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The top 5 real ghosts caught on tape? We count down the best scary ghost sightings caught on camera. Includes all NEW ghost sightings from 2017!

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REAL GHOSTS Caught on Tape? Top 5 Real Ghost Videos 2016


5 Ghost Caught on CCTV Camera Footage!

Prison Ghost

In one of the latest paranormal videos, guards at a Brazilian prison spot what they believe to be the spirit of an inmate.

The Pantry Ghost

In what some regard as the scariest ghost sighting on camera, two men witness the supernatural up close and personal.

Disturbing Footage

A poltergeist haunts the home of a man and his young daughter. The daughter is almost the victim of a ghost attack!

Something in the Attic
More of the supernatural caught on tape as a man investigates scary sounds coming from his attic.

Ghost Shopper
At Hopkinson Vintage, a very haunted place in Nottingham that dates all the way back to the 1880s, the owner sees a ghost caught on cctv.

top five ghosts caught on tape note the stories in this list are related just as they were reported by the witnesses of course it's up to you to decide what you believe Prison ghost cancelled Grande prison in Brazil's been the site of many prisoner deaths murders and execution one night while the guards were imprisoned watch duty they saw something moving around the prison wall at first they thought it must be a prisoner trying to make an escape but on closer look it turned out to be something much stranger the guards caught the frightening into that on video there appears to be a strange bike shape climbing the prison wall and they've been passing back and forth through the concrete surface some of the prison staff and inmates believe the dark figure to be the soul of a murdered inmate however the Penitentiary's official statement is that the shape is just the shadow of someone moving around inside the prison [Applause] so this look like a shadow to you let me know what you think down in the comments the pantry goes next Girls Club has been circulating on the internet for a long time since the clip is now over nine years old I'm including it because some younger viewers might not have seen it and this is pretty damn good so a YouTube user named Sarah my 12 posted videos online of his kitchen pantry door apparently opening on its own in the middle of the night as it's pushed by some supernatural force many YouTube commenters believe the video to be a hoax the story goes that there was a particularly vocal critic of Sarah my twelves videos named John who wrote over and over that the videos were 100% absolute fakes so Sarah my twelve invited John over to take a look for himself this is what happens hi I'm John is being head 12:03 am still nothing well that's crazy it would be let's get out of here let's get it go go disturbing footage a men's young daughter begin to complain to him that something in their new house was bothering her while she tried to play but when her father asked what it was disturbing her the girl never could exactly explain this went on for a week each day the girl would complain to her dad something just would not leave her to play in peace in an attempt to figure out what was going on the man sets up cameras all over their house to monitor his daughter as she plays when he reviews the tapes what he finds this truly frightening something in the Attic a man begins hearing strange noises in this house this continues for weeks then one day he actually catches a brief glimpse of a strange human-like form in his hallway now believing that his house might be haunted man begins filming whenever he can hoping to catch a ghostly encounter on tape a couple of weeks later he returns home from work to find one of his dogs cowering under the bed for some unknown reason he immediately grabbed his camera and starts recording he tries for 45 minutes to coax the dog out from under the bed but no matter what he does the dog will not emerge from its hiding spot for more than a few seconds strangely his cat also seems to be a bit upset suddenly he hears some odd noises coming from the Attic he decides to investigate when he climbs the stairs to the Attic he finds the items that have originally been stacked neatly in place are now strong on the floor he says this camera down to investigate and this happened go shopper up consume vintage is a store in Nottingham that dates all the way back to the 1880s when it was opened as H Hopkinson limited a family-run industrial engineer shop since the original owners death the building has had a bizarre history of supernatural encounters one night the colonel and her Liam wood Gates is working alone configuring the store security cameras if he looks up at the monitor he notices something odd on one of the cameras he pulls out his cell phone records a strange apparition loading around and even through racks of clothes the semi-transparent figure then disappears workers at the store believe the ghost to be that of mrs. Hopkinson the long dead wife of the store's original owner apparently she still checks up on the stores inventory from beyond the grave now whether you believe in ghosts or not or whether you believe these clips are real or not I'm not here to convince you let me know what you think down in the comments below thanks for watching and if you enjoyed the video please subscribe and be sure to hit the little bell notification icon so that you never miss an update when a new video is posted

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  1. That one about the something in hallway, at 6:02 or so you can see a pair of eyes in that room to the left of that picture on the wall. Then about 6:06 you can see the shadow walk in the room in front of the eyes. That shit is scary as hell.

  2. What I like about these videos is that they seem convincing enough to be real while still being somewhat ambiquous.

  3. I wish i had evidence of the multiple ghost encounters i had growing up. I seen alot of stuff where i live near ancient Indian grounds. Im also part native american.

  4. I think the scariest ones, be it real or fake, are the moments where the camera gets left behind, as it kind of adds a helpless feeling to the viewer who continues watching out of curiosity, like "Oh no, it's just me and whatever this thing is!" but they can't look away even though their instincts are screaming "RUN!"

  5. Watched many videos from many different narrators, such as chills and mr nightmare, and nuke is by far the best.

    I'm always looking for creepy stories, so any suggestions would be most welcomed.

  6. I’ve seen a stereo system fly of a cabinet 4 to 5 times in one night. Similar to the video with the little girl. It was pure night mate fuel. I ended up trying to confront what ever it was mocking it calling it a disrespectful cunt. I was pretty drunk. Went to charge my phone after and the charger bit that plugs into your I phone was just gone. Cut clean off, lost my shit just bought that fucken 🔌.

  7. Trust me, the paranormal is 120 percent real, but some of these videos are not.  Some are probably true, I know personally these things happen and the last thing you are trying to do is convince people, you do want to happen again.  And if it doesn't happen again, you would look at the topic totally different afterwards.

  8. On 2nd look thats exactly qhat it is. when "she" disapears you the see the dark glass when the door is open turn instantly whiter when the door shuts and having nothing on the shelves kinda a dead giveaway

  9. Im thinking 2nd clip has a "false front" door that can be pushed into like a panic room. There was def enough time to slide in and out and shut door

  10. If i waz a ghost i'd make a youtube channel were i eat all the foods i take from the store

  11. In the attic one, you can hear some sort of switch noise when the light changes which means someone is switching them on and off unless the ghost is messing with the actual switch instead of the ‘electrical energy’ from the actual light or whatever, which doesn’t really make sense

  12. the only problem with the prisons "statement" is…how do explain a "shadow" being cast on a chain link fence?

  13. Update: turns out " the pantry ghost" was actually " the stoner ghost" leave that trippy ghost alone man he just wants a bag of doritos cmon man id chill with that ghost any day

  14. Is this spirit world and the spirit world of chakras the same thing? Because maybe these spirits are just looking for Aang this whole time lol. Not funny, I know. I'm bored at work.

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