath here before getting to die claim this feels like a good approach really the entrance to Devil's died here we have before we enter Devil's Dyke some information by the excavation by dr. Mortimer wheeler dating it 275 250 BC and he suggested it was their quarters Oh of this guy Cassie allowed us led the resistance against Caesar and there is looking like Asterix of Gaul there's a reason for that I think it's because they some people reckon they were Belgic who are their goals basically they were living in Gould and may not be obviously the main story is by Caesar obviously very one-sided history but there's also your tradition of the world Trier – written here about a thousand years later so they obviously would have been embellished over the years and here is the claim this entrenchment is part of the british city built in the 1st century BC it was probably here that Julius Caesar defeated the British King kassov allowed us 54 BC Wow and here it is wow that's really genetic [Laughter] this is a really powerful location you can really feel the energy here even though these banks are significantly lower than they would have been at the time they were built and you can imagine in a time of war if this was uses that defensive enclosure the tops of the banks would have been topped with steaks sharpened stakes apparently Cassio Cassio vilanis planted sharpened stakes beneath the waterline that the terms and one of the Romans attempts to invade was thwarted when the bottoms of their boats were ripped open we need romantic point in in British history really an amazing story whether about took place here or not this is still this is even more dramatic here and even deeper part the ditch look at this huge to say that it possibly used some of the natural features and this may be one part here wow this is amazing so powerful apparently the only reason that the cats of allow and I cat Abellana kasev Elena's a reason that they they lost the main reason they lost is that some of the neighboring tribes some of their rivals the Trinity s and a few of the others from Kent they got together about five thousand of them and they attacked from the rear from the other side from up there at that point they were surrounded so they had to surrender fascinated about the idea of this area was populated by these different drives some of whom it come from different places on the Continental mainland at different times suggested that perhaps this area here was settled by the Bell joy who came from sort of Gaul and Germany but they come here in the Iron Age possibly although that's not confirmed and the idea that this region around London would have been possibly populated by people who spoke different languages had different kind of customs and belief systems different traditions is really fascinating isn't it and it goes on it's quite a big area and there's a shorter ditch on the far side of a field up there but that's on private land and not accessible you can see here how the bank is getting lower possibly coming to one end of the enclosure I had a few options for how to carry on from here the appropriate thing to do though is to just to carry on down to stand Albans which was the capital of the cat of Elune I catyph allow and I however you say it so I think that's what me I do now I'm sure whether I've got time to follow the Hartford cheer way pull the weights and Albans it goes in a big loop why they have to do a bit of rope walking we are long died claim which I hope isn't played with cars so you take this footpath here off bike lane and take a bit of the half a cheer way it's about half five so I've got plenty of time it's got a big loop to the outskirts as an Albans interesting structures in the field here is that the framework for a couple of years so one day I do like it yeah these chumps just runnin down the field now I could look there is something just so magical about being out walking across a field the summer's evening it's probably a lot to do with my childhood seeing the video I posted I walk from Wycombe down here to Woburn across the terrain of my childhood but just a magical thing this is just 20 minutes on the train from Kings Cross to come trees I know isn't that the perfect place for a pub although I am gonna resist temptation because I want to carry on and get in the Aricent albans otherwise I'd be straight in there well I think this is the footpath cutting right through the middle of this wheat field it's always a slightly strange experience walking right across the middle of a wheat field this much think should I be doing this I'm all these just trapped attracts it does line up with the footpath it's about class six now short section down this little Lane and then pick up the half the cheer way again back on the Harper cheer way now just along the edge of this field and well the time is bet must be coming up two separate Rakesh some Hales is in the far side of the field and I see a village which is on the perimeter ups and Albans this is Sandra Church that looks fairly old yeah Santana's Church recently Sarah is the 900th anniversary 1114 ad astra Sandridge stop to get some refreshment on the way let's get my bench down here on the recreation ground [Laughter] can appear and watch the cricket and you want the summer's evening it's not meeting the obvious which way that the footpath goes across this field does seem to point diagonally though right towards those horses that was that was a much-needed refreshment break well beyond severe that heat has kind of been quite energy sapping it's been really lovely but quite tired my legs are quite so if I should be doing quite a lot of walking this week but um yeah pushing on now the last bit of the walk into into San Albans and it's interesting when you hear source estimate like Sandridge you suddenly become very aware that you saw sticking operator as a walker you know person with your backpack on you feel like it's very noticeable it's interesting you just don't just don't see people on these paths between the settlements you bump into a few dog walkers and joggers and mountain bikers near that little villages and towns but once you get out on the water stretches of the footpaths it's just nobody there it's interesting it's a hartfordshire way you think you'd see one or two people and you know what I hardly ever do it's a very rare thing and it's funny because I was watching some videos last night of a group of people walking the walking in Death Valley brilliant video by Johns whore Ian highly recommended and it's quite a few people out there in Death Valley walking that trail yeah Harper chia-wei in this beautiful verdant countryside are sold around along this little path now I can hear the distant sound of the trains we're going to cross over the train tracks soon I think it's amazing coming from over there sounds like a bloody festival sure it's just a wedding or something someone's garden party we go ahead through this farmyard is old looking downs well this way here looks oh Gordon nearly ready for harvest it's only the end of June so I'm actually going to part from the Harper chia-wei for a bit now it's 20 past a quite tired it's at this footpath that kind of cuts a bit of the corner off and picks up the heart that you were just outside the gates to the city Wow this is a really dark right away great gotta go right across a golf course now chances of me lose my bearings very strong should be a relatively straight line wish me luck a bit of a decision point coming up ahead as we approach the edge of San Albans the path comes down to a road which then you can turn along that road to San Albans station I'm pretty tired now I feel like I've dumped my walk but you kids take a slight well could take a detour and go and look at the roman wall which time it'll be dark and he's quite away from the station really it's a big loop away I mean client is not to do that it feels like a little bit of a shame at hand hmm how do I see how I feel when I get to that point this lens is beyond dirty it's a shame we can't see the sunset have a really glorious sunset just the other side of that hill we can't sit on the wrong side of the ridge yes and Albans over there Jacob remember the story of Senate Open he was a Christian martyr hmm I'll try and pop up on the screen sir Albarn is apparently the first recorded British Christian martyr it's quite a long story and I won't obviously give you the whole thing now but he was beheaded in st. Albans sometime around the third or fourth century he converted to Christianity and gave up his life in place of a priest that he was sheltering and there's all sorts of legends about his execution about what happened to the soldiers who tried to do it a spring that sprang from where his head fell upon the ground and a Roman soldier who converted to Christianity on the spot rather than execute San Albarn it's an amazing story I urge you to to read the full length version online somewhere I'm just gonna go down this road a little bit I'm not going to take the main road inserts and Albans just gonna walk down here and then walk around the edge Park here so guys the cathedral I hope I mean I don't really know actually there's a Roman theatre festival on down there okay some amazing music really tempted just to go see if I can get in oh it's really laid out just about happening but just the music is just hypnotizing me so it's gonna follow a fish pull straight round there eventually will bring us towards their Cathedral so this is the entrance to the museum Roman Vera Lane iam I came here when I was quite young as a primary school triplet left a huge impression and things it's a really impressive place I obviously will have to come back one day get the train to San Albans and do that maybe go to the Roman theatre as well that's for another day couple of very tempting looking pubs here but if I stop for a pint now I get back to London till midnight it's a really beautiful historic Street and he's I'm so on the Harvard she away she's wonderful what a great walk this is someone's Cathedral which I'm sorry let's it sound of Greece which is in a big screen down it's real magic in the streets and opens I don't want to leave look I made my way to the station now thank you for coming on this incredible walk see you on the next one

Farm yard fun at Graves park, animals for kids, adventure time with The Tovey Tour!

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Hey Guys,

We have some farm fun when we visit graves park in Sheffield, on the way to the farm we play Tovey Tour Tag, then we learn animal names and tractor parts with William, he also tries out the new quad bike ride!
We feed the animals and the head to the play park for a swing, and to finish the day William is really brave and rides the zip swing on his own! hold tight William!!

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hi guys and welcome to the TV talk it's another beautiful day here somes out shine it up so me and William say hello William we've come down to graves Park so this is a great big park on the edge of Sheffield and there's plenty to see and do here lots of open space it's one of our favorite places to come isn't it great apart Wilier yeah so if all the parents are there's a relatively cheat day come out Lots open space up picnics and kick your foot all around you can walk through those ponds and things to feed the ducks also I said relatively cheap there is a farm where you can spend a little bit of money to get some food and food animals so we're going to walk to the park and go there fine I've heard they've upgrade right there and you like the quadbikes million yeah baby laughing they're an extra cost so let's go have a look at that so we're gonna head up that way William all they sense the open space it's nice in here isn't it get the sky can't catch me know I can get you I'm coming oh yeah some ducks down here will hear there's a water lake what's the latest and greatest park realness there's no ducks but we're gonna go have a look I can hear some duck lots of ducks white one that it sounds it up mate Oh goose [Applause] well then there's some baby chicks here you see him down now is just getting under the bush oh there's another one the trip both there together let's lock the Arnott and him a very big thing Oh see it up from swimming underneath come back drinky how this rush under the water is he good at swimming you are forgetting spinach so guess who our fairy so guys I'm into the show area of Grace Park and it looks like bears coming to town so there's lots of events here during the summer that car shows fair comes here sometimes that comes here sometimes so that's here the lock is open and ready yet but I'll just show you that there is the fur all the fun of the fair right guys so we're just entering the farm now this little selection of animals here we're going to go and go get some food and feed some of these animals excited Wilier you like seeing the animal ducky ducks there's some more ducks yeah do themselves a clean having a wash look at these chicken yeah having a drink aren't they what color are they white again you can do that is it will hear a DF got wet nose it's very hot hello dear the red deer yeah well then whatever drink it's very hot in here today guys it's hot and sunny after them to stay hydrated drink you having a drink William rehydrated good yeah I'm feeling a bit better now and a bit hydrated so hurts good lad whatever go with him yeah let's go on the new tractor that's in there it's like any pigs come then you get up oh wow look at you up there what color's your tractor it is red can show me the red steering wheel is Mazzoni dials that's a lever isn't it and these are the dials is there any pedals yeah what about this bit is that the gear stick so where's the engine on the back or is it in the front here yeah you're going to come and have a look send another engineer there is and there's its wheels there the small wheels aren't they where's the big one go and show me that was a pretty cool gift shopping here guys but what we need to look for William is a magnet or a sticker I think I can say a magnet out here everywhere we go we'll get a sticker or magnets put on our warble what's it going it looks have that sticker back so show it to the guys cows on it hasn't it and the pig so we get that should we get that to they put on the tour bot yeah so that's pretty cool gift shop there I go we've got our magnet but there's also other little things run around in here lots of it playhouses things to do Williams in one now here in the house Willie oh your roof it's up the chimney you're gonna make it fire oh that's the fireplace yeah get the fire in there a fire where they shoot up the chimney and come out okay I like the three little piggy you wanna feed some animal see what we can find okay hey honey no he's gone if you hold your hand out flat I'm sure you'll be okay like this look is that that's it hold it hand out but that's it about this coat he likes it you can stroke it is okay don't fight it it's very gentle Jonah chart if you hand out with a dealer they hold your hand out flat like this you having to look at you will let's go over here fit the scope while Tony are you stroking here is he nice give him some more gently look at that guy up there still our feet steak nanana kiss the goat this is lovely there's a llama I don't know if they want anything to try it here comes another one see sniffing you see it some of that girl's food laughing they're very hungry well Oscar the our lives he lives in there but we must get on the other side and see him you might be out there hey guys so a great spark here in the animal farm they have an owl with Oscar the Owls it's one a favor willing his favorite things to look up and go try and find it come on laughs whatever I'm gonna be a race to find Oscar she ready he's gonna get there first go ah there he is I can see him he's up in his house see him up there there Oscars up in his box we go over here sitting see oh look aspirin yeah he's up there in his box what sound is now make yeah some hot rabbits in there where's reallly a see them big chicken Wow look at that one I'm gonna sleep look they've got a truck Oh Chuck to play with you have an arrest into the bomb what's in that see there's a shape that this guy my Hitler he looks like a hungry lad what is it a pig these come in look I they come they're hungry they're white brown spots brown is relish of that ones chutney that one's really I never once called pickle are they hungry Oh big giant rabbit spend the bucks with this giant rabbit see big go on two chicks thank you yes all these X whoa look at these three ranks thank you but looks like a very hungry she he didn't bite no he's a nice shape oh it's very soft down a bit hey guys gonna give him the stood up saying well yeah let me give him a stroke he has horns yeah they are look onesies very hungry ready hahaha the horns are fine they're just like bone is it go come on touch him with me they put them here doubt this one yesterday you know that's really going fast well swing yeah they her big swing OOP got you during the play button now guys over here will end up in the swings all right will ya perfect already Cardwell [Applause] right thanks for watching guys please don't forget hit subscribe like if you enjoyed oven see you next time on the table hey guys thanks watching our farm fun video we had a great time at Gray's part you can watch more of our videos by pressing the pictures on your screen and don't forget to subscribe so you can see more of the toe Vito

Red Kite Holiday Cottage Strathpeffer, Inverness Self catering accommodation

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Just 4 miles from the elegant Victorian spa village of Strathpeffer, a half hour drive north-west of Inverness, standing quite alone and close to a 3000 yr old hill-fort, Red Kite Cottage is a charming holiday cottage which has been beautifully refurbished in a modern take on Highland rural style.

RV Trip Day 3 Fred Fuller Park Kent Ohio

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Well day 3 started off just like we thought. It was a very comfortable day, as far as temperature, and the sun was in abundance.
We did our normal thing and that is heading to the local diner in Ravenna to have ourselves some breakfast while our 4G internet (that was available in that city) was doing its thing and uploading are daily video from the night before.
Once we’re finished with uploading the video we thought we might explore Ravenna a little bit more but then we came up with the idea that we would head into Kent and visit one of the parks that ran along the Cuyahoga River.
The park that we ended up at was Fred Fuller Park and we walked quite a few miles on a beautiful Trail that was very well-kept. After that we headed back to West Branch State Park relaxed for a bit and then had ourselves some really nice garlic Wings Heidi prepared on the grill.
Just as we were getting ready to call it an evening, the bug hit for us to get some dessert…
So, we made one last Mad Dash to Dairy Queen for some treats.
Sad that the camping has to end and that Heidi has to go back to work tomorrow morning but we’ve had a great time and I’m going to be packing up and drag in the travel trailer back home. Until then.
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Myiah and harrison have been to the exotic zoo in telford they had such a fantastic time while there and give it a massive thumbs up x

Great affordable zoo for all ages. X