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Fox Nation’s Tomi Lahren talks the 2020 census citizenship question and the recent surveillance video showing men armed with AK-47s escorting migrants to the US-Mexico border.

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  1. by the way, republicans make a brave sound when it tries to build a wall or put a scratch on welfare?

  2. I work in construction in the state of California. Those I work with ( many w/o documentation) just laugh at the policies and procedures of the U. S. They don’t hesitate to tell me and others with legal status , just how foolish we are and have been for decades. Their reasoning is as long as we put it out there they’re more than willing to partake in it.

  3. it's so UNFAIR to Americans and immigrant AROUND the world that Latino people are coming at 10000 of percent more that others that need it ,,,not just want a better house and car

  4. 10,000 strong. Okay I'll assume that is accurate (unlike a lot of faux news). 10,000 / 330,000,000 = .003% wow. Okay maybe they're all headed to Texas. 10,000 / 28,700,000 = .035% wow. You are such cowards that you're afraid of people you outnumber by more than 100 to one.

  5. These orcs will soon be breaking into your houses…and assaulting you daily….at this point, you are on your own!

  6. Man, the crime rate in the US is going to go off the hook. We are getting into the tens of thousands of invaders crossing our border.

  7. When Regan granted amnesty, it was estimated that the illegal population was roughly somewhere in the 1 million range. When amnesty was guaranteed, they all came out of the woodwork to the tune of 3 million or so. We've had an estimated non-fluctuating number of around 10-12 million for years. What do you want to bet at least triple that amount comes out for amnesty?

  8. Illegal Citizenry must NEVER EVER determine who gets Federal dollars and seats in The United States Congress. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🗽🦅❤️

  9. This is why the wall is needed, safety from criminals crossing the boarder and criminals in the Democrat party gaining power.

  10. All we have to do is when they get caught crossing the boarder is, Do what is called PUSH-BACKS. When they are caught we must return them to the Mexican boarder side and tell them this is where the line is to apply for asylum. Let them know that they can be prosecuted if they cross anywhere else. Demand that they get in line and wait their turn. Let them know that because we documented their illegal crossing, that the next time they get caught, they will be charged , locked up and then released and deported in their own country. Let them know that crossing again will constitute another Federal Crime, because they refuse to listen to simple directions..
    Lawyers will not be able to argue on their behalf because they no longer have clean hands. There must be a organized system to stem this kayos. It is not illegal to direct the migrants to the proper location to apply for asylum. They are only denied when they cross illegally for the second time and they are charged.

  11. Ski masked armed soldiers.. Sneaking them in through the vonurable weak points of the border.. Hmm. So it is really a crises after all.

  12. When Armed Mexicans step across the border they should get a double tap between the eyes, not a limo ride to a resort.

  13. Stop remittances now. Shut border down now. No other way to get Mexico’s attention. Do it trump. Do it trump.

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