Traquair – 'This city is full of Walking Ghosts' Live @ McChuills 2010

Views:170|Rating:nan|View Time:2:48Minutes|Likes:0|Dislikes:0Traquair (Singer Songwriter) performing the track “This city is full of Walking Ghosts”, taken from his third album “Disposability of an Arrogant Age”, live @ McChuills 2010 (Glasgow)

8th April: The Oldest Pub in England

Views:1361|Rating:5.00|View Time:2:48Minutes|Likes:9|Dislikes:0Today it’s our father’s birthday so we took a trip to Beaconsfield to have lunch/dinner at the oldest freehouse in England: The Royal Standard of England! Check out their website: hello Karen it's Monday and today it's our dad's birthday so we are here at the Royal Standard pub so we're going to […]

Time Team S20-E08 Mystery of the Thames-side Villa

Views:|Rating:|View Time:Minutes|Likes:[vid_likes]|Dislikes:[vid_dislikes]In the 1960s, a young PhD student decided to excavate a South Oxfordshire field where a farmer was regularly ploughing up Roman remains. He found a …

LAST ROOAAAAR: Fokker 100 Farewell Flight Takeoff of Helvetic Airways from Zürich!!! [AirClips]

Views:8992|Rating:4.80|View Time:2:45Minutes|Likes:384|Dislikes:16The team was exclusively invited to produce a documentation about Helvetic’s Fokker 100 farewell flight through the Swiss Alps on June 14th 2019. Witness these historic and emotional moments of Switzerlands last ever Fokker 100 passenger flight after a decade-long history of this airliner in Switzerland beginning with Swissair. Our all-free ULTIMATE COCKPIT […]

Bradgate Park – FULL VIDEO TOUR (Leicestershire, England)

Views:|Rating:|View Time:Minutes|Likes:[vid_likes]|Dislikes:[vid_dislikes]Bradgate Park is pretty much THE park of Leicester! No trip to Bradgate Park is complete without swimming in the ‘no swim’ areas and stumbling up to visit Old …


Views:31|Rating:nan|View Time:2:49Minutes|Likes:0|Dislikes:0Thank you for visiting our channel. We visit beautiful locations throughout the East Midlands, UK. We photograph & video the things that we see. We also review some of the products we use. *PLEASE LIKE OUR VIDEOS & SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL* LINKS: TWITTER GOOGLE+ FACEBOOK INSTAGRAM 500px VIMEO:

Abandoned Creamery Kirkcudbright HD – Urbex Derelict Explore Abandoned Scotland

Views:8446|Rating:4.95|View Time:4:29Minutes|Likes:98|Dislikes:1 Join us on Facebook: Subscribe here: The Kirkcudbright creamery was opened on Friday October 21st 1921 and it closed in January 2010 with a major fire occurring in December 2011. It was owned latterly by Milk Link and cost 121 jobs with the average service being between 18 – 25 years at the […]

Trevor Noah – MOST VIEWED Stand-Up Clips of 2018! (In One Video)

Views:3666497|Rating:4.82|View Time:1:26:16Minutes|Likes:40601|Dislikes:1524Click to Subscribe: & turn on notifications to find out when I upload new videos. More videos…. From “It’s My Culture” “My Mom Got Shot In The Head” “Lost My Voice” “Springbok Bafana” “Service With A Smile” “Funny, Funny” “Zambia loves escalators, just don’t be gay” From “There’s A Gupta On My Stoep” “Retract […]

White Medal – East Riding Cart Burial [Full Album 2018] UK Black Metal

Views:|Rating:|View Time:Minutes|Likes:[vid_likes]|Dislikes:[vid_dislikes]Genre: Black Metal • Year: 2018 • Country: UK 00:00 Tek Gaum 02:33 Arfal Ut Mawk 05:35 Ad Skellered Oaak Wiel 08:38 Farthest Slack 12:38 Reckle t’Ash …

Homesteading Family Living Off-Grid in a Spectacular Earthship

Views:|Rating:|View Time:Minutes|Likes:[vid_likes]|Dislikes:[vid_dislikes]This inspiring off-grid homesteading family lives in a renovated stone earthship. They grow their own food, collect rainwater, use solar power, have composting …

Wee man ft neds kru – glasgow (lyrics)

Views:270792|Rating:4.83|View Time:3:21Minutes|Likes:1307|Dislikes:46Walking down Argyle it’s like the muggers mile and Christ all I want’s a fun day, But I’m totally skint no the price of a pint and my giro doesny come to next Monday, What’s this I see a wee refugee Big Issue Central Station So I smack him on the heid steal his […]

GTA: The Ballad of Gay Tony – Seagulls Guide (1080p)

Views:77239|Rating:4.83|View Time:21:59Minutes|Likes:1085|Dislikes:38Collectible Walkthrough / Guide for all the 50 Seagulls to kill in Grand Theft Auto: The Ballad of Gay Tony – Full HD (1080p) GTA IV: The Ballad of Gay Tony Achievements / Trophies and Side Missions Playlist: =================================== 1:07 – Seagull #1 – Northwood (Algonquin) 1:31 – Seagull #2 – Northwood (Algonquin) 1:55 […]

GTA 4 – Stevie's Car Thefts [You Got The Message Achievement / Trophy] (1080p)

Views:|Rating:|View Time:Minutes|Likes:[vid_likes]|Dislikes:[vid_dislikes]Walkthrough / Guide for all the 30 vehicles to steal for Stevie in Grand Theft Auto IV – Full HD (1080p) GTA IV Achievements / Trophies and Side Missions …

Sherwood Forest and the Major Oak – FULL VIDEO TOUR (Nottinghamshire, UK)

Views:363|Rating:5.00|View Time:12:40Minutes|Likes:1|Dislikes:0Taking a trip to Sherwood Forest and seeing the Major Oak! It’s literally 800–1000 years old! That’s three times older than “America”! haha! It’s still living, would you believe, and was voted Tree of the Year in 2014 (Whatever that may entail!). Sherwood Forest is a royal forest in Nottinghamshire, England, famous by its […]

The Outsiders – FILMING LOCATIONS – Do It For Johnny !

Views:156139|Rating:4.89|View Time:12:12Minutes|Likes:2990|Dislikes:68 – PLEASE RATE & SUBSCRIBE – I traveled Tulsa, Oklahoma to visit the locations from the classic 80s film. Enjoy !

Abandoned psych hospital in S/W Ontario,,,, part 2

Views:6828|Rating:4.47|View Time:9:52Minutes|Likes:17|Dislikes:2Exploring inside an abandoned psych hospital,,Please share… Follow My adventures on Facebook,, Here’s a link to part 1,, Here’s a link to part 3,, Please LIKE and SHARE I wouldn’t recommend attempting entry to this property,security’s heavy, The walls have eyes,,and the neighbours are nosy

Tom and Jerry – Jerry and Jumbo

Views:18638087|Rating:3.83|View Time:2:26Minutes|Likes:15872|Dislikes:4860A baby elephant rolls off the circus train and right into Tom’s bed. He quickly allies himself with Jerry, and with a rolled-up trunk and some paint, passes himself off as a giant mouse. The two then keep trading places to the bafflement of Tom. Tom and Jerry is an American animated series of […]

Mattel Play Liverpool: Bob the Builder, Thomas & Friends and Fireman Sam

Views:24787|Rating:3.87|View Time:2:8Minutes|Likes:24|Dislikes:7Inspire your child’s imagination with over 13,000 square feet of interactive adventure play across three uniquely themed zones – Bob the Builder, Thomas and Friends and Fireman Sam! Find out more about Mattel Play here! ► Click to Subscribe: ► Watch more Bob the Builder! Follow us! ► Website: ► Facebook: ► Twitter: […]

Creation Seminar 1 Age Of The Earth Dr. Kent Hovind (With Subtitles)

Views:6434|Rating:4.12|View Time:1:56:38Minutes|Likes:75|Dislikes:16Creation Seminar 1 Age Of The Earth Dr. Kent Hovind (With Subtitles) (You can translate the captions into your own language) The first of the Creation Seminar series by Dr. Kent Hovind. In this seminar Dr. Kent Hovind presents all the evidence which proves that the earth is young, which is contrary to the […]

Roll No 21 – Kris vs Zombies – Title Track

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