Derry, Northern Ireland – Travel Around The World | Top best places to visit in Derry

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Top best places to visit in Derry, Northern Ireland
Derry or, more officially, Londonderry is the second largest city of Northern Ireland.

The city is also nicknamed the Maiden City by virtue of the fact that its walls were never breached despite being besieged on three separate occasions.

Derry is the only remaining walled city in Ireland that is completely intact and it is one of the finest examples of a walled city in Europe.

There are many historical buildings that can be visited when walking down the City Walls.
St Columb’s Cathedral is the mother church of the Ireland Diocese of Derry.

Situated along the City Walls, First Derry Presbyterian Church has recently been re-opened and is now used as a place of worship.

Another admirable church of great importance is the neo-Gothic St Augustine’s Church.

Located within the historic walls Tower Museum, the main museum of the city, tells the story of the city from prehistory to the present.

Right in the center of Derry is a monument dedicated to the citizens who lost their lives during World War I, the Diamond War Memorial.

In the Bogside neighborhood is a historical landmark, a free-standing gable wall, that commemorates Free Derry.

In the same area of the Free Derry Museum is the Bloody Sunday Memorial.

But the Bogside is best known for its large political murals found on the walls of Free Derry Corner.

A more contemporary sculpture in the city, known as Hands Across the Divide, serves as a symbol of the two communities coming together.

Outside of the city walls are many important landmarks worth visiting, such as:
St Eugene’s Cathedral, where there is the Roman Catholic minster.

St Columba’s Church Long Tower, the Roman Catholic Church with the beautiful altar.

And the Guildhall, a large hall where many social and political events have been held.

The Guildhall is located between City Walls and the River Foyle.

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Top 15 Places To Visit In Hertfordshire, England

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Cheapest Hotels To Stay In Hertfordshire –
Best Tours To Enjoy Hertfordshire –
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Here are top 15 places to visit in Hertfordshire, England
All photos belong to their rightful owners. Credit next to name.
1. Letchworth –
2. Watford –
3. St Albans –
4. Hertford –
5. Welwyn Garden City –
6. Tring –
7. Berkhamsted –
8. Hatfield –
9. Hitchin –
10. Bishop’s Stortford –
11. Stevenage –
12. Royston –
13. Much Hadham –
14. Ware –
15. Wheathampstead –

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Places to see in ( Barton upon Humber – UK )

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Places to see in ( Barton upon Humber – UK )

Barton-upon-Humber or Barton is a town and civil parish in North Lincolnshire, England. The population at the 2011 census was 11,066. It is situated on the south bank of the Humber Estuary at the southern end of the Humber Bridge. It is 46 miles (74 km) east of Leeds, 6 miles (10 km) south-west of Hull and 31 miles (50 km) north north-east of the county town of Lincoln. Other nearby towns include Scunthorpe to the south-west and Grimsby to the south-east.

The Barton – Cleethorpes Branch Line (opened 1849) via Grimsby terminates at Barton-on-Humber railway station. The A15 passes to the west of the town cutting through Beacon Hill, and has a junction with the A1077 Ferriby Road to South Ferriby. The B1218 passes north-south through the town, and leads to Barton Waterside. Kimberly-Clark had a factory on Falkland Way close to the railway, known the Barton Plant; this area is known as the Humber Bridge Industrial Estate. Barton is on the south bank of the Humber estuary and is at the southern end of the Humber Bridge. The Viking Way starts near the bridge.

St Peter’s Church has a Saxon tower. An Anglo-Saxon inhumation cemetery at Castledyke South, in use from the late 5th or early 6th century until the late 7th century, was investigated and partially excavated 1975–90: the skeletal remains of 227 individuals were identified, including one who had undergone (and survived) trepanning. The church was reopened in May 2007 as a resource for medical research into the development of diseases, and ossuary, containing the bones and skeletons of some 2,750 people whose remains were removed between 1978 and 1984 from the 1,000-year-old burial site, after the Church of England made the church redundant in 1972.

There are two churches in Barton-upon-Humber, St Peter’s and St Mary’s, located only about 170 yards apart. St Peter’s is a large, mostly Anglo-Saxon church and predates St Mary’s — which may have originated as a chapel on the original market place, enlarged and increasing in importance as the town’s trade thrived in the 12th and 13th centuries.

( Barton upon Humber – UK ) is well know as a tourist destination because of the variety of places you can enjoy while you are visiting Barton upon Humber . Through a series of videos we will try to show you recommended places to visit in Barton upon Humber – UK

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48 hour guide to Yorkshire

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@HavenHelen is heading home in our next 48 hour guide. Join her as she explores her home county of Yorkshire , she’ll be chuffed to show you around.

where we'd attend the biggest county in all of the UK Yorkshire it is also widely considered to be one of the greenest due to the vast stretches of unspoiled countryside in the yorkshire dales and the North York Moors however Yorkshire isn't just making everyone green with envy thanks to cities such as leaves and Sheffield and of course outstanding beaches Yorkshire gets lots of tourists each year and we're here to show you what makes it so special my name is Helen and as a travel blogger is my job to travel around the UK finding the best of what our country has to offer launched in 2009 welcome to Yorkshire is a company that inspires people to visit the county we spoke to chief executive gary baron t about why this county is one that keeps on giving there Gary thank you so much for meeting us today you are the CEO welcome to Yorkshire and my first question has got to be why do you love Yorkshire so much what is about it I think the thing about Yorkshire is that it has everything for everybody whatever it is you're looking for in your perfect holiday you'll find it in Yorkshire whether you're looking for great cities and a great retail experience or fantastic food and drink or stunning scenery with three national parks three areas of outstanding natural beauty and a beautiful coastline some of the most beautiful coastline you'll find anywhere in Europe in Yorkshire so you put all that together combine that with the people of Yorkshire who are the friendliest people you'll find anywhere in Europe and you've got a winning combination you were also playing a massive part in the Tour de France that actually came through Yorkshire like that's an amazing thing to happen isn't it the Tour de France started in Yorkshire in 2014 it's the second time the grande pars happened in the UK the first time was London 2007 so it's only the second time in the hundred and ten year history of the world's biggest bike race it's been and started in this country so so we're really proud of the fact it started in Yorkshire it showcased some fantastic scenery across the county it was covered in 195 countries live on television around the world millions of people turned out here to watch it and billions of people saw it on television around the globe so everyone saw how beautiful Yorkshire is it showcased Yorkshire to it's very best and we were very fortunate with the weather we had glorious weather great crowds stunning scenery and fantastic sport as well so other things that Yorkshire are famous for and as well as the Tour de France we've also had the Tory Archer is that happening again this year yeah so it's an annual race now it's our own bike race it's the the largest annual sporting event in the UK every year now the one that's just happened we've got two and a half million people out to watch that it goes to the coast it showcases many great places and it comes in land as well and we'll announce over the next few months the route for the 2017 edition so people might want to plan their holidays around that you yourself get involved I do I love cycling I am a mammal I'm a middle-aged man in lycra I mean it's it's a sight to behold but I'm really happy when I'm out on my bike and do you yourself do you have a favorite attraction in Yorkshire or a favorite area can we say that yes so for me I love all of Yorkshire and I couldn't have favourites because it'd be like choosing between your children but I think Yorkshire has everything it has stunning scenery it has fantastic food and drink it's got some great attractions some fantastic types of accommodation all different types to suit all budgets and if you put all that together I think you can see why so many people choose to come to your trip history is certainly on the cards if you have the chance to visit the quaint and quirky City of York home to York Minster the largest Gothic cathedral in Northern Europe the skyline of York is unspoiled thanks to the role that no building can be taller than this magnificent building discover local businesses down topsy-turvy slick aways or simply enjoy the impressive Roman and Norman architecture such as the famous city bar walls or York's Castle Castle Howard Whitby Bridlington Scarborough just to name a few Yorkshire is blessed with an amazing stretch of breathtaking coastline and nostalgic seaside towns wander off the beaten track and you're even more spoilt for choice with even more beaches to enjoy such as one's wig fair or Robin Hood fair sit back and discover as you bar the left two cobbles left in North London the former and North London portrait have been running for generations so who better to give you a tour of the Yorkshire coast line here you can be transported back in time with the storage of fascinating smugglers kids and come I – I with a range of amazing and beautiful animals we spoke to girl who told us more about this historic portrait go thank you so much for inviting us out on your boat it's there how long is not funding boat trips been happening probably for generations really we just were just carrying on a tradition that's been happening generations and it's quite a family affair this is the talk us through who helps run boat trips with you we have Richard and Ross their onboard prosperity what's your onboard now and then we have my maps we've met and Bob they do the three hours fishing we tend to with the three hours fishing we tend go to where we come play casual clientele really so a lot of people come off the beach and all set pop fish younger tomorrow something for your supper definitely oh you can take it home you can as long as it's illegal sighs yes and what sort of things would you be captured digit you can't that's basically what everybody's coming out to try at this time of the year you get mackerel and various other bits in boxes once now let's talk about what else we can see while we're out on the boat so you've taken it into the cave and the area around their whereabouts do we go what do you koala go down to the phonic Bay that's where smugglers cave is my lemma come over here which is a part of a cliff that is known locally as Braille and obviously as you can see we can get in tight alongside the clicker and you see all the various different sea good and you think because you do have such fantastic scenery that does encourage people to come out and see it from a different point of view out on the bulletin a yes yeah I mean we are very much weather dependent the sea has got to become you know we do advise it people from or check in with us a day or so before in advance just to make sure that we are selling I'm so surprised that help for you to fall color this thing is this is at the moment yes we've got some nice gentle winds and fancy getting even closer to the sea then hop off the Pearl and discover the Yorkshire coast line in a different and exhilarating way with beer water sports car steering adventure around the rocks and it cares with a mixture of swimming and climbing this activity is exhilarating for anyone thank you so much for inviting us down today so I'm really excited to what we're gonna get up to well we're going to be going car staring which is a mix of swimming climbing on the shoreline smugglers caves it's fantastic fantastic way to see the cast and is it all the family that can get involved yeah absolutely yeah as a company were adventure activities license which means we can take under 18 without parent supervision and all abilities I'm I mean a little bit of Aldrin in my past but yeah you don't have to be a really good swimmer we do save it would like you to be able to UM 25 metres but we've got instructors there on hand at all times but it's what it's custom what else does very well to Smart's offer we do stand-up paddle boarding as well which is the fastest-growing wat spot in the world currently we do paddle board clubs on an evening and we also take groups out learning to paddle board so we're doing it down in flam bro whereabouts we'll be seeing on our costuming okay so we're going to be in little thorn with bay and then thorn with bay there's lots of caves around there some really big caves so we can go in a lot of them interlink as well so we can can go through one cave and into the next one really good place as it's chalk cliffs as well here it's the waters clean clear it's actually the largest chalk reef in Europe and extend six kilometers out to sea so where else do you go around the Arctic coast so we operate in Scarborough finally in Bridlington we also have a water spots like just outside Scarborough which is 80 acres so if the weather and the sea state is not right we can always get people out on the water and do you have a favorite between Kosta inin stand-up paddleboarding the two very different the coast earrings an exhilarating thing and paddleboarding is great exercise yeah and how far we will be going today we've got two different rooms which one are we off on we're on the color doesn't signified a difficulty but we're actually on the red route and we have different routes to pick different weather States and tide states right and how long will it take us a large group would be two to two and a half hours so it's a full morning or afternoon act yeah absolutely yeah and how much is it to do that okay so normal charge would be forty pound per person that includes all the equipment full-body wetsuits needed yeah absolutely we provide full body because we'd rather people be too hot too cold yeah personal buoyancy aid helmets and then of course your joint five instructors dive further into the aquatic life of Yorkshire with the D this award-winning aquarium is home to over 3,500 fish and other sea life creatures making it one of the best in the country here you can peek at the Penguins or even help by nima and that is just the start so the deep it's been here since 2002 and am i right in saying that they thought it was going to be like a one-hit wonder yeah initially we did think a lot of people were a bit skeptical where the whole could and support such a big project like this where we would still keep going but every year we're just getting stronger and stronger of visitors just expanding every year with obviously with the instruction around young penguins that I just got people coming from all around the country yes at 14 years later you go for shrimp to strengthen cuz were a conservation charity we could not be happier with the success that we've had here so you're a non-profit yeah organizers lately on profit we have and field work from all around the world whether it's helping the Galapagos penguins in the Galapagos and also the seals there as well we've got coral projects we've got the sawfish projects we've recently just hired an IUCN Red List officer as well which is working with a network of marine biologists around the world and to have a look at conservation of a lot of marine life I knew yourself you've been here for three years and even though in three years you've seen a lot of change massively yet I've seen animals become parents over the first time I've seen their you swim off to our homes around the world and just getting us back to 20s and 2016 again the more visitors we get the bigger and better we can make it and that's really what we want we want to Education Centre you see so we want to learn people how important walls are and how much they need our help and I misjudged some of the bigger animals I like the shacks and how would the penguin settle in it today have their own little personalities you can see absolutely we have got here we've got Stanley down here – Stanley with the purple band yeah he's known for when his I'm in his DNA like tip his head on a side like this so I don't know if I can angelic look he likes to give his keepers and we've got Guinevere she's Nance on top ten in the water Sheehan comes up for food constantly in the water got kylo was constantly grooming herself constantly preening I've got two alphas western alia there em some cheer speech over away from each other's areas of course we have the around with some brand new eggs which are really happy about parents doing a fantastic job at the moment and it's a joint parental responsibilities so mum and dads gathered at this fantastically and again over the moon if that isn't enough exotic animals for you while you're in Yorkshire then why not take the trip down to the tropical butterfly house there you can meet a variety of butterfly but also an array of wildlife from all over the world including African meerkats thanks for having us here at the tropical butterfly house yeah it's not just a butterfly house it's also a wildlife are now so what else have we got here apart from the butterflies okay where we got the indoor is a tropical butterfly house which is sort of 500 square meters and then we've got a walk through lemur exhibit walk through wallaby and Mar exhibit you can meet otters here and meerkats as well so lots of different species so when you mean walk through do you mean that we can actually get up close and personal with these animals you certainly can the place is designed to attract young families really and the opportunities to be very very close to manuals is sort of unique to us in there in Yorkshire and it's great until you get the chance of whole snakes will have a lemur on your shoulder or feed a wallaby so it's a fantastic opportunity for people and is it a family-owned business it is yeah it's opened just over 20 years ago and it's still run by the same family it was a old quarry and it's been developed from scratch by the owner and Dee's daughter now runs it yeah and it's perfect for late said small families but also the weather which British weather it's not predictable no luckily the facilities we have here allow us sort of provide indoor and outdoor attractions so if it is really bad wherever you got a tropical butterfly we can go into also the Lima conservatory where we can do indoor talks and then when the weather's nice we can we could use fantastic bird shows meerkat encounters lemur experiences there's so much happening about every half an hour for out day then do you have a favorite show you like to say that when we were talking I didn't enjoy watching the birds flying yeah yeah we got free flying macaws we've also got hornbills we've got Ravens owls hawks vultures so it's a big mixture and then this year we've incorporated skunks and rats it's a mix a mixed animal show it's always that sort of a fun education and then we we fundraise for various projects around the world so to help vultures or lemurs etc so the vultures as well because they have quite a stigma attached to them yeah is the idea behind a lot of your shows here to change people's perceptions is yeah where the voltage is a classic really because they're the population the wilds dropped by 90% through a number of different reasons drugs and poisoning and this has had a real adverse effect on the wall because the animals are at all the the animals which have disease vultures at un diseased carcasses prevent the spread of disease and now they're not their disease is becoming rife so it's becoming a real issue and iver animals are taken over like dogs for example are taking the place of vultures dogs breed very fast they carry rabies say it were it's very important that we people understand the importance of our scavenging Birds definitely like we need them yeah we do they can fly quite high currently yeah yeah they've been recorded at the same high as a jumbo jet can fly which is thirty four thousand feet so we will be at a brief no no no I don't think I get up there and I got the wingspan of that but yeah they can they can breathe through their bones as well as through their air sacs so they can utilize all the oxygen there yeah and we've like the the cuter animals say like the meerkats and the lemurs has that brought in a new like new people yeah it's definitely new clientele the lemurs are fantastic is it one knows the film alligator scaring about the lemurs and and and they're having real problems in Madagascar it's a big island most of the rainforest has been lost so we're working alongside why can't captive lemurs for like an ambassador for the wild ones and we raised money by having them here and help out a place called the Madagascar flora and fauna group and they actually monitored the wild lemurs they got collars on them and track them down they also got a little collection of captive ones which they breed and release and that's something we could never do so but what we can do is give them money and you know we last year we paid for two people to track lemurs for a whole year and six months for somebody's looking after in captivity so that was really good now thanks to our public coming for the gates yes so by people coming in visiting learning about the animals it then helps it helps Wild Ones yeah I hope you've enjoyed our quick visit to my home county of yorkshire but if you don't feel like it was long enough then why not think about owning your very own holiday home at Haven we are Blue Dolphin primrose Valley and region sons in North Yorkshire optronic beer and far grange in East Yorkshire

10 Best Places to Visit in Switzerland

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switzerland tourism
switzerland travel
switzerland tour
switzerland nature
beauty of Switzerland
tourist attractions in Switzerland
top cities Switzerland

Photo Credit:
Interlaken By Andrew Bossi
Lausanne By Rama
Geneva By Nauticashades
Zurich By MadGeographer
Zermatt By Chris James
Jungfrau Region By Bookhouse boy
Lugano BY Uwe Häntsch
Lake Geneva By Matthias Burch
Lucerne By Michael Dawes
Bern By Martin Abegglen

10 places to visit in norfolk

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Northfolk besides having one of England’s well known pleasure beach, it also has inland days outs, including zoos stately homes and county parks along side many other places to visit and explore. If you want a part two or have any other suggestions on county’s and places I could make a video on next please don’t hesitate to drop a comment below thank you

Places to see in ( Inverness – UK )

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Places to see in ( Inverness – UK )

Inverness is a city on Scotland’s northeast coast, where the River Ness meets the Moray Firth. It’s the largest city and the cultural capital of the Scottish Highlands. Its Old Town features 19th-century Inverness Cathedral, the mostly 18th-century Old High Church and an indoor Victorian Market selling food, clothing and crafts. The contemporary Inverness Museum and Art Gallery traces local and Highland history.

Inverness meaning “Mouth of the River Ness”) is a city in the Scottish Highlands. Inverness is the administrative centre for the Highland council area, and is regarded as the capital of the Highlands. Inverness lies near two important battle sites: the 11th-century battle of Blàr nam Fèinne against Norway which took place on The Aird and the 18th-century Battle of Culloden which took place on Culloden Moor.

Inverness is the northernmost city in the United Kingdom and lies within the Great Glen (Gleann Mòr) at its north-eastern extremity where the River Ness enters the Moray Firth. At the latest, a settlement was established by the 6th century with the first royal charter being granted by Dabíd mac Maíl Choluim (King David I) in the 12th century. The Gaelic king Mac Bethad Mac Findláich (MacBeth) whose 11th-century murder of King Duncan was immortalised in Shakespeare’s play Macbeth, held a castle within the city where he ruled as Mormaer of Moray and Ross.

Inverness College is the main campus for the University of the Highlands and Islands. With around 8,500 students, Inverness College hosts around a quarter of all the University of the Highlands and Islands’ students, and 30% of those studying to degree level.

Inverness is linked to the Black Isle across the Moray Firth by the Kessock Bridge. It has a railway station with Abellio ScotRail services to Perth, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen, Thurso, Wick and Kyle of Lochlash. Inverness Airport is located 15 km east of the city and has scheduled flights to airports across the UK including London, Manchester, Belfast and the islands to the north and west of Scotland. Inverness is connected to London Euston by the Caledonian Sleeper, which departs six times a week and by the Virgin Trains East Coast operated Highland Chieftain to London King’s Cross which runs daily.

Alot to see in ( Inverness – UK ) such as :

Urquhart Castle
Caledonian Canal
Cawdor Castle
Ness Islands
Inverness Cathedral
Clava cairn
Chanonry Point
Inverness Castle
Plodda Falls
Beauly Priory
Castle Stuart
Falls of Foyers
Inverness Museum and Art Gallery
Whin Park
Inverness Leisure
Northern Meeting Park
The Steeple
Old High Church, Inverness
Dolphin Spirit Inverness
Castle Gallery
Ship Space
Merkinch Local Nature Reserve
Farraline Park

( Inverness – UK ) is well know as a tourist destination because of the variety of places you can enjoy while you are visiting the city of Inverness . Through a series of videos we will try to show you recommended places to visit in Inverness – UK

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A 48 Hour Guide to Kent

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Join @HavenJohnny as he explores some of the best places to go whilst in Kent.

welcome to Kent a County with a fascinating history dating back thousands of years my name is Johnny and I'm here to give you a whistle-stop tour of this fantastic part of Britain as a travel writer and history graduate I am fascinated with finding out about the heritage and attractions of our little island also known as the Garden of England Kent is the home of hop gardens and a Dilek Country Estates let's get started take to the skies and experience the Kansas countryside in all its glory with Kemp ballooning with hot air balloon flight scheduled seven days a week at sunrise and sunset you can get a whole new perspective on this beautiful County you'll also be able to enjoy a delicious glass of champagne once you arrive back on earth I'm here with Mike who is a pilot at Kemp ballooning hi Mike good morning Pete a bit more walk but you've got an offer for anyone who's visiting here we fly all over County would you fight seven days a week at dawn and dusk because that's when that's good for flying in balloons and you get to see the beautiful Kent countryside from the air you tell us about how you got into ballooning I used to sail a lot and when it's windy it's good for sailing and when it's not it's good for flying so we always have something to do and yeah I think ballooning is the ideal sort of thing to do if it's if it's nice light winds like we had this morning and what do you think makes Kent a unique place for a ballooning walking sort soon having flown in Australia Canada America and all over England as well I prefer flying here because we're surrounded by the water you get to see a completely different perspective like this morning we were up at five and a half thousand feet and it almost looks like you could sort of touch or jump out and touch the water off see nobody did such as good but yeah it's a this morning we could see out towards London towards Essex West Sussex it's amazing this morning the Golf Course we took off from it always sits down in the mist so all of our launch sites have their own sort of great little quality fantastic well it's been an absolute great experience and I come to do it again well I'm glad you enjoyed it thank you very much no problem located in the heart of the Hop Farm hoppers animal world allows you the chance to see a whole array of intriguing and fascinating animals from meerkats to llamas and falcons to raccoon dogs all alongside brilliant daytime shows the whole family won't want to leave this wildlife Wonderland I'm here with Nick owner a hot first animal farm yeah could you tell us a little about what people can expect to see when they come to visit okay yeah well basically here and a hop papasan well we've got lots of different very Venables we're a very small zone yeah well we try and pack as much as we can and then stable all power we offer 11 shows a day roughly psych every 15 minutes ranging from talks on shire horses to talk some goats alpacas a reptile called small Handley we do about handling the main demo site that will come off it is basically for the main demos goals shows these nights this summer demo we change the things at their most all different birds are private 34 birds of prey on site which we do handily we've got unusual things our raccoon dogs we've got our route dragons we got carpet pythons there's lots of different phonies good yes amazing and we see known some many evils of nights out there that's what's happening will you state night school we're doing an amount within four children there will be five to fifteen year olds and then after some Holly can start doing experience days for adults where they can learn to do full contact Justin and not fighting and you have a huge array of different animals so throughout the from here is there anything which your favorite could you say if you have a frame they've obviously not favorite I'm a falcon days birds of prey that's my favorite moments my raccoon dogs because I'll see not if it was seen a raccoon dog and they've been very popular cause you can pick them up and I'm bringing them up like a normal dog and we also see a put some oats houses for any history to those yes you got a large collection of Oaks house in the world here yeah no more morose in the world knew it haha and obviously it used to be a brewery so audience were working up until about when he's thirty years ago the last one now we've got a little Museum just tells you how their eyes were built and we have a Hopf story inside the actual plot part which shows you how the people use hot pick issues about food things and kick that's the place really really it she's a huge array of animals thank you and welcome I got some more yep hi quickly as Britain's oldest Brewer the shepherd Dean brewery and Faversham showcases their 300 years of continuous beer production situated a restored medieval building the brewery offers guided tours and the chance to taste not only some of their kenta sales also natural mineral water from the breweries well let's head on in to find out more so we're not here in the sample room that was the perfect spot this from James this is essentially part of our quality control young users will for cars beer and the idea is done before we actually mass film cause run for very small cost dating for sort of you can check it or check that it's find properly this is a product we add to make a yeast drop out so check out before doing mass production as it finally does it look okay is it ready to go if it is great we'll do it then we'll pull off certain amounts of casks frog run and then we will just check them to make sure that I meet our standards in terms of clarity for that week what does our company want to go out to trade well Jake's been absolutely fantastic turn around the ship in ev'ry with you today and I feel like I've learnt a lot let's finish it off with the cheers thank you very much you could spend all day at the Chatham Historic Dockyard discovering historic buildings galleries warships and all manner of events activities City on 80 acres of land you'll not be lost at sea when looking for something to please the whole family I best get started I'm here with Dave Shanley who is a Vista host here at the dockyard Dave could use like a brief history of the dacha itself I go in the dockyard and we can trace back to the last year of Henry the eighth's reign in 1547 and between then and 1984 when the dockyard closed over 400 ships were built here at one stage certainly in the 18th century was the largest industrial complex anywhere in the world amazing and where are we right now we're in the forward mess of HMS Cavalier which is a very significant ship she's the last British Second World War destroyer she is also in fact the National destroyer Monument and she is a memorial of the 11,000 sailors who died just serving on destroyers in the Second World War and what other ships do you have the people to visit well we've also got some HMS Ocelot which is a cold war patrol or spice submarine and she was in service between 1962 when she was launched 1964 to 1991 she was actually in service and she'll only trapped Russian nuclear submarines and we did guided tours up to half an hour I did tour of the submarine which is quite an experience for most people especially their first Island submarine and we've also got some HMS Gannet which is a slip of War from Victorian period we believe she is in fact last anti-slavery ship anywhere in the world and she was a training ship right up until 1968 which is very fortunate for us and in that the hull he is basically as it was original and she's one of only three ships with that sort of composite hull the Gannet the Cutty Sark and the city of Adelaide and we've been passed the smithery could you test bit more about that okay well number one smithery is first making building it's where they used to do a lot of the line work in docks where they used to forge the anchors as well and it can be used for corporate events but we have a temporary exhibition gallery and we're very fortunate at the moment we are celebrating the 250th anniversary of the launching of Victoria's victory but the permanent exhibition gallery carries a selection of some beautiful ship models dating rather way back to the 18th century well there has been fantastic speaking to you thank you so much picking this more time sitting in the heart of Canterbury Tiny Tim's tea room serves up delightful Kentish cream teas and local specialities including Hough kins and popkins with over 30 different tea blends to choose from this is definitely the ideal place to relax and rest your feet I'm meeting the owner to find out more I'm here with Phil Owens Oh owner of the kiddies times here in Canterbury and we see downstairs this loads of cakes on show and I think we've got them from a system of regional specialities because you can walk us through what these are yeah okay so first off yeah this is a pump children so this is kind of a cross between a caicos pump bit more buttery yeah pretty bit sweeter no I've got orange reference in that from day this is our Popkin yep so they only the old game this is our old and make me look high yet filled with spice different herbs and then take them to a pastry high by our vein because every morning and then finally yeah finally this is the Kentish Hocking roll so we're pumpkins have a long tradition in Kent yeah and they were Brittany made about 300 years ago they were given to the farmers to go out in the fields and I've heard rumors on the street to country that this building is in fact haunted oh yes as a few ghosts roam our building the legend goes that 35 years ago the whole place was attacked by fire when it was a Chinese restaurant big restoration project went on and while they lair physics a disturb the remnants of three children and that set the ghosts free and since then the children and downstairs turning on taps hiding keys and pretty much anything else but the stuff that were painful so a nice way out there and yeah well I call my sufferance leads at a party fantastic played some time us conclude rather novel thank you very much you can really immerse yourself at the Canterbury Tales with their brilliant recreation of medieval life take yourself back in time as you embark on a pilgrimage from London to Canterbury experiencing some of Geoffrey Chaucer's most entertaining tales along the way with live actors recreating the stories and showing you the way this is a fantastic experience for all the family I'm here with Beth in Canterbury we're here at the Canterbury Tales could you explain if you can and what people expect to experience when they come to the country tales so we're part live guided part audio guarded which means you get to meet some questioned characters along your way and you get to hear five of Chaucer's most famous tales wonderful what point is the story behind Chaucer for those who don't know so Chasseur wrote The Canterbury Tales in medieval England and it's based on a pilgrimage from London to Canterbury a pilgrimage is supposed to take about four days but here you can you can do it in 45 minutes perfect and they've reenactments their people also are in costume absolutely we've got some live guys who are very lively and they'll introduce you to the stories and they'll also meet and greet you at the end of your journey and the rest is on a handheld audio guide for the five tails perfect well we can't wait to get in there and find out more that's going this is Geoffrey Chaucer only is life Geoffrey year I've been a diplomat a member of parliament a spy some have said but above all he is a writer and a poet and he has spent the last ten years collecting stories told on pilgrimage much like the ones you will hear it's easy to see the appeal of Whitstable castle and gardens with a history dating back hundreds of years the whole area is extremely enchanting I'm here in the lovely Whitstable castle and gardens with and reframe welcome thank you very much so if you could give us a brief history of its wonderful building of the fantastic they bury all stuff you know about the early 1400s there was three owners of the other houses the pearsons there was the analysis and the Malian Dame's they were the people that lived here over the years but the three main people cut their own mark on the building the told Pierson pulled down the world which was settled out by the front and he built that the octagonal Tower which is the oldest remaining part of the of the other building winners done most of it he went from the doorway there and he won correctly to the bell tower and and all there that way Malon gain put on that right-hand wing there goes yes so such a little house yes you know and of course we are situated in these delightful Gardens really beautiful we're lucky we get awarded the green flag for a garden turnout which is really yeah it's a prestigious thing which will be quite paddle we're talking about the gardens and this is a like a pride enjoy it's called being a living fossil on where me Nepali people Australia the fossil air is the only remaining member or a nation do this late in fact the time of the dinosaurs over 65 million years ago they've got my votes the tracing these Ivy Gardens making them even more special on yeah Oh amazing just down the road and the wistful castes and Gardens is the adil ik Whitstable beach with picturesque beach huts and pebbly beach this is one of the best places to practice your stone skimming skills or enjoy a relaxing stroll there are lots of hidden treasures to be found in Kent there are Culver towers and Roman forts just up the road from Whitstable is the perfect place to watch the sunset at the end of an exciting day exploring the 12th century ruins provide some of the best views across the Ken coastline I hope you enjoyed our mini tour of camps if you'd like to own a piece of this picturesque County we have our own delightful All Hallows holiday Park in Rochester which could be the perfect place for you to become a holiday homeowner

20 Things to do in Glasgow, Scotland Travel Guide

Views:150893|Rating:4.61|View Time:12:48Minutes|Likes:1421|Dislikes:120
Join us for this travel guide to Glasgow, Scotland as we highlight 20 of the best things to do in Glasgow including visiting distilleries, trendy restaurants, hopping pubs, fascinating museums and more attractions.

This is our second time visiting Glasgow, UK and our city guide is a combination of footage from our visit this year and last year. Glasgow has a thriving food scene (both Scottish food and International) and we give you a thorough food tour as we bite our way around the city.

In terms of major attractions Glasgow (Glaschu) doesn’t have many iconic places to visit as nearby Edinburgh; however, I feel one of the advantages it has over Edinburgh is that the city is more spread out and each neighborhood has a distinct character.

One of our favorite places to visit was the University of Glasgow which has a campus that would make Harry Potter proud. Whether we were visiting breweries or distilleries or having seafood for lunch or dinner we found no shortage of things to do in Glasgow, Scotland.

Now let’s explore Glasgow (Glesga) together!

20 Things to do in Glasgow City Tour | Scotland Travel Guide:

Intro to Glasgow, Scotland – 00:01
1) Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum – 00:29
2) University of Glasgow campus tour – 01:34
3) Drygate Craft Beer Brewery ‘through the glass tour’ – 02:11
4) Drygate Bar & Kitchen for Scottish pub food for lunch – 03:00
5) Barras Art and Design for Scottish seafood lunch at A’Chailltain – 03:50
6) Tour the Glasgow Distillery Co for Makar Gin on the southside – 05:06
7) Drinks at The Drugstore Social bar on Finnieston, Glasgow – 05:56
8) Gin, martinis and oysters at The Finnieston – 07:11
9) Aged steak at Porter & Rye restaurant in Glasgow – 07:43
10) Cafe Gandolfi for breakfast in Glasgow, Scotland – 08:53
11) Glasgow Botanic Gardens – 09:07
12) Buchanan Street for shopping in Glasgow – 09:27
13) The Willow Tea Rooms for afternoon tea in Glasgow – 09:39
14) Visiting Hairy Coos in the Southside – 09:47
15) House for an Art Lover in Bellahouston Park – 10:15
16) Glasgow Cathedral (High Kirk of Glasgow) – 10:22
17) Necropolis Victorian Cemetery – 10:26
18) Glasgow Green for recreation and leisure – 10:36
19) People’s Palace and Winter Gardens – 10:41
20) The Crafty Pig restaurant in Glasgow for pulled pork sandwiches and milkshakes – 10:45
Outro to Glasgow, Scotland – 11:48

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Our visit Glasgow travel guide documentary covers some of the top attractions including a food guide (Scottish and International), top sightseeing tourist attractions and the city by day including visiting distilleries, breweries, churches and museums and Glasgow by night for pubs and entertainment. We also cover off-the-beaten-path outdoor activities you won’t find in a typical Glasgow tourism brochure, Glasgow itinerary or Glasgow, Scotland city tour.

20 Things to do in Glasgow, Scotland travel guide video transcript:

In today’s video we’re going to be showing you around Glasgow, Scotland. This is a city that we visited last autumn and then again this summer, and on both visits, we ate like kings and queens because it turns out, Glasgow is a great destination for foodies.

Since we never got around to making a travel guide on our first visit, today we’re going to be combining the footage from both of those trips to show you some of the best things to do in Glasgow and also some of the best places to eat and drink it. So let’s get started!

And that’s a wrap for our visit to Glasgow, Scotland. We loved our two visits and we’d gladly return for a 3rd. This is an amazing city for foodies and there are so many great bars, restaurants, breweries, and distilleries to visit.

Also FYI – if you’re already visiting Edinburgh, Glasgow is just a short 50-minute train ride away, and it’s a city with its own unique vibe.

If there are any other fun things to do in Glasgow that you’d like to share with travellers, feel free to leave your suggestions in the comments below. Wishing you happy travels!

This is part of our Travel in Scotland video series showcasing Scottish food, Scottish culture and Scottish cuisine.

We cooperated with Visit Scotland for part of this project.

Music by Ehrling:

في الفيديو اليوم ونحن في طريقنا إلى أن تظهر
لك حول غلاسكو، اسكتلندا. هذه هي المدينة التي قمنا بزيارتها في الخريف الماضي
ثم مرة أخرى هذا الصيف، وعلى كل من مرة، نحن يأكلون مثل الملوك والملكات لأنه يتحول
من وغلاسكو وجهة كبيرة لعشاق الطعام. وبما أننا لم يحصل في جميع أنحاء لجعل السفر
دليل على زيارتنا الأولى، واليوم ونحن في طريقنا أن الجمع بين لقطات من هذين
رحلات لتظهر لك بعض من أفضل الأشياء يجب القيام به في غلاسكو، وكذلك بعض من أفضل
أماكن لتناول الطعام ويشربه. اذا هيا بنا نبدأ! لذلك أنا متحمس لهذا الجذب القادمة نحن
يحدث فعلا في معرض الفنون كيلفينغروف ومتحف وآخر مرة كنا في غلاسكو (Glesga)
كانت مغلقة. أعتقد وصلنا إلى هنا قليلا من السابق لأوانه
وكان لدينا أشياء أخرى المقرر لذلك نحن تماما فقده. لذلك نعم، وهذه المرة نحن التحقق من ذلك. معرض الفنون كيلفينغروف والمتحف
ينقسم إلى قسمين رئيسيين. على الجانب الأيمن لديك المتحف
الذي يركز على التاريخ الطبيعي، ثقافات العالم، وعلم الآثار. ثم على الأيسر
الجانب لديك معرض فني الذي يعرض لوحات، والأثاث، والفن الاسكتلندي، الذي
يجعل من السهل جدا لاستكشافها استنادا إلى المجال الخاص بك الإهتمامات. في حين وجدت نفسي الانتباه إلى الجانب المتحف،
لم يمض وقت طويل قبل أن تم استدراجه لأكثر من معرض فني من قبل رؤساء العائمة، واحدة
من تثبيت النوع الذي من الصعب أن تفوت! بحيث كانت تجربة رائع حقا. أنا سعيد حتى وصلنا إلى القيام بذلك هذه المرة. بلى. وهو نوع من الجذب حيث عليك
تريد أن الميزانية بضع ساعات لأنه كبير في داخل. وأنه يحتوي على مزيج انتقائي جدا من مختلف
صالات العرض. لذلك نحن انتهى لتوه من زيارة كيلفينغروف
معرض الفنون ومتحف وانها مجرد تخطي وقفز لأكثر من جامعة غلاسكو لذلك نحن
لا يمكن أن تقاوم يعود النظر بجدية حول. يبدو أن مجموعة من هاري بوتر. على الرغم من أنها ربما لا. تادا. تأسست جامعة غلاسكو في 1451
وانها واحدة من 4 جامعات اسكتلندا القديمة. مع أخذ ذلك في الاعتبار، يمكنك الاعتماد على بعض مذهلة
الهندسة المعمارية وخصوصا حول الأديرة. كما نرى أنه يكاد يكون وقت الغداء، ونحن قافز
في سيارة أجرة وركب في جميع أنحاء المدينة لDrygate مصنع الجعة. هذا هو المكان الذي كنت قد ذهبت إلى على موقعنا
آخر رحلة الى غلاسكو (Glaschu). هذه المرة، وقعنا ل"من خلال
جولة زجاج "لدرس سريع على فن تختمر، وبينما كنا في ذلك، ونحن
يقترن البيرة لدينا مع تناول طعام الغداء. ولذلك فمن حق حول وقت الغداء ولدينا
وصلت لتوها في Drygate بيرة هنا في غلاسكو، ونحن ذاهبون الى ما تقوم به عن طريق
جولة الزجاج. لذلك فقد وصلت فعلا لدينا البيرة. اسمحوا لي أن رفع هذا بالنسبة لك. كيف بارد هذا؟ وعندما أتحدث من خلال الاختيار الزجاج
خارج هذا. هذه هي أوه نعم. ذلك من خلال الزجاج. لطيف جدا. من خلال الزجاج حرفيا. في المجموع علينا أخذ عينات 4 البيرة. المفضل لدي
ودعا ديسكو رافعة شوكية، وكان البيرة شاحب أنه الفواكه الاستوائية وذلك بفضل
إلى فكرة عبقرية لشخص ما لإضافة عصير المانجو ثم للأغذية، وكان لي السمك والبطاطا، وأودري
ذهبت لشيء قليلا أكثر ميلا إلى المغامرة. حصلت الثور الخد. ولقد كان فقط الثور الخد مرة واحدة من قبل في
لاوس في لوانغ برابانغ. نعم. وأنا حقا يتمتع به. أنا لم أر ذلك في قائمة منذ ذلك الحين. لذلك أنا أحسب أنك تعرف لماذا؟ وأنت تسير لجعل شطيرة بالنسبة لنا. بلى. أعمالي الفنية. دعونا نرى كيف الأذواق. أنا فقط ستكون لدينا الثور أولا. هاهاها. كنت قد حصلت على قطعة عملاقة من ورقة. ما رأيك؟ جيد؟ انه حقا لطيف. فعلا؟ لها حلاوة لطيفة لها. حسنا. ونوع يشبه لحم الخنزير سحبت. بلى. لذلك نعم، واللحوم فقط ينهار. سوبر العطاء. حقا جيدة حقا. لا أستطيع الانتظار لمحاولة ذلك. واصلت لدينا مغامرات في اليوم التالي
مع وجبة مذهلة في A'Chailltain في قلب وباراس. لقد حان الوقت للطعام مرة أخرى، واليوم نحن
في BAD التي تقف على باراس الفن والتصميم. وأنه هو الفضاء رائع حقا. بالنسبة للمبتدئين هناك فن في كل مكان. لديهم هذه الجداريات مذهلة. ولكن أيضا مرة واحدة ذهبت داخل لديك مثل
محلات صغيرة والمطاعم والحانات. في بعض الأحيان لديهم المعارض الفنية، فإنها
استضافة الحفلات الموسيقية، الأسواق. لذلك هو رائع حقا. إنها مساحة تنوعا ولكن الآن دعونا الذهاب لرؤية
إذا طعامنا مستعدة لذلك. نعم، لقد جئنا إلى هنا لتناول طعام الغداء. حسنا شهية هنا ويبدو
رائعة حقا. ذهبنا لأكلة مع الحبر الحبار و
سمك باس البحر. لذلك أنا ذاهب لحفر الحق في. التي لا تبدو مذهلة. أنا أحب أكلة. يا الهي. الثوم المعمر. ش ش ش ش. ليست جيدة؟ وأنا أحب أكلة جدا. وهذا هو في الواقع ما كنت كما أمرت بلدي الرئيسية
المقبلة في وقت لاحق. ثم أمر سام المحمص اللؤلؤ الفلفل الأحمر
أكلة الشعير بشكل رئيسي، وأنا كان شريحة لحم ساق خروف مع الجزر الصغير، beetroots،
واللفت. كان على وجبة رائعة! يصل المقبل، فقد حان الوقت للتحقق من الجن
المشهد ولهذا، قمنا بزيارة غلاسكو الجن تقطير أكثر على ساوثسايد. وصلنا للقيام بجولة في المكان، وتعلم أكثر قليلا
حول إنتاج الجن، وبعد ذلك في غاية نهاية، فقد حان الوقت لالأشياء الجيدة: الجن
تذوق! لذلك نحن شركة غلاسكو تقطير. غلاسكو أول تقطير الشعير واحد في
أكثر من 110 عاما. منذ 1902. ونحن الحرفيين فخور الوحيد في غلاسكو
جين. الجن الأصلي مقار. حان الوقت لتذوق الجن. كنت تستخدم لوجود هذا مع منشط. أنا أنها قوية جدا من تلقاء نفسها. ولكن نعم، فقد حصلت على رائحة جميلة. ومن الواضح أن التوت العرعر تهيمن هنا. ولكن من الجميل. عبق. العطرية. الأزهار. في وقت لاحق من ذلك المساء، ذهبنا في القيام بذلك بنفسك
الزحف الغذاء حيث قمنا بزيارة عدد قليل من مختلف الحانات والمطاعم على طول Finnieston، التي
في الغرب نهاية المدينة. أولا، قمنا بزيارة صيدلية الاجتماعية،
بار التي تم تعيينها في الصيدلية القديمة. لقد أمرت نفسي ما يسمى ضربات القلب. ووصل ذلك. فيولا! لذلك وصف ذلك. انا ذاهب الى تقرأ المكونات ل
أنا لا أعرف الكحول بلدي بشكل جيد. ولكن هذا هو واحد من الشمندر غرست ميزكال
مع ساكي لذلك هذا هو مزيج مثيرة للاهتمام. لقد حصلت المكسيك واليابان يحدث في هذا
يشرب. بلى. تحقق من ذلك. ولها مكعب كبيرة من الجليد. ونوع من يشبه القلب بصدق. نعم نعم. اختار سام قبلة قبل النوم، والتي كان بيسكو
وجوز الهند المسكرات – اعجبني شرابه و الأفضل. وبعد ذلك أمر واحد أكثر من الشراب. لذلك هذا واحد المقبل. نعم، وصلنا شراب الثالث ويسمى دخان
والمياه. وكان الشراب مثيرة حقا. كما أنها تجلب الزجاج انقلبت رأسا على عقب
ويخرج الدخان. وبعد ذلك الكشف عن الدخان. أم، لذلك نعم لقد سكب بالفعل نفسي قليلا
قليلا. أن تبدو جيدة. رائحة لطيفة. ط ط ط. هل هذا جيد؟ أوه. هو جيد. بلى. شكرا. كانت محطتنا الثانية من الليلة Finnieston،
والتي تتخصص في الجن والمأكولات البحرية. حاول أودري الأولى المحار لها، وبعد ذلك
كان زوجان المزيد من المشروبات، كما تفعل. شرب المقبل الاختيار هو مارتيني. لكن انظروا كيف تخدمها هنا. هذا هو المبدع بذلك. هذا هو الكحول، وأنها يبقيه المبردة
في هذا زجاجي كبير مع الثلج ومرة ​​كنت استعداد عليك أن تبقي فقط تتصدر حتى الزجاج الخاص بك. مجرد صب قليلا في. حصلت قليلا الخيار. ونعم، وهذا هو الكثير من المرح. وأخيرا، ليختتم الليل، ذهبنا إلى بورتر
وراي لتناول العشاء، وهذا هو الذي شهد متخصصة في لحوم البقر العمر. حسنا، لقد كان المشروبات، لقد كان المقبلات. الآن حان الوقت لتناول العشاء. لقد برزت أكثر من بورتر وراي حيث
الشيء لأجل غير شريحة لحم. لقد أمرت اثنين من شرائح اللحم مختلفة. نعم فعلا. وكان هذا الحق واحد أمامي العمر
لمدة 50 يوما. واحدة أمام سام كان العمر
لأكثر من 100 يوما. لذلك هذا هو الأول من نوعه بالنسبة لي. لقد أمرت أبدا شريحة لحم العمر قبل. لذلك دعونا فقط حفر الصحيح في ونرى ما
الأذواق مثل. تجربة الطهي جديدة تماما يحدث
هنا. سيربح المليون. هل هذا جيد؟ هل طعمها مختلف؟ ومن العطاء جدا. بلى؟ لك طعم لحوم البقر. يعني أنا أشعر بأن ذلك النوع من شأنه أن يعزز
النكهات. ذلك يزيد من حدة ذلك قليلا. ولكن نعم، هذا أمر جيد حقا. طهي المتوسطة نادرة وهو ما أعتقد أنه إلى حد الكمال. سيربح المليون. الأشياء الجيدة هاه؟ هذا رائع. وعلى الفطور الأخير لنا في المدينة، ونحن يأكلون
في مقهى GANDOLFI، بقعة مريحة يخدم حتى إفطار لذيذ. ذهبت لGANDOLFI نباتي الإفطار
مع حلوم والميدان الفطر، وذلك كان مذهلا! الآن بعد أن قمنا يظهر لك ما وصلنا
لفي زيارتنا الأخيرة إلى غلاسكو (Glesga)، دعونا الترجيع في رحلة العام الماضي. كان واحدا من الأماكن الأولى زرنا
غلاسكو الحديقة النباتية في غرب المدينة النهاية. وكان بلدي جزء من حديقة المفضل لدى اطحن
القصر الذي هو الحديد المطاوع في القرن ال19 البيت الزجاجي، والذي يتميز المنحوتات الجميلة
وسط أوراق الشجر. لفيبي مختلف تماما، نحن ضرب أيضا
حتى شارع بوكانان، واحدة من أهم مناطق التسوق الطرق في غلاسكو (Glaschu). كنا هناك في عطلة نهاية الأسبوع لذلك كان مليئا
من المتسوقين والموسيقيين المتجولين، وكان يطن. والحق على طول شارع بوكانان، وصلنا عبر
في غرف الصفصاف الشاي حيث كان لدينا القليل شاي العصر. فما هي أننا حتى في هذا اليوم المشمس؟ ذلك على ساوثسايد غلاسكو يمكنك الحصول على
خروج الى الطبيعة، ونحن مجرد استكشاف الريف وعلى ما يبدو هناك يجري
أن تكون بعض كوس مشعر يمكننا الفور. كوس شعر. بلى. دعنا نذهب العثور عليها. وعلى بعد مسافة قصيرة بالسيارة من هناك، زرنا
بيت لمحبي الفن في Bellahouston بارك، حيث لديهم بعض التماثيل باردة حول
الحديقة. كما قمنا بزيارة كاتدرائية غلاسكو و
مقبرة مجاورة، وهي مقبرة فيكتوريا يقع على تلة تقع الى الشرق من الكاتدرائية. وليس بعيدا جدا من هناك، لديك أيضا
غلاسكو الخضراء، حديقة جميلة في شرق المدينة النهاية التي هي أيضا موطن لقصر الشعب،
الذي يحكي قصة المدينة وانها اشخاص. وأخيرا وليس آخرا، كان في هذه الرحلة
أن اكتشفنا واحد من المطاعم المفضلة لدينا في غلاسكو: ومحتال الخنزير. هذا المكان متخصص في السندويشات لحم الخنزير سحبت،
البطاطس لذيذ، والأكثر من منحط ميلك شيك، لذلك وجدنا أنفسنا عودة الى الوراء
مرارا وتكرارا. حتى غلاسكو هي مدينة لعشاق الطعام. هناك الكثير من كبير في الغذاء، واليوم نحن
وبذلك كنت واحد من المطاعم المفضلة لدينا ومحتال الخنزير. أساسا كل شيء في القائمة مدهش
وكنا هنا فقط بضعة أيام لكننا مجرد الحفاظ على العودة، ونحن ذاهبون لاظهار
لكم لماذا. نلقي نظرة على هذا الرئيسية. الرجال، وهذا هو سحب كعكة شطيرة لحم الخنزير. يا الهي. هذا مذهل. مثل نلقي نظرة على ذلك. يمكنك أن ترى أن لحم الخنزير سحبت. نعم، لقد حاولت ذلك من قبل وأنه الفم
سقي. أنت تعرف ماذا فقط حتى أستطيع أن تظهر لك الرجال
ما لحم الخنزير سحبت يبدو انا فقط لإخراجها من هذا القبيل واتخاذ لدغة. ممممم. كيف المدهش هو أن؟ سحر. هذا هو السحر في الفم. وهذا هو التفاف لزيارتنا الى غلاسكو،
اسكتلندا. نحن أحب لدينا اثنين من مرة وكنا بكل سرور
العودة للمرة الثالثة. هذه هي مدينة مذهلة لعشاق الطعام وهناك
كثيرة جدا كبيرة الحانات والمطاعم ومصانع الجعة، والتقطير لهذه الزيارة. أيضا لمعلوماتك إذا كنت بالفعل
زيارة ادنبره وغلاسكو هو مجرد قصيرة ركوب القطار 50 دقيقة بعيدا، وأنها مدينة
مع فيبي فريدة من نوعها. الآن يا رفاق معرفة الحفر، إذا كان هناك
أي الأشياء الممتعة الأخرى للقيام في غلاسكو أن كنت ترغب في مشاركتها مع المسافرين، ويشعر
تتردد في ترك اقتراحاتكم في التعليقات أدناه. في هذه الأثناء، متمنيا لكم يسافر سعيدة
وحتى في المرة القادمة!

Things To Do in Pembrokeshire, Wales: Barafundle Bay to Tenby

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This travel guide to Pembrokeshire, Wales will show you the most stunning parts of this beautiful county. From Barafundle Bay to Tenby, these are the best things to do here…




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I'm really excited because for the next two and a half days we're gonna be traveling up and it looks absolutely beautiful there's so much to do both outdoors and indoors so much is for you so much filter so exciting and so much walking to be done I just can't wait let's get started we are starting our trip through Pembrokeshire in Pembroke miksa pembroke castle reached inside pembroke river [Applause] [Applause] I will not be exploring alone I have obviously got my favorite partner in crime with me the water below us it's full of seals there are so many if you rent a kayak which I'm really hoping we get to do later this week you can actually go see them up close obviously not too close there's still seals we're standing right in front of the arch and you could even walk out unto it but unfortunately today we can't because they're birds sitting out on the stack and the sign says don't scare them which is fair enough because they're home [Applause] we have driven for about 50 minutes and now we're inside the chapel right now yeah not bad we have just arrived to our final pit stop on the way from Pembroke to Tempe and I know I beat the word amazing like a million times today but I have to use it again because guys marathon Dube is amazing each that looks like it belongs in the Caribbean but it's here in Wales and until the wind starts and you you know our cold all over you do not feel like you're in Britain it's just magical [Applause] No yeah it's not going back in we've just arrived at our hotel and it's the Atlantic which is right next to the sea which is super cool and the room is lovely nice and simple it comes with that thing don't know that is sorry and the bathroom is really lovely and light we got it via lake rooms and it's such a great way to kind of book if you're booking really last-minute which is something we do really really often because fruits out that organize and they have really good prices so definitely a website worth checking out if you're booking last-minute we've just said that the coaching process which is you should say going on but it looks programs so our morning has been pretty stressful but we are off to see puffins on summer island and we are about five minutes away and the journey starts in five minutes boat journey so let it over a bacon we are back in Tempe after a beautiful day it's cover island and we're just gonna go explore the town a little bit apparently it's gorgeous and really colorful and then we're gonna go get something to eat because we kind of still haven't had lunch for dinner or proper breakfast or anything date and yeah I love you too yeah because hey [Applause] if you're looking to get that famous shot of Tempe Harbor then come to the cliff Norton hotel and then in front of it you have this amazing overview of the entire Harbor Beach [Applause] this is like vegetarian love time it's not mushroom risotto and that's it folks I really hope you enjoyed this video if you did please give it a thumbs up don't forget to subscribe and I'll see you next time and some wonderful exotic location bye

Middlesex County, NJ – A Great Place to Live and Work!

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Relocate to Middlesex County, NJ, which offers a multitude of attractions for families and businesses alike. This video, made in 1999, is still relevant today!

Top 15 Places To Visit In West Yorkshire

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Cheapest Hotels To Stay In West Yorkshire –
Best Tours To Enjoy West Yorkshire –
Cheap Airline Tickets –
Here are top 15 places to visit in West Yorkshire
All photos belong to their rightful owners. Credit next to name.
1. Ilkley –
2. Halifax –
3. Leeds –
4. Wakefield –
5. Keighley –
6. Bradford –
7. Huddersfield –
8. Saltaire –
9. Hebden Bridge –
10. Pontefract –
11. Holmfirth –
12. Haworth –
13. Otley –
14. Kirkstall –
15. Wetherby –

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Views Around Kingston upon Hull, East Yorkshire, England – 6th May, 2018

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Views Around Kingston upon Hull, East Yorkshire, England – 6th May, 2018.

Kingston upon Hull, usually abbreviated to Hull, is a city and unitary authority in the East Riding of Yorkshire, England. It lies upon the River Hull at its confluence with the Humber Estuary, 25 miles (40 km) inland from the North Sea, with a population of 260,200 (mid-2016 est.).

Tourist attractions include The Hull People’s Memorial, the historic Old Town and Museum Quarter, Hull Marina and The Deep, a city landmark. The redevelopment of one of Hull’s main thoroughfares, Ferensway, included the opening of St Stephen’s Hull and the new Hull Truck Theatre. Spectator sports include Championship League football and Super League Rugby. The KCOM Stadium houses Hull City football club and Hull F.C. rugby league club and KCOM Craven Park Stadium rugby league club Hull Kingston Rovers. Hull is also home to the English Premier Ice Hockey League Hull Pirates.

Hull was the 2017 UK City of Culture.

To read more about Kingston upon Hull, click here: .

This film features views around the city of Hull, and includes the following identified places and locations: Hull Paragon Interchange, Analby Road, Ferensway, Paragon Arcade, Carr Lane, The Punch Hotel, Ferens Art Gallery, Queen Victoria Square, Hull City Hall, Hull Maritime Museum, Queens Dock Avenue, Queen’s Gardens, BBC Radio Humberside, Charles Henry Wilson statue, City Hotel, Alfred Gelder Street, Guildhall, Lowgate, Guildhall, City Exchange, St. Mary’s Church, Burstalls Solicitors, Hepworth Arcade, Market Place, Hull Minster, King William statue, Blackfriargate, River Hull, The Deep, The Dock, Voyage statue, Nelson Street, The Minerva, Humber Estuary, Minerva Terrace, The Minerva, Henry Vernone Court, Humber Dock Marina, Humber Street, Spurn Lightship, Castle Street, Prince Dock Street, Princes Dock, Princes Quay Shopping Centre and Whitefriargate.

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Monmouthshire Tourist Attractions: 15 Top Places to Visit

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Planning to visit Monmouthshire? Check out our Monmouthshire Travel Guide video and see top most Tourist Attractions in Monmouthshire.

Top Places to visit in Monmouthshire:
Sugarloaf Mountain, Dewstow Gardens and Grottoes, Raglan Castle, Tintern Abbey, Chepstow Castle, Kymin Hill, Caldicot Castle, White Castle, Usk Castle, Monnow Bridge, Savoy Theatre, Usk Rural Life Museum, Raglan Farm Park, Chepstow Museum, The Old Station Tintern

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HI! Welcome to Nottingham! Today I’m going to show you TOP PLACES to VISIT! Hope you guys like it, and if you do, don’t forget to LIKE, SHARE and SUBSCRIBE!

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hi hi hi people good morning everybody how are getting everything in Iran and today it's going to be really different video before I actually start I'm just going to give you a quick fact about this today which is not iam nothing I must known as one of the best cities for students and that's why I'm here now so with a mine today I'm gonna show you cool and awesome places the Natyam city centre so you can actually come and visit while your study here Nottingham so without further ado let's go so here I am now in the Ottoman city centre and my first destination is going to be one of the shopping center which is called Victoria Centre so basically in this shopping center you can't get actually whatever you want for example a car shoes your broadband your phone given to solve your bank account therefore basically you can find anything that you need in this shopping center but this is why I like the location of this Victoria Centre guys just like someone I meet who actually loves photography or technology or anything you two related what you need to do is basically just get into one of the exit and you'll be greeted by Kerry possible if you need to actually get a new phone or actually fix your laptop waiting on that man to simply get out from the Victoria Centre and here is to on the bus yes that is it and right now I'm making my way to the with the second destination which is Old Market Square and you get to see all of these shops and really fun stuff so here is the place that I always use it – every time a good city Jessup's and now I'm walking towards the actual Old Market Square I think they've got something going on now people just crashing on oh yeah it is true basically just google the name of the the actual name of the event it's called Nottingham Beach it's realize I mean they've got right they've got food we've got all the beach I've got the water to play with such a nice event there let me just show you around get ready for another time-lapse like seriously this place is packed just just so cool this one my bag is natural Beach so nice actually it's really good really really right that's what I love Natyam if it's quite far from beach but they bring the bitch into the city look at that nicely whatever I once again what of you now we are done with the actual naughty impeach now we adding to the area which we call ugly area so here in the hockey area to be honest this area is much calmer than the the actual city itself just go down the room Chinese Chinese restaurants Chinese market and yeah and right now is round like two o'clock I think I'm going to try one of the burger place which is called any poker shack which is down the road close to hockey area so let me just go there and hopefully the open though now since n is book restrain disclose their forms to craving for burgers I think there's a new place called Rob which is in the Oakley area still let me give it okay thank you so much can I have one of this proper group yep with spiced rice strawberry ice machine thank you thank you gotta so I order the abrupt burger with pulled pork and then with strawberry Alaskan milkshake let me just leave it the Virgin of this place you guys should try it is really really good I'm glad I actually choose this place now we're heading up to our next distinction which is the famous Nottingham Castle that size so finally here we are in the famous nottingham castle let me just try to actually give you a sneak peak but whether when they've got fireworks or anything like New Year's Eve or something like that they always have fireworks on that side and also the one in front of the seed console so you I'll eventually get in anyway so it's not just place and then on the side of it you've got a statue of someone who's known to be a skilled Archer and I also the sort men he was known to be one who robbed the rich and give it back to the poor yes Robbie hood so actually on the side of the Dalton castle itself you can you care to find the statue of Robin Hood Robin Hood itself now after all those photos videos whatever is if you are now first Eve you're up before a drink there's a pot next to in fact it's part of the Natyam castle it's called your other trip to Jerusalem it's one of the oldest one they claim let me show you this one so basically based on Wikipedia they claim that they was built in in the end of 12 century it's actually carved inside the stone of the Natyam castle itself so it's a pretty nice pretty cool pub actually you get a historical aspect and you also get the fun and right now we're going to the other side which is going to be the last two destinations than this trip which is called the entertainment area that's what I call it so here a funny layer the place that were which I call entertainment area so this this one in my bag was caught Theatre Royal Concert Hall so basically this is a place where they tour the ballet or the Opera or the performance or the drama this is where is like two years ago last year piano guys would perform on that exact hole because really nice actually and then on the other side you've got that corner house where you've got Cena walk so if you want to watch the latest movie just simply go there and you can find most of the restaurant Pizza Hut every single thing in that sin world so I thing this destination concludes our short trip today and hopefully you guys like it I'll see you in my room then yep and now I'm back in my room and now I'm just going to end this video because it's been such an exciting day me showing you guys around Nottingham and I just wondering remind you guys that those places are just a tiny portion of Nottingham itself Nottingham is quite big city based on my own opinion Nottingham is such a wonderful exciting fun life City and I've been here for two years and I'm really really really going to miss the city so for those who are coming this September please be happy because the city is such a great city and it's suitable for students curse you get your quiet time and also you can just go out and hang out there friends to the centre and that should be it I would like to thank you each one of you have actually watched this video to the end and hopefully you guys enjoy it so I'll see you guys soon bye bye

Top 15 Places To Visit In County Durham

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Cheapest Hotels To Stay In County Durham –
Best Tours To Enjoy England –
Cheap Airline Tickets –
Here are top 15 places to visit in County Durham
All photos belong to their rightful owners. Credit next to name.
1. Seaham –
2. Bishop Auckland –
3. North Pennines Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty –
4. Darlington –
5. Barnard Castle –
6. Durham –
7. Hartlepool –
8. Stanhope –
9. Chester-le-Street –
10. Beamish –
11. Middleton-in-Teesdale –
12. Shildon –
13. Durham Heritage Coast –
14. Stockton-on-Tees –
15. Escomb –

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10 Most Beautiful Places To Visit In Georgia

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10 Most Beautiful Places To Visit In Georgia: Savannah, Okefenokee Swamp, Cumberland Island, Atlanta, Providence Canyon State Park Lumpkin, Callaway Gardens Pine Mountain, Tallulah Falls, Golden Isles of Georgia, Jimmy Carter National Historic Site Plains,


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These are my top five things to do in Aberdeen, Scotland.

Aberdeen is the third largest city in Scotland and is found in the North-East of the country. The two things it is most famous are oil and granite.

1) Newburgh Beach – around twenty minutes drive to the North of Aberdeen, Newburgh Beach is a beautiful sandy beach famous for its seal colony, which is found where the River Ythan meets the sea. As well as the seals, Newburgh Beach also has Europes largest sand dune area, and old world war two defences.

2) Dunnotar Castle – to the south of Aberdeen, just outside of Stonehaven, Dunnotar Castle is found on a rocky headland jutting out into the North Sea. It has played a huge role in Scotland’s history, particularly during the Jacobite rising of the 18th century.

3) The Old Railway Line – starting at Duthie Park in the centre of Aberdeen, and leading 16 miles out of town to Banchory, cycling along the Old Railway Line is the perfect way to spend a day.

4) Crathes Castle – the castle can be reached by either car or by cycling along the old railway line. It is a perfect example of a 16th century Scottish castle, and both the grounds and castle are well worth a visit.

5) Marischal College – this is found right in the centre of Aberdeen and is the second largest granite building in the world. It was originally used by the University of Aberdeen, but was recently renovated and is now used by Aberdeen City Council.

Filmed using a Pentax x-5 and GoPro.

Edited using Microsoft Hyperlapse and PhotoStage by NCH Software.

these are my top 5 things to do in and around our team number one near a beach around the 22 drives from Aberdeen Newport Beach is not an ideal place for a walk but also has its own resident gracile Carney at the mouth of the River Basin nubra Beach also has a largest sangeun area in Europe as well as Old World War two defenses right along the beach number two donata castle the angular rocky headland jutting out into the North Sea drop the castle speed in a Porsche drill Scotland's history particularly during the Jacobite risings of the 18th century number free cycling along the old railway line the old railway line caused the original popular former Deeside railway runs from Duffy Park in the centre the banker e16 miles outside of Aberdeen the cycle takes around two hours and is the perfect way to spend the day number four crawfish castle crackers castles 16th century castle near Bank way and can reach by sight there on the old railway line from Aberdeen both the grounds and the castle are well with a Biddeford and finally Marshall College buttoned in the center of a beam itself Marsh College is the second largest granite building in the world originally used by University of Aberdeen the building was recently renovated and has now used as casual egg water

South Lanarkshire Tourist Attractions: 14 Top Places to Visit

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Planning to visit South Lanarkshire? Check out our South Lanarkshire Travel Guide video and see top most Tourist Attractions in South Lanarkshire.

Top Places to visit in South Lanarkshire:
Falls of Clyde, New Lanark World Heritage Village, National Museum of Rural Life, Chatelherault, Calderglen Country Park, Strathaven Park, Low Parks Museum, James Hamilton Heritage Park, The David Livingstone Centre, Bothwell Castle, Hamilton Mausoleum, Little Sparta, Craignethan Castle, Castle Douglas

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Places to see in ( Nairn – UK )

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Places to see in ( Nairn – UK )

Nairn is a town and former burgh in the Highland council area of Scotland. Nairn is an ancient fishing port and market town around 16 miles east of Inverness. Nairn was the county town of the wider county of Nairn also known as Nairnshire.

Nairn is now best known as a seaside resort, with two golf courses, award-winning beaches, a community centre/mid-scale arts venue (Nairn Community & Arts Centre), a small theatre (called The Little Theatre) and one small museum, providing information on the local area and incorporating the collection of the former Fishertown museum.

Nairn has an expanse of sand beaches that were used extensively in training exercises for the Normandy landings during World War 2. The beaches around Nairn had landmines planted, during clearance operations in 1945 by 11th Company, Bomb Disposal, Royal engineers. High pressure water jetting was used to displace shingle on top of mines to make clearance easier. Notably during this period two German spies who had been dropped by U-boat in the Moray Firth were arrested at Nairn Railway Station attempting to board a train to Inverness.

The A96 from Inverness to Aberdeen currently passes through Nairn town itself. Fergus Ewing, Scottish National Party MSP for Inverness and Nairn (and before 2011 Inverness East, Nairn and Lochaber), has been canvassing for a Nairn by-pass to be developed. Nairn Improvement Community Enterprise was formed in 2010 as a company limited by guarantee to facilitate the regeneration of Nairn Town Centre and its surrounding areas and membership is open to all residents.

The town also hosts the Nairn International Jazz Festival. Nairn is also the host for the annual Nairn Book & Arts festival which takes place every year in June at the Nairn Community & Arts Centre. Nairn is home to the Little Theatre, run by the Nairn Drama Club, which was established in 1946. Nairn stages one of the biggest Highland games in the North.

( Nairn – UK ) is well know as a tourist destination because of the variety of places you can enjoy while you are visiting the city of Nairn . Through a series of videos we will try to show you recommended places to visit in Nairn – UK

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Peeblesshire (Scotland) Travel – Traquair House

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Take a tour of Traquair House in Peeblesshire, United Kingdom – part of the World’s Most Unusual Hotels series by GeoBeats.

Traquair House
Peeblesshire, Scotland

1- Originally a royal hunting lodge.

2- Dates back to early medieval period.

3- Guest suites offered for overnight stay.

4- Library dating to early 1700s has 3000 books.

5- Has a secret passageway, chapel and museum.

6- Beech tree maze covers over a half an acre.

7- Working brewery, produces Traquair House Ale.

Traquair House
+44 (0)1896 830323

Places to see in ( Brecon – UK )

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Places to see in ( Brecon – UK )

Brecon, archaically known as Brecknock, is a market town and community in Powys, Mid Wales. Historically it was the county town of Brecknockshire; although its role as such was eclipsed with the formation of the County of Powys, it remains an important local centre. Brecon is the third-largest town in Powys, after Newtown and Ystradgynlais. It lies north of the Brecon Beacons mountain range, but is just within the Brecon Beacons National Park.

The west end of Brecon has a small industrial area, and recent years have seen the cattle market moved from the centre of the town to this area, with markets held several times a week. Brecon has primary schools, with a secondary school and further education college (Coleg Powys) on the northern edge of the town. The town is home to Christ College, the oldest school in Wales.

Brecon is located near where the east-west A40 (Monmouth-Carmarthen-Fishguard) meets the north-south A470 (Cardiff-Merthyr Tydfil-Llandudno). The nearest airport is Cardiff Airport. The Monmouthshire and Brecon Canal runs for 35 miles (56 km) between Brecon and Pontnewydd, Cwmbran.

The Usk Bridge in Brecon, Powys, Wales is the town’s oldest route over the River Usk. The river was fordable at Brecon and the date of construction of the original bridge here is uncertain.The Hereford, Hay and Brecon Railway was opened gradually from Hereford towards Brecon.

Alot to see in ( Brecon – UK ) such as :

Brecon Beacons and National Park Visitor Centre (also known as the Brecon Beacons Mountain Centre)
Brecon Cathedral, the seat of the Diocese of Swansea and Brecon
St. Mary’s Church, Brecon
Brecon Jazz Festival
Brecknock Museum
South Wales Borderers Museum
Theatr Brycheiniog (Brecon Theatre)
Christ College, Brecon

( Brecon – UK ) is well know as a tourist destination because of the variety of places you can enjoy while you are visiting the city of Brecon . Through a series of videos we will try to show you recommended places to visit in Brecon – UK

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West Sussex Tourist Attractions: 15 Top Places to Visit

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Planning to visit West Sussex? Check out our West Sussex Travel Guide video and see top most Tourist Attractions in West Sussex.

Top Places to visit in West Sussex:
Hawking About, Huxley’s Birds of Prey Centre and Gardens, Tangmere Military Aviation Museum, Shoreham Harbour Lifeboat Station, Wings Museum, Arundel Castle and Gardens, English Martyrs Catholic Church, Parham House & Gardens, Kingley Vale National Nature Reserve, Chichester Cathedral, Cass Sculpture Foundation, Tilgate Park, Chichester Festival Theatre, Horsham Museum and Art Gallery, Sussex Prairies Garden

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