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Nikita is a is a “step-on” carpet cleaning machine.

It is ideal for very large areas of carpet and it is able to clean up to 1000 square metres of carpet in 1 hour.

In a single pass, a 70cm strip of carpet is sprayed with a concentrated chemical solution, brushed with two counter-rotating brushes, rinsed and vacuumed.

With 2 three stages high-waterlift vacuum motors, Nikita can leave the carpet almost completely dry after the cleaning process. It is possible to perform a maintenance low-moisture cleaning or a restorative deep-cleaning. The pressure of the brushes and of the vacuum head is adjustable according to the carpet type.

Turning a lever and using a specific chemical, Nikita can be used to clean the carpet with the “Encapsulation” cleaning system.
Moreover with the optional squeegee SQ900N, Nikita can be transformed into a powerful step-on scrubber drier.
The machine is equipped with a differential drive motor that gives it excellent manoeuvrability in any place.

Main application fields: cleaning companies, hotels, conference halls, offices, banks, cinemas, theatres, airports, schools, universities, shopping centres, places of worship and all places with large surfaces of carpet

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