Abandoned Costa Church Huddersfield – Urbex Yorkshire

Views:175|Rating:4.58|View Time:6:57Minutes|Likes:11|Dislikes:1Finally got a chance to explore this place after finding out how easy it was to get in and getting time The church however not massive had some lovely views inside 🙂 If you like the video please comment, like and subscribe 🙂 #urbex #abandonedplaces #urbanexplorer All donations/purchases go into travelling costs to bring […]

Polwarth Kirk ( Coffins ⚰️ ) Winter 2018 Scottish Borders ☠️

Views:1349|Rating:4.88|View Time:9:10Minutes|Likes:42|Dislikes:1A Sunday morning visit to the lost village of Polwarth to view the abandoned Kirk ( Church ) ⛪ which has a visible crypt . A link to my Instagram there Oh morning ghosts I hope you're all they're doing well so we heading over to Paul Wolfe today – an old lost settlement […]

Drone View Of A Haunted Ruined Church

Views:|Rating:|View Time:Minutes|Likes:[vid_likes]|Dislikes:[vid_dislikes]In this video we have a look around a ruined church – St Mary’s, Colston Bassett, Nottinghamshire.

Drone: Abandoned Church, Holy Trinity Pittsburgh PA

Views:8052|Rating:3.85|View Time:4:6Minutes|Likes:37|Dislikes:11Holy Trinity church building was built on South First Street in 1907 by Slovak immigrants. The church’s steeples were removed in 1955 due to issue with safety and poor design. The church was remodeled remodeling poorly and maintenance problems started haunting the church. Planning for a new church with Architect Joseph J. Balobeck began […]

Incredible ABANDONED Church Where The Old Music Notes Are Still Left On The Organ !!!!

Views:|Rating:|View Time:Minutes|Likes:[vid_likes]|Dislikes:[vid_dislikes]support on my Patreon helps a lot. It Helps me with My Health /gasoline/hotels/better equipment and trips to abandoned places further away link to page here …

Beautiful Abandoned Modern Church – Urbex Lost Places Germany (R.I.P. Propsteikirche St. Trinitatis)

Views:5221|Rating:4.89|View Time:12:9Minutes|Likes:275|Dislikes:6Urban Exploration: Found an abandoned Catholic church where everything was left behind (English and German subtitles are available!) Episode #82 The UrbeXmas giveaway is over! We sent a thank-you gift to all the participants – even to them who didn’t win. See you next UrbeXmas, fellas! HO HO HO ► Do you want to […]

Exploring St. Govans Chapel, Pembrokeshire

Views:17|Rating:5.00|View Time:5:3Minutes|Likes:2|Dislikes:0Explore For Yourself! Twitter: AndrewHVlogger Instagram: andrew.t.w.h Instagram Photography: Exploring_Pembrokeshire Facebook: what is going on guys okay so today we are going to be checking out st. governs Chapel it's a mini military chapel on the side of a cliff we're currently just driven from a military base to gaya i luckily it was […]