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This was probably one of our best explores, so much to see and little vandalism if any. Just a shame this was once a place people could go too, to enjoy a game of bowling and take to the challenge of the mazes. It was also home to a crystal maze game, based on the hit UK TV show. Closed down in 2011 but couldn’t actually find the full reason for this. The once a fun place has been left to rot ever since.

Please watch: “Community care village Abandoned UNEXPLORED ”


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  1. At 7:11, those are AMF 8270 pinsetters and they look like they're still in decent shape. I've been a Brunswick mechanic most of my life and know a lot about bowling centers and rebuilding the pinsetters. It's so sad to see a good center go to waste like this. Normally people remove the pinsetters and sell them for spare parts. The pins make excellent firewood because they burn forever. Great video!!

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