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Just a bit of footage I took whilst in Wigan pier aquatics. Jef b recommended this place he said it looked cool so I checked it out. My god this place was hot and very expensive. They had so many tanks but I couldn’t film them all not only because of the time needed but because the sun was shining too hard it made filming virtually impossible. So I got what I could. I will go back one day when it’s gloomy and film a lot more for you. Thanks for watching plz like sub share and add a comment.

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  1. Those prices are expensive because for one mostly all the fish are wild cought and two look at the quality! Not a sick fish anywhere!!! Although much of Europe is very good about keeping fish for sale very healthy!! But the quality of everything is amazing!!

  2. Just going through your videos and came across this such a shame they stopped selling marine fish and corals

  3. Wow Psyche! You have to enjoy this place by you and by all of us. I know they like to have rare species and this is almost unique in the stores of our hobby.

  4. Awesome, I just recently ordered a group for Etroplus canarensis from them that arrived yesterday.

  5. I went around 12 months ago and although the variety was excellent, the big plecos / panaques were in tiny tanks and it was such a shame for these beautiful fish. staff were pretty ok except one lady who came across very stuck up. I inquired about some zebra plecos I'd seen and she said these were from her personal collection and purely for shop display, although pissed off with that remark I still bought a sunshine pleco at £65

  6. Wow those prices u mentioned! O.O They could at least have had the a/c on for you at those prices!!! haha… cool cory cats…I always like them…

  7. It's a wonder how a lfs can make enough money to stock such a selection. The overhead must be insane. Shop after shop are closing due to profit loss. I know the prices are high but you still need steady sales to warrant such a store. Crazy.

  8. Looks like an amazing store, but makes you wonder how they keep going if they are too pricey…………and who would pay those prices ? Great vid though pb 🙂

  9. I checked out their website. You have no idea what an awesome shop that is, if their selection online is anything like accurate. I only looked at a few pages of their 97 Loricaridae. L-046 for 95 pounds? Are you kidding me!? I'd pay $350 to $500. (230 to 330 Pounds) I'm def going to peruse their pages!
    I can't believe you didn't tell what kind of awesome Puffer that was.
    Albino Sturgeon? wow. Never seen those before. You only need about a thousand gallon tank for one. lol
    I didn't shoot it, but they had a single Discus at my shop for $1200 and I'll bet it's gone when I go back in a few days. (if not, I'll get video)

  10. Wish I had stores like that around here minus the prices, I'd never be Very cool tour PB, thanks for sharing.

  11. Wow what a shop! Had quite the variety and some nice fish indeed(except the yellow labs!) So 400 pounds for a pair of discus. I looked that up; is it really $590 UDS?!
    Great video PB!

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