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What does ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’ mean for us living in Aberdeen?
The University of Aberdeen have been making huge steps in the right direction in terms of reducing the waste that we produce. Here are just a few ways that you can help us improve on our waste production across campus.

Everybody has heard of the phrase reduce, reuse, recycle. But what does it mean for us living here in Aberdeen. The University of Aberdeen has been making huge steps in the right direction and in collaboration with Aberdeen City Council, you can help us to reduce, reuse and recycle in the most effective way possible. Reduce is first on the list because it's the best way of minimising our impact on the Earth's environment. The fewer materials we use in the first place, the less there is for us to deal with later. On and around campus, you can reduce the waste that you create by making smart choices when buying food or drink. If you're quickly picking up a coffee or water on the way to a lecture bring a reusable bottle or flask, this limits the creation of waste. And if you don't have one you can pick up your very own from the University shop. Why not visit Foodstory Zero, a zero waste, mainly plant based cafe right here in the centre of campus. At Foodstory, they are committed to cutting down on waste and so, in order to enjoy their delicious food, you must either eat in or bring your own reusable container. But Foodstory aren't the only ones making a difference. The university recently switched to using compostable takeaway packaging. So whether you're eating your food in or taking away you know that it's not going to be harming the environment. During term time, a number of our venues can be serving up to a thousand lunches a day. So the move away from single-use plastics to compostable and indeed products made from renewable materials, was really very straightforward. We reduced our overall waste stream of plastics by over 95 percent. Efforts will continue in the weeks and months ahead to further improve on that number and you can do your bit too. Bring along your own reusable cup or your reusable container and we can make a bigger impact on that effort. So there we have it here at the University of Aberdeen we're doing everything that we can to reduce the amount of waste that we produce and by implementing just a few simple changes, you can too.

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