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Top 10 reasons to move to Rhode Island. They have almost no crime.

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hey what is going on everyone who wants to hear the warm and fuzzy about Rhode Island in case you have been following along I'm talking about the state of Rhode Island in the United States not the Greek isle that the state got its name from like I mentioned in the last video Rhode Island is our 50th state and sighs it's our smallest and the 44th in population it was admitted into the union may 29th 1790 making it our thirteenth state Rhode Island is known for it's amazing coastline and nautical history if you can afford it it's a great place to retire retirees statistically like smaller towns Rhode Island is so small the whole state gives that small-town vibe in my last video I pointed out the reasons not to move to Rhode Island and in this video we're gonna point out the reasons you should so sit on back relax and watch my top ten reasons to move to Rhode Island number 10 sports when it comes to sports Rhode Islanders are diehard fans considering they don't have any pro sports teams in the state you might find that a little weird it's not weird to them if you talk to a sports fan in Rhode Island you would think you're standing in downtown Boston they are kind of close to each other but still these people are passionate about Boston teams and please stop typing we don't want to hear about how you live in downtown Providence since the dawn of man and you hate the Red Sox you are what we call a statistical anomaly stop typing but if you like New England sports you probably won't find more diehard fans than in Rhode Island number 9 the food Rhode Island has some of the best food in New England like I said in the last video if you don't like seafood this might not be the place for you the good news is that's not all they got yeah it is their main food source but they have all types of food from Italian French Peruvian that's just to name a few one subscriber told me they have the best Italian food in the country they didn't leave any specific places as an example so I'll take their word for it and not guess of course it wouldn't be part of New England if they didn't have great clam chowder and they have some good chowder trust me on that one I've had it once been years but it was amazing number eight festivals and events like I said the whole state feels like a small town and like most small towns the residents love celebrating the state is a little by most people's standards so the people find reasons to whoop it up so far they've found about 900 reasons to whoop it up meaning they have over 900 festivals fairs and events going on throughout the year some of the most popular are the water fire festival the Newport Flower Show the Bristol fourth of July and so many more that it would take me about a two hour video just to talk about all of them I would love to cover a couple of these so if there's anyone from Rhode Island that's like official or anything like that listening I like to fly at least business class I could have my bags packed and batteries charged in a couple hours just saying number seven affordable housing like all major cities rent can get expensive what's cool about Rhode Island housing costs dropped pretty quick just outside of City Center so if you're okay with having a 10-minute commute from say Smith Hill to downtown Providence you'll be able to cut your rent in half for the same size apartment that you'd get downtown number six the zoo Rhode Island is home to the Roger Williams Park Zoo it was founded in 1872 and is the third oldest zoo in the country I love me some historical stuff even zoos the zoo is located on 40 acres and is a sanctuary for over 150 animals including this yard hog and a red panda that looks nothing like a panda but a cross between a raccoon and a fox they just look normal they're not as exciting as a panda to me number five lighthouses another thing the ocean state is known forced their lighthouses the first lighthouse was built in 1749 and back in the day they needed and had a bunch of them the coastline in Rhode Island is pretty dangerous today there's only about 15 active lighthouses most of them been replaced by automated towers and that's too bad what do you do with all those old men that wanted to be loners where do they live and work now number four very eco friendly Rhode Island is shockingly a very eco friendly state now I say shockingly because that's what us granola eatin weirdos do out here on the west coast not some place like Rhode Island well at least you wouldn't expect it to be lots of homes and businesses throughout the state use green energy through use of solar power or wind technology it's not uncommon to be driving down the highway and see an empty field with solar panels or wind turbines it's actually kind of neat number three natural beauty now I don't want to sound like I write novels or anything but the best way to describe Rhode Island's coastline is breathtaking get away from the tourists and the traffic and you'll start to appreciate the natural beauty that is Rhode Island they also have tons of amazing landscapes in the West that look like something out of a calendar like a calendar your grandmother would have in the kitchen not like a calendar your uncle would have in his transmission shop number two the school's Rhode Island is known for education and I'm not just talking the kindergarten through high school they have some of the finest universities in the nation Rhode Island is home to Brown University that's in Providence it's one of the original Ivy League schools then you have Johnson & Wales which is one of the finest culinary arts schools and then the University of Rhode Island this has some of the best sports and academic programs in the country if you want to get a really good education or you want your kids to get a good education you might want to move to Rhode Island and number one no crime it's hard to find any crime in Rhode Island the stats on crime are the best in the country now stop typing you're about to say of course it's so small they have low crime they don't have that many people well that is true but it doesn't change the fact that they have almost no crime give me all the Statue want and it won't change two facts they have human beings and they have human beings that don't commit a bunch of crime if you look at area vibes calm which gives letter grades for cities on a range of statistics look at the crime on all the cities in Rhode Island and it is nothing but a and B pluses across the board moved Rhode Island and you and your stuff will be safe that's just a fact of life Rhode Island is one of the safest places to live in this country all right so that's my top ten reasons to move to Rhode Island I hope you guys enjoyed it don't forget to hit all the buttons down below like dislike give me a comment whatever you want don't forget to hit that subscribe button and I'm gonna leave a link for my patreon account that's been picking up some steam lately helps out the channel I appreciate all the help you can give me everybody have a great day be nice to each other

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  1. Rhode Island actually has some of the worst schools in the world. K-12. Yeah we got good colleges but everything else is shit

  2. Rhode Island has become a Sanctuary State. Our Governmental community has gone against the people that agree with the "Constitution "! This Report is "NOT TRUE"!

  3. I'm in Providence right now for the Lovecraft festival and it really is a beautiful city, certainly one of the most beautiful in the world because of the colonial architecture so no wonder H.P. Lovecraft was eager to move back here. If only they could remove all these stupid Pride flags, people who put these up just want to feel like they were good people although they aren't.

  4. eveyone in the comments saying oh it’s bad in prov and bad in pawtucket. never lived somewhere actually bad lmao 😂😭

  5. Just ranked last in schools. Crime is rampant and murders in Providence. High taxes and nothing to do for fun. A little off on this one.

  6. “Almost no crime” when just this week a man got decapitated. If you’re thinking about moving here, don’t…

  7. No crime? Well you’ve definitely never been to providence you have like a 63 out of 10 chance of getting injured or killed…! ROFL

  8. Top 10 reasons not to move to RI:
    10. Traffic congestion around Providence
    9. Horrible drivers
    8. Unemployment rate
    7. Crime – Prov, Central Falls, and Pawtucket
    6. High taxes and low paying jobs
    5. Economy is sinking
    4. Inadequate/poor public education
    3. Corrupt judges
    2. Corrupt lawyers
    1. Corrupt politicians

  9. stop typing and one of the other reasons that I would actually move to Rhode Island is that the gambling age there is actually 18 all across the board

  10. Providence RI has a higher crime rate than the national average. Love RI though. I might move back soon. I lived in New England for 12 years and my maternal side has 400 year roots there.

  11. I lived in Rhode Island all my life, the houses in providence are horrible and aren’t so cheap as you described. I moved to Georgia and I live in bigger house with 2 floors and it was cheaper than my small house in Rhode Island. And don’t even get me started with the schools. I went to eden park elementary and what I learn here in Georgia is so much different. I’ve talked to my friends back in my hometown Rhode Island, and we’ve compared schools and my friends and I realized a difference my school here in Georgia was more advanced than in Rhode Island. And trust me, there are many crimes in Rhode Island. But not everything is exposed on the news.
    Rhode Island has lots of snow, and cold winters. Yes their is lighthouses but rare to see one not going to lie. Rhode Island is not the cleanest either. No I’m not lying, I just think that what you described Rhode Island as is not exactly true. Sincerely -Jeanely

  12. No crime? Time to update this video. Dude its rapid. Shootings, stabbings and muggings OH MY… GOOGLE IT.

  13. hi i was planning to write a story set in newport rhode island and was woundering
    since you have been there i was wondering do you think it would be a good place to set
    it there

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