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Steve speaks about the Liverpool City Region manifesto to become more ambitious, fair, green, and digitally connected.

Follow Steve on @MetroMayorSteve In May 2017 Steve Rotheram was elected to become the first ever Metro Mayor of the Liverpool City Region.

Steve has already convened Liverpool’s first Digital Summit and we’re excited to learn more about Steve’s vision for the future of Liverpool and progress thus far. Previously, Steve has served Liverpool in many ways: Liverpool City Councillor, Lord Mayor of Liverpool, MP, bricklayer and young entrepreneur. He has studied at both LJMU and Hope University.

Last year, LBC Radio named Steve to its list of “Top 100 Influential Figures on the Left”. In 2011, his speech on the Hillsborough disaster was recognised as “Parliamentary Speech of the Year”. In 2012, Steve was the chief organiser of the Justice Collective single that went on to become the Christmas number one. Steve sang on the single alongside lesser-known artists such as Paul McCartney, Robbie Williams, Holly Johnson and Mel C. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

thanks a lot for those who are visiting for the first time I bet you weren't expecting this where yeah I'm not talking about this room or this venue but what you see outside there cosmopolitan dynamic really animated Liverpool City region for those who haven't been here for a while I bet you can identify the fantastic transformation that we've undergone in the last few years and for those who are sort of in between there not being here before or actually you've spent some time here welcome to the country's cultural capital and I feel so proud to be the first ever elected Metro mayor of the Liverpool City region now I've just walked through Liverpool on the way here and would a week late because at this time last week last Sunday Paul McCartney was walking through the streets getting his photograph taken with James Corden and what a missed opportunity that would have been for a great political photo not kissing babies but kissing the Beatle perhaps but it's honestly it's a it's a real vibrant city now I have asked for those people who were having trouble with my accents on whether there's any subtitles and there aren't bought also this it's like watching a John Bishop concert and you haven't had to pay as much in fact I've been told because I spent seven years in the House of Commons and you know all of that time that I spent down there I'm sure was very well used not but that time down there I was told that I'd lost some of my accents so it's now a slightly mixed up since I'm sure you agree it's sort of ste English with a bit of Jamie Carragher hopefully you'll be able to understand what is them saying anyway I can't stay for the whole event and Mike have just said it is Father's Day and I do have three children one of each and and I've got to go back because I'm desperate to see my socks that have bought me today which he got me last year and the year before might get slippers actually I believe that I'm a really really lucky boy and the reason is that I left school with a few formal qualifications and I wanted to do added to things I wanted to play 44 Liverpool Football Club or hey I know I'm still trying to get over a couple of weeks ago and ended up going there I don't fly neither and so thanks to 15 milligrams of Valium and a bottle of Bailey's I did find my way over there but it was there that's a different story but I do believe I'm a looking book so I wanted to be a footballer phillip hill or a bricklayer and achieve my ambition of course and I've still got the trowel and the level but I ended up as the metro mayor of the local city DS it's the first ever so what the government on earth they've given devolution agreements to certain areas and we were fortunate we signed our devolution agreements that meant we needed a directly elected politician and I stood against seven of the candidates and I was very very fortunate I got nearly 60 percent of the vote and I became the first ever metal mayor and that gave me a great opportunity for to do lots of good things with the Liverpool City region and I was thinking about how I could explain what this was all about so my TEDx contribution has gone through many iterations believe me but what I've decided to do is that concentrates on four things if that's okay a short history of Liverpool and our city region I taught you on democracy in the UK and devolution and the opportunities in the platform that it provides for us and a vision then for what we need to do in the future for the Liverpool City region so just a a quick quick canter through what our city reading is about so unlike Donald Trump I don't believe in empires but we were once second city of Empire and I'm not suggesting that we should go back to two thirds of the map painted in or colored in a rather fetching shade of pink boy we do have opportunities here because of those historic links in 1886 and the London Illustrated news we were identified as being the first willed city and we've got a lot of firsts in this city region so we had the first wet dock and there's still some remnants of it if you want to go through what's called Liverpool one and have a look at those we've got the longest can now we had the first rail system as you know the railway rain Hill trials many of you will be aware of where also we had the first politician killed on the rail way out on those trials and every time I do go to open a new station and we open them quite regularly in this city region I'm always cautious a bit not becoming the latest politician to be killed on a rail system but we have real issues because the genie in that those days nearly two centuries ago was several hours and actually from west to east it still takes you about the same time now as it did when Stephenson's rocket was using those trains so what we need to really start a push ahead with is not just the Liverpool City region but joining with our friends in Manchester in Greater Manchester my mates a fella called Andy Balin which no one will have heard of but we're trying to pull our huge areas together to great northern cities and work right the way across the whole of the North the northern corridor to try and get something called cross rail for the north because another friend of mine has a fella called Sadiq Khan he's trying to get Crossrail tube so the South have already got cross rail the going for Crossrail too and actually what we need to do is connect up the northern corridor through cross rail for the north and I think we can work in complementarity between the the north and the south on this occasion because I do believe that we need to get our fair share the phone them for every pound that we get the South currently get 6 so devolution is our once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to really take and make decisions at a much more local level and as rather have any decisions taken here then an all honestly the West the Westminster and white ole mandarins that I saw during my seven misspent years in Parliament's because we are still the most politically centralized democracy in the Western world and we have the most geographically unbalanced economy in Europe and many people will say that they're mutually exclusive I would argue that they are intrinsically linked so that in itself has led I believe to those left behind communities the disconnect that many feel across certainly northern working-class communities about things being seen through a London centric perspective for far too long far too many of our decisions political decisions far too many of our policies far too many of the things that have happened in our country have been seen through the prism of what's in the best interest of the south and southeast sometimes at the detriment of what's happening here so we're really gonna push on with the evolution you know in my opinion the seeds of breck see were sown is equally in Whitehall and Westminster as they we're in Strasbourg and Brussels and I want to exploit the platform of devolution really to start to knit together our communities so Liverpool because we have the River Mersey we were the Gateway to the first into to a revolution I'm gonna tell you later about some of the things that we have which are going to help us really push forward to be the the the Gateway to the fourth Industrial Revolution and I'm just noticing the time and I think the times running away with me bought I wanted to really touch on two things we have the River maze which are going to exploit for clean green renewable predictable energy I'm going to link that with two things that we have which one's called the Hartree supercomputer so if you're from Cambridge as you just met somebody you haven't got the most sophisticated computer it's here in our city region and that's called the Hartree supercomputer it's based inside second Osby we're gonna link that with the fiber-optic cable that links the UK with America and we're gonna create the digital ring around those two things and that gives us the opportunity to do a number of things one will get ultra fast speeds ultra fast and superfast and two it gives us the opportunity to do big data analytics now unless you Cambridge analytic I will be welcoming people in to come and see how we can use that raw material of data for the Advancement of science we've got a life sciences hope another pill city region and we want to use that really to join those two things together so we all have renewable energy and we can become the renewable energies coast in our city region we have had it in capture we have photovoltaic capacity and we have the largest offshore wind farm just down the road in what's called Babel Bank we want to use all of those bring all those things together really to start exploiting the fourth Industrial Revolution on behalf of our people I mentioned our people they are as most people say certainly most politicians say our most precious resource we can really start to get those high value high paid jobs of the future we can break down a lot of the stet stereotypes that we have about their gender and young girls coming into STEM subjects we can do that all much more locally if our national governments with only work with us and hopefully in the future when you come back you'll see the continued Renaissance of a once great city but what we wants where we can be a game thanks very much [Applause] [Applause]

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  1. Liverpool was cut off years ago . All the motorways finish miles outside the city. The rail system has been cut to pieces and only recently Peel Holdings have filled in Canada dock . Now no electrified connection possible. So the decline is still going on as Liverpool 2 plan to double handle freight thro to Manchester down the canal as a favoured route meaning the end of Liverpool as a logistics base for distribution. Also the idea to plough thro rimrose rd to brooms cross does nothing to increase traffic flow other than create a parking facility as it is at the dock road now outside carghills.
    Steve Rotherham needs to get his finger out and speak up about this isolation.

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