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Weeting Steam Rally 19th to 21st July 2019

you you [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] if you were a long way from home you stay in a living van like this one Vic was built in 1921 and has also been restored by the owner yes that's number 74 why because if Michael tell him in a number started speeding when they come down I just park my face bitch if I really do big loves it today I can't see a thing down the end of the field number 74 coming toward me they follow they see today a single class compact builds in 1912 by budget Adams of dragons 12 ton single Crime Stoppers at once new toilet walls of wall in Lancashire ready to preservation in 1968 Brinkley undergone major renovation product our coda its fact it's nearly missed last year's reaching rally it was down there having laughs but it was don't do it Roger pulled out all the stops golly dad's at the rally site it's finished job in the year absolutely smashing looking roller really great to have you here well we're not waiting on the rollers getting sucked we go yeah how are we never mind finds our own are there or benefactors almost banana folks we've had together making rollers although waving proudly by far the most successful talking to being the most with a recently or for a long time at the vertical thing place well number 79 just passing me now enabling a poor divaldo of 23 by David here with me in person bodies on deflection a few years ago and thought interesting little track today for the beauty news for Whitehall it all right in the winter or whatever purpose other one from the thorn of collection well a rather splendid engine heading towards me now it called that badger a family dinner 1920 305 martin shepard of often supplied by doing the work for form of corporation who found the favor the word for this growler and spend a lot of time traveling under his own theme to rally this year well the next one up is a quarter fighting child follow museum it's their general purpose traction engine very nice a market lakes with his presence at afternoon he hasn't been in the arena so far but we gave these odds even having far too much fun at the rallies for five are in 2018 and between many times we saw over the last 20 years by james coward there we are any other stop today could he let that drive down proper to build engines until 1918 when they were merged so took over Richard Hornsby ran for them to come after the normally big follow their mother beautiful photo to speedwagon b-type santa maria built in 1931 Oh bother enabling important e type of 1922 by the proud of performing when either Burwell Parish Council was about to make a difference the frogs med move guns and ammunition for the war effort returned to England in 1919 the Devon County Council and convert it to a road roller people at the traction engine in the mid-1970s and purchase by the present Oh the big July 2012 well Pete and Jodie Rangers always immaculate I think they are up bright and early with the Polish here from home oh it's not many of these people bollocks that practice left so we're probably quite lucky that we've got test two of them here at the same event and there they are passing each cover oh yeah grandmother's family actually owns one of these little wall extractors and it survived until 1955 so rallies and preservation really started in 1955 oblivious to that and somebody took an old barrel down the little repaid and dragged it out I took it the hair of this as I mentioned earlier weary with ye [Applause] [Applause]

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