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Here is a sneak peek of the Hen Doo that my bridesmaids organised for me! We went to Edinburgh and it was the best time!

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[Laughter] YouTube channel my name's Emily and thank you very much for joining me again this time it's the more exciting time [Applause] the wedding is now 21 days away and if you don't know anything about the wedding then head over to my Instagram I'll tag it below its act almost grown-up underscore so we're heading to Preston right now there's a few of us here we've got a few flat we've got one person playing in too many and then another person meeting us there so it's all gonna be exciting except I don't know anything about the handle thanks to this girl here I need a Starbucks no idea what's going on table [Laughter] okay I didn't have time to do my oh right okay this 10 feet up although feel upset [Laughter] don't have the cops in it [Laughter] we're still walkin [Applause] so walked in and we have an apartment which I'm going to show you there we go are you ready to see let's we walk in here we've got one bedroom in here bedroom in here I'll show you my room it's all really quite nice I think this is my bathroom so it's a quite a big apartment we've got the shower I'm sharing where to stay here we are nice big fat is what we like and to Adam makes we're all getting ready to play a game we are not big balls that look shut of your iced tea so forth then it's wrong so we are just waiting for her to come but she's not due for another five hours of YouTube so say this morning we got really early I'm a pro one suggested and I stayed in bad yeah this stable go ahead yeah so I have no idea about say I know is I am hungry so here is day 2 outfit I am loving it because it's not to fit heads and I can eat a lot so yep so we're wearing a little Little River Island number my converse and then obviously right to be so we are looking for breakfast emily is taking goes down under a bridge great let's go for breakfast oh yes definitely down this is and this seems familiar this is definitely it this is definitely it yeah yeah good Oh should we cross up to this boss yeah yeah they're on the way Oh fantastic what are we looking at I'll get it – so cake so at breakfast commences with the team pride we've made it through the wilderness jess is very happy right so let me show you all I have been here before and I love it thanks hon amazing thank you coffee who's with me right now you just got on the alcohol hood you found something you like oh yeah they've got the begin back twist him which has got P Thomas are you doing when she lives in the concrete TV that [Laughter] sorry I'm like full-on concentrate [Laughter]

Water Park Fun – GoPro Serena Outdoor Slides – Finland

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Serena Water Park in Finland nearby Helsinki is a very nice place to have fun, good for families and anyone to joy water, great slides, tubes, cave saunas, wave pool, rivers and all kinds of attractions, indoors in the huge dome with natural indoor rock-faces and outdoors to ride and have pleasant time with variable ways…

Midyear Panel: Putting ICE on Ice

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Panelists discuss ICE arrests at courts and the responsibility to protect people awaiting a fair trial.

I tell coach function just a section
counsel we have a very distinguished panel that I will introduce here brief
because he went to their entire set of credentials will be table now
so on my right might be my immediate right is a judge to be slang for Mars
and she's the first african-american only County Circuit Judge as the first
female Dean on the bench she she started as a Protective Services worker for
mentally and physically disabled adults and senior citizens demented children in
that context Djoser's obtained a Master of Arts commodity guidance and
counseling Morgan State University but the lost woman received her degree at
the University of Detroit Mercy Law School which is also a trustee in that
institution present she was also a state prosecutor Oakland County and
that's dirty in Eastern District of Michigan in the Civil Division
she's obviously at the expense of trial practice experience as a prosecutor and
a private practitioner she has a wide portfolio of institutional leadership
and responsibility she in the Aviator when she's the director of the National
Conference of State trial judges and Co section manager to criminal justice
sections mr. justice division which is co-chair of the proto justice section is
judicial function committee she's a member of the rule of law initiative
Africa Council and she's a member of the women's task force she's also Pat's
chair of the National Bar the National Bar Association Judicial Council and a
director of the Michigan Supreme Court Historical Society so it gives you some
sense of she was in to work outside of the college and other organizations so
really privileged to have her here and so much
she's also one of the 2018 women's lawyers will officiate the Justice Mary
is komen award to set 2017 Burgermaster distinct Career Award and awards from
around monitor Jordan law school up in Deep River in Roseville
these include of Michigan workers learning community health clinic work there's a whole paragraph here of her
Lorenson and so as I said to judge Mike from arthritis Kevin Curtin Jenni is the
senior appellate counsel of her injury director for the Mill City District
Attorney Mary to Ryan which is Massachusetts and supervises were
injured practice rights and supervises appellate briefs conducts oral arguments
manages Superior Court post-conviction matters and advises the district
attorney and bureau chief in that office he is currently the vice chair of a DA's
criminal justice section Council and co-chairs the criminal justice section
Committee on felony habeas practice and he said that extensive experience in
this particular subject matter that he's also on the Massachusetts Bar
Association Colonel Justice section Council the Massachusetts Bar
Association's social justice section counsel teaches
triad ROTC ecology University of Virginia it's a Harvard Law School
products workshop and also the Boston College he-hee at the Massachusetts Bar
Association access to justice award in 2017 was named prosecutor of the Year by
the Massachusetts DA's in 2017 and received the criminal justice section
normal Lang Minister of Justice award in the fall of 2018
he's a 1988 graduate of Boston College Law School and he also served as a clerk
for the Honorable William G Young in the District Court in Massachusetts who has
a lot of interesting and high-profile cases and opinions and and most
impressive thing for me about why I Meyer Kevin the most is since October he
has not once mentioned the Red Sox to me so I give tremendous credit for that and
to Kevin's right is christopher lash he's a professor at the University of
Denver Sturm College of Law and his legal scholarship has been focused on
the entangling and disentangling of criminal and immigration systems and
he's written extensively on it in many distinguished law journals such as the
Yale Law Journal forum a common law privilege to protect state and local
courts during the criminis and so that has been a focus of his scholarship for
some time and you'll also hear that he has also been involved directly with
some of the issues that we're talking about including a letter by 300 law
professors on the issue of immigration enforcement in state court houses he's a
Yale Law School graduate in 1996 and then he was a public defender in
Louisville Kentucky and then a private lawyer in criminal defense and civil
rights litigation and in 2006 he became the Robert M covert clinical teaching
fellow at Yale Law School where he taught numerous clinics including the
worker in immigrant rights vacancy clinic and he currently code
directs the criminal defense clinic and the immigration law and policy clinic at
the University of Denver's Durham College of Law so we're really happy to
have everybody here and and get deeply into these issues now the the structure
what we'll do is each oh and also here to loosen Dervin was here our our
section chair and Kevin Scruggs who's our CEO of the section so we want to
thank them for being here as well and also give them the credit for helping us
organize all this and really making a lot of making this possible through
their leadership and we appreciate that immensely in terms of structure but
we'll have as each of the panelists will give us a short presentation about a
specific area because we tried to get different perspectives judicial
perspective prosecutorial perspective and also an academic perspective we I
will follow up with some questions that I've developed and in talking to the
panelists and we'll open it up for audience Q&A which we hope to have a
sufficient amount of time for we'll make sure we have a sufficient amount of time
for that this is a this issue is about what ice Immigration and Customs
Enforcement is doing in state court houses across the country and has been
doing for a considerable period of time but things changed in 2017 and the
policy has been not to enforce absent exigent circumstances which again is a
it's a rather broad exemption but absent exigent circumstances not to enforce or
not to arrest people who are undocumented or subject to deportation
when they are in sensitive locations and the courthouses are not sensitive
locations so we'll have a discussion about that and and obviously what the
fallout has been from the increased enforcement in state court houses so if
someone shows up for a family court matter let's say a mother shows up for a
family court matter with respect to either domestic violence or something to
do with her child and she is arrested by ice at the courthouse let's say a victim
of a crime shows up at the courthouse ready to testify at a criminal trial
arrested let's say a criminal defendant has a Hobson's choice of do I show up
for my court appearance and risk getting arrested by ice or do I not show up and
get a warrant for my criminal case so these are all very important issues and
just to give you some statistics from January 27th from January 20 2017
through the end of the year ice made 110,000 and 568 arrests compared to
77,000 in fiscal year 2016 that's an increase of 40% the increase in in
arrests of people who had no criminal record increased by one hundred forty
six percent is an ABA resolution on the subject but for that we're gonna have
Kevin give us the background on the ABA resolution and some of these issues in a
more granular way because Kevin authored the ABA resolution that was passed in
2017 so and that came out of the Massachusetts Bar Association as well. I'll let Kevin take it from here. Thanks Josh so I co-authored this with
Raul Ayala who is the deputy federal defender from los angeles seated in the
second row here he's and so this is a great collaboration between prosecutors
and defenders and on a subject where there's plenty of common cause so as you
I think you probably know as practitioners probably familiar with
work in this area and if but if you don't
starting in in 2014 five years ago now the DC office of the ACLU made
recommendations to the Department of Homeland Security that they ought to
change their guidelines and regulations concerning where arrests are being made
because arrests were being made in and around courthouses it was causing a
chilling effect on people seeking the protection of courts
anybody involved in court in court insane in something that would require
them to show up at a courthouse and so that was five years ago nothing happened
until this the recent presidential election in the spring of the early
spring late winter of 2017 it became very clear that the there was a
deliberate decision that was being made to ramp up the enforcement actions at
courthouses and the reason that was given for that was because it was in I
guess retaliation or in response to the actions of cities municipalities in
establishing sanctuary cities and trying to do to deter arrests for the status
offense of being undocumented and the courthouses were safe and if they were
looking for people who were criminals in their view and and dangerous and that
will be the place to go to to to find people like that particularly defendants
but what wound up happening is that it wasn't just defendants who were being
arrested in courthouses it was anybody that was being arrested in courthouses
we have in Massachusetts the former president of our mass Bar Association
was in a situation where he had the opportunity to represent a woman who
showed up to extend a civil restraining order that she had obtained against her
abuser boyfriend husband who had been threatening for years that you can't go
to court you can't nothing you can do to about this or I'll have you deported so
she shows up after ten days after getting the emergency ex parte order to
have it extended and there is ice and they're waiting for her and he had to
get her away from the public orders he had to get her into a private room where
she could not be seen she then made the decision not to enter the courthouse to
extend that abuse prevention order that she was seeking this was that's a civil
process meanwhile her abuser you know pounds his chest as he comes out of the
courthouse you know his case winds up getting
dismissed when nor the civil case winds up getting
dismissed when she doesn't show up to get it extended and that's the kind of
justice that we're seeing with the involvement of ice without any kind of
restraint without any kind of guidelines on how and when they should be taking
actions in courthouses so what we considered was that it would be
important to follow up with what ACLU had recognized four or five years ago
and to make a recommendation there are there were two bills pending in Congress
a House bill and a Senate bill about amending the sensitive locations Act
that's a federal statute that provides guidance on when and enforcement iced
enforcement actions can be taken in various places and hospitals places of
worship schools those those are places that are designated as sensitive
locations because they're sensitive locations and you don't want to deter
people even if they may have the civil status of being undocumented from going
to a hospital or going to a place of worship or going taking their kids to
school so why would you not extend that type of protection to people who are
availing themselves of the protections of the courts so that was the read that
that led that was not the only outcry there was great public outcry across the
country their chief judges from various states who took action all they can do
is send letters you know asking you know for further consideration or asking for
restraint or at a minimum collaboration California rules jurisdiction this the
chief judge of the state court wrote such a letter and the state of
Washington the Chief Justice there so these actions on the judicial side to
try to persuade ice not to be doing this there's proposed legislation that is it
that exists in many states including New York Josh's home state as well as in
Rhode Island and in other states that is intended to curtail the authority of ice
to enter a state courthouse or premises in order to make these types of arrests
and so in 2017 this ABA resolution now policy of the ABA recommends similarly
that the Fed all statute be amended to give the
protection to courthouses that are is extended everywhere else there are the
things that have been going on in response to this beyond that as well
there have been civil cases that have been brought it's you know there the
relationship between states and and the federal authority is complex we had a
case in Massachusetts in which an action was brought seeking a writ of protection
for anybody who specifically eight people who didn't want to be named but
also anybody who's similarly situated to protect them against the threat of
arrest and coming into the courthouse that was a matter that was dismissed by
the single justice of our Supreme Judicial Court she did not choose to
issue this writ of protection which I think professor lash will be able to
talk us through a little bit of the background down but it basically
provides a common law protection against civil arrest in certain circumstances
but that didn't work you know so the lawsuit in that way was too broad you
know we didn't have respondents it was all expired II it wasn't something that
courts were used to dealing with somebody coming in asking for the
protection of the court without a case going on
and so that wound up being dismissed and the court really also pointed out that
that it might not even really that a writ by a state court even if it was
directed at a particular person that would not necessarily prevent ice
officials from performing their duties as they see it in making arrests in
locations where it would be safe we think this is a very grave access to
justice issue we know of many instances where people have been not going to
court not going to churches when they see you know the ice wagon their same
kind of idea her terrible story and I'm going to stop
talking about someone in a live in a Brazilian community in Massachusetts and
right by the church where all the Brazilians who or parishioners would go
to to worship on Sunday morning right near there suddenly was a big ice wagon
we used to call it a paddy wagon my ancestors had to get arrested they the
Irish they would go into the paddy wagon and and that was being used to to arrest
churchgoers so thank you thanks Kevin and will obviously get more into with
following up and and whatever questions the audience has we will now want to
turn to a judicial perspective from judge Lankford Morris and in the context
of how the court views its responsibility in terms of what goes on
in the courthouse not only in the context of handling your own cases in
the cases that occur in the courthouse but also in the context of security
within the courthouse itself in situations that might lead to
confrontations and other situations that affect obviously the security of the
people in the courthouse as well as those who are involved in those
incidents thank you so much for inviting me to participate with this
distinguished panel and it truly is an honor and a privilege I want to get some
idea however those of you that are in the audience how many of you are
actually practicing from the prosecution perspective or from the defense
perspective let's start with prosecutors how many prosecutors do we have or if
that was your last work okay and how many defense okay and so do most of you
practice in state court I see heads shaking yes okay well you heard that I'm
a judge I've been a judge I'm in my 27th year on the bench for 27 years I've been
hearing both civil and criminal matters the
first eight years I did civil criminal and family and appeals from all of the
district courts and state agencies it within the jurisdiction I'm in a County
that's just north of where Detroit is we're one point almost one point three
million people in my County so it's a very busy court and I have the honor of
serving the citizens of Oakland County so I just wanted to put that in
perspective as a former let's say I did defense work mostly for the feds Bivens
actions and representing defense agencies and agents I'd like to start
out in Michigan I guess we are pretty blessed having listened to Kevin and we
had a chance to talk a little bit about this at a conference where we were
previously and it appears that in Michigan we do not have the interference
from ice in my courthouse I haven't seen it and I've done some research knowing
that I was going to appear on this panel and I've been informed by the captain of
our court security the deputy in charge that we have never had ice come in and
actually removed someone from one of the courtrooms there about 20 judges in the
circuit court I also checked with my chief I'm the Dean of the bench but I
checked with my chief I had her check and no one has ever complained about
this so we've been lucky we have had maybe three ice agents within the last
three years that have entered went into the courtrooms and actually observed a
proceeding but not interfered they just came to observe and I think that you
know and we all know that immigration issues are paramount today and so as a
judge I have always taken it seriously even before it became so premier of an
issue for judges to ensure that people's
rights are protected I've had cases for many years we have a huge Arab community
in Detroit the largest Arab community we have Christian Arabs and Muslims Arabs
we have the there Chaldeans is what we call the Christian Arabs from Iraqi and
Iraq will actually they tell us that you could possibly be murdered if you're
returned to Iraq and so it is a very serious offense when people are in our
courtrooms either as defendants or witnesses we do not want them to be
interfered with whether it would be by Isis or anyone else everyone in a
courtroom is should have the protections of fairness and justice that's my job I
am the judge to ensure that there's a level playing field within the court
room and so for example when I take a plea in the recent years I started
adding more detail to the plea taking process and I've had lawyers ask me for
the script as to what I'm saying about the immigration issues so I'm not you
all know all the basic rights that we give to a defendant when they are giving
a plea however I want to just share with you in the advice of rights what I tell
criminal defendants when I and I tell this to every criminal defendant not
just not just someone that has an interpreter I don't look at a defendant
and try to determine if they're an immigrant or not you don't know what an
immigrant looks like I've had immigrants in my courtroom from Canada from London
Russia everywhere you can't look at someone and determine they're an
immigrant so every single defendant this is what I tell them after I get to the
point in the advice of Rights where I'm dealing with the immigration issue
I say do you under stand that if you have any immigration
issues there could be consequences you could be deported I cannot give you
any legal advice or any immigration advice I have no control over the
immigration courts and immigration law is changing daily in addition I ask them
do you need time to consult with an immigration lawyer
assuming they say no then I ask are you ready to proceed with your plea
whether it's no contest or guilty and then I get to taking the factual basis
but if there's any defendant whether they're an immigrant or not if they
hesitate on rendering a plea I'm going to give them an opportunity to consult
with their attorney I'm going to pass it I will adjourn it you can come back next
week if you're in custody we can adjourn it one week for the next in custody
proceedings in my courtroom so having shared that we haven't had any
ice agents actually appear but I think it's important that I would be prepared
if in fact that were to happen because we have to maintain the integrity of a
courtroom we cannot have witnesses or defendants or victims or anyone feeling
intimidated when they are in a court house whether it's a state courthouse or
any other kind in my humble opinion and so I have had many cases where witnesses
were afraid I've had cases gang murders and cases where double gangs were
victims gang and defendants gang members and we have people we have Hispanic
gangs we have all kinds of gangs in my County and so what we would do is we
have had what we call material witness warrants where sometimes the individual
would have to be arrested because they were terrified they didn't want to speak
and the prosecutor would come in and ask for a material witness warrant I did it
myself as a former prosecutor sometimes you do
have witnesses that are afraid but you don't want to go that far as a
prosecutor if there's anything else you can do to protect your witness in the
same thing I think applies to defense counsel if you can protect your client
then you want to do whatever it is that you can do to protect your client now I
just want to share a couple of instances that I've been involved with I know for
a fact that we have had I don't want to name any names but we've had lawyers
that were actually there was an attempt to arrest a lawyer in my courthouse
due to federal taxation tax cases issues and they sent the marshals the federal
judge sent the US Marshals to pick up the lawyer in the courtroom while he was
handling a criminal matter it wasn't in my court but at my colleagues court and
she immediately refused the u.s. marshals from taking custody of the
lawyer which was her right and she had the deputies on notice that you are not
going to allow the marshals to take this lawyer he's with me until this case is
completed and so I think that that's one example of what can be done in
protecting whether it's the lawyer the defendant Victim Witness you do not have
to allow any of them to be taken from your courtrooms now I know that there's
always the possibility that dealing with a large court complex someone could be
arrested if you will or take it into custody when they're in the courthouse
someplace outside of my view or outside of the building and so that's an issue
that we as a bar association are going to have
to probably address as things proceed and as things change with immigration
law and I think that's why many of us are here and active with the American
Bar Association one of the best bars in the world and we know that there are
issues that will arise and we have to address them now I want to share we did
have and I'm gonna just be wind up in just a couple of minutes it's a
dangerous thing when you give a microphone to a lawyer much less a judge
but it really is there has been some high-profile cases in the Michigan area
where we had approximately 40 Chaldeans Christian Arabs arrested and they had
prior convictions on their record there wasn't anything major some of them have
had minimal convictions maybe drunk driving or who knows very minor criminal
convictions but maybe they were doing well in the community these things
happened a long time ago we did have a circumstance where 40 were arrested and
they were going to send them back to Iraq well my probation agent that's
actually assigned to my courtroom he's there with me all of the time when I'm
handling my criminal cases for arraignments pre-trials pleas sentences
and violations of probation he is also the pardon investigator for the state
and he shared with me today in fact that he was the person that the governor's
office came to to go through those 40 Iraqi citizens and the last governor in
Michigan actually pardoned them and that's a big deal because if you are
pardoned that governor left at the end of December he was a Republican governor
and he pardoned the 40/40 Iraq citizens and the the point is if you have a
expungement of a conviction on your record according to my agent he says
that ice will still proceed it has to be an actual pardon in order for it to
disappear and even then I understand that you still have to go in front of
the immigration courts to ask that whatever it is the proceeding actually
get dismissed after a post post pardoning by the governor and so these
are all factors that we as litigators and as judges hearing litigation have to
concern ourselves with so that's kind of the perspective in Michigan I think
we're lucky that we do not have this going now but we are working on being
prepared at all times Thank You judge and you shouldn't worry
I've spent my whole career trying to discipline myself not to interrupt
judges so with varying success anyway but now Chris professor lash if okay and
if you could sort of give us a legal framework as Kevin mentioned you know
some of the the constitutional the underlying constitutional issues and
also how this is playing out across the country and a little bit about what you
and your colleagues have been doing in the sense of what motivated that 300
professor letter and what was in it and whether it's had an impact and where you
think we're going across the country because I think you probably have the
best sense of the broader context of the issue right now
thanks so much and and like the Honorable Judge Morris I want to express
my thanks for being here it's a privilege to talk to this group and
especially to be up here with in such esteemed company so thank you
i I want to pick up on some of on judge Morris's example of the US Marshal
coming to the courthouse and being told no not in my courtroom so I think that
there's a lot of interesting issues that are swirling around this issue of
immigration courthouse arrests federalism is one can we tell can we as
state officials tell federal agents that they can or can't do anything the
sanctity of the court room and the courthouse is another and I think you
you ver very careful to say the courtroom is one thing but now if we
start thinking about the courthouse and its environs that could be something
else so I have written for a long time and been involved in what could loosely
be called sanctuary issues particularly the use of immigration detainers to
transfer people from state and local custody into federal immigration custody
and so being sort of tapped into these issues and there's been a lot of
movement on that particular front over the last eight years or so and
particularly the last four years where sort of the pipeline if you will from
state and local criminal systems into the federal system has been shut down or
narrowed it's not as easy for federal immigration officials to obtain custody
over people who are in state and local criminal proceedings as it once was and
as that has sort of been shut down or tightened a little bit you see like as
if you were squeezing jello it's gonna appear somewhere else and on a certain
level you can maybe think about the courthouse arrests that way they in
early 2017 early into the Trump administration people were very
concerned I was at a community meeting in
in Denver and it was I believe it was shortly after Trump had issued his
executive order on day five of his administration that essentially said I'm
going to cut funding for any sanctuary jurisdiction in the country and the
people in the community were very concerned Denver was Denver a sanctuary
it wasn't Denver a sanctuary what was going to happen some one person stepped
up to the microphone and said is it safe for us to come to court and some city
officials immediately responded yes it's safe for you to come to court and that's
maybe where our story begins here if I can yes I can it's not it and it was not in Denver ice
had been coming to court and this slide here shows an attorney on the left this
is an attorney with the Meyer law office in Denver she's talking to a couple of
undercover people who admitted on questioning that they were in fact ice
agents and they were there to make an arrest in the courthouse this video got
put up on YouTube and then people really started to worry in in Denver the you
know a brief thought experiment of the colloquy that you described that you go
through with criminal defendants when you take a plea you know imagine maybe
we have to push that colloquy to the front end of the entire proceedings and
say what you need to know before you engage in these proceedings is anytime
you come to the courthouse you may or may not be put into deportation
proceedings right so this is a huge issue and one of the initial responses
as attorney Curtin alluded to was chief justices from different high courts of
different states began objecting so a letter from the Chief Justice of
California from the Chief Justice of New Jersey in
the City and County of Denver it wasn't from our chief justice it was from our
mayor and a group of the I think the entire City Council I think the DA I
think the city attorney also signed that letter Oregon also Connecticut I don't
think I have the letter up here so all of these different groups are saying to
ice basically would you please stop the response from this was then attorney
General Sessions and then Department of Homeland Security secretary Kelly one of
my scholar colleagues has a nice way of describing this first paragraph in which
they sort of took the Chief Justice of California to task for using the word
stalking in her letter and they decided to mansplain that that that's that
stalking is a legal term and it has a legal definition in case you didn't know
Chief Justice of California the second paragraph here puts this in the
sanctuary in the in the context of the sanctuary sort of ongoing battles
because one of the reasons why that ice has given for why they need to make
these courthouse arrests is because they can't get people from the jails anymore
so therefore and they described this as localities basically hindering
immigration and enforcement so and here's the response to the letter from
Denver is more courthouse arrest I don't know how many people find this picture
disturbing a lot of people and what I'll say is this this there's something about
this that gets to a lot of people many people are troubled by this idea that
arrests like this are going to take place in courthouses and so I as a
scholar what sort of started trying to think through this and of course
my first thought was let's let's we gotta go to Blackstone right that is
meant to be funny I mean you came here to talk 15th century law right so well
Blackstone's 18th century but he's talking about 15th century law thank you
the but the way I got to Blackstone is thinking about something I learned in my
first year of law school in Civ Pro which is the idea about if you come in
from out of the state to go to a court that you should have some immunity that
you can't be served with a new lawsuit while you're in the state and actually
if you trace that doctrine back you find this 15th century privileged from arrest
and it was at a time when civil cases were started with arrests the arrests
would be made by a sheriff in England and the doctrine was you can't be
arrested in the courthouse or near the courthouse and you can't be arrested on
the way to or from the courthouse I'm I won't go through the whole the whole doctrine but what else say is it's got
basically two two strands one is this idea about protecting people people who
are coming to and coming from the courthouse on their business in the
courts and the idea there is a very simple one we want people to be able to
come to court we want witnesses to be able to come we want parties to be able
to come we want other people who are interested in cases to be able to come I
would hazard a guess that in our current day with our current constitution we
might want the public to be able to come and go
house it's a it's a value of transparency and it's a it's access to
justice and then but there's a separate strand and this I think sort of goes to
this idea of not in my courtroom which is this strand about the specialness of
the place of the courthouse and its environs and I want to just share with
you this this one case that I can't really get over this is orchards case
and really I'm the bottom paragraph here so officer so what happened oh this is
hard to work I gotta keep my finger on it thank you
I'm in such nice company thank you for taking care of me so the so the officer
in this case arrests a person in the courthouse and the person seeks their
discharge basically a habeas corpus case and the court examines the officer and
the officer says here's what happened I saw him I happened to I hastened to
arrest him because I knew that he was that there was a warrant out for this
person he ran for the courthouse and made it inside the outside door of the
courthouse and what do you think the court does reprimand the sheriff right
that said I think it's a great illustration of how strong the
protection and the sanctity of the courthouse was held in that time so
those are the two strands of the of the privilege and I think I'll just stop
there because I think we're gonna have a really interesting discussion thanks
great thanks Chris all right so I have a couple of
questions and I want to pose some of them to two of our panelists vs2 Kevin
first and you know and then obviously I'll get to all three but just there's
something that I'd like to ask just a prosecutor's reaction and a judge's
reaction but but the first question after Kevin is I guess as as a lawyer as
a litigator my first reaction is can you negotiate with ice or is that
counterproductive and and in the sense that you're just giving them a heads up
that someone's going to be there they want so has what's what's that's a great
question and the answer is yes prosecutors negotiate with ice all the
time about trying to get with people to come to court getting them out of ice
custody into the custody of some state official and then ensuring that the
person is going to be returned to ice custody afterwards there's no reason why
there couldn't be such collaboration well I'm not saying the prosecutor
estate prosecutors will enlist to be agents for four-eyes for enforcement
purposes or because that's that's that's very different but in terms of
negotiating about well because even under the ABA policy if there is an
exigency then then they can make a an arrest in the court house but if that's
going to happen that should be so unusual and so special that the Chief
Justice of that court certainly ought to be notified so that the so that the so
that the appearance to the if nothing else to the public is that justice is
seems to be being done and it's not a naked Battle of sovereignty between
state officials and federal officials each of whom is only doing what they
think is right so this actually spookily recapitulates
an incident that actually happened I'm in our superior courthouse in Middlesex
County all the time I don't try cases there but I'm always there and so one
time about a year ago now a prosecutor comes into my office and she's
complaining she's and she's complaining because her witness her vikner witness
has been arrested she's and the case is on for trial and and she needs this
witness to go forward and you know what should I do
and so I said what your prosecutor asked the judge she's there to help you get a
continuance explain what happened and okay all right so I'll go and I'll ask
the judge for a continuance you know we're scheduled to go to trial
today but I'm sure that she'll be happy to give us a continuance and that was
all that I heard about it until you know 4:30 when I found out you know the case
had been dismissed so that from the prosecutors perspective this is just
really bad policy it's also wrong I think morally almost like spiritually
you know we have this idea that that the law is above people and that there is
like this transcendent idea of justice and if we go to this place justice is
going to happen they're not just naked exercise of power but that people can go
there and they can be vulnerable they can submit themselves to everything that
goes along with being a victim in a criminal case everything that goes along
with being a person who has to come to court and endure cross-examination
perhaps endure the inconvenience because but we do it because we think that there
is a higher good that is being accomplished and that this is a special
place so for prosecutors we are horribly
offended and it's not just the inconvenience of having cases be
especially terrible domestic violence cases be
dismissed because we can't get witnesses to show up which happens all the time we
can't get witnesses to talk to police officers because they're afraid that
they're going to be become witnesses and then gonna have to show up in court
where they are afraid to go so from the prosecutors perspective what's happens
without collaboration such as it's gonna be you know say that in a special case
we need to make this arrest in the courthouse all right go ahead and
explain that to the judge maybe there's such a case where that's going to be
appropriate but you know that should certainly be the exception well actually I've had cases where the
prosecution and defense have asked for adjournment sometimes at the last minute
when the trial is scheduled the next day or that day and we haven't selected the
jury yet I pretty much try to work with the lawyer and we have some really
excellent lawyers in my jurisdiction and I will say this Kevin we don't have the
situation where I'm dismissing cases because witnesses can't appear in 27
years I maybe can count on three fingers maybe two and I'm hearing approximately
well in the beginning we would get over 600 criminal cases a year we're not
getting quite that many but a lot of criminal cases over 27 years and I can't
even remember dismissing because they couldn't get a witness
they usually can get the witness and I'm in a jurisdiction where the prosecution
as well as the law enforcement officers are really known for being tough and
they will find you they basically have a lot of staffing as I indicated I'm in
the county just north of where Detroit is and so there's a lot of resources
available and they will find the witness and even with domestic violence cases as
long ago as when I was a prosecutor back then the law in Michigan was such that
even if you called the police the police came to your home they arrested the
defendant and let's say the woman didn't want to testify we've had people that
were running naked in the street to get away from the defendant and then they
changed their mind and didn't want to testify and whatever excited utterances
they made at the time they had initial contact with that officer those would be
utilized and you could get a conviction in
Oakland County with a jury with no victim testifying it has happened and
I'm talking about way back to when I was a prosecutor in the mid 80s and they're
just tough I wish I was practicing dismiss for lack of prosecution I mean so I would just say this with whether
it's the prosecutor or the defense counsel I have enough to do I'm a really
busy judge with civil and criminal cases so it's really not that hard for me to
grant an adjournment or stay the case for a short period of time we don't have
lengthy delays that's the other thing that we have that's that's paramount I
cannot sit on a decision longer than 35 days a criminal case is supposed to go
to trial after 91 days from arraignment in front of me
so 91 days you're supposed to do the trial or up to one year but no longer
than that so we're moving the cases along and they are taking account of
every single thing that happens in every single case in my courtroom and everyone
else's every single month we get a detailed report as to where the cases
are age wise and and and otherwise so I'm just saying that every court is
different every jurisdiction is different I know that but I don't have a
problem working with either one whether it's the prosecutor that needs a brief
adjournment or the defense counsel if there's an ice issue I'm gonna give them
a chance to work it out I want them to take that chance to work it out before
they come to me and ask for a material witness warrant Chris yeah so the
interesting thing about the privilege that I unearthed with this research is
that on the one hand it was deemed too exist regardless of any action taken by
any of the parties so if you were arrested on your way to court you were
entitled to your release pursuant to the privilege but the but there was also
there's also a line of cases that talk about something called a writ of
protection and that's a writ that the court could issue that would basically
be a piece of paper that the person could then carry and when the if anybody
tried to arrest them they could say look I'm going to court you can't arrest me
because the judge says so the Massachusetts case that attorney Curtin
referenced earlier the single justice case was an attempt to get a writ of
protection I would I would say sort of on a class action basis and the while
that was denied in the particular instance and I think I would say on
procedural largely procedural grounds the Court recognized that the the
privilege seems to be well-established in Massachusetts and I think you can
almost read that decision as directing attorneys to go to their judge and ask
for a writ of protection on a on an individual basis the the power to issue
the writ was deemed inherent in the court because it's and it's in the
interest of the administration of justice so it's it's like a courts
authority over their courtroom see I see we have Wendy Wayne who's our chair the
chair of our Commission on immigration she's also a great defense attorney here
she filed that suit in in in Massachusetts hello hello you thought
you were gonna escape us so she filed that suit in Massachusetts and and you
know I say we because I certainly because my district attorney rohtul an
amicus letter in support of this of this lawsuit and we lost but if you read the
case it's clear that the recognition as as Professor flashes
has pointed out the judge didn't want to dismiss it she sees the inequities but
she just couldn't issue a writ without a person to give it to and the procedural
posture of that particular case was problematic for her but it's it's great
it's it's good and if anybody wants if anybody wants a copy of the decision
and/or the pleadings in that case contact me or Wendy Wayne and we'd be
happy I'm sure to share that public information with you and I mean clearly
this is something we don't want to see this happening so what do we do about it
is the problem yeah and that's that's actually one more question for the panel
and then we'll open it up for the audience but and and I'd like to work
from Chris to Kevin to judge Lankford Mars on this one which is solutions in
terms of the some of the solutions that are out there some of that are in
progress and which do you think are the most effective but also which are the
most practical in the sense of getting something through the US Senate at this
point is problematic but in certain in states for example New York State as
Kevin mentioned New York state passed a law last year but it was only by the
assembly which is traditionally democratic and the Senate is
traditionally Republican well now after November both the Senate and the
assembly are democratic and the judge is a Democrat and the prospect for success
of that legislation is significantly enhanced at this point so we'll see what
happens but so and then you have court oriented the New York City Bar has
recommended to the Chief Judge of New York to issue rules to cover this with
with a series of very detailed recommendations so I would like to know
where you think there are solutions that can be effective and practical at the
same time and practice what I mean by that they that they can either pass a
legislature or be implemented in a way that can protect
the integrity of the judicial process as we've been talking about well I want to
offer up a disclaimer because I'm an academic so practicality is not in my
wheelhouse but I actually think that the the body of law that we're talking about
here is is a great tool for both local courts state courts I think for me the
the power of a local court a local Chief Justice a state Chief Justice to do this
is would be very difficult to question I know we're gonna get into federalism
right but just as the I think the the US Marshals didn't insist on their ability
to make that arrest in the in the courtroom and I think that for ice to
insist on their ability to make arrests in courthouses would be kind of
similarly perilous for them a piece of the work that I did was looking at
because the the privileged from arrest is rooted in the courts Authority
federal and state courts alike recognize that and so I think that if a state
court judge or a state court chief judge had attempted to enforce the privilege
and I was just disregarding that I think there would be a sympathetic ear in the
federal courts I also just quickly say I think legislation is also and not on the
federal level but because that seems impractical but I think legislation at
the local level so in Denver for example the City Council passed an ordinance in
late 2017 that effectively prohibited city workers from communicating
immigration status or immigration related information to
ice and that applies to the courthouse staff too so if if someone's calling up
trying to figure out when somebody has a court date for the purpose of making an
immigration arrest I think that would apply the and then I also just want to
quickly mention that in New York well to step back on the legislative side I
think the legislators have the authority to effectuate this authority of the
courts I think if if Legislature nature's tried to limit it then you
would run into a separation of powers problem because I do think that this
power is basically in the courts in New York the governor issued an executive
order saying no ice arrests in executive offices in New York and I haven't heard
anything about any kind of a legal challenge brought up against that so it
seems as though the ability to control state government so from from my
perspective I can see I can see a little bit of both sides you know the the the
the problems can be illustrated by two examples you've got that you say you've
got a case where the judge finds out that ice is going to arrest this
litigant say it's it's a it's a it's a petitioner seeking an abuse prevention
order you know for me the worst kind of case someone who goes seeking justice in
this house of Justice risks everything to walk into one of our buildings and
you know what should be the role of the state in helping the these ice officers
in force basically civil law where it is going to create a situation that is going to
likely hood of injustice in particular cases and certainly develop this is not
what we want the public to see if we want the Trump public to have faith and
trust in our legal systems to see squabbling so say a judge decides well I
know that this person's going to be arrested by ice I don't want that to
happen I'm gonna smuggle her out the back door okay that's a scenario that
happened recently in Massachusetts and contrast that to a situation where
judges are basically co-opting court officers in to act as agents for ice to
hold people who would be otherwise at liberty to leave the building until a
nice officer can show up to arrest them on this civil detainer so what is the
role that that state court judges and prosecutors can complain this to me I
don't really like the idea of smuggling witnesses out to avoid them being
arrested where there's a lawful arrest that could be made and you know I think
that that's sort of going a little bit too far in terms of comedy and and an
appropriate respect for the roles of sovereigns
but that you know that's so rare the vast majority of cases that I see are
cases where people are afraid to come to court they won't participate in the
legal system and we don't get justice done in particular cases and we don't
look like we're doing justice in particular cases because people are
afraid they're afraid because they in legitimately so what should be the role
of the courts state courts in fighting against this see I think that that that
though that the judges have great authority to preserve the legitimacy of
their own process and to the extent that we're seeing things like this I mean we
don't know machine guns you know at the Middlesex Superior Court we don't you
know we don't enforce the the law by force
there we have a process where this goes on and if in if in the middle of that
you're seeing brawling taking place are people taken into custody you know
contrary to the – to what appears to be the rule of law that is such a grave
problem and now we really need to worry about trust in the public having trust
in the legitimacy of our legal systems judge well let me say again that I'm
really pleased that we haven't had this issue in in my courtroom and in my
courthouse at this point but I do think that we have an obligation as jurist and
as lawyers to try to get ahead of what's happening to the best of our ability and
so we need early intervention in getting with our legislators within our various
jurisdictions at the state level and to talk to them about these things that are
going on in New York and elsewhere so that they're aware and we can start with
legislation that might be helpful as a state judge our powers are limited to
what goes on in our state we're not federal judges and federal
judges have their powers where they sit as I understand the district court in
state court circuit courts at any rate it's a concurrent jurisdiction situation
so in our courtrooms we can protect but then as you mentioned professor we
really have to look at going to the courthouse leaving the courthouse we
would have pandemonium if we had witnesses and victims and and defendants
all terrified to come to a state courthouse it's the state court houses
where the bulk of the criminal cases are handled it's the state court houses
where the heinous crimes are handled we're the ones handling human
trafficking rapes murders robberies on a daily basis and so it is imperative
in order to remain law have law and order in our communities and in our
jurisdictions that our courts work so I would say that the actual working with
the legislature and trying to get effective laws in place that's one thing
the other thing that you mentioned professor about getting early on in the
process of advising one of the issue of possible deportation and whether or not
they really need to meet with an immigration lawyer obviously we need
more lawyers to help in this area there there's a greater and greater need for
pro bono help there's only so many lawyers that really know immigration law
and they are working really hard in the Detroit area in addition I always see
that the issues when a person is apprehended if you don't speak English
and you're an immigrant and you don't really have anyone there to interpret
for you you're at an automatic disadvantage you need the Miranda rights
but you need your immigration rights really from the onset of arrest and so
these are all things that would have to be changed legally but we're on notice
because we know that these things are happening in various jurisdictions in
our country so those are just a couple of things that I would say as far as
possible solutions but nothing's immediate we can only do what we can do
when it's happening in front of us you did in Michigan they came down with an
appellate case I don't know maybe about a year or two years ago that added that
to the plea form that just that you have to advise them that they need to consult
an immigration lawyer I I do all of those no no script at all nothing and
but that's my script and I do have lawyers that come because everyone knows
like I said I give it to every single defendant that comes in front of me
because I cannot determine who's an immigrant based on how people look and
so I get a lot of lawyers asking me for that script but I made it up myself
because I watched the news at night and I see what's happening all over the
country and I believe it's true that immigration law is changing daily we
don't know what's going to come down tomorrow and so I want people to be
fully advised before I accept their plea because as a jurist you know that we
have to make a finding that the plea is knowingly voluntarily and accurately
made and I take that calling very seriously
I'm not going to conclude that unless I'm positive that it truly is so if I
have any hesitancy whether it's an immigrant or not I'm gonna give you time
to think about it talk with your lawyer if you don't want to complete the
proceed with the plea that's okay with me
I like trials I'm happy to give people their day in court
I was a real litigator as a lawyer I believe people are entitled to their
justice in the courtroom just to jump on that just really quickly so the Padilla
right and the constitutional law around Padilla
I think we all know has had to be enforced on many different fronts right
so it took a lot of Education of carpet judges have an important role to play
here and prosecutors as well we're seeing a lot of new policies about
prosecutors taking into account immigration consequences and I would
just say maybe that maybe the sanctity of the courthouse is going to be
something similar right maybe it's going to need judges giving advisements at
arraignment if you are concerned about coming to court you can seek an order
from the court and maybe making that known to different segments of the well there have been instances across
the country of lawyers who have been involved in altercations or
confrontations with ice and I think that there's a varying m'as ult's have been
varied in that context but I you know as a criminal defense attorney there is no
script certainly and there's and there hasn't been a lot of guidance in terms
of what to advise clients I think the most important aspect is full disclosure
to clients and and also perhaps to alert others in the system who are not going
to necessarily take advantage of it to put your client in custody through ice so can I just respond to that or could
make a comment on that so that that's you this what I like about about judge
Langford Moritz is advice is that it goes beyond the basic you know Padilla
warning or whatever is required by statute in most jurisdictions and says
I'm going to give you more time if you need to talk to an immigration attorney
about this and that's different that's better yeah that's good yes so this dis but and this this goes
back to Elizabeth's first couple of questions just now about how do you
advise your client as a criminal defense attorney about these immigration
consequences and about the decision to come to court or not these are very
these puts a lot of pressure on criminal defense attorneys to know a lot more
than they maybe have been trained to know about the consequences of this
particular case on whatever your immigration status is and mateus II how
that is how that advice is going to be made accessible to the client in any
other way so you know how do you advise you know should I ask that bail be put
on you in the state court case so that you're not deported should I should I as
a prosecutor not request bail in this case this week case say knowing that
without bail he's going to be deported and that or in a case that we're not
asking for jail time do we want to ask for bail or not ask for bail based on
you know projections about how immigration might affect you know my
case it's it's very difficult to know but
there's nothing wrong with the defense attorney making I think talking with a
client and making a decision to to let that person stay in state custody say
for the pretend cease so that this you know in other words ask the judge to
revoke bail because otherwise he's going to go to ice very hard we have it's hard
my experience more recently is not I'm not I'm not a public defender but there
are and it probably stands office for sure and I know even federal defenders
offices in the New York area have now poached immigration experts from a lot
of immigration organizations to be on staff to answer all of those questions
and to be a full time advisory resource and that's critical because the whole
context of collateral consequences for so many cases have overwhelmed the
formal punishment that defendants face and immigration is foremost among them
for most clients so Chris what's the status because I know some of that
policy so I don't know how much I can respond to so so my work around
sanctuary has really focused on the criminal and immigration intersection so
I've been not as focused on hospitals though I think hospitals you know if
we're gonna go back to medieval times they're – we're gonna find them being
connected to churches and churches are connected to sanctuary there's going to
be some really interesting research that we could do but what I wanted to quickly
say is so the the places that you mentioned are in the current sensitive
locations policy by ice and I think that policy really reflects societal judgment
right and and the question I think when you come around to courthouses as well
is because we could easily say well you know the person is subject to
immigration arrest so why do we care where they get arrested but the reason
why we care is we value other equally or more so like the ability to
get health care the ability to go to school maybe the ability to go to court
and get exonerated on this case that you've been accused of so I do think
that you know to bring it back to my fellow panelists comments they do think
we're talking about a moral value question I agree with that too so that
your question really does fall into amending the the the federal statute but
it's really part of this larger question of what kind of a policy to want to have
on immigration the enforcement of violations of immigration status we do
not have a coherent policy to me in my humble opinion that is consistent and
that reflects our community values and as the result of that this is the type
of conflict that we're seeing I just want it to weigh in on the whole
advising of immigration rights as you know immigration law is very complex and
the average criminal defense lawyer cannot advise on immigration law it can
twist on the smallest effects and so it takes a detailed conversation by a
skilled lawyer that understands immigration law to meet with that person
and that's why I give them that opportunity now most of the time the
lawyer that's assigned to the case or even if they're retained counsel they
have found an immigration lawyer if necessary and somehow that person has
consulted with an immigration lawyer but I would give them more time and if it
were a defendant who couldn't afford to go to an immigration lawyer and he was
being represented just basic indigent counsel representation we don't even
have public defenders in in my area we don't have a public defender office is
what I mean we have individually appointed lawyers
don't get me started it's a long story but we're working it out in Michigan but
the bottom line is I think that I would caution about any lawyer trying to give
advice about immigration issues and just say that we need to do something to
ensure that an individual's rights are protected we've got to maintain the
sanctity of our rule of law here in America for everyone thank you and
thanks to all of you we're out of time

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Hey all,

I have been saying this from a loooong time but It’s finally here!!! One of the best memories that I’ll cherish for a lifetime! It’s a bit long but it’s fun, haha.

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Dance Society: VIBES

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[Applause] hey guys welcome to the police blog hi everyone and welcome to my channel my name is Ghazali and today i'm going to share my dancing experience with you all so last year when I came here in Leeds I came across these auditions which were held by a society called vibes which has leads in diversities Bollywood dancing society and I gave the audition and I luckily in got it and it has been a pleasure to be a part of this team so they were auditioning for this competition which is called just for the wood which takes place every year in London which is an organ and is organized by the imperial students yeah and then that's how it started and now they are a family so if you are coming from somewhere whatever from anywhere and you love Bollywood dancing I would hundred and one percent recommend you to join the society so yeah so that's all about it so the video will sort of show you already her soul like feel for rehearsals and then it's basically a vlog for the two days like all the two days so we went from links to London stayed there at the competition like the after party and then we came back so it's all of those sort of memories so I hope you enjoy it so much fun we literally used to take ages to start rehearsing and then obviously all this drama like what do you expect people who love Bollywood we practice so much for three months that the whole retreat was in us so much that we literally started dancing everywhere even if it meant dancing in front of all the people outside our union party at all there when they were coming in to get sloshed or if it meant dancing on the road while we were waiting for John literally everywhere we first performed at our uni and within a blink of an eye the three months were over and we were supposed to go to London to perform but don't worry I'll show you some serious rehearsals before we go to the block part Oh all right Shivani so good man she's happy react so I kind of wonder okay [Applause] here's my shot like that was you hi guys is that okay even gentlemen even Sunday morning we have neighbors why are you there is only me but like there's so many proximity to other and that us after our first and last lesson misil doing some serious stuff wanna just to make it perfect this time and that's us rehearsing for the very last time you just before our performance are you ready finally your head [Applause] [Applause] so that was the video I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did pretty good part of the video and the team so once again be join the team if you come and if you're coming now in September the auditions going to be in October so join it I mean give the auditions and what else if you enjoyed it please give this video a thumbs up subscribe to my channel and I will see you soon with my next box and videos bye

Police: Hull Made Bomb Threat Calls as Revenge Against Ex-Girlfriend [VIDEO]

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St. Cloud Police say Matthew Hull has confessed to making bomb threat calls in the St. Cloud area in order to get revenge against an ex-girlfriend.

st. Cloud Police say Matthew Hall has confessed to making bomb threat calls in the st. Cloud area in order to get revenge against his ex-girlfriend police say Hall tried to disguise his voice as a woman and would leave the name of his ex-girlfriend as a person making the bomb threat the girlfriend has a restraining order against him Paul was arrested Sunday morning in the princeton area he's accused of making bomb threat calls to Walmart st. cloud library cashwise east and st. cloud hospital he's in the Stearns County jail facing four counts of threats of violence one count of stalking and one count of misdemeanor domestic assault Alex Wieckowski wjo n

New Jersey Real Estate Market Update October 2017

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October is typically thought of as a cooling off period, both in the weather and in real estate. This past month, in addition to the still summery weather—we were also seeing a sizzlingly competitive housing market at a time when things are usually cooling off for the fall. “With not enough homes on the market to meet the high demand, homes are selling 5 percent more quickly than a year ago even though prices are as high as they’ve ever been.

Let’s explore the numbers in Ocean & Monmouth Counties for October 2017:

Prices are on the rise. The Median price for a home in Monmouth County in October of 2016 was 450,000. Here we are a year later and the median price is now up to $ 499k. That means prices are continuing to rise. The same is true in Ocean County, but prices there are only up by 10 thousand dollars.

While prices are going up the average date on market is going down. Date on market is the number of days a home is on the market. It’s down from 67 in 2016 to 58 in 2017. The same is true in Ocean county where the average Date on Market went down from 78 to 67.

Next we look at the Absorption rate. That tells us what type of market it is. Remember, the absorption rate is calculated by dividing the number of sales in a given month by the number of available homes for sale. It is the inverse of months of supply. For example, if there are 100 condos listed for sale in a certain area, and 10 condos sold over the last month, the absorption rate is 10/100=10%.

In Monmouth County the absorption rate for October of 2016 was 5.68 and it’s now down to 4.23. That means there is only a 4 month supply of homes on the market. Inventory is low and it is still a seller’s market. The same is true in Ocean County where the absorption rate is down to 4.96 from 6.27.

Finally, let’s take a look at some stats. Starting in Monmouth County. We are comparing numbers from October 2016 to October 2017. This past month 738 homes were sold which is higher than last year. We have 896 pending listings which is up almost 24% from 2016. There are currently 3416 active listings which is down 17% from 2016. Again, there is a lack of inventory which contributes to the seller’s market and the higher prices. And we only had 4 new listings in October 2017 then we had this time last year.

In Ocean County, sold homes went up 5% from 2016. There are 996 pending listings ready for closing and the number of active listings went down 13% from 5,367 to 4,675. The good news for buyers in Ocean County is the number of new listings last month, which is up 6.7% with 1,328 new listings and an average sales price of 284k.

“For potential buyers who waited until fall hoping to score a bargain, the pickings are disappointingly slim,” “but one potential bright spot for market-fatigued buyers is that new listings are up slightly from one year ago. While new listings declined in the first four months of the year, they have increased on a year-over-year basis in five of the last six months.”

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If you are thinking of selling, now is a great time. With low inventory and higher prices, now may be a great time for you to make a profit on any equity you have built. If you are interested to know your home’s value, give me a call for a no obligation home valuation report. I will be back next month with another market update. My name is Michael Falgares from Keller Williams’s Get Real Group. Thanks for watching.

hello it's Michael Paul guards from the get real group a technology-based Vil estate team dedicated to the client experience and on this episode we have your New Jersey real estate market update for October 2017 October is typically thought of as a cooling-off period both in the weather and in real estate and this past month in addition to the still summery weather we're also seeing a sizzling competitive housing market at a time when things aren't normally cooling off for the Fall with not enough homes on the market to meet the high demand homes are selling 14% more quickly than they did a year ago even though prices are as high as they've ever been let's explore the numbers in Ocean and month counties for October 2017 first prices are on the rise the median price for a home in Monmouth County New Jersey in October of 2016 was 450,000 here we are a year later and the median price is now up to four hundred and ninety nine thousand that means prices are continuing to rise and the same is true in Ocean County but prices there are only up about ten thousand dollars now while prices are going off the average date on market is going down remember data Martin's the number of days of homes been on the market it's down from 67 in 2016 to 58 in 2017 and the same is true in Ocean County where the average data market was down from 78 to 67 next we look at the absorption rate that tells us what type of market it is remember the absorption rate is calculated by dividing the number of sales in a given month by the number of available homes for sale it is the inverse of months of supply for example if there's a hundred condos listed for sale in a certain area and ten of those sold over the last month then the absorption rate would be 10 divided by a hundred or ten percent now in monmouth county the absorption rate for October 2016 was five point six eight percent and it's now down to four point two three percent that means that there's only a four month supply of homes on the market inventory is low and it is still a seller's market and the same is true at Ocean County where the absorption rate is down to four point nine six percent which was four from four six point two seven percent last year finally let's take a look at some stats starting in North County we're comparing numbers from October of sixteen last year to this year October two 17 now this past month 738 homes were sold which is higher than last year we have 896 pending listings which is up to almost 24 percent from 2016 there are currently three thousand four hundred and sixteen active listings which is down 17 percent from last year again there's a lack of inventory which contributes to the seller's market and the higher prices and we only have four new listings in October of 2017 than we did this time last year in Ocean County sold homes went up 5% from 2016 there are 996 pending listings ready for closing and the number of active listings when found thirteen percent from five thousand three hundred and sixty-seven to four thousand six hundred and seventy five and the good news for buyers in Ocean County is the number of new listings last month which is up 6.7% we had 1328 new listings and an average sales price of two hundred and eighty four thousand for potential buyers who waited until fall hoping to score bargain the pickings are disappointingly slim but one potential bright spot for market fatigue buyers is that new listings are up slightly from a year ago while new listings declined in the first four months of the year they have increased on a year-over-year basis in five of the last six months and there you have it your real estate market update for October 2017 and for the latest in new jersey real estate subscribe to my channel and visit my website at www.keytime.com give me a call for a no-obligation home valuation report I'll be back next month with another market update my name is Michael Bob Harris from Keller Williams get real group thanks so much for watching

Best places to start magnet fishing,, beginners guide to magnet fishing #2

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Thinking about starting magnet fishing and where to go magnet fishing???
With in my video i talk about the best place to do your new hobby

thinking about getting into magnet fishing??
please visit my link below.
Beginners guide to magnet fishing:

hello buddy welcome back to another video on this playlist on beginners guys for magnet fishing now this video we're going to talk about whereabouts would you do magnet fishing where would you start well canals a really good place to start magnet fishing and the best part on a crowd to go is the bridge try get a bridge where people can cross some of it and vehicles can go over that's most likely point where someone's gonna nip out the car and dump some it in I just say someone's got some of the dog won the casabas popped it canal go over a bridge dissolves a cutting point between me and rods so people will go there and just don't whatever they want in their walk around the bridge so I always there in front of our 50 foot away from each side of the bridge I'll just pass through stuff yes I reckon an arm for distance people come from it it please be pick up a little stored and just throw it yourself then you'll get some sort of rough distance between each side of the bridge some nice cream passing it will move in a second for them that's what way no my big fingers canal I'd be pretty quiet today no that's not keep a lookout for cyclists yes I always check the bottom of the canal as well if it's really rocky do go careful because your magnets can get caught in the bottom of the canal on rocks shopping trolleys seem to sink pretty well it more sort of doin tend to get stuck there but we'll come back to that in another video what I'm gonna do about the dangers of magnet fishing so let's recap what I've just said a bridge it's a perfect point pick up a stone just throw it in a toilet bridge that's the distance someone's gonna throw some it in maybe if you want to go down the stretch like this here now are you seriously gonna walk with me come out just to check him out in what item in what you don't want now you can't go magnet fishing down there much as you want but you chance the lows increase around the bridge area they're not gonna want to travel down canal when it comes just dump it over the end of the bridge so bridge is probably one of the best places to start magnet fishing on the canal try a river but be careful with rivers because the waters can be a bit sharp at times and accidents might happen so this covers where to do magnet fishing part ponds of the Gordon as well come across start later on bought for a canal it's wool for the best place to start magnet fishing so thanks for watching do check out rest of my beginner's guide to magnet fishing videos all in the same playlist and I'll get back to you


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On the road I come across an ABANDONED NEIGHBORHOOD, bankrupted and left to rot away. Houses here are still in great shape and it was a real surprise to see that there was still quit a few things left inside. I also found evidence of people living in some of them, which is no surprise at all. Enjoy!


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Joel Osteen – How Bad Do You Want It?

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God has placed His seeds of greatness in you. He has placed everything within you to fulfill every purpose He’s placed inside of you. But James 2 teaches us that there is action we have to take on our part, that our faith without works is dead. Discover in this empowering message how we have to go after the things in our heart with an unrelenting passion. Learn about different heroes in the Bible who pressed past obstacles and found their healing and breakthroughs.

Your will is one of the most powerful things you have. When you make up your mind that you’re going to do something, and take the steps and do everything you can, God will breathe on your efforts and give you strength that goes beyond your natural ability.

This is message #766, “How Bad Do You Want It”, by Joel Osteen. For more inspirational messages, visit

Destination Aberdeen for London City Airport by Click Creative Club

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This video was created for London City Airport as part of a suite of videos created to promote specific routes and destinations through social media.

Richard with his Flat Earth information on Nairn High Street 12th January 2018

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A wee blether with Richard at his Flat Earth stall.

five Richard you are here on an High Street with a wee bit of Flat Earth information in a nutshell what's your main reason for thinking the earth is flat because there's no evidence of curvature because the water is always level can't get bendy water and there's no evidence of motion either obviously you've got a lot of other information here but would you say there's a conspiracy to have everyone believe the earth is round I don't think you could believe in the world be level unless you believe that we live within a conspiracy so are you remember I've heard of the Flat Earth Society are you a member of Flat Earth Society no I don't subscribe to the fire society are they are they some sort of ironic group do we would you say there they are they are serious group orders I don't think they represent the topic exactly well and I think there's an awful lot of better websites that you could reference yeah I would encourage people to look up and John Smith globe lie and beyond the imaginary curve which are two Scottish channels also some very good American channels such as all DD reality and a plain truth that gives us this give this topic do people obviously a lot of people will be you know very very skeptical of what you have to say how's the reaction been from man food because it very butter even the people that disagree with it you can you can agree to disagree in issues and and have a good conversation about it no I've enjoyed my time here I've enjoyed talking it's like you finished in there now possibly I may come back here tomorrow if you plan to go to other spots in the highlands you haven't sure yeah quite that good good we expended eat well thanks very much for speaking to us Richard sure yeah no fun with y'all

World's Most Unusual Hotels – A Hotel Shaped Like a Boot – Tasman, New Zealand

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Take a tour of The Boot Bed and Breakfast in Tasman, New Zealand – part of the World’s Most Unusual Hotels series by GeoBeats.

Exploring the talgarth mental asylum.

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The building, designed by Messrs Giles, Gough and Trollope of London followed the compact arrow plan and was built at a cost of ÂŁ126,000. Originally named the Brecon and Radnor Joint Counties Lunatic Asylum, it was opened amid public ceremony on 18 March 1903, by the Rt. Hon. Lord Glanusk who said of it “everything has been done that human ingenuity could devise for the happiness and safety of the inmates, and under the blessing of God, for their speedy restoration to health.”

Like other contemporary institutions, the asylum was designed to be self-sufficient, and had its own private water, electricity, heating and sewerage systems as well as a considerable agricultural estate on which able-bodied patients worked to produce food for the hospital. As well as residential wards, the hospital had a large recreation and dining hall, kitchens, workshops “in which the patients [were] encouraged to spend their time profitably”, a tailor, bakery, shoe-maker and printing shops as well as 8 acres of market gardens.

Initially dedicated to treating patients from the counties of Brecknockshire and Radnorshire, after the First World War, patients from Montgomeryshire were also admitted, and the asylum was extended and renamed the Mid-Wales Counties Mental Hospital.

During the Second World War the hospital took in 67 male and 48 female patients from Cardiff City Mental Hospital which had been requisitioned as a war hospital. In July 1940 it was agreed that most of the hospital should be given over to military use and most of the patients were transferred to other Welsh mental hospitals. The hospital was returned to civilian use in 1947.

In 1948 the hospital became part of the National Health Service. NHS management brought a number of innovations, including art and occupational therapy and the integration of the sexes, who had previously occupied opposite sides of the hospital. The site also became home to the Mid and West Wales College of Nursing and Midwifery and the Powys Drugs & Alcohol Council for substance misuse. Other services included treatments for the elderly mentally ill, rehabilitation and continuing care, day care, reflexology, physiotherapy, electro-convulsive therapy; chiropody and psychiatry.

Decline and saleEdit

After the introduction of Care in the Community in the early 1980s the hospital went into a period of decline and it finally closed in 1999.Some facilities moved into nearby Bronllys Hospital (formerly the South Wales Sanitorium).

Following closure, the buildings and surrounding estate were sold to the former Chief Medical Officer for just ÂŁ227,000. Plans were subsequently made to redevelop the site as business park, and indeed several buildings were converted and occupied by local companies as part of the Black Mountains Business Park. However, due to the site’s isolated location and the global recession, the venture failed and only one or two businesses remained on the site by early 2009.

In 2009 the site was offered for sale. By this time, several properties that once belonged to the hospital, such as the gatehouse, had been sold off and the buildings were becoming derelict. There are signs of demolition throughout the site and many of the original slates (believed to be worth in excess of £1 million) were stripped from the roofs. The large derelict site has recently become an attraction to many urban explorers despite improved security measures.

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Shout-out to exploring with Carl.
The everything guy.
And nick. The guy with no YouTube.

what is going on guys but with you again with another location and we are and of a mental asylum Talgarth mental asylum and with Nic the everything guy exploring with Carl I'm gonna wear them to either apartment around somewhere and the more so with Tom so enjoy the video guys thumbs up enjoy hey Jamie hey Nick I explore my cough and Tom over there in got the weather on our side today boys effect I guess I can stay together what am I to you boy be careful shit everywhere I never wear decent clothes on exploring box a smiley always falls over he always falls over now you were Nick don't lie I think it's just oil to be fair it's not what is that methanol methanol down here methanol nestled on this floor voice oh I want to go a lot you know like sketchy so wonderful this is a fucking way don't lose it there commas don't want any [Applause] kill the paint stripping off it's cool yeah yeah so we're never asylum it's been done a lot this place has been done a lot that's how God enjoy so you learn about Shh loudly more get him in the car on it was it upstairs [Applause] video yeah Jake you know probably follow over again you always fallen over pretty epic pause this was you hit her I need I need up here watching me knockin upstairs boys to the right out here yeah it's fairly big here he is he should have been called [Applause] you resentment just raining there's a lot of activity here yeah see what these guys about so it's just a round or some morning is this the public road so you so you can literally drive straight through this road though because you got it you have to look around oh yeah yeah if Jamie can't about no sir you exploiting crew yeah so that's the building that we just explored just the first little building yeah so I said last two weeks ago they were in it every time you look at a location on unsay Google or something and then you actually go there and it's completely different let's go and check out this little building crazy has definitely got a bit of a better vibe about this place in Danby for sure horror film didn't it we struck gold yeah there's not really a lot in here anyway well I'm not gonna video yeah there's another car coming is the oven Assad ton does it everyone just drive through here public road which technically this means if it's a public road the only private bit is in there get inside here boys so did he say that he's in security or they must see people vlogging it all the time here coming through this place is not a church oh wow a church I know yeah yeah their security dude there's people just walking through here and driving yeah well the first car we assume is a Volvo recent evolved them is like ah how's it looking in there that's awesome ah for fuck's sake right oh my camera is video recording now you t-shirt over it so we can get it it's like you can't pop nothing just being this some snotty-nosed little kid that can do a backflip through that and he's already he's already got some oh shit we need to make a Jamie literally just try calling me Oh is he over there Jimmy fucking nice I think we're in the main part now can you know I'll come way too much Jamie get over this you know Jamie's gonna fall yeah it's slippery at it I wouldn't jump on that floor to our areas the fall over golly waiting for this one come on Jamie it's not another day well done Jamie algebra there's a church is nice in the church over the rabbit it's a church well hello I don't know but I want to check that I've lost cos of boys wanted it look how good these doors look what are you gonna vlog on you'll make it win Jamie well here's crazy on it look how cool this looks oh look at the door frames and all doors are massive so this was within the main entrance deception I'm guessing floor as a stable it is so oh yeah so far it's a pretty good place it's I prefer to the over asana we've done for sure seems got buh bit more for character about it as well yeah I was be doubled I got an upstairs you're gonna cover the ground floor first yeah we found the one that is usually what is in a bathroom Jamie better take you out oh well there's definitely been a fire any effort you know for Jesus yeah there's definitely been a fire in here wow this is cool [Applause] the basement oh this looks cool really really eerie volley gonna bring them yeah don't worry about spoilers Nick there's always something about an abandoned basement and it's very very spooky cool I suppose Karl isn't worth it I so hope we can get in that church yeah it looks like it yeah I'm guessing it is good yeah let's go and have a look Nick wow this is cool the heart of the asylum I'm guessing oh my god holy shit wow this is cool first don't look at all this boiler boiler number one wait until then what's in here [Applause] [Applause] don't find the others place a big engine room is it a big it's the heartbeat of the asylum yeah yeah you like it down there voice I'm gonna go and check over in this one George check meanings we've got to look at this and so it's me back out in the main road if you want yeah we're gonna go through there Nick wants to climb the water time I'm guessing this floor is meant to go down on a slope your fingers like it's going down then what this was for [Applause] dad ends between them boys tell you I'd be a howl over here or did you know don't do what you know I ain't a fan of heights so I got a tent here here that here they generate the Jamie yeah is that power or what you just tried your ad miss that desert well did you track it to the engine range got a big motor – awesome runnin with the bait in with the baton yes I were hoping get in the church one we've never done a church to be amazing you hardly thank God yeah you want to see round ear always a pentagram always a pentagram so explore makar destroyed the church in the can't get in bummer over there everything guy he wants to get in fear son so there's going to be more gun coming up to the Second World War to start shaking more patients here for mobile hospitals right just the three of them hospitals for injured soldiers not before yo you got took over by the NHS fuck's up when I just got all took off that scared the shit out well thanks Explorer Makar I was amazed I need to know you going on my ass Nick that floor is properly up on this morning and soon as I left the house they will come rushing you for this door and on stage exploring would call in the everything guy they're happy to be here Jamie you enjoying your tour so far did you go that way yeah I ran like a racquetball did you actually have a turn oh yeah right he's got one pair of socks on No please hey we're up here you have to come up the slide oh yeah the projectors Ella oh my god come without its getg all the projectors are over not actual projectors but the hallways I won't throw right where is Carl it's cool the owner hi oh yeah crazy guy Calvin clean Darla's lost this keys oh yeah when did you go in your bag that was in one of the buildings just over there he's gone he's gone he's gone over that would've been a long walk home boys so that's the mental asylum done shout out with exploring the car the everything guy Nick who know you to know still at Sam please like and subscribe cheers guys we find somewhere next weekend again if you're up for it car yeah yeah see you next time

East Sussex Healthcare Trust – Speciality Induction Video Gastroenterology EDGH

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Gastroenterology Specialty Induction Video Eastbourne DGH produced by Medical Education at East Sussex Health Care Trust to support the Induction of new trainee doctors to the trust.

A brief overview of how the department is set up, introducing you to key staff and an outline of your working day.

We hope you enjoy.

Christina Morphew
Deputy Medical Education Manager
[email protected]
Conquest 01424 755255 Ext: 6358 (Mon/Weds/Fri)
Eastbourne 01323 417400 Ext: 5875 (Tues)
Please note I do not work on Thursdays
Mobile 07870 500 802

Follow us on twitter at: [email protected]

‘Striving to provide excellent educational opportunities and to improve the trainee doctor experience via encouragement and facilitation within a supportive environment’

T.I. argues with cop who arrested him in new jail video

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The rapper is seen inside the Henry County jail after being arrested outside of his neighborhood.

somebody okay to wear that you're born with a cheerful mania hey living area I know whoever I want to so we're looking Hitler Mads once a day why did they do that they don't know they don't know I justify that who you were all Spears research is over if got my this I'm not and our version but we will need to fill out drop this one because this foul line yeah Oh that's our big space okay okay I'm over it no no we're looking okay my staff is over not just empty salsa I'm sorry there's always some here you oh all you got happy now me you got to get it in we're getting out comes out oh you got oil noise only are both you want the slicer that's a natural over there fifty-one Oh Mia knows it all me the third thing was you're definitely doing so well collect respect to the actual question is a wireless protection you have like boom I would acting like no am I was a Hector like a movie because I was questioning the personal analogy about how many healthier you and Texas pregnant bear so here that ever use excuse user sometimes an ideation he didn't have to have cement I'm so search push we're selling it okay well even if you feel the janitor Anthony works with a red onesie didn't have to come back plus I'd have to buy a right to come back I paid millions of dollars on one house noting that index revenue bonds you're asked what you will do so I meant are you going for their areas of question you never answered where you might argue here by my injury I met no sir I'm not arguing I'm merely requesting an answer I eat why was I arrested you said with that good food how so just said because I came back and a question to man should be I shoulda came back that's my wife ever fans okay why did that constitute for me be arrested okay so you still haven't answered my question about our III Court you're answering it quick oh that you've you guys are two employees at airport I'll be awesome this good thing is something that likes to care about my nindo what if you love them you know going to 30 the next easily got me access that afloat yeah r3e hey mister everybody sir I'm not helpful to put anything go you do don't you you didn't arrest me on board so it's a matter what to do bed that do that with English on this therefore I'm gonna say no but you didn't do we put out more like that GoPro oh sure and for an apartment are you gonna find yourself out you want to put a doctor's car but the numbers on this part can you do swipe on I get a call one 800 number if it was a generative process that I can I get a hug it out my feet with yours or I don't know what I mean all over the phone or you have it equal to a sub these okay what's the boat he or she does have but but you gotta work in probably ballgames you here and keep that podium yes to get you on this yeah Oh expert opinion we have a the car that quick would you write the note there oh yes hold it the way out so Nana yeah where does all this number 4 and I am good I know gotta tell ya by way of the other film is highly silver Christmas order would hit accounting is the problem play Hey yeah are you trying to go yo go get that thing then we don't wanna call it so is your article Thunder yeah well we're here to resolve something about vigilant but it was itself who is the top descent are we doing away now that they were coordinate more opposite yeah based on you I'm busy right this room the other you could use yellow station but how dense epson salt I never laid my hands on you and delay in some super so whether I never bring them okay keep it pretty we need only there Rizzoli I gotta throw into it okay oh speaking of that what we got always we help you break lastly understand president have a castle space good Oh year for my birthday another baby in orbit of the I guess we know you've seen a lot of each other Wanda where lemme try to go you want to be most decorated race you ladies really about state Oh speak this is about you but I would never think that making excessive force have you dear is me someone the world ah she uses excesses yeah I can't wait you definitely can little bit haha they came ah yes the visual behavior here all the drawings but we're gonna go through you mission but first one watch annual I mean to birth diverse with indexes same time change Oh there you come in with a head with – or 400 Israel with Shepherd there are three major useful will give you everything right down you're all right I don't figure two guys make the entrance – oh so they were going on yes Boyd 22nd I probably okay sighs oh boy oh you asked for your George yeah so there's no boys you got we don't know you guys take care yeah billion face we don't even come get away right been a weird you have any shorts with us at all no yeah no a shirts so does no ensure we have an elbow or bond you will contact McNally there are some to you know that is employed in joke Oh

Bagpipe band of Scottish Universities Mission Institution from Kalimpong

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Bagpipe Band of Scottish Universities Mission Institution from Kalimpong,

The Pipe Band was introduced in 1999 with 8 pipers, 3 side drums and 1 bass drum. Today some 16 pieces of pipes, 8 sides, 2 tenors and 1 Bass have been bought by the school.

Under the able leadership of the band master, Mr. Sanjay Samuel Rai. The Band, with its Scottish attire, instantly won the hearts of the people of Kalimpong. The band has not only been performing in the school functions but has also been associated with functions organized by NGO and sister Institutions in other districts and neighboring states.

Sikkim gears up for its biggest event, Sikkim Winter Carnival 2014. The Sikkim Winter Carnival 2014 was jointly organised by Sikkim Tourism and Civil Aviation and Government of Sikkim and was started on Dec 14 till Dec 19. The annual tourism festival is one of the most popular events in the north east circuit. Main highlights are the various cultural events, music shows, arts and crafts exhibitions, unlimited adventure activities like paragliding, mountain biking, rock climbing and much more.

In order to promote Tourism, the Govt. of Sikkim has decided to setup a, Tourist cum Socio-Cultural Amusement Park at Ranka. It islocated 15 kms. from Gangtok coming up over sprawling 16 acres of land. The project comprises of 24 tourist accommodations of traditional Sikkimese architecture, Villa Club with bars, restaurant, indoor swimming pool, multi-gym, open-air theatre, children’s park, Food Court, Exhibition Halls showing arts, handicraft, ornament, musical instruments etc. It will have Centralized A.C in the Reception cum Information Center, Multipurpose hall, Amusement Park with Rides, Simulators, Musical Fountain, Water Chute, Closed Circuit TVs, laser-cum-video show on water screens, Rain Forest Cafe, etc, along with all infrastructure developments works and tourism facilities.The small state of Sikkim is East India, nestled among the Eastern Himalayan mountains has an ace up its sleeve for tourist attraction.

The state has presented a mega tourism project which is a combination of provision of modern facilities combined with the cultural heritage of Sikkim. The project was open to tourist after President of India, Shrimati Pratibha Patil inaugrates Khangchendzonga Tourist Complex cum socio-cultural amusement park at Ranka, East Sikkim on 15th April.

The project is the first of its kind in the state of Sikkim. It was conceived in 2005 by the Chief Minister of Sikkim and work started on the same in June 2006.

The park spread over 16 acres of land has many cultural attractions like the dome shaped Sikkim Panaroma, swimming pools, bowling alleys, colourful and musical fountains and laser shows. The Sikkim Panaroma houses relief features of important places of Sikkim including the state’s low lying areas and going higher up to Mt Khangchendzonga. These relief features are made from fiber glass. There are also murals of the ethnic communities of Sikkim in the Sikkim Panorama along with traditional huts. Also in keeping with the serenity and surroundings of the region, the park has a rain forest cafĂ©, a unique food joint with glass floors over a natural stream with lots of greenery.

Ranka also has other tourist attractions such as Lingdum Monastery and Banjakhri Falls. Also with limited recreational and entertainment facilities in Gangtok, the locals can visit Khangchendzonga Tourist Villa cum park for their own entertainment benefit as well.

Khangchendzonga Tourist Villa cum Socio-Cultural Amusement Park is a pioneering standalone project of its kind, celebrating the many gifts Sikkim is endowed with. It is a landmark not only in the state but in all of Northeastern India. It is the pride of the people of Sikkim and brings joy to visitors to this enchanting land.

Source: www.ktcranka.com

This footage is part of the professionally-shot broadcast stock footage archive of Wilderness Films India Ltd., the largest collection of HD imagery from South Asia. The Wilderness Films India collection comprises of 50, 000+ hours of high quality broadcast imagery, mostly shot on HDCAM / SR 1080i High Definition, Alexa, SR, XDCAM and 4K. Write to us for licensing this footage on a broadcast format, for use in your production! We are happy to be commissioned to film for you or else provide you with broadcast crewing and production solutions across South Asia. We pride ourselves in bringing the best of India and South Asia to the world…

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Buying a Sandwich in Derry

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Michael goes to buy a sandwich in Derry.

hi can I get this sandwich please hi would you like any wheat drinks your we sandwich yeah I'll have americano please I write them what we sighs would you like a wee americano what have you got well there's one that's we there's one that's well we all together and then there's one was not very we talked we high right would you like a wee bag with your we americano would you be so much no I'm okay thanks all right but I'll get your wee food and I'll get you a coffee and I'll get you your we change in a moment

CBC Here & Now NL Thursday June 8 2017

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Here & Now – Every day, around Newfoundland and Labrador, Debbie Cooper, Ryan Snoddon, Carolyn Stokes and the entire
Here and Now team pull out all the stops to cover your news and weather. If it’s happening now, you’ll see it
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Van packed with drugs crashes into police cars outside Eastwood police station | 7NEWS

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Eastwood: $200M worth of ice has been found in the back of a van after its driver crashed into a number of parked police cars outside a police station.


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The Duke and Duchess of Gloucester visit Norfolk Island where they meet descendants of the Bounty mutineers.

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eventually get down to the dock Norfolk Island which lies about 800 miles east of Brisbane recently received a flying visit from the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester the governor-general was welcomed by mr. Wilson who administrates the island and leading citizens from among the small population were presented the chief celebration appears to have been a sort of picnic a very pleasant change from the formality of most royal visits I daresay 90 years ago most of the descendants of the mutineers of the bounty were transferred from Pitkin to Norfolk Island and a number were present on this occasion Benjamin Christian was one and Fletcher Christian youngest direct descendant of the famous leader of the mutiny there's not much room for a racecourse on Norfolk which is hilly in only 13 square miles in area but they contrive to run a race called the Gloucester Cup the descendants of the mutineers and the rest of the population are law-abiding and there's only one policeman with whom the Duke had a chat in fact the governor-general saw pretty well everybody and everything on Norfolk during what was a very big occasion for the faraway Island it

Trip to Inverness

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So my family and I went to Inverness for a cycling race. Inverness is an amazing place so I made this edit around it, hope you enjoy.

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