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Continuing in my challenge to ride in every county in Great Britain (and then the UK) this is Trike around the counties | Northamptonshire.
A cool September morning and a ride along the Brampton Valley Way. This is little snippet of what Northamptonshire has to offer. I’ll probably be returning here again in the future. There’s plenty more to see.

To complete the Counties Challenge I’ll be visiting each of the 97 counties listed below. These are the old (pre 1900) counties of England, Scotland (S) and Wales (W). The list doesn’t include the newer metropolitan counties as I don’t fancy triking around some of Britains larger cities very much 👎.

I have no plans to ride them in any particular order but will ride my trike in each of them and I might just stay a little longer in some of the larger counties and maybe a bit less in some of the tiny ones. We will have to wait & see..

The thumbnail to this video and to every video in the “Britain county by county playlist” depicts the recognised county flag.

I hope you enjoy watching my vlogs. Also check out my website at:

I ride an adapted HP Velotechnik Scorpion FS26 trike.
My panniers and sidebags are made by Ortlieb.
I film using a Canon G7X MkII, and a DJI Spark Drone. I also occasionally use my Galaxy S9 phone to record some footage but prefer not to if I can help it.

So those counties are…
Aberdeenshire (S)
Anglesey (W)
Angus (S)
Argyll (S)
Ayrshire (S)
Banffshire (S)
Berwickshire (S)
Brecknockshire (W)
Bute (S)
Caernarfonshire (W)
Caithness (S)
Cardiganshire (W)
Carmarthenshire (W)
City of Bristol
City of Dundee (S)
City of Edinburgh (S)
City of Glasgow (S)
City of London
Clackmannanshire (S)
Denbighshire (W)
Dumfriesshire (S)
Dunbartonshire (S)
Dyfed (W)
East Lothian (S)
East Sussex
Fife (S)
Flintshire (W)
Glamorgan (W)
Greater London
Greater Manchester
Inverness-shire (S)
Isle of Wight
Kincardineshire (S)
Kinross-shire (S)
Kirkcudbrightshire (S)
Lanarkshire (S)
Merionethshire (W)
Midlothian (S)
Monmouthshire (W)
Montgomeryshire (W)
Moray (S)
Nairnshire (S)
North Yorkshire
Orkney (S)
Peeblesshire (S)
Pembrokeshire (W)
Perthshire (S)
Radnorshire (W)
Renfrewshire (S)
Ross and Cromarty (S)
Roxburghshire (S)
Selkirkshire (S)
Shetland (Zetland) (S)
South Yorkshire
Stirlingshire (S)
Sutherland (S)
Tyne and Wear
West Lothian (S)
West Midlands
West Sussex
West Yorkshire
Wigtownshire (S)

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  1. Hello Tim,
    I bought it from em3ev so it's slowly coming from China.
    Fingers crossed I may have it next week and the charger is coming from Canada, hopefully I'll have that before everything else.

    Regards Iain

  2. Hi Tim, I hope everything is ok with you and yours. Looking forward to seeing you soon. Love from all your subbies! 😊

  3. Hey Tim, been awhile, here's hoping your well. Its turning cold and grey where I live and I only take the bike out when I have too. Any ways stay safe and ride!

  4. What a nice surprise on this wet Monday evening to find out that I am one of the lucky ones to be mugged!
    Great video Tim, love the drone shots and the shot with the slug. The English countryside looks as beautiful as ever, your videos make us want to get out there. Mark said Congratulations on the E-Assist, we are looking forward to the next video about it. The beard suits you by the way ❤️

  5. Hello Tim,
    Good news I've had my refund and bought my Befang mid drive, I thought it best to buy it from a company that builds up the battery packs to order. The battery if my maths are correct should give me around 613 watt hours of power.
    I've also bought a push button ebrake to make sure I can change gear without any issues.
    Regards Iain

  6. Good to have you back Tim!
    And with a new look…looks great. 👍🏻😊
    Funnily I’e shaved off mine just about a week ago. 😁

    These old railroad tracks been turned into bike track look fantastic and seem to be pretty nice to ride as far as I can see.
    Really enjoyed watching this video and listen to the interesting details about Northamptonshire. Especially for a German like me who not very familiar with Great Britain.
    So many thanks for sharing. 🙏🏻

    I’m quite curious which e-assist you’ve finally fitted to Triny. Looking forward to your next video to find out.
    In the meantime enjoy your e-assisted trips. 🚴🏻‍♂️💨

    All the best,

  7. Nice video… beard looks ready for winter! Interested in more comments/feedback on you e-assist ……. in the 30 miles, what % of the time did you use it etc…..

  8. Hello Tim,
    I hope you are well and the e-assit is everything you expected.
    I had ordered an Befang motor unfortunately nothing has arrived and my credit card company are now dealing with situation.
    Fingers crossed by the end off October I should have E-ASSIT.

    I have a top tip and one recordation.

    The tip, to clean the chain tubes very easy to do. Cut up strips of T shirt push through the chain gaps, 2 pieces for the first complete spin of the chain and repeat with new bits off T-shirt untill they come back clean. 😀


    I know this is expensive a Windwrap XT fairing, omg what a difference, able to keep a reasonable speed, ease off mounting lights and computer, keeps feet dry, and also keeping the motor dry when I get it, and maybe get more miles out the battery.
    What are your thoughts on your mid-drive motor.

  9. Thought you meant a Harley type "Trik!" But these "incumbents" are cool too! Nice work!

  10. Looking forward to the next mugging. Excited to get your review on the e-assist and what you picked out. Beard looks good sported one myself years ago. Drone footage was great it always gives a good perspective on the surrounding area. Keep on triken!

  11. makes the experience more live it is alright. I love that little burner what is it called where did you get it.

  12. I like that your trails are nice and wide, ours are wide enough for 2 wheels, it is hard to ride a trike on the trails with the trike. So I have to go by road most of the time and the roads in my area are very bad not enough space for enough bikes to ride.thanks for sharing.

  13. Good to see you back. First things first, I didn’t find the E assist noise objectionable as I think the tire noise covered it up. Was it just me or was there a glitch in the intro segment. I was staring at a blank screen. No big deal, jus thought you would want to know. I see you had another addition besides your E assist that being your beard. Looks good. Most distinguished. All in all, good vlog. I’ll be looking forward to the next one.

  14. Another great video, Tim, thanks for sharing! 🙂👍 The English countryside is very beautiful and interesting. The noise of the e-assist wasn't disturbing at all, so don't worry about this! If you had not pointed it out, we wouldn't have noticed it anyway… 😉

  15. Great video Tim. I too like the beard, though it is a subtle reminder of how long we have gone without an update from you. Sounds like you have been busy though. I didn't notice the noise. Rather cruel of you to mention the new e-assist and then talk about geography, history and the weather. A few of us are interested in hardware. Nice trains – I enjoy the narrow boats, they are quite unlike what we have in the States, but those were some interesting trains flashing by. I received and assembled my new ICE Adventure HD with full suspension. What a dream that is. With a Rohloff 500-14 and Bafang BBS05 mid-drive e-assist. Living the dream!

  16. What a thrill to see my name amongst the chosen ones for the highly coveted mug. The beard looks great. I limit how long mine can get. I don't like the idea of squirrels or other creatures making a nest on my face just yet.😂Never noticed the motor until you turned it off. Did notice you were going much faster and the vegetation on the sides is rushing by a bit.That is something to consider when putting your video together. Some people might get motion sick⛷😚🤪 Still a great video and look forward to the one on the changes to the trike.

  17. Great video Tim! Winter coat looks good! Was not aware of the mug contest or I’d have entered. Trike looks great! From what I could see, looks like a Tongsheng system, at least the crank arms look to be theirs. Your display is same as mine as is the remote button controller. Looks like your battery is up front on the boom. Looks like a water bottle.The whine noise is just a part of the system. Not sure why but I opted for the brass internal gear over the plastic gear and that supposedly makes the whine less. I’ve gotten used to it. Look forward to your video detailing the system, be it Tongsheng or Bafang.

  18. aside from the Black intro, another nice ride Tim. I’m looking forward to finding out more about your E-Assist and the beard suits you. Give you a bit of movie action hero on a trike … lol

  19. Excellent Video Tim! I had to laugh out loud when you mentioned the idea of B&B's for longer tours and overnight runs. I think we call that sort of thing "smart thinking" and the winter face protection looks pretty sporty. I pretty much do the same thing every year but still have this thing about growing hair on the head LOL. Looking forward to you the next installment. I see that the planetary gear crank is missing from Triney, Wasn't able to fit it back on or wasn't needed? The fenders look sporty as well. I really need to make plans to come to the UK next summer and do some riding. I will have to see how my bid and run to do the 2020 addition of the TABR goes. (I'm trying to ride all my health issues away LOL or die trying LOL) Cheers!

  20. For several years I used a beard as yours, as can be seen in my Facebook page. That's nice. I thought how long I had seen your last video. For a long time for sure. Tim is preparing something different ; I thought. At first glance I saw your new mudguard, and the Efneo wasn't there. Big changes…I get curious about a more detailed video.
    About 60/100km from home, I have several cycle lanes like that one, but with shorter tunnels. You would love them. It would be a pleasure to have your company.
    Lovely moments those with that pony. And once again I was waiting for something hilarious crossing the poodle with the water reaching the axles. PS: I have a passion for trains…

  21. I love the beard. Nice video. That steel overpass with no steps was beautiful. The second tunnel was something else. Good thing you have mud flaps. Nice to have you back. I've missed your videos.

  22. Seems like you’re flying now like your in a hurry. I guess it’s the e-assist. You cannot help flying. Yes I can hear the motor but it’s not to bad. I purchased the hub system from “” that they packaged especially for the Scorpion fs. Will install after I play with the Efneo gear box you highlighted. The dealer did ask me how did I know about it. He had 2 in stock for awhile since no one was asking for them. I told him that I found out from a “Tim’s Trike Tips” =)

  23. Greetings from Washington State in the USA. Beard looks great. E-assist sound not noticeable to me. My wife and I ride TerraTrikes – hers has Bosch e-assist (EVO model) my Gran Tourismo is getting the same system end of October. Question…what was surface material of the track (trail) you were on in this video? At times it looked like crushed rock but did not hear the typical crunch sound of that surface. If it was crushed rock, what kind of tires are you using?

  24. Nice beard bro, good look! I wouldn't have noticed the motor sound if you had not said something. Sounds like road noise.

  25. Another pleasing cruise through the English countryside…

    I've got you on the beard. I had a goatee only for many years, but grew a full one last winter. I generally keep it trimmed and neat.

    If memory serves, you do have a tail light, right? I think it's an LED string thingie. I always ride with a flashing headlight and two tail lights, one on my trunk bag and the other mounted on my flag (I mention this because of the darkness in the tunnels) .

    Looking forward to details on the new EA. I couldn't discern any whine from it on the video at all.

    Last but not least, I'm a lucky mug! Didn't imagine I'd make the draw. Thanks for entertaining and encouraging us around Planet Earth!

  26. Cool intro Tim, great shots in the tunnel and air shaft, looks a really interesting place, loved that bridge! Audio seemed fine to me, your usual high standard of video and editing, think the beard suits you too! 👍👍👍

  27. Another great video! I didn’t even notice the whining from the e-assist until you shut it off. The beard looks great, first thing I noticed because I just did the same thing. It’s really nice not to shave evert day.

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