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A video celebrating The Daily Mile in Hertfordshire.

I think the Daily Mail is a wonderful initiative and we are very grateful to both the Daily Mail Foundation unsporting hland for selecting us to be one of the pilot areas for the rollout of this program potentially across all schools in the UK it's for England we're really excited to be working with the Daily Mail Foundation and also Hart Sports Partnership to get as many schools as possible signing up and delivering each week well we introduced a daily mile about a year ago and I've heard so much about it from other schools and the benefits of this and I thought it's the perfect thing for us to to introduce and use our grounds and to do something different for the children it makes me feel a lot more relaxed concentrated and more focused and ready to learn it helps us burn off any of the energy that we might have any day I've noticed that the children are a lot more concentrated when they come back in in the afternoon it's just so fun everyone can do it we can do it in anywhere done due to your own pace I like you know with my brother if we were to describe the Daily Mail in three words it would be healthy fun and social what I would say to any school looking to introduce the Daily Mail is that just do it it's very easy you don't need resources you don't need time there is now a growing body of evidence which supports the notion that physical activity physical education leading to improve physical literacy is an excellent building block for our young people I would urge all schools in hartfordshire to embrace this fantastic initiative and I've been very lucky in that the the staff have embraced it the children love it one of the core principles of the daily mile is fun and enjoyment it's free and accessible for every school and it's inclusive of every child if you're feeling tired or stressed when you go out and do the daily mile it helps raise your brain up so you can concentrate better and make your work understand it I load a daily mile because I get to spend time outdoors with my friends we believe there's a real opportunity in Hartford here to get more schools signed up and delivering so please have a look at how you can get involved and contact apart sports partnership you

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