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Rick Steves’ Europe Travel Guide | In Paris, amidst all of its grandeur, the little joys of life are still embraced. In this first of two episodes on Paris, we’ll cruise the Seine River, visit Napoleon’s tomb, and take in the Louvre. Then we’ll feel the pulse of Paris — shopping in village-like neighborhoods, attending church in a grand pipe organ loft, and celebrating the mother of all revolutions with a big, patriotic Bastille Day bang.

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  1. French! Our Lady symbol of the work and finesse of our craftsmen and our real ancestors at the time no allogeneic , was destroyed by this degenerate Macron the trickster.

  2. False narrative. The French revolution wasnt For the People, but Freemasons. The glass pyramid on the Louvres gate is theirs. They TOOK ALL AMAZING ARCHITECTURE FOR FREE. As Rockefeller mercenaries Lenin, Trotskij and Stalin. They love to kill Kings, tsars and Children for money. 146 MILLION Russians starved, was tortured in front of their family and then killed.

  3. Where is the dinner with beef shrimp and cheese and three bottles of wine? I watched it to the end and now I am so disappointed.

  4. Watching the "Notre-Dame" Cathedral segment of this show is sad in 2019. On April 15, a major fire burnt down a large section of the cathedral. Current French president Emanuel Macron has vowed to rebuild the landmark to be even better than it was before. Blessed be.

  5. Omg I just realized that Bastille Day is 3 days after my birthday. It’s always been a dream of mine to visit Paris, but to go there for my birthday and spend a week there, that would be a lifetime bucket list dream.

  6. Referring to the tragedy at Notre Dame… had the cathedral been new construction… an automatic fire suppression system would have been required. Assuming there was no automatic fire suppression system in the wooden attic area of the cathedral then we need to consider why not. People having responsibilities for these historical treasures need to use common sense risk management principles not only for new structures but especially for valuable older and even more vulnerable ones. Please… a message to those generous billionaires… please pay to have automatic fire suppression systems retrofitted into these wonderful cathedrals, palaces and castles. Please…
    Ps. I love these videos by you Rick Steves. You are like the high school teacher we all wish we had!

  7. The eiffel tower was built for the 1900 universal exhibition ( not to celebrate the French revolution).

  8. I just love all the music used in your episodes! I wish the names of the tracks were listed for us to find! <3

  9. Vive la France! France must remain dominated by French people or else it will not be France; time to end Multiculturalism & worldwide mass-immigration and honestly deal with their sustainable birthrate problem.

  10. He Rick thanks for this video
    I won't try fresh bread with cheese
    Nice one and I salute Paris flag bcoz history is too panic I am watching your all videos bcoz Rick is doing always great keep it up 😊

  11. No mention of Montmartre, Château de Vincennes, Sacré-Cœur, the Picasso museum, Cimetière du Père Lachaise, where hundreds of famous people are buried including Chopin, Oscar Wild, Rossini, Edith Piaf, Molière, Marcel Proust, Balzac and Jim Morrison to name just a handful.

  12. We were fourtunate enough to visit Paris on our trip of a lifetime with our two children (one almost 4 and the other 14 months).
    We arrived in mid-may 1999. Things certainly have changed. I'm glad we were able to visit when we were able.
    It was the Paris of one's dreams, perfect.
    We saw quite a bit of sites in this video.
    Visited all the famous Paris icons, cozy neighborhood shopping streets, parks, rivers,
    It was glorious.

  13. Rick, please update your views about how wonderful Paris is! Please tell what is really happening due to liberal policies of the government!. Americans should be warned. It is not a happy place anymore!

  14. Awesome showcase of Paris Steve. Loved it! Paris & especially The Louvre was our favorite place in Europe to visit!

  15. Great video. Now Napoleon did NOT loose to the 'British'at Waterloo but by the timely arrival of the fresh and complete of Prussian army of 155,000 under Blushers on the battlefield. THEY SAVED THE DAY .The British under Wellington had formed squares in order to survive. Squares are a ultra defensive position. Wellington joined his soldiers in to keep their spirits up as at this point the British seemed doomed ; at this point the Prussians appeared. Napoleon had anticipated their arrival with dread.He had left 45,000 men under Grouchy and sent countless orders to that officer to come back:: to no avail! Just a reminder: 100,000 under Wellington ; 150,000 under Blusher! Napoleon' forces115,000 of which 45,000 under Grouchy so in actual fact Napoleon had to fight with only 70,000 troops.He had planned to attack at first light as to be ready for the return the Prussians. But driving rain prevented that. One couldn't deployed those armies in the mud. Napoleon had to wait until 11am! This giving ample time to the Prussian to come and save the British in their squares.The Brit never beat Napoleon himself in battle that is on their own!!! Napoleon chose to surrender to the British instead of the Prussians. He believed they wood be more accommodating.

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