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I’ve never seen so many book shops in one town. This was hay-on-wye. Hay-on-Wye, often abbreviated to just “Hay”, is a small market town and community in the historic county of Brecknockshire in Wales, currently administered as part of the unitary authority of Powys



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we're in hey on why which is a little Welsh town and we're just stopping here before going to your load of waterfalls no before going to the eland Valley and there's meant to be a wall full of books here which is quite famous castles closed for renovation this is all the books so I think the idea yeah is you put a pound in the box and you just take a look see what books we've confined here pop quiz back it's a quite a good one could be a guide for drug manufacturing advantage household hints you have to become debt-free it could be a useful one what I'd understand though surely when it rains the rain comes down there and makes all the books wet it's quite windy as well I don't know what's this and some boxes of magazines here as well don't know what they are and then communication [Applause] an interesting idea but they're not in any sort of order so not categorized or alphabet sized so it's quite hard to find a book you won the babes Bible I don't know it's a shame we can't burn the castle over there because that would have been quite nice to see but it's closed for renovations the camera seems to be working even though it got soaked with seawater yesterday trying to get a good shot of the waves crashing on the pier and a wave crashed over the whole camera soaked the lens but pretty good slowly your cameras are pretty well made because it still works I'm quite sure where we're going next I think probably the Elan Valley and why the drying we'll take some photos there this is the honesty bookshop honesty bookshop in Heian why I've also found a little Welsh market yeah and I think it's market day today's Thursday I'm not sure if it's a market every day but there's loads of book shops hey on why book sellers there was another one back there at the free book shop and then another one loads of book shops here

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