Exploring Abandoned GHOST ESTATES *SCARY*

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This is the first of many exploring videos. I went to explore abandoned ghost estates. I hope you guys enjoy the video.

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hey guys your boys either no with another video so today I got video for you guys but before we get into this variance in my last video the link will be in the description down below so make sure you go watch it so basically today's video is as you can read from the title I recently I've read an article about ghost is state like it's ghost when I mean by ghost is nobody lives here so for you know why not go out and see with my own eyes and I'm telling you as you see right now it looks so scary like a magic coming at night all the houses or the like they all got metal doors metal windows and honestly when I got here it was so quiet I was so scared that but I was just praying that I see a human being and as soon as I seen a human being I was like whoo so basically the story behind this is is that they wanna like it's like a project of 400 million project a 500 million yeah basically to build new homes parks whatever and I'm gonna just stand like right there because it looks a bit shady me holding a camera to my face well yeah so that's the story on this I think there's one more family living here I don't know if they're still here of the or they've left I don't know which house is theirs and honest I don't want to talk to them that could be hostile if you know what I mean because I'm scared right now so dead tell you right now I'm a possible I'm ready P yes do 10 toes if I have to but yeah I'm just here just for a second yeah so basics that goes to stay oh that's crazy I'm gonna definitely come here at nighttime one day maybe in the next couple of weeks and see it for myself at night but Alice can hear anything can listen [Applause] even the roads are dead but I don't know where to begin with this is scary let me just show you this side first because you're mad I wanna put my I don't know if I'm gonna put scary music in the background actually I'm just gonna keep it with not without but watch this side now I'm definitely coming here and I don't care I'll cover it like a hundred people but yeah this is a just look I swear this doesn't look scary like oh my god imagine this cameras like look recording me at the moment look at this and this should just be given to the homeless man look how dead this is like look at this even when I show it when I get to the top like I was I came from the end their whole Road was dead no cars but this few cars parked here and there but this is a me I think this is a primary school this is it like this is some of it you know how scary this is yo glad I got here on time it's still this light before the light goes to sleep but look at this it's called a ghost estate I mean this is crazy I actually love God Allah actually do you love doing things like this yeah I don't want to go into that properties I just want to stay on the road just in case you know anything happens I could say I was just you know on the main road as you can see walking this is not private property is it nah this is so sick we're gonna lie hey hey honestly enough for some reason I'm praying something happened so I like summer run one or two people or three come after me so I could run and make a sick video but I hope nobody comes because I I read actually know what I was gonna wear another pair of trainers by war these heavy trainers so so when I'm running my feet like firm on the ground Oh awesome I was coming and a bike but this is there in college imagine like you can see one person walk here and there yeah there's a few people on a bike schedule max jump scared just look at this look at this this is actually hey no I just you know what I thought I asked for is like one block over the fire is a whole thing but yes a whole thing left look at this isn't this baby oh my god I'm scared oh I think this is I think this one lives here oh she never fought anyone luck she say like oh my God look at this over there there's some behind or the area down there to read I come from that area down there this look at this I mean if this isn't scary I don't know why so you're coming right the park right there you commonly just walking down the road listen to this night look at this like oh my god if this isn't scary I actually don't honest I want to go home like I'm actually scared also when I was in the main road it was so quiet when I was coming in but yeah I mean look at this this is if oh my god other thing I'm gonna walk over to the end actually don't I see someone over there there's a few cars parked over there but also those houses like if this isn't scary see a car coming in I'm actually gonna do a u-turn cause I'm actually really scared thank the car like this man or not they should just give this as a homeless I know it's father but however many millions project you want to do but for the time being during this time of the year this should be given to the homeless people look how odd I mean this goes older to the end all the way to the end and I was right there like you know imagine how many people can house homes people through during this time of the year because this doesn't look like it's gonna be like this is gonna be for a long time before they actually even start doing the project because four or however many hundred millions it's not just gonna come out so now money doesn't go grow on trees but if I owned any of these other think things these houses are owned by the council I think so like by the city so I don't think the privately this house actually when you look see where my finger is that oh yeah I'm watching back but I'm telling this is creepy look like it goes Shh see where the light is caught it goes further down and then it goes but bla bla key to see the park it's a park I don't wanna go further down I see buildings because that's like deep in and I'm actually scared for my life and I'm too young gee I'm so lost I still wanna see a life like this is so creepy I think there's one family that's still living here I think yeah I see that black car think they were that's their car see there's a park here there's a few kids I don't know where these kids came from cause you see all these big buildings I think that's where the people live really just like I said this is like a fraud it's a four hundred something million project I mean but yeah this is it this is the ghost estate like oh this this is a scare oh my god [Applause] no I'm actually crazy so I'm definitely coming here at night I'm coming with like a hundred people other Karen I'm coming here at night it looks much you know what she's actually shoot a movie here or like a TV show like something it looks be amazing is that like a hostage to you that there's a block of hut I think that's the that's the ghost escape you see what the why Ryan is her in does the ghost estate where the last time is living on I'm not really sure but like imagine here every morning waking up to no neighbors also they said on the article or the newspaper that the last family or the last neighbors they had left nine years ago nine like why you still have nine years and no neighbors like not actually go crazy like nine I mean it's good to be alone sometimes button nine years with nobody by side I don't know how to get to this see where that's why I think is they covered the whole block so I don't like climb over or get into trouble I'm this house is over there to you and this is like a dead end they even had a good day even Bill Gates I'm guessing I don't know if this is the back garden to the houses this actually the front garden you're scared someone the dogs you come up to me I don't know where I'm gonna go this is scary see this gates I'm not gonna go deep and really know these houses when you're telling me he can't put homeless people in it look at all of this and then you got nice big flood building I was industry I think from my memory actually my name is act look at this I'm trying to climb over or do anything look all these house let me see what's in the gardens was I was out in the street no this is this is a I think I'm gonna go home I'm actually sky yeah I wasn't the street yeah I was did a few cars but they couldn't be get parked here because the people of the flat are the buildings CDC the dude in there just said the tip it's pretty tall building that you and and one of behind but yeah that's the ghost estate right there I'll try to zoom in to you guys I think this is it this is the last bit thus the ghost estate as you can see the last live a family I think last a car but that's the ghost estate I mean come on I think I'm gonna finish the video here that's I don't wanna get closed for privacy for private private reasons or privacy I'll just no I don't want to get close but yeah everything's on the internet you want to see it for yourself I mean there's not many pictures of videos so I thought why not be the first and come and do this honestly I want to do more exploring videos I'm definitely doing exploring this is crazy the shanxi bunnies this is it I hope you guys enjoyed my first many many my first of many exploring videos event well hold no problems thank God they F wants me to more exploring video smash 100 likes on this video now I'll definitely go do more exploring videos and yeah I mean hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did make sure you smash that like button leave a comment down below on sharing if you're not subscribed make sure you subscribe and tell my post notifications on to be notified whenever I post 10 also almost social media links will be in the description down below so make sure you follow me add me to keep up to date and yeah until next time peace

Symonds Yat Experience Part 2 – Yat Rock – 12 Miles

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Symonds Yat Experience Part 2
Yat Rock – 12 Miles

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Join Nick and I for our latest outdoor walking adventure as we return to Symonds Yat and Yat Rock.

As always, thank you very much for watching and commenting. It is very much appreciated.

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next destination is Yacht rock mile-and-a-half to our left Simon just ruffed similar justice when the most iconic canoeing destinations in Britain thousands of canoeist navigate the rough as each year on their journey down the river why is the most tropical story we've been enjoying the view from here for hundreds of years yeah Rock a bit of white gorge geology yeah rock the river wye flows in a series of huge enhancer loops crossing from lowland to high align them back again many times it's kind of deep steep-sided goes into the harder limestone sand stones of the forest of dean plateau where cross is softer sandstones a wide Vartan a wide valley is formed on the heritage of plain raptors on the rock the peregrines of simmons yacht and the goshawk says simmons yacht this is quite a place but they can I have made it to Simmons Yat Yat Rock 504 feet above mean sea level and the weather is glorious and we're actually we've actually got you out Rock to ourselves which is and no really probably something to do with it to do with the time of day that we we've landed here and climbed up to it but we have a lovely lovely horseshoe loop with the river wye covered in trees oak the Dome of the ash cherry and some other species peregrine falcons although we haven't seen one year I've heard one calling as we as we climbed up and you can see Goss walks and spiral hawks and other Raptors here as well so it's really truly stunning place an iconic place as well and it happens to be in Herefordshire and just feel so privileged to be here and have the place to ourselves it's we've VIPs make you think they didn't they keeping the the mudding crowd at the base a weaver until we finish here that was close so that's apparently this this is horseshoe and troubles the river travels for something like three miles the lucky only gains about a quarter a mile in distance so the water sort of follows at least release trot line of resistance through the gorge so raven judge away to our right beautiful river why we are drink through the limestone gorge below forget to be the rock deep behind and we didn't leave us we have an area of the shallows and Rapids ja characteristic of a spate River which this one is and we're looking june north there now towards the village of Goodrich the Goodrich castle and we can see the church spire standing proudly in the centre of the screen a table mate what we got there okay June to August so what time were we yeah yeah there's always a downside I suppose these things don't pay for themselves do they are Surrey Commission opens at 10:00 highly recommend Simon John Yacht rock to people toilets cafe places to sit and eat if you can get here and avoid the crowds that is Simmons Yacht rock highly recommend it folks save her if it's you that was discerning diner over there Nick got a table manners Izzy oh so uncouth come off Yacht rock and they don't whene'er to beautiful village of English big nor and we're heading for English pick more church and a motte-and-bailey mound fort antiquity where we're going to have our first brew and food of the day English picnic Church of st. Mary the Virgin English people were the beautiful village and make an uninformed guess that that is a Norman inspired Church left English picked and I well in truly behind and yeah we have yeah we have a river full of canoeing kayakers and we're looking straight in the middle of the screen back to the rock viewing point and we just make out the flagpole where we were a little earlier when I'm walking alongside the Floria through the wide and it's all did the limestone gorge and it is absolutely beautiful today and the dominant species – the place is literally covered with them rising up to absorb the sunlight one of the major bonuses of this walk is that cross in open meadow and subjected to the Sun and then with these beautiful dappled shady glades ascending rapidly knife through the woodland on the way Valley walk to the ferry at Simmons yacht another many derelict stone builders that we have encountered on this wonderful wonderful walk tool from Siemens yeah what backstories area across the mighty white Simmonds yacht West half a mile boy a ferry Oh tonight how was it there is the hand fairy ducks crossing this is the one yeah see the more obvious one isn't he [Applause] which is tremendous smile oh maybe we gonna do that I look like fun that looks like fun he says what can go wrong cross you Venice first you better sing that one true dear we're starting to go wrong we try to get in the car [Applause] so we hope that you manage to stick with us if you enjoyed the video please give it a thumbs up if you didn't by all means thumb it down they all came separately if you already subscribed thank you very much we appreciate it and if you don't subscribe please consider doing so because it gives us a boost to continue doing what we do although we don't do it just for that reason and we look forward to seeing you all in the in the next one which is tremendously

EDC Performing Arts, Media and Art & Design courses video (East Durham College)

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If you would like more information about the Performing Arts, Media and Art & Design courses available at East Durham College, please head to our website:

You will also find information on entry requirements for each course and how to apply.

The Performing Arts, Music and Media department delivers courses covering Dance, Drama, Music and TV and Film Media from Entry Level (Level 1) to Foundation Degree (Level 4). Overall courses are 12% above the national benchmark for Performing Arts provision.

A transcript of the video is below:

MICHAEL: My name is Michael Colson and I’m on the BTEC Extended Diploma in Performing Arts.
LAUREN: My name’s Lauren McGoldrick and I do Extended Diploma in Performing Arts.
MICHAEL: As part of the course we do singing, acting and dancing. We get to use the dance studio and the theatre and we have practice rooms upstairs for like bands and stuff.
LAUREN: I think the tutors are really, really good because they’ve helped us a lot with me confidence and the way I sing and dance.
JOSEPH: My name’s Joseph Ashcroft and I’m on the Subsidiary Diploma in Music. On a day to day basis I’d say I play a lot of music with the band, rehearse by myself, do my own singing lessons like I’ve been taught to by tutors and basically practice all day long doing some work at the same time as well.
When I’ve finished the course I will be going to University studying exactly the same, music. Then later on I hope to teach.
BEN: My name is Ben Nicholson and I lecture at East Durham College. What we try to do is provide the students with a broad range of skills which would enable them to gain employment in later life and also to progress onto Level 4 qualifications at University. our focus is on drama, dance and music skills here. We have TV studios, we have video editing suites, we have this purpose built theatre.
We believe as all the staff are practitioners, the best way for you to learn as a performer is to actually do practical activities. To do real performances in real performance environments.
LIAM: My name is Liam Spence and I am doing BTEC Media at East Durham College. The thing I’ve enjoyed most on the course is probably using the cameras and using the editing progreammes.
Yeah I’d recommend this course because the teachers are really friendly and so are the students and the facilities are great.
After I finish this course I might take it onto A Levels or go to University.
LYNNE: My name is Lynne Earl and I teach BTEC Art & Design. We do drawing, painting, 3D, graphics, print, photography.
They can go on and do degree courses in all sorts of design fields, design areas, and they can go into galleries, museums, exhibitions. They could try and make it out in the big wide world as artists and designers.

>> MICHAEL: My name is Michael Colson and
I'm on the BTEC Extended Diploma in Performing Arts.
>> LAUREN: My name's Lauren McGoldrick and I do Extended Diploma in Performing Arts.
>> MICHAEL: As part of the course we do singing, acting and dancing. We get to use the dance
studio and the theatre and we have practice rooms upstairs for like bands and stuff.
>> LAUREN: I think the tutors are really, really good because they've helped us a lot
with me confidence and the way I sing and dance.
>> JOSEPH: My name's Joseph Ashcroft and I'm on the Subsidiary Diploma in Music. On a day
to day basis I'd say I play a lot of music with the band, rehearse by myself, do my own
singing lessons like I've been taught to by tutors and basically practice all day long
doing some work at the same time as well. When I've finished the course I will be going
to University studying exactly the same, music. Then later on I hope to teach.
>> BEN: My name is Ben Nicholson and I lecture at East Durham College. What we try to do
is provide the students with a broad range of skills which would enable them to gain
employment in later life and also to progress onto Level 4 qualifications at University.
our focus is on drama, dance and music skills here. We have TV studios, we have video editing
suites, we have this purpose built theatre. We believe as all the staff are practitioners,
the best way for you to learn as a performer is to actually do practical activities. To
do real performances in real performance environments. >> LIAM: My name is Liam Spence and I am doing
BTEC Media at East Durham College. The thing I've enjoyed most on the course is probably
using the cameras and using the editing progreammes.
Yeah I'd recommend this course because the teachers are really friendly and so are the
students and the facilities are great.
After I finish this course I might take it onto A Levels or go to University.
>>LYNNE: My name is Lynne Earl and I teach
BTEC Art & Design. We do drawing, painting, 3D, graphics, print, photography.
They can go on and do degree courses in all sorts of design fields, design areas, and
they can go into galleries, museums, exhibitions. They could try and make it out in the big
wide world as artists and designers.

Aberdeen, Scotland's Hydrogen Strategy – Leading the UK in H2

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H2 Aberdeen is an initiative working to bring about a hydrogen economy in the Aberdeen City Region. It will help to reinforce the area’s position as an energy city, now and in the future.

About Hydrogen, as an energy storage medium, offers an opportunity to maximise the capacity of renewable energy.

With the transferable oil and gas expertise in the North East of Scotland, as well as a capacity for renewable energy generation, there is an to further enhance our economic competitiveness by being at the forefront of a hydrogen economy.

H2 Aberdeen

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development of renewable and low-carbon energy can have an impact not only on people's health but also on businesses and consequently the economy we went to Aberdeen to find out how the city is taking a novel approach to this issue by introducing a hydrogen strategy that could have a wide reaching effect on the local community and beyond more and more local governments are looking at initiatives that improve the health and the wealth of local communities across the UK and here in Aberdeen it's all about future proofing the city the Granite City is currently one of Change undergoing a renaissance moving away from its roots in oil and gas towards a more diverse economy colossal infrastructure spends and investment in green energy and it's still a city determined to be an energy leader we have the largest offshore wind turbine field deployed which will supply 70% of Aberdeen energy needs we've also got huge hydrogen projects an x-ray will have the largest feet of hydrogen buses in the UK we've managed to leverage the public pound to the tune of every 18 pence we put in we've got a pound additional investment this is a father in a sense now an Aberdeen really want to push the local economy with an ability to store energy hydrogen offers a solution to energy supply demands and constraints and it can be used for transport heating and power lessening dependency on the grid so the city's hydrogen strategy hopes to achieve economic growth a low-carbon economy and cleaner air I jumped on one of the hydrogen buses with Dave Phillips from transport company first group we think they're obviously public transport is the future when you took into consideration one vehicle potentially take 75 cars off the road and even with the emissions sort of work that's happening with Transport now that when you're talking about low emission zones in the future and the air-quality agenda we can play a gate part and can bring in that and achieve the city's hydrogen vehicles refuel here at Aberdeen hydrogen energy storage facility at aches today's modest feet will grow so Aberdeen can set an example to the rest of the nation by delivering on Scotland's energy strategy whilst also developing a hydrogen supply chain this customer set target of doing away with oil and gas petrol and diesel but I think we as local authorities as Regional Transport partnerships need to think no about how we position ourselves to make sure that we're able to accept that challenge and go forward Aberdeen I think's at the forefront of that energy is a key aspect for an economy but also for our air quality and for reducing carbon emissions across the board change though is not always easy and redesigning the cities Marshall Square in the shadow of Marshall college for many Aberdeen's historic heart and soul has meant reaching out to the city to carve out a new central district we want to make sure we've got top class office accommodation along with leisure and retail facilities right in the heart of the city centre and that's why we want to make sure that that billion payment investment in our capital program is delivered we've shown in an innovative approach particularly around things like hydrogen that we want to be at the forefront of that we want to show people that we can embrace new technologies and I believe that the investment we make not just in the place itself and the infrastructure but in the people is what matters there's no more passionate advocate of Aberdeen hydrogen strategy and councillor Bell you get to bring the city into a prosperous new era underpinned by green energy and the skills of generations of experienced workers it is predicted by 2050 that 18 percent of the world's energy will come from hydrogen in an economy worth two and a half trillion dollars employing 30 million people I want to be a part of that I won the city to be a part of that so confidence and ambition is the atmosphere here in a city determined to look towards a new prosperous future you

Liverpool Family Day Out

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Liverpool Family Day out!

Liverpool Bright and Sunny, filled with so much history and sea.

In this video I just show you some highlights of this trip and a little of what we’ve seen:
– Albert Docks
– Mattel Play!
– Merseyside Maritime Museum (with the Titanic Exhibition and Slavery Museum)
– Liverpool Museum

Liverpool has so much more to see but our time was limited.

For a full Liverpool Visiting guide and my experiences there please see the full blog post here:


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Drive Down Great Western Road Glasgow Scotland

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Tour Scotland video of a drive down Great Western Road on ancestry visit to Glasgow. The original starting point of the A82 in Glasgow was at Trongate. It proceeded to run westwards along Argyle Street and Dumbarton Road to Dumbarton via Clydebank. On 16 May 1934, the road was rerouted to run along Buchanan Street, New City Road and Great Western Road, whose westward extension from Anniesland Cross had been recently completed. The route between Glasgow and Dumbarton has since broadly remained the same, aside from the declassification of the route to the south of the M8 when that motorway was constructed.

SCOTLAND: Doune Castle & Cawdor Castle- Episode 3

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After exploring Edinburgh, we rented a car and we were off to explore the Highlands of Scotland! On our first day out, while driving through the gorgeous Scottish countryside, we stopped at Doune Castle and Cawdor Castle.

how many elevators are we Vince right now to get to the car rental place two or three well we got our rental car it was a little bit of a ordeal we went to the wrong office apparently there's two offices there's dropout box office and a pickup office we went to the wrong office and we're on our way to dune castle can't believe how vivid colors there's this little approach the castle where the Frenchman well this was a fun castle it was fun to learn the history of the castle as well as like some of the video the pop culture of it Outlander and Monteith I have fun it is gorgeous out here oh my gosh I love green I love green I love red um I left the Moab Red Desert but I love green oh my gosh I love Scotland oh my gosh these chips are so oh my gosh they're so good right now bravery I do the honors oh look she's even for chocolate folks hey coffee here yes Vanna White will you please will you please show us nice coffee pot to warm up your water for your tea or your coffee some lovely rocky chocolate bars and if you come this way please into our bathroom Oh gorgeous just gorgeous look at the loo it's like all forest so pretty feel any elves out there you

Trike around the counties | Hertfordshire Part 1.

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Continuing in my challenge to ride in every county in Great Britain (and then the UK) this is Trike around the counties | Hertfordshire Part 1. I ride along the Lee Valley into Hertfordshire and through the towns of Ware, Hertford and Welwyn Garden City.

At the end of the day I stealthcamp / wildcamp in my Bivvy for the night ready for Hertfordshire Part 2 tomorrow.

To complete the Counties Challenge I’ll be visiting each of the 97 counties listed below. These are the old (pre 1900) counties of England, Scotland (S) and Wales (W). The list doesn’t include the newer metropolitan counties as I don’t fancy triking around some of Britains larger cities very much ūüĎé.

I have no plans to ride them in any particular order but will ride my trike in each of them and I might just stay a little longer in some of the larger counties and maybe a bit less in some of the tiny ones. We will have to wait & see..

The thumbnail to this video and to every video in the “Britain county by county playlist” depicts the recognised county flag.

So the counties are…
Aberdeenshire (S)
Anglesey (W)
Angus (S)
Argyll (S)
Ayrshire (S)
Banffshire (S)
Berwickshire (S)
Brecknockshire (W)
Bute (S)
Caernarfonshire (W)
Caithness (S)
Cardiganshire (W)
Carmarthenshire (W)
City of Bristol
City of Dundee (S)
City of Edinburgh (S)
City of Glasgow (S)
City of London
Clackmannanshire (S)
Denbighshire (W)
Dumfriesshire (S)
Dunbartonshire (S)
Dyfed (W)
East Lothian (S)
East Sussex
Fife (S)
Flintshire (W)
Glamorgan (W)
Greater London
Greater Manchester
Inverness-shire (S)
Isle of Wight
Kincardineshire (S)
Kinross-shire (S)
Kirkcudbrightshire (S)
Lanarkshire (S)
Merionethshire (W)
Midlothian (S)
Monmouthshire (W)
Montgomeryshire (W)
Moray (S)
Nairnshire (S)
North Yorkshire
Orkney (S)
Peeblesshire (S)
Pembrokeshire (W)
Perthshire (S)
Radnorshire (W)
Renfrewshire (S)
Ross and Cromarty (S)
Roxburghshire (S)
Selkirkshire (S)
Shetland (Zetland) (S)
South Yorkshire
Stirlingshire (S)
Sutherland (S)
Tyne and Wear
West Lothian (S)
West Midlands
West Sussex
West Yorkshire
Wigtownshire (S)

#TimsTrikeTips #Hertfordshire #RecumbentTrike

all right guys so if you've watched my last installment you'll recognize that blue bridge that's the border of Hartford cheer so that's where I'm off to today you're gonna go on have a look at that when you're watching this one back realize that I've already just tricht up all of what I did in the last video apart from the hill I've been up there today but let's go and see what Hartford she has to offer [Applause] so these guys are working on the footpath along the side of the canal and they put in a temporary floating path not seen one of these before let alone written on one oh it's pretty of course they're not so much of them again on another this bits just through broxbourne near Dobbs we're in half at you I've been through this way on two wheels before and I knew it was bad but this just gets worse and worse and worse as always it's easier on three wheels so I've stopped for a coffee and a biscuit Dobbs where and the bad news is when I was getting on and off of there was temporary walkways I lifted the trike wrong and I've twins my back it's quite sore at the moment which is not good but let's see how it goes I've carried on the cycling a bit further and it hasn't eased off but it's not great but don't let you know how it feels later hopefully it's not gonna spoil the day so we're off into Hartford G then I'm gonna be off this canal in a minute my plan is to follow the the National Cycle Network we have a network of excuse me we have a network of cycle routes across the UK I think I might mention them before I'm on a term arrived but today I've been following the National Cycle group number one of the Lee Valley I'm going to get off of that in a moment on to the 61 heads across Hartford chair the one carries on and goes over into Essex and we've done this before so I'm going to take the 61 across Hartford cheer to a place called well in some point near they're probably just past well in our fancy speed I'm going at the moment yeah somewhere just past well in I'm gonna be setting up my baby for the night and camping out that's the plan maybe huh gorgeous wait we're still in February and it's geared again up to 16 degrees today sixteen Celsius it's the easy one or a number for Parenthood 61 just swap it around yeah I'm gonna sit here and enjoy my coffee have a biscuit then I'll be back on my way I hope I haven't done anything silly at my back we'll see speak to you in a bit I know you're not coffee [Applause] so that little bridge behind me is where the route number one national cycle route number one goes off towards ethics just there and my way leads up there on the 61 Fields where lock thing that's pronounced speeds fales where Locke answers on a postcard so not feel is it okay pretty little place there right onto the 61 still heading north so as with all my accounting videos the thumbnail for this one is the Hartford County flag the picture of the flag is a set of blue wavy lines which depict the rivers that flow through half a chair and second the middle of that is a stag laying in a yellow field in Old English a stag was called a heart so that's where the stag comes from so the yellow field that the stag is laying in for the heart takes a bit more explaining in about 300 BC apparently st. Alban became one of the first Christian martyrs which was in the then Roman time a town called Berlin iam my pronunciation of that probably awful in modern day terms verily Miam is now a town called st. Albans after the martyr he was a Roman British soldier who stepped forward and had his own head cut off rather than allow a priest to have his head cut off instead that's making him a martyr but apparently some albans cross was yellow so there we have the heart on a yellow field on a background of blue rivers and that's the flag of help to cheer all right so coming up on my first town in ecology place called where SWA ie we're still very much South Hartford you and when we get there we're going to do a big left-hand turn and start heading across almost straight after where we'll get to Hartford the county town my sister how the pleasant so I'm just entering the outskirts of Hartford now the lovely big park 61 goes right through it to caught the country sidewalk but lovely cycle path wonderful water everywhere so we're in Hartford pointing at the street I'm gonna keep my own where I'm going now though because I haven't a clue I think I was supposed to be the other side of the fence don't worry there's a gap so my boot the 61 was supposed to come through there and across this crossing and down this road somehow I ended up on this partnered by parts for a couple hundred meters which as you can see is very busy very loud for a change people in the cars were really good or off the river for the first time today so there were some roadworks in the middle of Hartford and I was following the cycle road but one of the workmen on the roadwork said it's a one-way road you can't go up that way he was nice about it but I have a fancy the cyclists can still go up that way but so I took a left-hand turn and ended up I'm missing my turn earring in there so yeah I took a left-hand turn and ended up losing the cycle lane which put me on the bypass I guess as a bypass it's a very busy bit of road right I need to find out where my route goes from me be right back there we go a bit quieter now as well so we're still on the 61 heading to Whelan or as the locals call it whaling Bay's wedding Garden City now actually whaling because there's a different place called Wayland just up the road from it all right onward and upwards so I'm just starting out in the cold green way it's another one of our disused railway lines which is fantastic because it means it's going to be flat lovely big viaduct still some railway lines up there that's it that's belong so this was an attempt to join Luton and Dunstable in Bedford G with Hartford in Hartford shear as a cross-country rail link but apparently Great Northern Railways wouldn't allow them to cross the rails at 1:00 in and Hatfield so the lines never joined up and because of that it didn't make enough money because nobody wanted to go the short distance that it was out and I supposed and ended up closing it all right but they closed this many many many moons ago so as I say now we're left with one of these wonderful cross-country cycle routes and footpaths people walk on here as well now I'm not going all the way to Luton I'm going as far as whaling which is about another three and a half miles up here and then I'm going to join the National cycle route number twelve heading north through half a G R again the plan for today is just to keep riding yeah we're just gonna keep going and when it gets dark we'll stop I'm going to hedge or something I put the baby behind I'll get it good no it's Kip and off we go again tomorrow it flies everywhere so seems like everything's gonna be thrown at me today off don't know what to do about that one I'll have to wait till I get back but not placed with that see in the end they still got half the bolt in there and half the bolt in the truck sound yeah thought we have to drill that one out well these things are sent to try us supports help for cheer well known for well how about this guy I've been waiting for you we meet again at last all right it's enough of that I can't put too much of that on there otherwise that George Lucas little Disney these days isn't it Disney I'll jump all over and monetize my video but yes the first three Star Wars movies we're all shot in what are called the Elstree Studios but they're the MGM London studios I think think that's what they were called Stanley Kubrick the famous director he lived in Hartford cheer because he shot many of his films at Elstree and James Bond film Goldeneye 1995 that was also shot at Elstree all in little help – gee who'd of thunk it so this is a fairly good example of one of the old railway stations that would have been on this line they've left them there we just pull up the line and leave the platform which is now a small car park from that little wall is the station platform people would have waited up on there for the train to come in I don't know what station this is I'll find out later put it on the screen for you and then what about economy with the country shove it again oh this is beautiful wrote such a lovely day as well hasn't been a cloud all day absolutely gorgeous [Applause] [Applause] then gives about hot puffs three quarter to four now in the afternoon the sun's view to go down at six I believe which way do we go come straight on yeah I think the sun's down at six how fast five six o'clock so we get a little while about yet although if I find the right place I might just stop building anything because I need to as I need it would be nice to be able to cook my yeah I didn't make that one wide enough okay that's that bit done now why do I go not on the damn road I know where's the footpath girl where's the psychopath game didn't you on the road the Sun was pointing in the wrong way somebody's turned the sign so I might have to go back just 50 yards and again now I believe I have two props here all very busy road no we don't we're going straight on that's good didn't have to cross that so now I'm in well in Garden City and I'm a little bit of a quiet a road I'll tell you all about it far too busy just here really noisy pretty place thing I'm just about to get off of the route 61 and onto the route 12 that heads north but I've gotta find it first somewhere handy somewhere around here oh I think I've just seen it it's something pretty wife [Applause] or any tip for those lines we commune so well in Garden City was the second of the Garden City project established in 1920 by a man called Sir Lebanese a 7yz or something I'll put on the screen I can't remember so no but he came up with the idea of creating new towns and calling them garden cities because basically he wanted them to be big enough to be self-sufficient and nice places to live and have a community but not so big that they lose their personal touch for the people who live there the first one that he created was Letchworth Garden City also in Hartford you who knows we might go that one day so leaving while in Garden City behind then we're now on the iron I think it's pronounced ayat Greenway goes through this lovely woodland then we'll be out of whaling and I'll be looking for somewhere to put my head down for the night now I would be thinking about that woodland but it's too close to housing and we don't want to be disturbed by those city types all know it you never know whether a would that close to a city is going to be frequented by the youth at night no I'll get away from whaling a little bit and then we'll all that popping somewhere noise back with you in a bit so this is a pretty little hamlet called the ayats and Peter just outside by them just a small group of houses on village green proper English really public [Applause] the lights fading fast and have to find somewhere soon well I think I found my spot for the nut little wood not far from the road ah enough to get some sleep I think and busy cooking myself some poster at the moment turn it down a bit before it boils in a sorry state the Linton's I don't mean to do that you know still would do me for tonight so it didn't mainly 34 miles bring you back when I'm eating or when I bought the baby see you in a bit never ceases to amaze me how much the light there seems to be on the camera it's really is quite down I was just gonna record a little bit the same again this is the last bits of the day because he's so down maybe not bring it back once I've got the Bibby setup I'll probably be in solid it it's funny innit it starts getting dark you won't start to talking harsh always no that's funny wonder if I'll see any more light so this is the only problem with while camping at this time really is it's just gone six o'clock in the evening and as you can see there's not a lot of life left I'm just gonna have to sit here for a while and watch some YouTube videos walls are on the subject of YouTube if you were like my videos guys then please do click that subscribe button and click the bell notification thing next to it as well so that you get notified each time I upload on then you won't miss anything I hope you enjoyed the days around I don't know it's not quite over for today yeah I shall bring you back just before I go to sleep I think but just in case I drop off and forget I shall say good night to you all them I'll see you in the morning well I realize you guys can't see anything I'm not going to bet any lights on because I'm wild camping and this house is not too far away I think so I'm keeping the lights down but I'm all YouTubed out now I think it's about half past nine ten o'clock so I'm gonna get my head down and I'll see you all in the morning you

Portsmouth Harbour in 4k Stock Footage Examples

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Please hire us or purchase this stock via www.dsrstock.co.uk

www.sussexbyair.com – Tel 07976 617339

Footage was captured by 2 short 6 minute flights with pilot, cameraman and observer covering the public house terrace entrance.

To book us please visit www.sussexbyair.com. We travel all over the UK. We are approved by the CAA for all aerial work.

Massive thanks to Jay @ Still & West Public house for allowing us to take off from his harbour wall.

4K City Walks: Edinburgh, Scotland Botanical Gardens and Dean Village – Walking Treadmill Video

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4K City Walks: Edinburgh, Scotland Botanical Gardens and Dean Village – Walking Treadmill Video is one of the longer videos I’ve done at over an hour. In this video I take you back to and through the Royal Botanical Gardens and then on to the picturesque are of Dean Village which is one of the key instagram places in Edinburgh, Scotland on the Waters of Leith.
I hope you enjoy this virtual treadmill walk through Edinburgh. We’ll be posting four other walks around edinburgh in recent next couple of weeks. It’s truly a beautiful city.
Virtual treadmill walk video – #virtualtreadmill #virtualwalk #citywalks
These videos are great for treadmill walking scenery. Getting good health at the gym while traveling to different and special virtual locations.
We provide Treadmill scenery youtube.

If you like walking treadmill videos or treadmill trail videos, this is a great channel to subscribe to. We have dozens of treadmill workout video and treadmill walking video to choose from. We hope you enjoy.
Edinburgh¬†¬†Scottish Gaelic:¬†D√Ļn √ąideann¬†¬†Scots:¬†Edinburgh) is the¬†capital city¬†of¬†Scotland¬†and one of its 32¬†council areas. Historically part of the county of¬†Midlothian¬†(interchangeably Edinburghshire prior to 1921),¬†it is located in¬†Lothian¬†on the¬†Firth of Forth’s southern shore.
Recognized as the capital of Scotland since at least the 15th century, Edinburgh is the seat of the¬†Scottish Government, the¬†Scottish Parliament and the¬†supreme courts of Scotland. The city’s¬†Palace of Holyrood house¬†is the¬†official residence¬†of the¬†monarch¬†in Scotland. The city has long been a centre of education, particularly in the fields of medicine,¬†Scots law, literature, philosophy, the sciences and engineering. It is the second largest financial centre in the¬†United Kingdom¬†(after¬†London)¬†and the city’s historical and cultural attractions have made it the United Kingdom’s second most popular tourist destination attracting 1.75 million visits from overseas in 2016.
Edinburgh is Scotland’s¬†second most populous city¬†and the seventh most populous in the United Kingdom. The official population estimates are 488,050 (2016) for the¬†Locality¬†of Edinburgh (Edinburgh pre 1975 regionalization plus¬†Currie¬†and¬†Balerno), 518,500 (2018) for the City of Edinburgh,¬†and 1,339,380 (2014) for the¬†city region.¬†Edinburgh lies at the heart of the Edinburgh and South East Scotland city region comprising¬†East Lothian, Edinburgh,¬†Fife, Midlothian,¬†Scottish Borders¬†and¬†West Lothian.
The city is the annual venue of the¬†General Assembly of the Church of Scotland. It is home to national institutions such as the¬†National Museum of Scotland, the¬†National Library of Scotland¬†and the¬†Scottish National Gallery. The¬†University of Edinburgh, founded in 1582 and now one of four in the city, is placed 20th in the¬†QS World University Rankings¬†for 2020.¬†The city is also famous for the¬†Edinburgh International Festival¬†and the¬†Fringe, the latter being the world’s largest annual international arts festival. Historic sites in Edinburgh include¬†Edinburgh Castle, the Palace of Holyrood house, the churches of¬†St. Giles,¬†Greyfriars¬†and the¬†Canongate, and the extensive Georgian New Town built in the 18th/19th centuries. Edinburgh’s¬†Old Town¬†and¬†New Town¬†together are listed as a¬†UNESCO¬†World Heritage site, which has been managed by¬†Edinburgh World Heritage¬†since 1999.
The¬†Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh¬†(RBGE) is a scientific centre for the study of plants, their diversity and conservation, as well as a popular tourist attraction. Founded in 1670 as a¬†physic garden¬†to grow medicinal plants, today it occupies four sites across Scotland‚ÄĒEdinburgh,¬†Dawyck,¬†Logan¬†and¬†Benmore‚ÄĒeach with its own specialist collection. The RBGE’s living collection consists of more than 13,302 plant species, (34,422 accessions)¬†whilst the¬†herbarium¬†contains in excess of 3 million preserved specimens.
The Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh is an executive non-departmental public body of the Scottish Government.
Dean Village¬†(from¬†dene, meaning ‘deep valley’) is a former village immediately northwest of the city centre of¬†Edinburgh,¬†Scotland. It was known as the “Water of Leith Village” and was the centre of a successful¬†grain milling¬†area for more than 800 years. At one time there were no fewer than eleven working mills there, driven by the strong currents of the¬†Water of Leith.
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We finna be snatched in 2018, YASSS! Check out this video of me trying on waist trainers and my review of them, I want to do more, so give me some recommendations of some and thumbs up this one to see more!

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hello my darlings today's video is brought to you by Spanx I'm joking it's really not sponsor policy I thought I'm going to do this video for you guys today we are trying on waist trainers because my stomach needs some help policy okay let me not show shake up my belly again what's wrong vision we're talking body positivity now just stop it okay I bought a bunch of waist trainers and I literally got to try them on for you guys today this should be fun actually I actually do want to good um you know kind of wish trainer like a body shapers everything because I mean wearing certain dresses and my belly is bottom I really mean to this flatten it down a bit and don't worry I will be here in the gym I'm doing push-ups and press ups and then team there but for now even when I'm skinny I'm gonna be getting these things because I haven't seen some girls waist or not because of these shakers that they're wearing okay so yeah let's get into review so the first one is Spanx this was actually recommended over to me by subscriber I've got this from Amazon for 36 pounds so let's open it up when you let you guys see what it looks like on on top of a dress so the materials like a nylon it's quite stretchy ish the thing about these things is look you also got to get like a size up because if you get like your size or lower size no sorry the thing about this is you have to get a lower size so this is a slice eally which I have no idea what that is I think is the size extra large and tall so as a toggle XL or triple XL anyway I'll put it on the screen or in the description box of what it exactly is but a size E is nothing but this is sprouts I've never tried it on before but I'm going to show you what that looks like now okay so I have now gotten this banks okay this is the size what was this a to excel or was it in a size in which we don't know about but can you see there's still this there's still this but is very comfortable I feel that these type of own body shooters or whatever awful women who don't have much of a belly anyway but they still want to kind of completely flatten out certain areas and smooth it now I won't even lie from what I can see it has improved in terms of smoothness but there's this still that bulge but the facts of matter is if I was almost smaller in my midriff region it would definitely do a lot more flattening and lost moving now so yeah I've got a way to go to that I've just had a baby my stomach has really stretched out like it was even worse than before and I know my body I know this is a big change but for now this is that she can't beware and it's not so bad in terms of smooth enough so areas have said but it could be better so I'm hoping some of the other waist trainers might improve okay so this one is from Maidenform and it's called firm control this is it a to excel and I'm wondering why this is a to a nuts and six but I guess I've got the largest of all of them it says tummy solutions targeted control helps shape and smooth your middle your middle side seems help keep God in click now what is incredibly annoying is I've just noticed that I've been blurred out so hope you was able to see that well now I'm showing you the Spanx with the maiden for shape warm shapewear and I feel that it's done a lot more smoothing in our that I'm just using the Spanx so the only thing is I'm now become a bit more boxy and then the algaas clicker is not as there but can you see it has smoothing things out but I'm probably a little bit more boxy which I guess it's not my favorite type of shape but it at least smooth in certain areas so yeah that's another solution to this problem my careful this this midriff area in terms of smoothly things up to kind of just double up and shapewear now I want to do something called er the comfort test oh so you sit down for dinner or whatever and it feels as if you know you can't really bend and that's one thing that I can't stand about shapewear is that feeling that feeling of discomfort but at the same time I mean at least when you stand up you can take a lovely photo and it's looking decent but this is squeezing them okay it's okay we just gonna have to work with it so yes um this is definitely a better solution by now I wanna try on this 6 XL baby you know you'll see how it works this is actually different I feel this is for a different review this is actually for the gym it's called a sweat vest I'm gonna try it on today I want to do a different particular video I'm gonna actually take this to the gym and let's see if it really gets me sweating you know so the next one in fact a proper corset looking thing and this is what burn evolving now the thing is with these is do you know what the problem is when you want to sit down this is when the issue comes from because your stick like these this is the reason why I do not wear any waist triplets shoes because you know what I like to be comfortable thank you very much I don't want to have to be sitting down and unlike this especially when you go out to dinner what I do understand it looks cute in your photos and all of that what cut stability is the most important thing to me what are ya I'm going to try it out it's called Bert Vogue and this isn't six l 1 2 3 4 5 6 you know there's 6 X's here okay you guys I'm sorry I've changed my top because I'm doing so many different videos all in one today but let's talk about these weight trainers body shapers and all that jazz now the first one I have it one still spanks you guys this doesn't do anything in my opinion it doesn't do anything and it might just be because I have an extremely large abdomen and therefore it's gonna take a lot to give it a hold you know so if you are somewhat smaller I would say maybe a size 16 to about or even lower than that I think it doesn't reduce criminate on weight if you want to weigh the wearing race trimmers to swim to me about things then do you boo brother but for the most part if you have a bit of the belly and you want to smooth things out just to kind of just kind of put things in shape it's kind of like tights you know this will be okay for you but for us bigger girls who have bigger bellies I've had you go a step further and put on this which is the Maidenform tummy solution firm control I had to get my husband to help me with this like because it's super tight which is great because it gives you to hold I feel that the hole is so much better now I have this on top of the Spanx and it works better and the material as you can see it's kind of like that bra material you know I always prefer that these are okay but I always want something that's also going to be going underneath while back obviously through up through my crotch just kind of going on top means that it could slip and it has done that a few times it slipped up how two people putting it up that can be a nuisance but you know what I can just I can I can bear it you know you guys this is a six Excel apparently this thing has absolutely zero stretch or maybe 1% stretch and it's really not that long and I'm wondering if I had to ask my husband again to help me do this and we struggled and if anything it gave me a very wave deformity and it just couldn't not close if you look at the material it's Mac 11 now I can imagine with things like this if I do to sit test oh my goodness I would not even be able to bend over a brief stand-up or even sit down I probably waiting to be able to get the point of sitting down this is just honestly quite pointless I think this is more of a waist trainer if anything or is it not perfect innocent work it's more of a unknown is that it really is more of a corset maybe that's what I'm trying to say corsets have a zero percent stretch and I think it's for women who just want to train their waist but not visibly if that makes sense that this isn't something to wear under your curves as a shapewear alternative I think this however is the mailing form and firm control tummy solutions pants you guys also finally I did sell or try this on but I'm going to reserve this for another video I'll we go to the gym and I'm we gotta try this out I'm super excited to see if this sweat thing works so it's called like the sweat fest or whatever this isn't a double XLS well I will go through it today but you can see it now that's it there and yes I plan on using it to go to the gym to see if it works but anyway you guys I am done with this review what do you think was the best shape wear on me in comparison to I mean the specs versus the tummy control one what one really works better for me would you figure this didn't work at all yeah I remember seeing a comment saying that a lot of these things don't have any structure things like this have no structure but things like this as well it's very difficult to clothes I think maybe I didn't try hard enough I'm not sure but I've got long nails as well as very difficult to kind of get it together but that's the best I can say let me know your thoughts and opinions on everything I've tried on and what would you guys be trying out anyway you guys love you and leave you I may come back and do another video like this if you guys can recommend to me different shape ways that you think that I might benefit from definitely let me know because I would love to do a review of them thank you for watching you guys and you see you soon bye thank you I'm still not your friend

Brazilian + Scottish Wedding filmed at Ballathie House Hotel, Scotland

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Alice {+} Danny

We were so excited to film this wedding. Just the idea of Scottish and Brazilian families coming together to to celebrate Alice and Danny’s wedding was an exciting prospect. We absolutely love filming up in Scotland (as long as the weather plays nice), and the scenery was beautiful and made such an impression on the travelling families. What a party everyone had!

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Alice it doesn't look like it has been almost ten years since you and I traveled to Edinburgh and I've left you all by yourself for the start of your ears at the Edinburgh University you were quite the turban you can find your ways in building your brilliant career at the college in making many friends in choosing a career and in creating a very happy life in Edinburgh above all you are blessed in finally here in Edinburgh the love of your life so I was sitting enthralled in a in a lecture of accounts e1e eight years ago Wow and and every class Laura would get down at after the end of the lesson go down speak to this girl with a strange purple berry sitting at the front of the lecture but she so I subtly inquired about this young beautiful young lady he was very mysterious sitting in the front finally convinced that Laura to to introduce me and so introduce me she dates and I was blown away when I met Alice she's the sweetest person and that's clear from the beginning but unfortunately she was taken undeterred I am I walked with her to class everyday we met at the and we met at the same corner that I proposed to her 11 months ago every day I meet with her under the guise being her friend going to class waiting to pounce and finally around Christmas I managed to convince her into a well trick her really into going on a date with me I am she made a foolish bet and that I that tart tatin was made out of almonds and I of course knew his made out of apples it's not the coolest bet but I had a surefire winner here so the bet was she makes me dinner if she's wrong and I make her dinner if I'm wrong so I figured out a date either way she came back from the Christmas holidays without a boyfriend single unfortunately I was didn't get the message of the dates so I'd like to thank Laura mark and Chris for being present at the first date that we had that they didn't know was it eight as though that only counts but I'd also like to thank the Dutch for the courage to go for a kiss at the end of the night I didn't profess my undying love at that point but I came a bit later see she is my best friend she gives me the best advice and the person I love to see in the morning I can't wait to get home to see you after work so thank you for doing me the honor of being my wife and she has the patience of a saint her unparalleled love and care for me has made me love her more and more every day and I'm looking forward to spending rest of my life with you

Places to see in ( Ballymoney – UK )

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Places to see in ( Ballymoney – UK )

Ballymoney is a small town and civil parish in County Antrim, Northern Ireland. It is currently served by Ballymoney Borough Council. The civil parish of Ballymoney is situated in the historic baronies of Dunluce Upper and Kilconway in County Antrim, and the barony of North East Liberties of Coleraine in County Londonderry.

Ballymoney has expanded in recent years and a lot of new houses have been built. This is primarily as a result of high house prices in the Coleraine/Portstewart/Portrush ‘Triangle’ areas shifting first-time buyers to the less expensive Ballymoney area. Ballymoney is located on the main road between Coleraine and Ballymena, with good road and rail connections to the main cities in Northern Ireland, Belfast and Derry.

The Ballymoney area has the highest life expectancy of any area in Northern Ireland, with the average male life expectancy at birth being 79.9 years and 84.8 years for females in years between 2010 and 2012. Conversely, it was revealed in 2013 that Ballymoney residents are more likely to die from heart disease than anywhere else in Northern Ireland. The town hosts the Ballymoney Drama Festival, the oldest drama festival in Ireland, which was founded in 1933. The town also hosts the Ballymoney Show, which is one of the oldest agricultural shows in Northern Ireland and was founded in 1902.

Ballymoney is one of the oldest towns in Ireland with many buildings of historic note in the town centre.

An old church tower dating from 1637 is the town’s oldest surviving building.
Another striking feature is the town clock and Masonic hall, built in 1775 by the 6th Earl and 2nd Marquis of Antrim. The hall was used as a market house, courthouse, town hall and school.
The town hall was erected in 1866.

Ballymoney railway station opened on 4 December 1855, and was closed to goods traffic on 4 January 1965. The refurbished railway station was opened in May 1990. It was one terminus of the Ballycastle Railway, a narrow gauge railway which ran 17 miles connecting Ballycastle to Ballymoney, on the Belfast and Northern Counties Railway (BNCR), later Northern Counties Committee (NCC), main line to Derry, and closed in July 1950.

( Ballymoney – UK ) is well know as a tourist destination because of the variety of places you can enjoy while you are visiting Ballymoney . Through a series of videos we will try to show you recommended places to visit in Ballymoney – UK

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DID YOU KNOW YOUR SLEEPING CHILD OR TEENAGER LIKELY CAN’T HEAR A SMOKE ALARM GO OFF? I will be revealing the 4 dangerous smoke detectors that Which? want to keep hidden from non-members. This is an issue that I only learned about a few years ago – but not many people have ever heard of it. It is so important to know this before you leave a child on their own or with a teenage child minder. The good news is that there are solutions. Please share this information with parents of young children so they are also aware of this danger.

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Children killed in fires with no smoke alarms (BBC):

Nils Bohrin invented seatbelt that saved a million lives:

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Today I have a really important question I need you to think about the answer to: Does your smoke detector in your house wake up your children when they're sleeping? My guess is that it doesn't. I only learned about this issue in 2012. In the UK there was a very tragic situation that happened in Derby The Philpotts wanted to have a bigger council house and a way that they had devised Was to set their current house on fire The father was going to then rescue the children, be a hero and they would get a bigger house. Unfortunately, it didn't work out that way All six children actually died in fire The children were ages 5 to 13 and when the fire investigators went inside the house, they learned very quickly that all the children were still in their beds This meant they had died from smoke inhalation They did toxicology tests on the children to see whether they'd been drugged, but they hadn't been Neighbors had told the investigators that the smoke alarms were working. They heard them. The reality is the children did not. There have been many studies that have shown that children, especially boys, will sleep through an alarm. This is from the infancy stage right up until teenager age. It is widely accepted that actually, the tonal smoke detectors are not the best way. The best ones happened to be smoke detectors where the parents voice is recorded Onto it, then a children hear their parents voice telling them there's a fire, they have to get up, and get out. Those seem to be the best ones I went on Amazon.co.uk to see if there were any parental voice recording smoke detectors. There are none. I went on to places like Wickes and B&Q and all the sorts of home hardware kinds of places in the UK. Again,, none available I did go on to eBay.co.uk and I did find that there were one or two there. They're all American based so you'd have to pay for shipping to get it over here to the UK. I went to a few insurance companies to see what they said about smoke detectors and the sad truth is – they said nothing. I decided to see if there were any other places where advice could be given about this very issue And I came across the company Which?.co.uk. What's interesting about Which? is that it is the top consumer place to go for comparison on various products. They review things like computers and refrigerators and just about everything that you can possibly think of. And they also did one for smoke detectors. "Our tests have shown that some smoke alarms are simply not passing all the fire tests they should. You can see which models to avoid in our full review." They actually said that there were smoke detectors That should never be used but the only way to get that revealed to you is to join and pay for a membership with which So I called them on it. "Welcome to Which? The Consumer Champions" You had tested, I think, 15 smoke detectors. And on the webpage there were two that were dangerous and should never be purchased. Why doesn't which make that publicly available for free? Yeah, I don't care about the best buy ones The ones that concerns me are the one or two smoke detectors that you have tested too dangerous and should never be bought You make money. I totally understand that and the light of so much tragedy happening in fires surely your organization can make an exception. You would not be losing millions of pounds by revealing which are the smoke detectors you shouldn't buy. You'd be saving lives Sure you can. Sure you can make an exception to give it away for free. You absolutely can. There's nothing stopping you. Point number two, have you heard of the car company Volvo? One of their engineers developed the three-point seat belts that we still use today. Volvo Insisted that they would not be looking for a patent on that and the reason why even though they could have made millions and millions Millions on it because every single solitary card even made today Still uses that system The costs financially to you by revealing which smoke detector is that this should never be bought It's not going to cost you your whole organization You have a responsibility. I feel that if you are holding yourselves out to be a consumer group, this is something that should be done. You have to do the right thing. But what you do then as a parent or someone looking after young children? Please share this information with anybody that you think might benefit from it. I've linked some of the resources down below in the description Thank you so much for watching. Bye for now [Maya Angelou] "I'm going on the stage. Come with me. I need you now. Long dead. You see? So I don't ever feel I have no help. I've had rainbows in my clouds. Prepare yourself, so that you can be a rainbow in somebody else's cloud. But be a blessing to somebody. That's what I think."

Daimler Company | Wikipedia audio article

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00:03:38 1 Origin
00:03:47 1.1 Simms and the Daimler engine
00:05:44 1.2 Simms plans to make cars
00:08:00 1.3 Simms sells out to Lawson
00:10:30 2 Independent (1896-1910)
00:10:44 2.1 From starting to stability
00:17:32 2.2 Royal patronage
00:21:14 2.3 Fluted radiator
00:21:57 2.4 Sleeve-valve engines
00:24:45 2.5 First fatal motor accident in the United Kingdom
00:25:32 3 Under BSA (1910-1960)
00:25:46 3.1 Acquisition by BSA
00:27:24 3.2 Royal transport
00:28:03 3.3 Public transport
00:28:52 3.4 World War I work
00:33:02 3.5 Civil aviation
00:34:15 3.6 Commercial vehicles
00:34:47 3.7 Lanchester acquisition and badging
00:36:31 3.8 Review of BSA management before World War II
00:40:17 3.9 Management shift
00:42:24 3.10 Daimler’s semi-automatic transmissions
00:45:18 3.11 World War II work
00:48:32 3.12 Postwar decline
00:53:06 3.12.1 Consorts discounted
00:55:15 3.12.2 Lady Docker’s Daimlers
00:58:20 3.13 Turner’s engines
01:00:21 4 Buses 1911‚Äď1973
01:07:31 5 Owned by Jaguar Cars (1960-1966)
01:10:07 5.1 Jaguar-based Daimlers
01:12:51 6 Owned by BMH (1966-1968)
01:13:24 6.1 Lyons’ reasons and reactions
01:14:15 6.2 End of Daimler brand in the United States
01:14:45 7 Owned by British Leyland (1968-1984)
01:15:00 7.1 Daimler DS420 Limousine
01:17:00 7.2 Daimler Sovereign, Daimler Double-Six
01:17:43 7.3 Chairmen
01:18:20 7.4 Fluted grilles in Continental Europe and the US
01:19:16 8 Owned by Jaguar Cars (1984-1989)
01:20:52 9 Owned by Ford (1989-2007)
01:22:04 9.1 Century
01:23:19 9.2 Daimler Super V8
01:24:03 9.3 Daimler Super Eight
01:24:55 10 Owned by Tata (2007-present)
01:26:10 11 Current status
01:27:24 12 See also

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The Daimler Company Limited, until 1910, the Daimler Motor Company Limited, was an independent British motor vehicle manufacturer founded in London by H. J. Lawson in 1896, which set up its manufacturing base in Coventry. The company bought the right to the use of the Daimler name simultaneously from Gottlieb Daimler and Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft of Cannstatt, Germany. After early financial difficulty and a reorganisation of the company in 1904, the Daimler Motor Company was purchased by Birmingham Small Arms Company (BSA) in 1910, which also made cars under its own name before World War II. In 1933, BSA bought the Lanchester Motor Company and made it a subsidiary of Daimler.
Daimler was awarded a Royal Warrant to provide cars to the British Monarch in 1902; it lost this privilege in the 1950s after being supplanted by Rolls-Royce. Daimler occasionally used alternative technology: the Knight engine which it further developed in the early twentieth century and used from 1909 to 1935, worm gear final drive fitted from 1909 until after the Second World War, and their patented fluid flywheel used in conjunction with a Wilson preselector gearbox from 1930 to the mid-1950s.
In the 1950s, Daimler tried to widen its appeal with a line of smaller cars at one end and opulent show cars at the other, stopped making Lanchesters, had a highly publicised removal of their chairman from the board, and developed and sold a sports car and a high-performance luxury saloon and limousine.
In 1960, BSA sold Daimler to Jaguar Cars, which continued Daimler’s line and added a Daimler variant of its Mark II sports saloon. Jaguar was then merged into the British Motor Corporation in 1966 and British Leyland in 1968. Under these companies, Daimler became an upscale trim level for Jaguar cars except for the 1968-1992 Daimler DS420 limousine, which had no Jaguar equivalent despite being fully Jaguar-based. When Jaguar Cars was split off from British Leyland in 1984 it retained the Daimler company and brand.
In 1990 Ford Motor Company bought Jaguar Cars and under Ford it stopped …

the Daimler company limited until 1910 the Daimler Motor Company Limited was an independent British motor vehicle manufacturer founded in London by H J Lawson in 1896 which set up its manufacturing base in Coventry the company bought the right to the use of the Daimler name simultaneously from Gottlieb Daimler and Daimler motor and Gessle shaft of cannstatt Germany after early financial difficulty and a reorganization of the company in 1904 the Daimler motor company was purchased by Birmingham Small Arms Company BSA in 1910 which also made cars under its own name before World War Two in 1933 BSA bought the land Chester Motor Company and made it a subsidiary of Daimler Daimler was awarded a royal warrant to provide cars to the British monarch in 1902 it lost this privilege in the 1950s after being supplanted by rolls-royce Daimler occasionally used alternative technology the night engine which it further developed in the early 20th century and used from 1909 to 1935 worm gear final drive fitted from 1909 until after the Second World War and their patented fluid flywheel used in conjunction with a Wilson pre-selector gearbox from 1930 to the mid-1950s in the 1950s Daimler tried to widen its appeal with a line of smaller cars at one end and opulent show cars at the other stopped making Land Chester's had a highly publicized removal of their chairman from the board and developed and sold a sports car and a high-performance luxury saloon and limousine in 1960 BSA sold Daimler to Jaguar cars which continued aimless line and added a Daimler variant of its mark to sports saloon Jaguar was then merged into the British Motor Corporation in 1966 and British Leyland in 1968 under these companies Daimler became an upscale trim level for Jaguar cars except for the 1968 and 1992 Daimler des 420 limousine which had no Jaguar equivalent despite being fully Jaguar based when Jaguar cars was split off from British Leyland in 1984 it retained the Daimler company and brand in 1990 Ford Motor Company bought Jaguar cars and under Ford it stopped using the Daimler marque in 2007 Jaguar cars remained in their ownership and from 2000 accompanied by Land Rover until they sold both Jaguar and Land Rover to Tata Motors in 2008 who created Jaguar Land Rover as a subsidiary holding company for them in 2013 Jaguar cars was merged with Land Rover to form Jaguar Land Rover Limited and the rights to the Daimler car brand were transferred to the newly formed British multinational car manufacturer Jaguar Land Rover topic origin topic Sims and the Daimler engine engineer Frederick Richard Sims was supervising construction of an aerial cable way of his own design for the Bremen Exhibition in 1889 when he saw tiny rail cars powered by gottlieb daimler motors Sims who had been born to English parents in Hamburg and raised by them there became friends with Daimler an Anglophile who had worked from autumn 1861 to summer 1863 at Bayer peacock in Gorton Manchester Sims introduced Daimler's motors to England in 1892 power launchers in an agreement dated the 18th of February 1891 he obtained British and Empire rights for the Daimler patents that month Daimler motor and gas all shall end Sims a motor boat with a 2 horsepower engine and an extra engine in June 1891 Sims had set up a London office at 49 Leadenhall Street and founded Sims & Co consulting engineer's in May 1892 the motor boat which Sims had named cannstatt began running on the Thames from Putney after demonstrating a motor launch to the Honorable Evelyn Alice Sims as motor launch business grew rapidly but became endangered when solicitor Alfred Hendrix was found to have been illegally taking money from the company Hendrick severed his connections with Sims & Co in February 1893 Sims Daimler related work was later moved into a new company the Daimler motor syndicate Limited which was formed on the 26th of May 1893 topic Sims plans to make cars following the success of Daimler powered Peugeot's and panhard at the 1894 Paris Rouen competition Sims decided to open a motor car factory possibly the UK's first motor company on the 7th of June 1895 Sims told the board of the Daimler motor syndicate that he intended to form the Daimler Motor Company Limited to acquire the British rights to the Daimler patents and to manufacture Daimler engines and cars in England that month he arranged for the syndicate to receive a 10% 10% commission on all British sales of Daimler powered panhard and Lavasa cars at the same meeting Sims produced the first licence to operate a car under the Daimler patents it was through a three and a half horsepower panhard and Lavasa that had been bought in France by the Honorable Evelyn Ellis who had three Daimler motor launches gnawed by his home at Datchet on the third of July after Ellis bought the license the car was landed at Southampton and driven by Ellis to mitchell Dever near Winchester where Ellis met Sims and they drove together to Datchet Ellis later drove it on to Malvern this was the first long journey by motor car in Britain Sims later referred to the car as at Daimler motor carriage later in 1895 Sims announced plans to form the Daimler Motor Company Limited and to build a brand new factory with delivery of raw materials by light rail for 400 workmen making Daimler engines and motor carriages Sims asked his friend Dame leur to be consulting engineer to the new enterprise works premises at Eel Pie Island on the Thames where the Thames electric and steam launch company owned by and repairs of pears soap fame had been making electrically powered motor launchers were purchased to be used to service Daimler powered motor launchers topic Sims sells out to Lawson investor Harry John Lawson had set out to use the british motor syndicate limited to monopolize motorcar production in britain by taking over every patent he could as part of this goal Lawson approached Sims on the 15th of October 1895 seeking the right to arrange the public flotation of the proposed new company and to acquire a large shareholding for his british motor syndicate welcomed by Sims the negotiations proceeded on the basis that this new company should acquire the Daimler motor syndicate limited as a going concern including the name and patent rights in order that the Daimler licenses could be transferred from Sims to the new company all the former partners would have to agree to the transfer by this time Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach had withdrawn from Dame 'la motor and Gessle shafts business to concentrate on cars and engines for them Sims offered to pay dmg 17,500 pounds for the transfer and for a license for Daimler and Maybach Phoenix engine which dmg did not own Sims therefore insisted that the transfer be on the condition that Daimler and Maybach rejoined dmg this was agreed in november 1895 and the Daimler Maybach car business reemerged with DM G's Daimler was appointed DM G's general inspector and Maybach chief technical director at the same time Sims became a director of dmg but did not become a director of the London company according to Gustav Fisher DM G's business manager at the time Sims getting Daimler to return to DM G was no mean feat the sale of Daimler motor syndicate to Lawson's interests was completed by the end of November 1895 the shareholders of the syndicate had made a profit of 200% 200% on their original investment topic independent 1896 to 1910 you topic from starting to stability on the 14th of January 1896 Lawson incorporated the Daimler Motor Company Limited a prospectus was issued on the 15th of February the subscription lists opened on the 17th of February enclosed oversubscribed the next day the Daimler Motor Company Limited bought the Daimler motor syndicate limited from Lawson's British Motor syndicate as a going concern Simms was appointed consulting engineer to the new business but was not to be on the board of directors possibly because he had become a director of the cannstatt firm one of the duties assigned to Simms was to find a suitable location for the factory Simms found the trusty oil engine works a company in receivership whose six acre site at Cheltenham included a foundry a machine shop and testing facilities Simms recommended buying the works immediately since with ready facilities and the availability of skilled workers they could start up in a very short time instead at the first statutory meeting of the company held while Simms was overseas Lawson persuaded the board to buy a disused four-story cotton mill in Coventry which was owned by Lawson's associate earnest Terra Hooley despite Simms later protests and pleased to sell the mill and by the trusty oil engine works stainless stayed with the mill as the site of Britain's first automobile factory delayed delivery of machines kept the factory unfinished throughout 1896 and into 1897 during 1896 Daimler sold imported cars from companies for which Lawson held the licenses cannstatt supplied engine parts but the delivery of working drawings were delayed for months for experimental cars were built in Coventry and a panhard van was dismantled in Reverse engineered some Dame ler engines with details redesigned by works manager Jay s Critchley were also made in 1896 the first car left the works in January 1897 fitted with a panhard engine followed in March by Daimler engine cars the first Coventry Daimler engine product made its maiden run in March 1897 by mid-year they were producing three of their own cars a week and producing Leon Bali a cars under license Lawson claimed to have made twenty cars by July 1897 making the Daimler Britain's first motor car to go into serial production an honor that is also credited to Humber Motors who had also displayed but in their case their production models at the stanley cycle show in london in 1896 the Daimler's had a twin cylinder 1526 CC engine mounted at the front of the car 4-speed gearbox and chain drive to the rear wheels in July 1897 as a result of financial difficulty Daimler began asking Lawson's great horseless carriage company to settle its accounts with them in the same month they refused to send working drawings of their four horsepower motor frame to dmg in Cannes dad's lack of cooperation with the cannstatt firm caused Simms to resign as Daimler's consulting engineer that month also in July 1897 the company sold their launch works at Eel Pie Island at a loss of 700 pounds 700 pounds or more ongoing difficulties with the great horseless carriage company and the british motor syndicate caused Lawson to resign from Dame TLAs Board on the 7th of October 1897 he was replaced as chairman by Henry stir me who at the time was five days and motor tour in his personal Daimler from John O'Groats to Land's End on arriving at Lands End on the 19th of October Sturm II became the first person to make that journey in a motor car in July 1898 Gottlieb Daimler resigned from the board of the Daimler motor company after never attending a board meeting stir me opposed the appointment of a proposed successor who according to stir me held no shares and knew nothing about the automobile business a committee was brought in to investigate the activities of the board and the company the committee summed up the management of the company as being inefficient and not energetic and suggested that the company be reorganized and run by a paid managing director when Evelyn Ellis and another board member did not run for re-election they were replaced by eh Bailey and Edward Jenkinson with Bailey replacing stir me as chairman Sturmey resigned in May 1899 after Bailey and Jenkinson had reorganized the company in mid-1900s as a director of dmg proposed a union between the Daimler Motor Company in Coventry and dmg in cannstatt but the reorganized company was not interested in the merger and turned the offer down persistent financial troubles caused Daimler to be reorganized again in 1904 the previous company was wound up and a new company was formed to acquire the old one and pay its debts and winding up costs under the chairmanship of Sir Edward Jenkinson Daimler hired American electrical engineer Percy Martin as works manager and socialite and Decimus Stratton as the head of the London Depot and promoted earnest in stone to general manager Jenkinson was succeeded in 1906 by Edward Manville a consulting electrical engineer topic royal patronage Nonna's Britain's oldest car manufacturers Daimler was first associated with royalty in 1898 when the Prince of Wales later Edward the seventh was given a ride on a Daimler by John Douglas Scott Montague later known as Lord Montague of buley Scott Montague as a member of parliament also drove a Daimler into the yard of the Palace of Westminster the first motorized vehicle to be driven there in early 1900 damla had sold the Prince of Wales a male Phaeton in 1902 upon buying another Daimler King Edward the seventh awarded Daimler a royal warrant as suppliers of motor cars in 1903 under summer Stratton met eg Jenkinson the chairman of Daimler when Jenkinson's Daimler was stranded by the roadside upon seeing the stranded motorists Stratton stopped his Daimler and offered assistance Jenkinson was impressed by Stratton and by his motoring knowledge at the time Jenkinson was looking to replace the head of Daimler London Depot a particularly sensitive position because of the royal cars taking the position Stratton soon found himself having to select better royal chauffeurs and mechanics he quickly became an occasional motoring companion to the king in 1908 through Stratton's royal connections Daimler was awarded a royal appointment as suppliers of motor cars to the court of Spain by king alfonso xiii and a royal warrant as motor car manufacturer to the court of prussia by kaiser wilhelm ii stratton also sold Dame lers to the Sultan of jeho in 1911 he spent some weekends at Sandringham tutoring the new Prince of Wales on the workings and driving of an automobile in 1921 Stratton went into partnership with Daimler scam manager earnest in Stone Stratton and in stone took charge of the Daimler showrooms at 27 Pall Mall naming the business Stratton in stone Stratton died in July 1929 after a brief illness his successes and in stone bought out Daimler's interest in 1930 and renamed the business strap stone limited the following summer the future King Edward the eighth rented Stratton's house at sunningdale from his widow every British monic from Edward the seventh to Elizabeth the second has been driven in Daimler limousines in 1950 after a persistent transmission failure on the Kings car Rolls Royce was commissioned to provide official state cars and as Dame Lee's retired they were not replaced by Daimler's the current official state car is either one of a pair which was specially made for the purpose by Bentley unofficial chauffeured transport is by Daimler her majesty's own car for personal use is a 2008 Daimler super 8 but she is also seen to drive herself in other smaller cars topic fluted radiator since 1904 the fluted top surface to the radiator grille has been Daimler's distinguishing feature this motif developed from the heavily finned water cooling tubes slung externally at the front of early cars later a more conventional vertical radiator had a heavily finned header tank eventually these fins were echoed on a protective grille Shallon even later on the rear license plate holder topic sleeve valve engines attracted by the possibilities of their silent night engined aimless chairman contacted Charles Yale night in Chicago and night settled in England near Coventry in 1907 Daimler bought rights from night for England and the colonies and shared ownership of the European rights in which it took sixty percent with Minerva of Belgium Daimler contracted dr. Frederick Lanchester as their consultant for the purpose and a major redesign and refinement of knight's design took place in great secrecy knight's design was made a practical proposition when unveiled in September 1908 the new engine caused a sensation suffice it to say that mushroom valves Springs and cams and many small parts are swept away bodily that we have an almost perfectly spherical explosion chamber and a cast-iron sleeve or tube as that portion of the combustion chamber in which the piston travels the Royal Automobile Club held a special meeting to discuss the new engine still silent but no longer holy night the auto car reported on its extraordinary combination of silence flexibility and power Daimler stopped making poppet valve engines altogether under the observation of the Royal Automobile Club RAC two Daimler sleeve valve engines were put through severe bench road and track tests and upon being dismantled showed no visible we're earning Daimler the 1909 Dewar trophy sales outran the works ability to supply Daimler's sleeve valve engines idle silently but they left a slight haze of oil smoke trailing behind them these engines consumed oil at a rate of up to an imperial gallon every 450 miles oil being needed to lubricate the sleeves particularly when cold however by the standards of their day they required very little maintenance Daimler kept the silent sleeve valve engines until the mid-1930s the change to poppet valves began with the 15 of 1933 topic first fatal motor accident in the United Kingdom in 1899 ad aimless six horsepower was involved in the first motor accident in the UK to be recorded as having involved the death of the driver a young engineer was killed when the rim of a rear wheel of the car he was driving collapsed under heavy braking in a turn on a sloping Road in harrow-on-the-hill the driver and his four passengers were thrown from the car one of the passengers fractured his skull in the accident and died in hospital three days later topic under BSA 1910 to 1960 you topic acquisition by BSA under an agreement dated the 22nd of September 1910 the shareholders of the Daimler Motor Company Limited merged their holdings with those of the Birmingham Small Arms Company BSA group of companies receiving five BSA shares in exchange for for ordinary Daimler shares and one lira fives plus accrued dividend for each one lira preference share this deal was engineered by Dudley docker deputy chairman of BSA who was famous for previous successful business mergers Daimler a manufacturer of motor vehicles had a payroll of 4116 workmen and 418 staff immediately before the merger BSA produced rifles ammunition military vehicles bicycles motorcycles and some BSA branded cars the chairman of the combined group was Edward Manville who had been chairman of the Society of motor manufacturers and traders founded by Simms since 1907 however the merger was not a great success by 1913 Daimler had a workforce of five thousand workers which made only 1,000 vehicles a year topic royal transport by 1914 Daimler's were used by royal families including those of Great Britain Germany Russia Sweden Japan Spain and Greece its list of owners among the British nobility read like a digest of Debrett the Bombay agent supplied Indian Prince's the Japanese agent okura handled sales in Manchuria and Korea topic public transport Daimler also made engines and chassis for commercial vehicles with the Metropolitan Electric tramways ordering 350 double-decker buses in 1912 and engines being sold to the London general omnibus company LG OSI the 40 horsepower engine and chassis used with the double-decker bus was also used with lorries and drays while a half-ton delivery van was based on a 12 horsepower chassis similar to a car chassis Daimler made a 105 horsepower 15.9 L sleeve valve straight-6 engine for use in large tractors co-developed with William Foster & Co for the South American market topic World War one work during World War one the military took the normal production cars lorries buses and ambulances together with a scout army vehicle and engines used in ambulances trucks and double-decker buses special products included aero engines and complete aircraft tank and tractor engines and munitions the first aircraft engine manufactured by Daimler was the 80 horsepower no mono superb rotary with no drawings available to them dame lers Nome engines were reverse engineered from an engine delivered to them on the 7th of August 1914 Daimler later built the RAF 1 and 1a air-cooled v8 the RAF 4 and 4 a v12 the laronne rotary and the Bentley B are two rotary alongside other manufacturers production of RAF four engines gave Daimler experience in building v12 engines which would be appreciated when they later designed and built double six v12 engines for their large cars Daimler trained Air Force mechanics at its works and its training methods became the standard for all manufacturers instructing RAF mechanics having its own body shop Daimler had the woodworking ability to build complete aircraft by the end of 1914 they had built 100 units of the Royal aircraft factory be2c these were followed by the b12 and re eight Daimler purchased an open field beside their Radford factory cleared the site and made it available to the government who turned it into the main RAF testing ground for aircraft built in the Coventry district although Daimler tooled up for production of the Royal aircraft factory fe4 bomber the aircraft was cancelled due to poor performance the last wartime aircraft produced was the air Cody H Point one Baumer when they were building a tiara planes a month before the war Daimler had been making 105 horsepower engines for tractors made by Foster's of Lincoln for the South American market these tractors were developed into artillery tractors to haul 15-inch 380 millimetres powered says production of the artillery tractors began on the 3rd of December 1914 these engines were later used for the first British tanks ever built the prototypes Little Willie and mother and later in the production mark one tank one major difficulty for the tanks was the final haze above their de mieux engines which the enemy quickly learned men tanks were operating nearby if out of sight the early tanks weighed up to 28 tons they were all Dame low-powered the mark for tank the first major improvement in design had operated engines delivering 125 horsepower these engines had aluminium Pistons and are believed to have been designed by wo Bentley while he was working on the Bentley br1 rotary engine in Coventry Daimler made more 12-inch 305 millimeters shell casings than any other private business in the country with a peak production of more than 2,000 casings a day each was machined from a 990 pounds forging down to a finished weight of 684 pound topic civil aviation after the Armistice it was decided that Dame La Hire should extend its luxury travel services to include charter aircraft through a new enterprise Daimler air hire following the takeover of air co and its subsidiaries in February 1920 services included scheduled services London Paris as well as taxi planes to anywhere in Europe in 1922 under the name of Daimler airway services extended to scheduled flights London to Berlin and places between Frank Searle managing director of Daimler hire and its subsidiaries moved with his deputy Humphrey wood into the new national carrier Imperial Airways at its formation on the 1st of April 1924 sir loaned word and their Daimler airway machines formed the core of Imperial Airways operations topic commercial vehicles in the late 1920s it together with associated equipment company AEC formed the associated Daimler company to build commercial vehicles the association was dissolved in 1928 with each company retaining manufacture of its original products you topic Lanchester acquisition and badging in 1930 the bulk of Daimler shareholding in its subsidiary Daimler hire limited was sold to the Thomas tilling group and in January 1931 Daimler completed the purchase of the land Chester Motor Company Limited the new Lanchester 15 eighteenth's model introduced in 1931 was fitted with Daimler's fluid flywheel transmission although at first they produced separate ranges of cars with the Daimler badge appearing mainly on the larger models by the mid 1930s the two were increasingly sharing components leading to the 1936 Lanchester 18 Daimler light 20 differing in little except trim and grille this marketing concept already employed with the BSA range of cars continued to the end of lanchester and BSA car production some very important customers including the Duke of York and at least two Indian princes were supplied with big Daimler limousines with Lanchester grilles the Daimler range was exceptionally complex in the 1930s with cars using a variety of six and eight cylinder engines with capacities from 1805 CC in the short-lived fifteen of 1934 to the 4624 CC 4.5 liter of 1936 you topic review of BSA management before World War two the divisive nests of the Daimler board did not end with the BSA takeover but continued into the board of BSA despite this Daimler prospered until the late 1920s increasing its profits and its reputation along with an apprenticeship program that was among the best in the British industry at the time they attracted a large number of pupils out of public schools during the first world war Daimler's labor force grew from 4,000 to 6,000 men the acquisition of air Co in February 1920 was a financial disaster for the BSA group Percy Martin had been strongly in favor of the purchase including echos extensive production facilities near London and no one thought to examine air coasts true circumstances leading to liabilities in excess of 1.3 million pounds all dividends were passed from 1922 1924 by 1930 the BSA group's primary activities were BSA motorcycles and Daimler vehicles however all the quality car businesses experienced financial difficulties in the late 1920s tameless situation seemed particularly serious sales fell sharply in 1927 1928 a period of losses ensued and no dividends were paid between 1929 and 1936 the sleeve valve engine was outdated Daimler's production methods had become old-fashioned they had an extravagantly large range of products their bankers noted the decreasing sales volume the poor performance for price and the need for up-to-date machine tool equipment Stratton in stones dominance of distribution was removed and other outlets arranged the inch since singer and the Daimler hire business were sold and Lanchester bought the in-house bodywork department was closed and by the spring of 1931 car production ceased only commercial vehicle production and aero engine work kept Daimler in business Lorenz Pomeroy joined damla in late 1926 at first working on commercial vehicles but from 1928 he worked at the products of the main Dame ler operation Pomeroy introduced redesigned poppet valve engines with the Daimler 15 in September 1932 developed new models of Daimler's and recommended what became the September 1932 introduction of the small BSA and Lanchester tens with poppet valve engines to help Daimler survive the depression according to Martin these actions rescued the business from total collapse in 1932 in 1934 the Pomeroy designed poppet valve straight eights replaced the Daimler double six sleeve valve v12s without controversy or embarrassment thereby being a personal triumph for Pomeroy topic management shift from before the merger of Daimler into the BSA group the core of Daimler's management was formed by Chairman Edward Manville Works manager Percy Martin and sales manager Ernest in stone who left Daimler in 1921 to start auto dealer Stratton in stone and was responsible for Daimler sales in England and Wales thereafter in stone died in 1932 Manville died in 1933 and Martin who in January 1934 replaced Alexander Raja Manville's replacement as chairman retired in 1935 in May 1936 Laurence Pomeroy was fired as managing director of Daimler with immediate effect Daimler was not paying dividends and the 1936 BSA shareholders meetings were stormy attempted solutions had included the Lanchester acquisition and the introduction of smaller cars the lower-priced 10-horsepower Lanchester and its matching but six-cylinder stablemate the Daimler 15 later DB 17 and DB 18 introduced in the early 30s this particular product line as the Lanchester 14 and Daimler conquest was to run through to almost the very end Edward HW Cooke attempted a revival and from 1937 introduced saloons with a freshness of design new today Miele the new products had successes in competitions and rallies his policy was proved sound but another war postwar austerity and yet more boardroom battles this time in public seemed to put an end to Daimler's once proud business topic Daimler's semi-automatic transmissions in 1928 Daimler started testing their fluid drive system in a bus chassis this system patented by Harold Sinclair in 1926 applied Herrmann floating his fluid flywheel to replace the clutch in the transmission systems of road vehicles Daimler was initially interested in the fluid flywheel for use in commercial vehicles but Martin decided to develop the system for use in passenger cars as well Martin and Pomeroy originally intended to use the fluid flywheel with a conventional gearbox their consultant Frederick Lanchester warned him that putting a car with that combination on the market would be a terribly big gambling risk and an accident in March 1929 where a double 630 with a prototype transmission damaged a garage in Devon after Pomeroy left it idling while in gear may have shown the nature of this risk by October 1930 when de mieux introduced the fluid flywheel on their new light double six for an extra fifty pounds it was used with the self changing gearbox developed by WG Wilson Martin and the Daimler company patented their refinements to Sinclair's system in 1930 by November 1933 the combination of fluid flywheel and Wilson pre-selector gearbox was used in all Dame LA vehicles ranging from 10 H P passenger cars to double deck omnibus as according to the Chairman's report to the shareholders at their annual general meeting that month according to the same report more than 11,000 vehicles were using the transmission by that time Daimler would continue to develop and use these transmissions until 1956 when BorgWarner fully automatic units were offered initially as alternative but later as standard the Lanchester sprite a 1.6 L car with a unit body and Hobbes fully automatic gearbox was shown at the British International Motor Show at Earls Court in 1954 problems with the transmission and other systems were never fully sorted out and the sprite was discontinued about two years later with only thirteen being built topic World War two work during World War two Daimler turned to military production a four-wheel-drive scout car known to the army as the dingo had a 2.5 liter engine and the larger Daimler armored car powered by a 4.1 liter engine and armed with a 2 pounder gun were produced both with 6-cylinder power units fluid fly wheels and epicyclic gear boxes these military vehicles incorporated various innovative features including disc brakes on all four wheels the dingo was designed by parent company BSA and took the name dingo from an unsuccessful competitor submitted by Alvis during the war Daimler built more than 6,600 Scout cars and some 2,700 Mk I and mk2 armored cars Daimler also provided tank components including epicyclic gear boxes for 2,500 crusader covenant ER and Cavalier tanks they built 74,000 brand gun initially at a workshop in their Coventry Factory and after the workshop was destroyed in the April 1941 raid at a boot and shoe factory in burton-on-trent instead of building complete aircraft as they had in World War one de mieux built aircraft components including 50,000 800 bristol radial aero engines mercury hercules and Pegasus with full sets of parts for 9,500 more of these engines propeller shafts for rolls-royce aero engines and 14,000 356 gun turrets for bombers including the browning machine guns in all dame leur produced more than 10 million aircraft parts during the war all this production is Dame lers alone excluding BSA's other involvement Dame Liz peak workforce 16,000 people was reached in this period the original Sandy Lane plant used as a government store was destroyed by fire during intensive enemy bombing of Coventry but there were by now shadow factories elsewhere in the city including one located at Browns Lane Alice Lee after the Jaguar takeover the factory at Browns Lane became the principal Jaguar car plant for several decades the factory has since been torn down after that war Daimler produced the ferret armored car a military reconnaissance vehicle based on the innovative 4.1 liter engine Darmody car they had developed and built during the war which has been used by over 36 countries topic postwar decline Winston Churchill campaigned for the 1945 and 1950 in the DB 18 two-door Drophead coupe a he had ordered in 1939 the government ordered new limousines for the commanding officers of the occupying forces new straight eighths were supplied to the former colonies for the planned royal tours the first Daimler limousines to be delivered after the war went to embassies and consulates in Europe and to the left Henan governors of Jersey and Guernsey these were straight eighths built largely from pre-war stock the first post-war model was the eighteen a development of the pre-war 15 using the Scout cars 2.5 l engine with a new high-compression cylinder head the model used curved glass in its side windows which were framed by chromed metal channels instead of the thick pillars that were usual at the time because of ongoing restrictions on steel many of the 18 s body panels were made from aluminium the first post-war Lanchester the 10 looked like an enlarged Ford Prefect and its body was made in the same Factory Briggs motor bodies on the Ford site at Dagenham despite the austerity of the times Daimler celebrated the 1946 Golden Jubilee of the founding of the business was with a luncheon at the Savoy at which they announced the pricing of the Daimler 18 and the Lanchester 10 production of large 8 seat limousines the six-cylinder des 27 and the 8 cylinder de 36 began in March 1946 these were among the first series built cars with electrically operated windows they were also the first Daimler cars since 1909 to use bevel gear final drive instead of Daimler's usual Worm final drive and the de 36 was the last straight 8 automobile to be manufactured in Britain the 27 chassis was also used in the Daimler ambulance with bodies by Barker and Hooper foreign monix including the queen of the Netherlands the king of Thailand the argA khan and prince ali khan the emperor of ethiopia the Prince of Monaco and the king of Afghanistan reordered to replenish their fleets then in June 1947 purchase tax was doubled on cars costing more than 1,000 pounds 1000 pounds with home market sales already having been restricted to cars for essential purposes petrol remained rationed initially ten gallons a month the monthly ration was increased to 15 gallons in July 1946 but was reduced again late in the summer of 1947 Princess Elizabeth took her two and a half liter coupe a a 21st birthday gift from her father to Malta where her new husband was stationed the King took delivery of a new open tourist r88 in March 1949 in the commodities boom caused by the 1950 Korean War Australasian wool growers reported the new electrically operated limousine division to be just the thing if overheated sheep dogs licked the back of a drivers ears at a 20-7 limousine given to HRH Princess Elizabeth by the Royal Air Force as a wedding present was traded for a Rolls Royce when its transmission failed rolls-royce was persuaded to re-enter the high-end luxury market and built the straight-8 phantom IV solely for royalty heads of state and their chairman former Dame ler customers including British Royals in the argick on switched to the phantom IV while the Emperor of Ethiopia and the king and queen of Greece ordered coachbuilt six-cylinder silver wraiths topic consorts discounted sir burner docker took the extra responsibility of Daimler's Managing Director in January 1953 when James leak was unable to continue through illness car buyers were still waiting for the new Churchill government seizing of the temporary swinging purchased tax promised in the lead-up to the snap election held during the 1951 Earls Court Motor Show lady docker told her husband to rethink his marketing policies 3-liter Regency production was stopped in the hope of keeping 4,000 plus employed the consort price was dropped from the 4th of February 1953 to the expected new tax inclusive level stagnation of all the British motor industry was relieved by the reduction of purchase tax in the April 1953 budget Daimler announced the introduction of the moderately-sized conquest in May apparently developed in just four months from the 4-cylinder Lanchester 40 nor leader with a Daimler grill Daimler and Lanchester there were no more BSA cars struggled after the war producing too many models with short runs and limited production and frequently selling too few of each model while Jaguar seemed to know what the public wanted and expanded rapidly Daimler produced heavy staid large and small luxury cars with a stuffy if sometimes opulent image Jaguar produced lower quality cars at a remarkably low price designed for enthusiasts the BSA group's leadership of the world's motorcycle market was eventually lost to Japanese manufacturers topic lady Dockers Dame layers sir bernard docker was the managing director of BSA from early in World War two and married Nora lady Collins in 1949 Nora was twice widowed and wealthy in her own right this was her third marriage she had originally been a successful dancehall hostess lady docker took an interest in her husband's companies and became a director of Hooper the coachbuilders daughter of an unsuccessful Birmingham car salesman lady docker could see that the Daimler cars no longer popular with the royal family were in danger of becoming an anachronism in the modern world she took it upon herself to raised aimless profile but in an extravagant fashion by encouraging Sir Bernard to produce show cars the first was the 1951 golden Daimler an opulent touring limousine in 1952 blue clover a two-door sportsman's coupe a in 1953 the silver flash based on the 3-liter Regency chassis and in 1954 Stardust redolent of that gold car but based on the DK 400 chassis as was what proved to be her Paris 1955 grande finale a two-door coupe a she named golden zebra the last straw for the tax office and now on permanent display at the hague at the same time lady docker earned a reputation for having rather poor social graces when under the influence and she and Sir Bernard were investigated for failing to correctly declare the amount of money taken out of the country on a visit to a Monte Carlo Casino sir bernard was instantly dumped for absenteeism by the Midland Bank board without waiting for the court case Nora drew further attention she ran up large bills and presented them to Daimler as business expenses but some items were disallowed by the tax office the publicity attached to this and other social episodes told on Sir Bernard standing as some already thought the cars too opulent and vulgar for austere post-war Britain to compound Sir Bernhard's difficulty the royal family shifted allegiance to rolls-royce by the end of 1960 all the state Dame laws had been sold and replaced by Rolls Royces topic Turner's engines in 1951 Jack sangster sold his motorcycle companies Ariel and triumph to BSA and joined their board in 1956 Sangster was elected chairman defeating Sir Bernard six votes to three after a certain amount of electioneering by the Dockers and extraordinary shareholders meeting backed the board decision and Bernard and Nora left buying a brace of Rolls Royces as they went registering them as nd5 and bd9 many important European customers turned out to have been docker friends and did not reorder Daimler cars Sangster promptly made Edward Turner head of the automotive division which as well as Daimler and car-bodies London taxicab manufacturers included aerial triumph and BSA motorcycles Turner designed the lightweight hemi-head Daimler 2.5 and 4.5 litre v8 engines the small engine was used to power a production version of an apprentices exercised the very flexible dart and the larger engine installed in the Majestic major a relabeled majestic under Sangster Daimler's vehicles became a little less sober and more performance-oriented the majestic major proved an agile high speed cruiser on the new motorways bill body described the SP 250 is unlikely to stir the memories of such ghosts as horned the tree-lined avenues near Sandringham Balmoral and Windsor Castle the two excellent Turner v8 engines disappeared with British Leyland's first rationalization the larger in 1968 and the smaller a year later topic buses 1911 to 1973 a significant element of Daimler production was bus chassis mostly for double deckers Daimler had been interested in the commercial vehicle market from 1904 in 1906 it produced using the auto mixed patents of Belgian Henry P / a petrol electric vehicle and on the 23rd of May 1906 registered gillis motor omnibus Co limited it was too heavy following the introduction of Daimler Knights leave valve engines redesigned for Daimler by dr. Frederick Lanchester Lanchester also refined the gearless design and it reared in 1910 as the kpl night people and Chester Omnibus an advanced integral petrol electric hybrid the KP L bus had four wheel brakes and steel unitary body chassis construction failure to produce the KP l set bus design back 20 years introduction of the KP l was stopped by a patent infringement action brought by London general omnibus his associate tilling Stevens in early May 1911 when just 12 KP l buses had been built this was just after Dame 'la had poached lgo sees Frank Searle and announced him to be general manager it's New London bus service which would be using its new kpl type to compete directly with LG Oh see some of LG o sees vehicles used Daimler engines with the collapse of Daimler's plans sell an engineer and designer of the LG ocx type and a ECB type bus instead joined aimless commercial vehicle department reverting to before LG o see omnibus salesman sell rapidly achieved some notable sales 102 metropolitan electric tramways and 252 LG o sees new owner underground first sell designed for Daimler a thirty four seater with gear box transmission the kpl used electric motors each side very like the B type and it was introduced by Daimler in early 1912 the main difference from what became the AEC B type was the use of Daimler's sleeve valve engine in June 1912 what had been LG o C's manufacturing plant was hived off as AEC between 1913 and 1916 AEC built some Daimler models under contract and Daimler sold all AEC vehicles which were surplus to LG OSI needs after war service now Colonel SEL moved to Dame La Hire limited and its involvement in aviation the sole models were developed after World War one but from 1926 to eight Daimler entered into a joint venture with AEC vehicles being badged as associated Daimler in the 1930s the Daimler Co chassis became the main model followed by a similar but heavier CW austerity model produced during World War two one hundred with the Gardiner 5lw engine cwg five the rest with the AEC seven point seven liter engine CWA six and in post-war years production worked through the Daimler CV to the long-running Daimler CR Fleetline built from 1960 to 1980 C VG v and CVG six had been a common type of bus in Hong Kong between 1950 and 1988 and Fleetline had also become a major type of bus in Hong Kong until 1995 small numbers of single deck vehicles were also built many British bus operators bought substantial numbers of the vehicles and there were also a number built for export the standard London double-decker bus bought from 1970 to 1978 was the Daimler fleet line Daimler buses were fitted with proprietary diesel engines the majority by the Gardner company of Eccles Lancashire although there were a few hundred Daimler Diesel's built in the 1940s and 1950s and the Leyland 0.68 O was offered as an option on the fleet line designated CR l6 after the merger with Leyland the bus chassis were also fitted with bodywork built by various outside contractors as is standard in the British bus industry so at a casual glance there is no real identifying feature of a Daimler bus apart from the badges front-engined Daimler buses retained the distinctive fluted radiator grille top the last day Muir fleet line was built at the traditional Daimler Factory in Radford Coventry in 1973 after that date the remaining buses were built at the Leyland factory in Farrington Preston Lancashire the final eight years of Fleetline production being badged as Leyland's the last fleet line built was bodied by eastern coach works in 1981 during that Jaguar owned period 1960 to 1968 Daimler became the second largest after Leyland double-decker bus manufacturer in Britain with their fleet line model at the same time Daimler made trucks and motorhomes bmh merged with the Leyland Motor Corporation to give the British Leyland Motor Corporation in 1968 production of Daimler buses in Coventry ceased in 1973 when production of its last bus product the Daimler fleet line was transferred to Leyland plant in Farrington Daimler stayed within blmc and its subsequent forms until 1982 at which point Jaguar with Daimler was demerged from BL as an independent manufacturer Daimler freeline 1951 to 1964 Daimler Fleetline 1960 to 1983 Dame low road liner 1962 to 1972 topic owned by Jaguar cars 1960 to 1966 in May 1960 the Daimler business was purchased from BSA by Jaguar cars for 3.4 million pounds William Lyons was looking to expand manufacture wanted the manufacturing facilities and had to decide what to do with the existing Daimler vehicles Jaguar had been refused planning permission for a new factory in the area in which it wanted it to be Daimler had shrunk to representing just 15% of BSA Group turnover in 1959 1960 and BSA wished to dispose of its motoring interests Jaguar stated publicly that it would continue production of the existing range of Daimler that it would continue normal research and development for future Daimler products and that it would expand aim low markets in Britain and overseas Jaguar put a Daimler 4.5 L v8 in a mark 10 and tested it at the motor industry research Association mirror with an inefficient prototype exhaust the car went up to 135 miles per hour on Mira's banked track faster than the production mark 10 Jaguar discontinued the six-cylinder majestic in 1962 and the SP 250 in 1964 but Daimler's core product the old-fashioned heavy but fast 4.5 L v8 majestic major was continued throughout Jaguars independent ownership of Daimler in 1961 Daimler introduced the dr 450 a long wheelbase limousine version of the majestic major the dr 450 also continued in production beyond the end of jaguars independent ownership of Daimler 864 examples of the long wheelbase dr 450 were sold as opposed to 1180 examples of the majestic major saloon the 4.5 liter saloon and limousine were the last Daimler's not designed by Jaguar topic Jaguar based Daimler's apart from the dr 450 limousine new models under lyons control with a result of negotiations between lions and the executives of Daimler distributor strap stone limited in exchange for a small Daimler in the tradition of the consort and the conquest strat stone gave up the Volkswagen franchise Lions response was the 2.5 v8 a more luxurious Jaguar mark 2 with the v8 engine from the SP 250 automatic transmission different badges and a grill with a fluted top despite the obvious Jaguar heritage motor journalist SCH Davis wrote of the cars marked character and claimed this is not a Jaguar with a Daimler radiator grille and nameplate it can stand on its own while the 2.5 v8 later renamed the v8 250 under new ownership became the most popular car Daimler ever produced it was not enough to establish brand loyalty unlike Jaguar whose wide range of models allowed 60% 60% of new Jaguars to be sold in exchange for Jaguars few customers traded old 2.5 volts eights for new ones most 2.5 v8 buyers were trading up from the bigger Ford woolsley or Rover cars James smiley chairman of strat stone made lions aware of this situation in 1965 Lions responded by preparing a Daimler ised version of the upcoming Jaguar 420 and presenting it to smiley and strat stone managing director John Ollie Lyons asked the strap stoner executives what it should be called smiley suggested sovereign while Ollie suggested Royale despite lions stating his preference for Royale at the meeting the company decided on sovereign two months later the sovereign was launched in October 1966 to fill the gap between the 2.5 v8 and the majestic major topic owned by bmh 1966 to 1968 Jaguar was taken over by British Motor Corporation BMC the new masters of badge engineering in 1966 and a few months later BMC was renamed British Motor Holdings BMH topic liens reasons and reactions though Jaguar had diversified by adding after Daimler guide trucks and Coventry climax to their group they remained dependent on pressed steel for bodies once BMC had taken control of pressed steel Lions felt compelled to submit to the BMC takeover Lions remained anxious to see that Jaguar maintained its own identity and came to resent the association with British Leyland he was delighted by Sir John Egan's accomplishments and by the new independence arranged in 1984 topic end of Dame Lybrand in the United States in 1967 BM HS dealer network in the United States stopped importing Daimler's claiming that there was insufficient funds in the group advertising budget to market all of BM HS brands in the US topic owned by british leyland 1968 to 1984 you topic Dame lady s 420 limousine the Daimler des 420 limousine was introduced in 1968 to replace their Daimler Dr 450 and BMC's vanden plas princess the des 420 used a Jaguar MK X unitary carcass with a restyled roof and a floor pan extended by 21 inches behind the front seat and strengthened the extension of the mark 10 unit bodies was done by motor panels a subsidiary of ruber Eoin the floor pan with mechanicals was available to coach builders as a rolling chassis for use with specialized bodywork usually as hearses starting of Birmingham built more than 300 des 420 based hearses finishing from the bare metal including final assembly and trimming the interior was done by vanden plas who had earlier made the princess for BMC the des 420 was withdrawn from production in 1992 from 1986 it had been the last production automobile to use the Jaguar XK six engine the last DS 420 based start and hearse was delivered on the 9th of February 1994 to mr. slack a funeral director in Cheshire though based entirely on Jaguar components the DS 420 was unique to Daimler these limousines wedding and funeral cars in the hearses made by independent coach builders are now the way most remembered aim low cars topic Daimler sovereign Daimler double six these were the first series of vehicles that were badge-engineered Jaguar XJ series but given a more luxurious and upmarket finish for example the Daimler double six was a Jaguar XJ 12 the Daimler badge and fluted top turrets grill and boot handle being the only outward differences from the Jaguar with more luxurious interior fittings and extra standard equipment marking it out on the inside topic chairman one strategy to sell Daimler's was through fleet sales of Jaguars two boards of directors Jaguar would offer to include a more prestigious Daimler for the Chairman from 1972 to 1974 the chairman of Jaguar cars was lofty England who began his career in the automotive industry as a Daimler apprentice from 1927 to 1932 topic fluted grills in continental Europe and the US the Daimler name was dropped in Europe in the 1980s while Jaguar adopted the sovereign designation this caused a great demand for imported Daimler parts as conversion kits to convert Jaguars into Dame TLAs deducing from this conversion kit market that there was still a demand for Daimler cars Jaguar cars returned the Daimler brand to Europe at the end of 1985 meanwhile in the United States Jaguar marketed their vanden plas with Daimler fluted grilles and license plate housings topic owned by Jaguar cars 1984 to 1989 if Jaguar was not to follow Daimler into becoming just another once iconic brand it needed immense amounts of capital to develop new models and build and equip new factories this was beyond the ability of the BMH now British Leyland group it was decided to market the Jaguar business by first obtaining a separate London Stock Exchange listing to fix a price than insuring any successful bid for all the listed shares in the whole business would be from a bidder with or with access to the necessary capital that bidder proved to be Ford 1984 produced a record group output of 36,000 856 cars but less than 5% were badged Daimler two years later Daimler share had reached 11.5% and would have been almost 23 percent if the vanden plas sold in the u.s. were included when the new XJ 40 came into production in 1986 the series 3 was kept in production of further six years to 1992 to carry the big double six engines topic owned by Ford 1989 to 2007 in 1989 the Ford Motor Company payed 1.6 billion pounds to buy Jaguar and with it the right to use the Daimler name in 1992 Daimler Ford stopped production of the DS 420 limousine the only model that was a little more than just a rebadged Jaguar when Ford bought Jaguar in 1990 the British press showed a coloured computer-generated image of a proposed new Daimler car not merely a rebadged Jaguar XJ at least one related project has been documented Daimler remained the flagship Jaguar product in every country except the US where the top Jaguar is known as their XJ vanden plas Jaguar may have feared that the American market would confuse Jaguar Daimler with Daimler AG topic century tainless centenary was celebrated in 1996 by the production of a special edition 100 double six and 100 straight six cars each with special paint and other special finishes including electrically adjustable rear seats the single two-door four-seater convertible built in 1996 to commemorate Daimler's centenary and called dame la Corsica was based on the Daimler double six saloon the prototype which lacked an engine had all the luxury features of the standard saloon but a shorter wheelbase painted sea frost it was named after a 1931 Daimler double six with a body by Corsica Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust have decommissioned it to operate as a fully functional road-legal car and it is on display at their Museum at Browns Lane in Coventry England topic daimler super v—aids 1997 saw the end of production of the double six it was superseded by the introduction of a Jaguar v8 engine and the new car was given the model name mark – XJ the engine was the only significant change from the previous XJ 40 the replacement for the double six was the supercharged super v8 the supercharger to compensate for the loss of one third of the previous engines capacity you topic daimler super 8 after a three-year break a new day mayor the super 8 was presented in July 2005 it had a new stressed aluminium monocoque chassis body with a 4.2 L v8 supercharged engine which produced 291 kilowatts 396 PS 390 bhp and a torque rating of 533 Nm 393 pounds feet at 3500 revolutions per minute this car was derived from the Jaguar XJ X 350 topic owned by tartar 2007 present at the end of 2007 the formal announcement was delayed until the 25th of March 2008 it became generally known that India's Tata Group had completed arrangements to purchase Jaguar including Daimler and Land Rover Tata had spoken to the press of plans to properly relaunch England's oldest car marque in July 2008 tarter group the current owners of Jaguar and Daimler announced they were considering transforming Daimler into a super luxury marque to compete directly with Bentley and rolls-royce until the early 1950s it was often said the aristocracy by Daimler's the nouveau reached by rolls-royce an application to register the Daimler name as a trademark in the US was rejected in 2009 topic current status the Daimler Company Limited now the Daimler Motor Company Limited is still registered as active and accounts are filed each year though it is currently marked non trading until the 20th of December 1988 its name was the Daimler Company Limited before the 5th of October 2007 Jaguar while still controlled by Ford reached agreement to permit then the merging Daimler Chrysler to extend its use of the name Daimler the announcement of this agreement was delayed until the end of July 2008 and made by Jaguars new owner Tata by 2007 Jaguars use of the Daimler brand was limited to one model the super 8 which was to be last Dame 'la model to be produced in 2009 Jaguar lost the right to trademark the Daimler name in the United States topic see also list of Daimler cars Critchley light car list of car manufacturers of the united kingdom the German company Daimler motor and gasol shaft 1890 to 1926 Daimler Benz 1926 to 1998 after the merger with Benz Daimler AG 2007 present after divesting Chrysler Daimler Chrysler from 1998 to 2007 the Daimler licensee in Austria Ostrow Daimler 1899 to 1934 steer Daimler pash 1934 to 2003 equals equals notes

Stifling Egyptian Mythology that will make you Ponder

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What knowledge lies in our ancient past? A team of renowned scholars has come together to go beyond the surface-level myths, artifacts, and mysteries found in ancient texts and lost cities from around the world. Journey to decipher the code scattered throughout ancient civilizations.

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Ancient Egyptian art must be viewed from the standpoint of the ancient … Most statues show a formal frontality, meaning they are arranged straight.All Egyptian art is based on perfect balance because it reflects the ideal world of the gods. The same way these gods provided all good gifts for …


the conception of Horace there are many confusing aspects of Egyptian mythology from the fact that Isis became pregnant with Osiris's child before she had managed to fully resurrect him he's surely one of the most iconic the story which appears to be a demonstrable myth of the reasoning behind mummification is also an excellent example of Isis's power and tenacity since she not only had to restore her husband to life but she also had to find and collect all of the dismembered pieces of his body that set that scattered across Egypt the count found on the great hymn to Osiris is short but it's the fullest among pre Roman sources my sister Isis acted as protectress to the Osiris she drove thy enemies away she averted seasons of calamity from thee she recited the words for what the magical power of her mouth being skilled of tongue and never halting for a word being perfect in command and word Isis the magician avenged her brother she went about seeking for him untiringly she flew round and round over this earth uttering wailing cries of grief and she did not alight on the ground until she had found him she made light to come forth from her feathers she made air to come into being by means of her two wings and she cried out the death cries for her brother she made to rise up the helpless members of him whose heart was at rest she drew from him his essence and she made there from an air she suckled the child in solitariness and none knew where his place was and he grew in strength horses hand is mighty within the house of gab and the company of the gods rejoice greatly at the coming of aris the son of osiris whose heart has firmly established the triumphant one the son of Isis the flesh and bone of Osiris Shaw likens this myth to the opening of the mouth ceremony in which two Egyptian priests would stand on either side of the mummy they were attending and touch each part of the body in order to awaken it for its journey into the afterlife whether it inspired the ritual or was the definition of it later is almost impossible to verify today but what is more important perhaps is the line toward the end of the hymn that reads those who defeat inequity rejoice in the house of gab to bestow the divine rank and the sovereignty upon him who it is by right this is direct reference to the dynastic heritage of the kings of Egypt said to reach back as far as the earth deity gab through Osiris and horse this was paramount to the legitimacy of the throne of both upper and lower egypt and it was a function of horus as the restorer of dynastic order to the country during horse's birth Isis not only ensures that he is born from Osiris's already deceased body but she also tricks the Sun Gadre into revealing the secret and powerful names he hid from the other gods which she could then pass on to her son Osiris was no passive father either despite his death as Plutarch relates there was a story of Osiris embodying the departing king by passing on knowledge as he had learned to his son later as they relate Osiris came to Horus from the other world and exercised and trained him for the battle after a time Osiris s Taurus what he held to be the most noble of all things when harsh replied to avenge one's father and mother for evil done to them Osiris then asked what animal he considered most useful for them to go forth in battle and when Horace said horse who Cyrus was surprised and raised the question why it was that he had rather not said a lion than a horse Horus answered that a lion was a useful thing for a man in need of assistance but that a horse served best for cutting off the plight of an enemy and annihilating him when Osiris heard this he was much pleased since he then felt that horse had now an adequate preparation it is at this point that many that God saw the youth Horus and began to offer him their allegiance in his bid to wrest the double crown of Egypt from his wicked uncle Seth parse the child was written harpa carid in the original and when the greeks encountered this divinity they translated it almost identically giving the young horse the name Hippocrates a name that appeared in many of the later sources in ancient Egypt children were usually depicted as naked and with shaved heads except for a plaited side lock of hair and this is how Hippocrates appears in the artwork as well his role as a child of the divine triad was to symbolise the renewal of a cosmos further confirming him being Horus to the ancient Egyptians Horus the child also was a more forceful incarnation that bore the name of shet meaning the savior a child was often depicted vanquishing dangerous animals such as crocodiles snakes lions and antelopes associating a small child was such a violence was not an unlikely aspect in the myth not even to the ancient Greeks who immediately connected Horus the child with Hercules vanquishing the snakes sent to his crib by his jealous stepmother Hera nevertheless texts found or magical statues refer to Horus the child being poisoned by either a snake or scorpion and Isis using her magic to cure him pinch points out that this episode was often seen as analogous to the gods promise to protect suffering humankind having had a line of kings who had suffered as humans do was obviously attractive from a religious perspective according to tilde Slee the state of health in general both in adults and children was low modern scientific methods have revealed that many ancient Egyptians suffered from parasitic infections and worse in the case of Horus these afflictions came in the form of nightmares burns and pains that were described as having affected him in the form of demons or were that burrowed inside and caused maladies such as colic in the story of Isis and the seven scorpions Isis takes toast advice and flees from Seth with the baby Horus in tow she takes with her the seven children no the Scorpion got a circuit each of ferocious scorpion in its own right in order to protect her and her child at one point in the story however they are turned away from the house of a rich woman the disgruntled scorpions all give their sting to the largest of the group who crawls under the rich woman's door and stings her child suddenly the house erupts into flame and not even the sudden storm above can put them out Isis appears at the house and being kind-hearted she picks up the child and rubs its throat while reciting the names of each of the seven scorpions when she does so the flames abate and the storm cease such as the power of Isis's magical knowledge this connection between Horus and the Scorpion was also connected with the ancient Greek story of Orion as well as that of Hercules according to Plutarch the Scorpion was sent by Seth distinct Horus during the hottest part of the summer according to the historian Robert Graves the constellation of Orion would have arisen to prominence during the month of August for the earliest recorders of the myth and during the early month of Orion like Horus did not die from the scorpion sting instead like the early story of Gilgamesh the Scorpion men attacked the sacred king who was connected with the son Horus the elder it's necessary to understand the notion of the two horses even though absolute clarity is impossible due to the lack of source material and other such limitations there is the celestial falcon the divine one who appears in the earliest version of the myth and the Pyramid Texts and it is he who is mature and helps Isis and Nephthys recover the body parts of Osiris this version is the one often referred to as Horus the elder and even by as late as the Ptolemaic period he was represented as the Horus who protects Rhea in the sky by the sixth dynasty Horace the child had been added to the Pyramid Texts and it was in this form that Horace was assimilated into Helia Politan mythology and came to dominate the myths from then on like other deities Horace the elder became assimilated with the Sun God depending on the situation and when he did he became rah hurry up T or ah Horace of the double horizon who triumphed over his enemies as heroes in the east this came about because the Sun was seen as triumphing over the dangers in the land of the dead dangers such as ferocious beasts powerful demons and the possibility of losing one's way in the labyrinth in realm and never returning to life this connection also gave way to Horace the youngers connection to his father of Cyrus Lord of the underworld in this incarnation both horses were represented as a falcon crown of the Sun disk or even as a winged Sun disc itself that traversed the sky and protected the Sun that was the source of Egypt's wealth along with the Nile the contending zuv Horus and Seth after Horus had survived the difficulties of his childhood in hiding he came to manhood and demanded the throne that had been his father's during his time in hiding Seth had harassed Isis and her sister nathie's often in order to eradicate his last remaining obstacle to the throne the council's very about the exact length of his reign but has generally understood that when Osiris died and Isis took Horus into hiding Seth ascended the throne of Egypt and brought wickedness to the land by far the foulest the most interesting source for the resolution of the contest for the throne comes from a new Kingdom papyrus called the bTW papyrus one which provides the story called the contending z– of Horus and Seth the text describes a tribunal of the Enid and some other gods in which they debate who should ascend the throne the inexperienced youth or the uncle both pretenders had their supporters and Seth even had the all-powerful ray on his side Shu declares that it is just that the son to send the throne and both Toth and Isis declared themselves triumphant provoking the anger of Ray since they did not wait for his agreement agreeing with Ray Seth offers to settle matters with a fist fight against the young upstart and the gods picker and failed to come to a decision ray first asked the enid to send a letter to bana DJ the RAM headed God and the Lord of carnal pleasure for help but he only succeeds in telling them to send another letter to Neath the great goddess of hunting in war neath replies bluntly award the office of Osiris to his son Horus don't commit such blatant acts of iniquity which are illegal or I shall become so furious that the sky will touch the ground the Universal Lord the bull who resides in Heliopolis ought to be told enriched Seth in his possessions give him an Rath and a start your two daughters and install Horus and the position of his father Osiris Toth receives the letter and reads it out to the enid who all agreed that Neith is right but ray refuses to acquiesce to her judgment since it is not in line with his own wishes livid he accuses Horus of being too young and unprepared for the office as well as having bad breath to boot the gods continued to fail a convincing ray of Horace's right and soon enough they all leave the hall furiously decrying Ray's injustice after a considerable while hath or lady of the southern sycamore came and stood before her father the Universal Lord and she exposed her vagina before his very eyes thereupon the Great God laughed at her then he got up and sat down with the great Enid he said to Horus and Seth speak concerning yourselves the episode may appear unseemly to the modern reader of this presumably religious text but it is actually quite similar to a Greek episode in which the gallows bow bow reveals her vagina to make Demeter laugh and put an end to the destruction she wrought after losing force F&E left according to Lewis hide is used in this case as a form of breaking the spell 1 an exceedingly bad mood with ray being more amenable the gods returned to the hall and Seth states his position first as for me I am Seth greatest in fur LD among the Enid four i slayed the opponent of ray daily while I am at the prow of the bark of a million's whereas not any other god is able to do it I should receive the office of Osiris at this the gods onerous and Thoth begin to argued that the living son should gain the throne of his father in response been each day asked them if a mature and able uncle should be passed over to crown an inexperienced lad Isis furious says that she wants to bring the tribunal to Adam himself at this time the rest of the enid tell her such measures need not be resorted to Seth interjects saying that he won't recognize any tribunal that Isis is a part of and at this ray orders the tribunal to move across the river to the neutral island in the middle and decrees that the divine ferryman empty not allow Isis or anyone who looked like her to cross so that the rest of the gods can debate the issue soberly then Isis came and approached and emptied the ferryman as he was sitting near his boat after she had transformed herself into an old woman who walked with a hobble and wore a small golden signet ring on her hand she said to him it is an order that you might ferry me across to the island in the middle that I come to you because it is for the young lad that I have come carrying this bowl full of porridge since he has been tending some cattle on the island in the middle for five days and now he is hungry he said to her I have been told not to ferry any woman across but she said to him it is with reference to Isis that you have been told this which you have just mentioned he said to her what will you give me an order that you may be ferried across to the island in the middle said Isis to him I will give you this cake he said to her what good is it to me your cake is it an exchange your cake that I should fare you across to the island of the middle what I've been told not to ferry any woman across then she said to him I will give you the golden signet ring which is on my hand and he said to her and over the golden signet ring and she gave it to him then he ferried her across to the island in the middle while the island Isis found the Enid sitting and eating bread together but before she could be detected she transformed herself into a beautiful maiden knowing that the insatiable Seth wouldn't be able to resist trying to woo her once he caught sight of her she was right and Seth started out from the divine company overtook the disguised Isis and called to her from behind a tree he said to her I am here with you beautiful maiden and she said to him respect my great Lord as for me I was a wife living with a cattleman to whom I bore a son my husband died and the lad started tending his father's cattle but then a stranger came and settled in my stable he said thus and speaking to my son I shall beat you and confiscate your father's cattle and evict you said he and speaking to him no it is my desire to have you afford him protection thereupon Seth said to her it is wild the son of the male is still living that the cattle are to be given to the stranger and so Isis transformed herself into a kite and flew up and perched on the top of an acacia tree she called to Seth and said to him be ashamed of yourself it is your own mouth that has said it it is your own cleverness that has judged you what combat do you have now had they been tricked Seth returns to the rest of the Enid and although he's ashamed he turns the blame on the tricky woman Isis instead of acknowledging her logic pre Arkady asked him what made him seem so dejected and he told her what Isis's question had been thereupon pre her colleague said to him now look here it is you yourself that has judged your own self one come back do you have now so Seth said to him have nem T the ferryman brought and severe punishment inflicted upon him saying why did you let her be ferried across so it shall be said to him then empty the ferryman was brought before the enid and the foremost part of his feet removed sewn empty absord gold even to this day in the presence of the great Enid saying gold shall be because of me and abomination unto my city then the eden ferried across to the western track and sat down on the mountain the great Adam then sends a letter to the Enid on the island declaring that the white crown of Egypt should be put on horse's head and still the decision is not agreed upon Seth is livid and challenges Horus to submerge himself in the water in the form of a hippopotamus so that they can fight as the ferocious beast at which point Isis fears for her son's life again and decides to take matters into her own hands then Isis fetched a skein of yarn she fashioned a line fetched the Devens weight worth of copper casted in the form of a harpoon tied the line to it and hurled it into the water at the spot where Horus and Seth had submerged but then the copper bar bit into the person of her son Horus so Horus let out a loud shriek saying help me mother Isis my mother appealed to your copper barb to let me go I am Horus the son of Isis whereupon Isis let out a loud shriek and told her copper barb let him go see it is my son Horus he is my child so her copper barb let him go then she again hurled it back into the water and it bit into the person of Seth so SIF let out a loud shriek saying what have I done against you my sister Isis appealed to your copper barb to let go of me I am your maternal brother Isis then she felt exceedingly compassionate toward him thereupon Seth called her saying do you prefer the stranger to your maternal brother Seth so Isis appealed to her copper barb saying let go of him see it is Isis's maternal brother whom you have bitten into then the copper barb let him go Horus son of Isis became furious at his mother Isis and went out with his face as fierce as an upper Egyptians Panthers having his cleaver of 16 Devon weight in his hand he removes the head of his mother Isis put it in his arms and ascended the mountain then Isis transformed herself into a statue of Flint which had no head said prehab Tardos is that which has arrived having no head Soto told pre Atari my good lord that is Isis the Great the gods mother after Haris her son removed her head thereupon pietari let out a loud cry and said to the Enid let us go inflict severe punishment upon him then the ena descended those mountains in order to search for Haris son of Isis still smarting from the injustice doled out to him by the Enid and even his own mother the young Horus takes himself off to relax under ash anusha tree in the western red lands of a desert the Edith searched the length and breadth of Egypt for the young pretender but it is set to spots Horus first approaching him stealthily the older God pounces on his nephew and in an instant gouges out his eyes and places them on a mountain to illuminate the earth when the Enid exhausted the land in their search and reunite they asked Seth if he has had any luck finding Horus to which the wily God replies that he has not not wanting to abandon the search for her foster son Hathor continues to leave no stone or grain of sand unturned and eventually finds Horus weeping in the shade of the sanusha tree horrified to the sight the divine wet-nurse finds in milks of gazelle and pours the milk in each of horses eyesockets healing him before returning to the Enid to tell them of such treachery when they learn of this they decide Seth needs to be punished so they call both pretenders to the throne to yet another tribunal then they were brought before the Enid said the universal Lord before the great Enid to Horus and Seth go won't obey what I tell you you should eat and drink so that we may have some peace stop quarreling so every day on end then Seth said to Horus come let us make holiday in my house Horus told him I'll do so surely I'll do so I'll do so now afterward at night time bed was prepared for them and they both lay down but during the night Seth caused his fail us to come stiff and inserted it between Horace's thighs then horace placed his hands between his thighs and receives Seth semen Horus went to tell his mother Isis help me Isis my mother come and see what Seth has done to me and he opened his hands a lender see Seth semen she let out a loud shriek seized the copper knife and cut off his hands that were impure then she fetched some fragrant pointment and applied it to Horace's fayliss she caused it to become stiff and inserted it into a pot and caused the semen to flow down into it holding her son's seed in her closed hand Isis travels to the gardener that ended Seth's lush crops and asked him which vegetable the God ate the gardener replies that his lascivious master touched none of the vegetables except the lettuces when she hears this Isis reaches down and pours the semen onto a lettuce and travels back to the tribunal of the Enid Seth and Horus both went to the tribunal and stood in the presence of the great Enid they were told speak concerning yourselves said Seth let me be awarded the office of ruler for as the Horus the one who is standing trial I have performed the labor of a male against him the eat had let out a loud cry they spewed inspect that horses face Horus laughed at them Horus then took an oath by the God as follows all that Seth has said is false lets us semen be summoned that we may see from where it answers and my own be summoned that we may see from where it answers that oath Lord of script and scribe of truth for the Enid put his hands on horses shoulder and said come out use semen of Seth and it answered him from the water in the interior of the marsh to put his hands on such shoulder and said come out use semen of Horus then it said to him where shall I come from so said to it come out from his ear thereupon had said to him it is from his ear that I should issue forth seeing that I am divine seed then till said to it come out from the top of his head and it emerged as a golden solar disc upon Seth's head Seth became exceedingly furious and extended his hands to seize the golden solar disc so took it away from him and placed it as a crown upon his own head then the Enon said Horus is right and Seth is wrong and yet Seth is still incapable of accepting the findings of the tribunal with raela's side he once again challenges Horus to a competition to decide the fate of the royal line he challenges Horus to make a boat and race it along the Nile then Horus built for himself a boat of pine plastered it over with Jibson and launched it into the water at evening time without anybody who was in the entire land having observed it Seth saw horses boat and thought it was of stone and he went to the mountains and cut off a mountain top and built himself a boat for stone of a hundred and thirty-eight cubits the embarked upon their ships in the presence of the Enid then Seth's boat sank in the water so Seth transformed himself into a hippopotamus and scuttled Horace's boat Horus took his copper harpoon and hurled it into the person of Seth then the ena told him don't hurl it at him Horus obeys the decree of the Enid and leaves his uncle to nurses her pride Horus sails down the river deceased to speak with neath and remind her that he had bested his uncle again and now surely deserves the divine crown of Egypt neath was always on Seth side in the contention between him and his uncle and it dawns on her that there is still one deity that they have not called upon for judgment neath calls on Toth and has him write to Osiris son of Rhea and have him offer final judgment when Osiris reads the letter in the Duat the land dead he replies immediately why should my son Horace be cheated when it was I who made you mighty and it was I alone who could greet barley and Emmer in order to sustain the gods as well as the cattle following the gods whereas not any God or any God has found himself competent enough to do it when he reads this pre hot re replies scornfully saying that barley and Emmer would have existed without Osiris's presence and that his judgment is no more forceful or definitive than that of the rest of the Osiris replies it is exceedingly good all that which you have done o you who invented the Eden as an accomplishment although justice was allowed to sink down within the nether world please look at the situation also on your part as for the land in which I am it is filled with savage space messengers who do not fear any god or any goddess I have but to let them forth and they will fetch the heart of whoever commits misdeeds and they will be here with me indeed what is the meaning of my happening to be here resting in the West while you are all outside who among you is there that is mightier than I but see you have invented injustice as an accomplishment when Todd the great south of his wall Lord of Hank Tommy created the sky isn't it so that he told the stars that are in it it is in the West where King Osiris is that you shall set every night and he told me now after the manner of gods so patrician errs and commoners shall also go to find rest in the place where you are so he said to me it seems that the threat was the final tie breaker for the Enid and all those Seth tries to fight Horus again he loses and finally rescinds his claim to the throne declaring his loyalty to the rightful heir the eated crown Horus and Isis gives a loud shriek of delight at finally having been vindicated there are various theories of how this important myth came to be one theory was that it was a memory of a civil war this kind of interpretation is known as a euphemism and it entails taking the aspect of a myth and extrapolating real world events from them such as the two gods Horus and Seth each representing a real-world Pretender and his followers battling to take on the throne and establish the patrilineal inheritance used henceforth as a story goes after he defeated his uncle Horace ruled the du kingdoms of Egypt for 300 years during this time he took vicious revenge on all the followers of Seth including those who supported him on the terrestrial level by burning down the temples and towns that housed them this part of the myth would coincide with the theory that the story represents a civil war since after the ascension to the throne whoever won the contest would no doubt have tried to consolidate his power and eradicate the Troublesome followers of his adversary which would have been ineffective if by way of doing so after Seth Toth ruled the land of Egypt for seven thousand seven hundred 26 years according to the dynastic reckoning after him and after him Mott ascended the throne 11 vaguely named demigods also rolled seven thousand seven hundred fourteen years until the first human pharaohs ascended the throne zazz sitting horses or followers of Horus awaiting the day of their coronation to receive the world spirit or kah and the day of their death to join the rest of the gods in their celestial existence choice tilde C suggests that the rather laborious format of the myth would not have been so for the ancient Egyptians who were used to the long drawn-out legal battles that offer resulted in the same arguments being presented again and again without a guarantee of resolution for either side however on a spiritual and sociological level it was vital that Horus and Seth eventually arrive at a resolution after their battle royal art glorified Horus the United and even depicted Seth as tying together the heraldic plants of Upper and Lower Egypt depending on the artist and the area of Egypt where the narrative was displayed the reconciliation of Horus and Seth was considered impossible and instead of having such powerful adversary the wise God tough put Seth's place as the binder of the two kingdoms formal su hem heuristic and more mythological point of view the story represents the divine Horus overcoming the dangerous and unbridled virulence of Seth some older versions of the myth have Horst the elder as the protagonists fighting his brother Seth for the throne and in these versions the story takes on the theme of a primeval and elemental myth showing the celestial falcon battling the god of storms for supremacy in the world of mortals in the contending version each god is represented as having played their divine role as well as having taken sides in it Toth inscribes the formal letters to each of the gods and others replying immediately suggests that although the gods were capable of writing itself considered a magical act only Toth is capable of creating the formal sacred non-inflammatory or emotional missives from the council's Isis protects her son and her brother when she's appealed to an Osiris reminds two living gods of his role in the fertility of the land and his power to destroy them with the horrors of the Duat Hathor the wet-nurse gives life by restoring the powerful with the milk she gains from a gazelle in later myths Neph these becomes horses wet-nurse in the form of a divine cow which probably has some connection with the story Plutarch relates about Isis's role in the dispute between her son and brother Isis however to whom Seth was delivered in Chains did not cause to have him put to death but released him and let him go horses could not endure this with equanimity he laid hands upon his mother and rested the royal died him from her head but toes put upon her a helmet like unto the head of a cow Plutarch wrote that he heard the ending of the cat endings and he found it blasphemous since Plutarch who was writing principally in order to make the point that all gods and myths are the same across the world believes such an act committed by the divine was nothing more than a sacrilegious whimsy of poets however just as he recorded Horus placing a helmet in the shape of the Cal said and the contending Isis did not die either and the rest of the gods replaced her severed head with that of a cow explaining away this common econo graffia of Isis if Plutarch did in fact read the contending z' then the episode in which the goddess Balbo reveals her vagina to ray most probably scandalized him even further from a mythological point of view however the solemnity of a moment such as that of Rhea contemplating his own displeasure with the other gods was not only not immune to the presence of the humorous it actually needed it according to the acclaimed mythologist Joseph Campbell humor is the touchstone of truly mythological as distinct from the more literal minded and sentimental theological mood they're entertaining this transport the mind and spirit not up to but passed into the yonder void from which the perspective of the more heavily faded theological dogmas then appear to have been only penological lures their function to cart the uh nad right intellect away from the concrete clutter of facts and events to a comparatively rarefied zone where is a final boon to all existence may at least be seen transmuted into the semblance of a lightly passing recurrent mere childhood dream of bliss and fright this is precisely what happens in the contending z– the laughter breaks the childhood dream of bliss and fright and transforms raved the stubborn and contentions into ray the open-minded who will debate the issue soberly for Isis choosing not to kill her brother is a clear sign that her power is not one of passion like the wrath of segments for instance instead hers is the power of a protector till dysley points out that the side of Isis as a wrathful enemy is Seth she was capable of killing him and burning his companions to death was the result of leader non Egyptian influences on the Isis Horus Seth myth and not true to the earlier versions of her character that influenced the writing of the attendings and the contending –zz Seth is an unusual trickster in that through his ambitious scheming he causes others to become culture heroes by creating culture mainstays such as Isis's papyrus boat which the ancient Egyptians believed was immune to being attacked by crocodiles and horses boat made of pine and gypsum these boats were always vulnerable to being scuttled by the ferocious hippopotamuses represented by Seth – in the case of the lettuce to ancient readers this would have also been a clear mythological trope of Seth since lettuce was believed to be an aphrodisiac in ancient Egypt it was even depicted as such on a tomb wall that Seth only ate lettuces and that he was so easily tricked by Isis in her maiden form is indicative of his role as a sex-crazed fiend and the story of the contending zhh of Horus and Seth an interesting cross-cultural similarity the contending reveals is that of the difficult relationship between an uncle and nephew in a metro lineal society although ancient Egypt was not at that historical period the matrilineal society the importance of agriculture more highly emphasized even than that of its neighbors in Greece and Rome and the great antiquity of its civilization appears to be a remnant of the agrarian peoples of the ninth and eighth millennia BCE furthermore although the dynastic lines were patrilineal women continued to hold the prominent part in royal structure with female heirs apparent being more common than in many other cultures in the vicinity in the early agrarian communities the goddesses took primacy over the male deities since she was the symbol of fertility and the regenerative powers of the earth in many modern Western myths familial contention is often found between either the father or son as in the case of Sigmund Freud's theory of the Eau de pescado ever in the Metro lineal societies such as the Trobriand culture study by bronislaw malinowski the most contentious relationship was between a boy and his maternal uncle and those societies the maternal uncle was suspected to defer to his nephew but many of the myths present them as enemies whose ostensible relationship betrays the deeply harbored animosity they feel for each other in the trobee odd society magic is supposed to be passed between maternal uncle and nephew but is often done so unwillingly in the case of the contending the question of royal inheritance has ironed out through a series of power plays Seth inflicts on his nephew which are constantly refuted in repelled by either the mother or Horace himself in one of the early versions of the myth Isis warns Horus not to let Seth penetrate him but instead to simulate the penetration as he does and trick his uncle into releasing his magic in a non dominating manner the essence of horses own magic at least in iconographic alarms is the eyes that the uncle gouges out and is then restored with even more magical potency thanks to the nourishing milk provided by horses wet nurse although these cultures are disparate in nature the structural similarities in their myths are revelatory in the case of Horus and Seth the Eye of Horus there are many ways that Horus was said to have lost his eye or even both eyes most often it is Seth who manages to steal or rip out depending on the myth one or both of Horace's eyes and either bury them or destroy them in some versions Horus restores his own sight but most often turns to his birth mother or adoptive mother Hathor for help in doing so the eye is connected with Horus as the celestial falcon whose eyes were both the Sun and the moon in particular the individual eye that was so often depicted in Egyptian artwork was associated with the moon as it's changing shape represented the slow but inevitable restoration of the Gods sight this is the very essence of the eye gouging moment in the contending zs– the restoration of Horus is sight like that of his restoration to the throne was generally framed as the story of the restoration of order and bounced the cosmos in this respect it was offered to the gods by the remaining King whose very presence on the throne was a symbol of order as imparted upon the earth by the gods the Eye of Horus after was restored to him was called the widget and it was a powerful symbol that came to represent the very restoration to wholeness that Horus experienced when his eyes were restored in this capacity it was used as an aide to the deceased who needed to restore the various parts of their bodies after mummification and this way the Eye of Horus was used often in magical spells as being a protective symbol and it was more non amulets supposedly to fel the enemies of the where the presence of the dismemberment in myth is a common feature throughout the cultures of the world and when the dismembered parts of the body are restored the myth takes on a deep psychoanalytical function for the believer the single constant in human existence is the presence of death the presence of a God such as Horace or Osiris or Christ in the myth that is capable of evading death through the restoration of his or her dismembered body the symbol of temporality provides the reliever with hope in transcending his own mortality to divinity Horus and Christ from its earliest days Christianity had been spreading across Egypt two centuries before it was finally adopted as the principal religion across the Roman Empire in the 4th century CE II the adoptions of earlier mythic and religious aspects by the first Christians have been well documented in the case of the Christ figures relationship with Horus there are some interesting connections just as Jesus Christ Horus was the youngest in the divine triad of Egypt's most prominent gods and he also represented the renewal of the cosmos and the establishment of a royal divine Rite his relationship with a destructive forces of seth finds its parallels in the christian God's ultimate vanquishing of Lucifer the notion of demons was present in Egyptian mythology from the earliest times and as was said in the contending x' Horace's father Osiris was capable of unleashing their terrible power on divinities and mortals alike and later Greek versions of the story Seth is just a demonic monster in the form of the monstrous primeval serpent – whom Horace's equivalent Apollo the Lord of light or light of the world finally vanquishes similarities can also be found in the iconic rafi of Horus images of Isis with Horus in her lap were both ancient and easily recognizable across the Roman Empire thanks to the transport of Isis's cult to its furthest reaches in a world where religious iconography was potent the adoption of the mother and child motif would have been invaluable in attracting new followers to the earliest cult of Christianity since these followers would have found something that was both familiar and revelatory in the cornucopia of religious groups of the day since Jesus Christ was a figure of peace the violence inherent in the battle between good and evil came to be associated with those who fought in his name rather than with Jesus Christ himself images of Horus standing over Seth and harpooning his manifestations in the form of a hippopotamus may have inspired the later images of st. George and the dragon in this way Horus was a symbol of divine kingship of unification and the restoration of the divine after the most vicious and brutal trials and endeavors he was also seen as the intermediary between the land of the living and the dead to the ancient Egyptians the king was an almost godlike figure who became a god when he died and his mummified remains were restored to him in the land of the dead the Duat the lord of this land was horses Father Osiris and therefore the divine King Horus was often presented in Egyptian economy as presenting the recently deceased King and leader non-royal mortals who were able to pay for mummification to his father sitting on his throne in this way Horus was both the way of the light and also a figure of hope since it was he with the help of his mother and the reporting of the just deities who ultimately vanquished evil and unified the country for believers in Egypt a country that went through periods of violent separation the figure of a just king that restored order to their world would have made for a very appealing deity indeed from a mythological standpoint Horace's character goes beyond royal lineage however Horus stood at the crossroads of the great family of gods the enid that were the first manifestations of the distinctly human characters in the pantheon as well as that most worrying boundary between life and death although his father would receive the dead it was Horus who showed them that life also offered its own capacity for victory and pleasure and when the time came to pass along to the final in inevitable stage of mortality Horus would take his believers by the hand and guide them there unharmed you

BROADSTAIRS GUIDE | The Seaside Series | What Olivia Did | AD

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As promised I’ve decided to create a few wee city/town guides for some of favourite new and old haunts, in hope it can inspire some weekend trips or staycations! The first up is Broadstairs! I worked on this exciting first instalment with Southeastern, and I hope you like it as much as I enjoyed creating it!

If you fancy booking a trip to Broadstairs or somewhere else in East Sussex or Kent, have a nosey at the advance purchase off-peak offers from Southeastern this Summer starting from £10! Find out more here:

For a full list of locations mentioned/travel details (and other seaside guides) head here:

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a couple of weeks ago Joe and I headed to broad stairs along the Kent coast you work with our local train line southeastern and I'm going to show you it was up to because we had a really lovely Sunday so here we go the first place we went to was a little shop a short walk from the station called KITT this is an amazing lifestyle concept store and it's filled with everything from lifestyle pieces it's handled stationery and clothing and it was absolutely amazing I had to develop a lot of self control but it's definitely worth a visit after Kent we headed to white and Jones which is an amazing seafood restaurant a really short walk from the beach it was one of the most delicious fish lunches we've both had and I definitely recommend a visit Viking Bay is one of the biggest family's beaches along this stretch it's absolutely beautiful and if it's a sunny day walking along here getting a deck chair or a bucket and spade and an ice cream is absolutely gorgeous it's amazing for a little paddle although the water is quite cold but it's so cool just a lot more quiet than Margate but on a sunny day it's amazing to get your towel in the book and you are sorted a trip to the seaside definitely isn't complete without a good old ice cream and Morelli's gelato is the most traditional amazing gelato place in the world it's what's amazing pink decor and as you can see my face the ice cream group too and that's a wrap I really hope you enjoyed this video if you did give it thumbs up and I will see you next time bye

Redrow Homes – The Oxford 'Lifestyle' @ Amington Green, Tamworth Staffordshire by Showhomesonline

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Thank you for joining us on another ShowHome Tour.
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HOUSE TYPE: Oxford lifestyle
CURRENT PRICE : Available homes from £239,995
LOCATION: Amington Green, Tamworth Mercian Way, Tamworth, Staffs, B774FL

Phase two of our hugely popular Amington Garden Village development, Amington Green, offers further high quality homes in this superb location. Set amongst the fairways and bunkers of Tamworth Municipal Golf Course, these homes are surrounded by delightful views across immaculately maintained open spaces, yet they remain just three miles from the town centre and close to the Midlands motorway network.
There is a Londis convenience store close by on Kerria Road, plus a choice of major supermarkets, such as Morrisons and Sainsbury’s, in the town for your weekly shop.
For doctors, register with Amington Surgery on Tamworth Road

This is an excellent home of quality and character, built with pride to offer a solid foundation for family life. The Oxford Lifestyle design captures the essence of traditional house building, including bay windows and a roofed porch.


Lounge 16‚Äô5‚ÄĚ x 10‚Äô10‚ÄĚ 5.00 x 3.29 m
Kitchen/Dining 21‚Äô8‚ÄĚ x 12‚Äô1‚ÄĚ 6.60 x 3.68 m
Utility 6‚Äô8‚ÄĚ x 5‚Äô10‚ÄĚ 2.02 x 1.78 m
Cloaks 5‚Äô10‚ÄĚ x 3‚Äô1‚ÄĚ 1.78 x 0.94 m
Garage 19‚Äô4‚ÄĚ x 9‚Äô10‚ÄĚ 5.98 x 3.00 m

Bedroom 1 15‚Äô10‚ÄĚ x 10‚Äô10‚ÄĚ 4.82 x 3.29 m
En-suite 1 10‚Äô10‚ÄĚ x 5‚Äô11‚ÄĚ 3.29 x 1.80 m
Dressing 7‚Äô6‚ÄĚ x 6‚Äô8‚ÄĚ 2.28 x 2.03 m
Bedroom 3 11‚Äô7‚ÄĚ x 10‚Äô0‚ÄĚ 3.53 x 3.04 m
En-suite 3 7‚Äô3‚ÄĚ x 6‚Äô5‚ÄĚ 2.21 x 1.96 m
Bedroom 2 12‚Äô7‚ÄĚ x 10‚Äô9‚ÄĚ 3.84 x 3.27 m
En-suite 2 7‚Äô11‚ÄĚ x 5‚Äô8‚ÄĚ 2.41 x 1.73 m


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Disclaimer…..Individual house spec may vary depending on location/development/planning requirements/developer and purchaser choices, regional variations and plot specific changes.
Many design additions are added to show-homes and are upgrades. Please always seek advice from sales negotiators about what is included and not included in your purchase.

The price mentioned above is specific at time of production and to the development viewed. It is not a national price. Always check on the development you are interested in please.

Thank you for watching.

welcome to the Oxford lifestyle now the Oxford is a great crane to sensual retro house and we're aiming turn I'm mr. green in a meeting Garden village in Stockton with in Staffordshire no the actual look if they could actually make the original Oxford look any better than it does then that's going on here this looks so cute from the outside you just see from the pictures we've got the hallway of the Oxford Oxford a lifestyle but as you will see as we go around the right rooms will be on there but anyway I will gather all the information and put it in the description box down below and of course you'll have the floor plans to look at because we'll provide those for you so don't forget to check it out down there so we've got an under stairs cupboard there yeah then we've got another cupboard here oh you're not sure to space in here on you to store so table and chairs they've got six chairs around it you could fit another two you got me right fridge and freezer at this sound you've got your rather than any grill lots and lots of cupboard space look at that very pretty pretty dish putting that right lots of mine on cupboards you've got your big look there's a merry baby and she don't I mean the mail for you is here do you think she's hot do you know yeah I mean that's why men told me to make bread butter pudding very good very hot but personally but I saw who do it now to go at it and know it's that pic right what have we got integrated dishwasher always ask the sales negotiator about what's the upgrade what's additional in this house because there are some beautiful additional features that you can approach him right you've got your larder cupboard here plenty of storage space shelving and drills oh look the cutlery sorter fingers in here sometimes you see right we've got as well got some French doors are up to being in Rio garden so we've got the same kind of layout is what the shoots be kind of was really so we've got the on speak ensuite the arm suite WC just um is massive right so here we go cool sorry I love that you see how I'm round with a bit of interior design very nice space for two clients a so you've got a shot and a separate tumble dryer in there which shoots on people doesn't it yeah I'm a door to the rear garden yeah so this is the Oxford lifestyle Hey so first of all all of that my wife we go there's your cylinder yeah on the landing very accessible not sure which bedroom this is I will tell I won't I won't even guess that having some going on sweet in here then oh yeah nice the teeny as well I hope said that right got a nice soon on that's not sweet this is good good slicer shower cubicle in that one brushed steel very nice tunes I'm not even going to guess which bedroom this is because I always get it wrong so I'm wait until I've got the plan and then I thought the weather you'd already know before we come into the room again I'm not going to guess yeah yeah that's got good arms good size ensuite on that hasn't it and doubles it's got a double shower cubicle there so this actually is the river lifetime it's actually got a dressing room there as well now we need to apologize for the noise that's downstairs it looks like Virgin Media's just descended on the show home but you can see we've got because it's a lifestyle we've got that beautiful and flush and share with you because having ensuite happened is that they're taking a fall bed and turned it into three I've always liked the Oxford I thought it was a great house time yeah what do you think if it is a three bed well I love that baby for a start off yeah now it's dude it's good it just takes a spin and maybe you know people you know might like that it's just a bit of bit something different isn't it yeah they're just trying to change things up anyway we hope you like this this tour in the Oxford lifestyle and don't forget to check our playlist out because it's pearl MT retro online and unfortunately I didn't have the plan did I but all the details will be in the description so yeah you will do because I would have put the label honors with walked around but anyway we hope you like this video

Life Expectancy Calculator – This is Britain with Andrew Marr – Preview – BBC Two

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Starting from the national average of 77 years, Professor Danny Dorling demonstrates how even where you are born can affect when you will die. Find out how lifestyle factors such as smoking and drinking can add or take years off your life.