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This episode Taven and the gang visit the locations of the murders of Greg Smart and John Lennon. We travel from Derry, NH and to New York City to see the spots made infamous by Pam Smart and Mark David Chapman.

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  1. Seriously all of my favorite things incorporated into one: one sexy King, another famous King, a scary book, killers you name it. King Taven you keep me happy thank you!!

  2. Omg I wish you would of posted this last week I was in New Hampshire. My grandma passed away and she was from New England. So we made the trip from Georgia to New Hampshire. I got you a small gift while I was there though. I’ll give it to you if your on the show in ATL in January 🙂

  3. if people disliked this video, they're melvins that TK will bash their brains in with his bat and Vinny wil chop their bodies.

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